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Neopets Poems

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Hoorah For Hissi Day!
by Silver_azalea

Hissi Day is come!
Those who slither about cheer
For this festival.

A game of hiding
And seeking those hidden is
Underway first-off.

This is followed by
A parade to celebrate
Everything Hissi!

Hissi Gliders, books,
Cakes, and Hissinamon rolls
Can be found all over.

Small ones race and fly
All over, while the elders
Watch contentedly.

As day turns to night,
Traditional Shenkuu clothes
Are donned by dancers.

The partying goes
On and on, until the sun
Rises on the fifth.

About A Plushie Hissi
by Agedbeauty

Today when I went walking
I chanced upon a plushie Hissi.
I realized it’s no coincidence that
That nearly rhymes with “squishy.”

I’d never seen one before
And he was really quite amazing,
With a squishy tail and squishy arms,
And button eyes for star-ward gazing.

And as for this Hissi’s colour,
He was a lovely shade of teal,
With pretty purple accents
And beige stripes to seal the deal.

But cute as he was, it was
His face that made me swoon,
Such an adorable little moue
That had me grinning like a buffoon.

How badly that I wanted
To take this Hissi home with me,
But alas he had another owner,
And it wasn’t meant to be.

The Baby Hissi
by Mamasimios

Barely hatched, newly outstretched,
The baby Hissi starts to crawl,
With a stub of tail that's barely there
His movement's weak and small

In his mind, new in the world,
His body's strong and sinewy;
A length of coiled muscles
Undulating loose and free

He scents the air with flicks of tongue,
Amazed alike by dung and bloom;
For lately burst from sterile shell
It is to him all fine perfume

The baby Hissi stretches fingers
And curls them back into closed fists,
Opens his eyes, blinks at the sun,
Lisps a weak hissss upon his lips

He stretches out his arms
Testing the frail wings he finds there,
And although his instinct's prodding,
He has not yet the strength to take to air

All the great gifts of every Hissi
Lie nascent in his tiny form;
The immense power of time itself
Will help this baby to transform

by Kuroge

A hideous monstrosity
lurking in the shades,
in the vast red rivers,
his heavy tale wades.

The bulky green fumes
swarm the damp cell,
where the beast hides,
where its fangs dwell.

The air rots by its side and
nature swallowed whole,
not a movement in sight,
not a single daring soul.

Serving the darkest,
it rules all that can be,
as it snakes up and down,
its deep crimson sea.

Better Than One
by Dr_tomoe

Out of all the Hissi
in all the land,
one color stands out
as grander than grand.

It's not relic Hissi,
it's not made out of ice,
it's not a plushie Hissi,
although those are nice.

No, the Hissi that is best
is the mutant one, you see.
A two-headed serpent
is like getting an extra 'pet for free!

An extra pair of eyes to look for danger,
and an extra mouth to taste,
brand new dishes and treats
that won't go to waste.

And yes, they might not agree
and enjoy different games,
but understand that each one is different
and not completely the same.

While an extra head might seem disturbing,
in truth, it means extra fun!
And when it comes to Hissi,
two is much better then one!

The Relic Hissi
by Closemycoffin

This Hissi rests
In a sculpted pose,
As a stone statue
From an age long ago.

Skillfully chiseled
From its sturdy base,
To its carefully crafted
And mysterious face.

Tall and still,
This quiet great.
Carved from a solid
Piece of gray slate.

Sanded down,
Polished fine,
Withstanding yet
The test of time.

The Desert Hissi: Queen Of The Sands
by Guddi6

They say she knows of every dune
That shifts in desert land,
Every pool of sparkling water
Buried in the sands.
She knows what can be gleaned from where
And how it came to be,
She knows of every tribe and clan,
Wandering, for eternity.

For she is queen of shifting sands,
The green-eyed beauty, they say,
She’ll trace every well-worn path
As time doth count the days.
And her ruby crown is gorgeous, true,
Her fastened pendant, fair;
Regal headdress, in colours bold,
She holds every stare.

Yet, when they all speak of her
They forget about her wealth;
From where it came, it matters not,
She’s mysterious, she has stealth.
Nay, they’ll speak of her kindness,
How she’s gentle, clever, sly --
She’ll lead the lost to shelter near,
Swiftly, ever-spry.

Hazel tones, she dances by,
Till distant doth she seem,
Just a call, a shout away,
A regal desert queen.
So when you’re lost, or broken,
And sand doth cloud your sight,
Whisper, scream, lift your voice,
She’ll be your guiding light.

Geraptiku Monster
by Jjquil

Deep in the heart of the jungle
Lies the Lost City of Geraptiku,
Skulls are scattered by empty huts 
Made with thatched roofs and bamboo.
It is a most unwelcoming place, 
Yet explorers flock here daily,
Hoping to raid the Deserted Tomb 
And find something golden, not scaly.
HISS! Here comes another fool, 
Pushing open the creaky stone door, 
The sound interrupts my slumber 
Here on this cold dusty floor. 
I slowly coil, and lay in wait, 
To see if the intruder reaches me,
The tomb is rife with many traps 
And, perhaps, he will simply flee.
But not today, as I slowly smile, 
Red eyes gleaming in the dark,
He has chosen my corridor --
An unlucky trip to embark. 
HISS! I flare my wings outspread 
And bare my ghostly teeth, 
There is no more frightening Hissi 
Than I, the guardian beneath! 
The traveler drops his bag and runs, 
Shrieking of monsters and ghouls,
But the Geraptiku treasure belongs to me --
The explorers are nothing but fools.

The Hissi's Surprise!
by Dortho

Watch him go, a Hissi in the forest!
Stopping along the way to get some rest,
The sun is shining through the canopy, 
Who wouldn't enjoy such a nice place to be?

It was about lunch time, 
But there was no ring of a bell, 
Instead, he just followed 
His keen sense of smell! 
He caught a scent of food being nearby, 
Following his nose, off he did fly!

He flew on for a mile or three, 
and landed himself up in a tree.
Gazing down at a table below, 
He started drooling, and his eyes did glow!

There was a feast, fit for a king! 
It looked so delicious, he wanted to sing! 
He glanced around with no one in sight.
Should he sneak down? 
He thought he just might. 

Slowly slithering down the branches, 
Quietly, though no chance of avalanches, 
The food was delicous, 
With cakes, sandwiches and ice cream,
BUT something caught his eyes 
And he wanted to scream!

Rustling and shadows approaching 
From the forest in the distance,
He ran for cover while he had the chance! 
Way back up into the tree he did go, 
The others arrived, and just giggled, SO!

They looked up into the tree 
And saw the Hissi trembling there. 
One shouted, "We were trying to find you!" Without a moment to spare.

"We were looking all over for you, 
It's your day, you know!"
"We know you're good at smelling, 
So we put this here and let the wind blow."
The Hissi was touched, 
The food was meant for him!
He came right down with 
The most heartfelt grin!

He and his friends ate heartily 
While the trees did sway, 
And that's one Hissi that had 
A fantastic Hissi Day!

The Medicine Hissi
by Harloh

Red Pteri feathers adorn his crown,
and to the patients in his small island town,
he's as respectable as a king.

He slithers through deep jungles to see
Neopets suffering illness or injury
and gives the relief he can bring.

He rarely opens his mouth to speak,
but if it is a cure that you seek
he's the one you should request.

He carries a bag of cures and tools,
from herbs to bones, and liquids to jewels.
His techniques have always been best.

As patient as he is mysterious,
as calm and sound as he is serious,
there's not a task too small for his care.

He's known for operating on a Lupe's paw
to leaving to relocate a Jetsam's jaw,
then cutting a ring from a Jubjub's tangled hair.

It's not known where he stays
when he's not working days,
some think he's a spirit of healing.

But as strange as he appears,
please settle your fears,
as he honestly cares how you're feeling.

The Medicine Hissi slithers around,
lifting hope from off the ground,
and for it, the thankful residents adore him.

So if you're in the jungle one day
and find yourself hurt in some awful way,
don't hesitate to call and implore him.

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