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Neopets Poems

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Cybunny Carnival Jamboree
by Peterpuffin1

Wake up! Wake up! Come one, come all!
Why, today's the Cybunny Carnival!
The pink-and-blue striped tents appear
This day comes only once a year!

A buttoned shirt, a frilly dress --
Every Cybunny must look their best,
For when that festive cadence starts
Every Cybunny has their part!

Some sell balloons, some set up tents,
Some sing, some play an instrument!
And when the music starts its prance,
They stop their work and start to dance!

One-two-three, two-two-three, 
'Round and 'round!
You've never heard such a joyous sound
As the Cybunny Carnival jamboree!
So light of foot! So fun! So free!

Finally, when the music stops
The Cybunnies have lost their hops
So plumb-tired, Cybunnies rub their eyes
And go home, grinning, under starry skies.

by Jjquil

I cannot wait to feel the chill 
Of autumn in the air; 
To watch the shadows lengthen 
As I reach the Haunted Faire 

To test my courage once again 
By walking to the ominous cart 
And finding you, so focused 
On your mask-crafting art. 

Saskia! Your name is whispered 
On the sibilating breeze 
As I dutifully wear 
Whichever mask you please. 

I travel to the faraway places 
Costumed in feathers, goggles, flames 
Loyal to your every command 
As I play your haunting games. 

I have not forgotten your smile 
Mischievous Cybunny, full of caprice 
I still don't know where you came from 
Or why you leave me ill at ease. 

But I cannot wait to feel the chill 
Of autumn in the air
Because it means I'll turn around 
And find you standing there....

Cheeky Cybunny Gnome
by Chavo_guerrero

Somewhere in the garden
Is a cheeky little gnome.
A Cybunny in a red point hat
Is guarding his grassy home.

His grin is wide and mirthful,
With no trace of cruelty there,
For he's a happy little fellow
And he doesn't give a care.

He sits out in the sunshine,
Doing things that all gnomes do,
Like fishing in a tiny pond
Or digging holes for you.

But he's a cheeky Cybunny, really,
And he can't resist a joke,
If it's raining out he'll hide your keys
And you'll get a thorough soak.

But you should be happy to have him
Patrolling up and down,
And as it's Cybunny Day today,
Why not make him a paper crown?

He'll be very glad to wear it
As he proudly sits quite still,
And if you need someone to guard your home,
This cheeky Cybunny will!

Cybunny Princess
by Prs4396

In the mystical land known as Shenkuu,
At a palace of great wealth,
Lives the Cybunny Princess Lunara,
A Neopet of such great stealth

The emperor’s daughter
And heir to the throne,
Lunara lived a sheltered life,
Extremely tired of being alone

Even with a new companion,
A Kazeriu is what she was given,
Lunara was still as lonesome as before,
Almost crazy, she was driven

One day while playing hide-and-seek
With Princess Terrana, her sister,
Lunara decided to escape,
With hardly even a whisper

To see the world beyond Shenkuu
Was Lunara’s dream,
When she finally had the chance
She left as fast as a lightning beam

A grand search for the princess 
Went underway,
All those in the empire were worried,
What happened to their dear princess?
Hopefully, too far, she hadn’t scurried

Eventually they found her,
To the relief of all the citizens of Shenkuu,
Their panic had subsided,
Hoping that was something 
They’d never again have to go through

Lunara, however, was still just as bored,
Until one day she stumbled 
Upon the perfect thing,
A blue stone amulet the let her eavesdrop,
Endless happiness, to her, it would bring

Nowadays, the princess has calmed down,
Inviting many guests to entertain her,
And practicing her calligraphy,
Something that everyone seems to prefer!

Lulu's Wardrobe
by Closemycoffin

Lulu does speak proudly
Of her hoard of wigs,
Collection of slushies,
And stash of keyrings.

But, what I would
Like to know,
Is just exactly what's within
Lulu's wardrobe.

I imagine there would be
Plenty of skirts,
Jackets, trousers,
And different shirts.

Earrings, necklaces,
Gloves, and scarfs --
In the widest variety of
Accessories, by far.

Of the many items
That this Cybunny collects,
I wonder which one
That she will wear next?

Where Have You Gone, Princess Lunara?
by Redeemyourself

Oh Princess Lunara,
Where have you gone?
Searching all through Shenkuu
From dusk until dawn.

Umbra is quiet worried,
She’s a loyal Petpet.
If you’re feeling lonely,
She’s your best bet.

But your sister made a game
Where you run off and hide.
The Emperor came looking
With the help from a guide.

He thought you were taken,
The Emperor was scared.
Searching for Lunara
To show how he cared.

After she was found
The truth was revealed.
The Emperor was sorry,
The damage done healed.

Lunara, please don’t leave again,
We were all so upset.
You’d miss Cybunny Day,
And that, you’d regret!

Snowee The Royal Cybunny
by Agedbeauty

Snowee the royal Cybunny
Isn’t your average princess.
Her dainty looks are deceiving -- 
She’ll leave life behind her a mess.

Delicate crown atop her brow
But darkness behind her eyes,
Entrancing the court with elegance
As she deploys her network of spies.

Snowee, you see, is a conundrum
Whose beauty is only skin-deep,
And when she sets her mind to it,
She’ll leave her enemy to weep.

You’d never know it to see her,
You’re entranced by her royal smile;
But as you admire her lavender garb,
She’s scheming darkly all the while.

So bystander, beware of Snowee,
The Cybunny with the charming laugh,
For as she brings you under her charm
She’ll slice your kingdom in half.

Saskia The Mask Dealer
by Dr_tomoe

A new face arrived
Close to Halloween last year
A Cybunny named Saskia
Who came to the Haunted Faire.

A mask collector and dealer,
That was her trade.
With a collection of masks
That would scare Eliv Thade.

Her goal was simple
To create the ultimate mask
And to reach that end
Neopians did her tasks.

A mask full of feathers
And one from Geraptiku
A mask fit for Moltara
And a solar one, too.

A more popular mask
That went over like such
That made the wearer
Look like Mr. Coconut.

And when the test was complete
The ultimate mask was made,
That even past Halloween
Is popular to this day.

With her experiments complete
And the haunting time at an end,
Saskia vanished from Neopia.
Will she be seen again?

Perhaps next year
The Cybunny will return
And for more masks of dread
Will Neopains yearn.

Triple-Z The Darigan Cybunny
by Mamasimios

ZoomZoomZoomness, or Triple-Z,
Is a crafty Darigan Cybunny;
His flaming eye 'neath arching brow
Hints at the scheming he'd disavow

The ash grey ruff that girds his neck
Appears to speak of some neglect,
But his violet fur from head to feet
Is surprisingly shiny and sleek

Triple-Z's ears are chewed and worn,
But 'tis a trick for the unforewarned,
For who, at a glance, would credit him
With his hearing's stunning acumen?

For it's in his hearing that his strength lies,
The hearing of Darigan's loyal spy,
And it's with his armoured ruff that he may go
To the tangled places where none follow

Scurrying through brambled patch,
The twisty vines, the scratching thatch,
Triple-Z travels unopposed
As unseen as a drifting ghost

He fishes secrets from thin air,
The speakers always unaware,
That Triple-Z is listening in
To return their words to Lord Darigan

Beautiful-Eyed Cybunny
by Vinylchloride

Across a grassy meadow under blue skies
Is a gentle 'pet with big beautiful eyes.
Thick warm fur and a long narrow nose
Two long ears and three small toes.

The cutest 'pet ever, you can be sure,
With a neck full of big fluffs of fur.
A big smile that will never be forgotten
And trailing behind is a tail of cotton.

Among all of these adorable features
This 'pet is a very intelligent creature.
Known not only for its adorable looks
But also known for being a lover of books.

This Neopet is also the sweetest 'pet ever
Give one a good home and be loved forever.
Adorable, intelligent, and full of love --
Of course it is a Cybunny that I speak of!

And now that April 27th is finally here
We can celebrate the best day of the year!
The Cybunny Carnival will be the best yet
And it also celebrates the most cutest 'pet!

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