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The Lost Lutari Island
by Dr_tomoe

Among the vast oceans
that cover Neopia,
there was a location
that was a Lutari utopia.

And from there they spread,
with Mr Chipper arriving first,
and from that point
the population burst.

But what of their home?
Lutari Island kept moving,
its location never staying the same
and it appeared to be vanishing.

Efforts to locate it
usually end in failure,
with explorers thinking
it's full of treasure.

But once it was found
there was more to the story,
Lutari Island was feeling
a massive storm's fury.

For years it has blown,
battered, and torn.
The explorers returned,
and thus they did warn:

"Lutari Island is lost!
There's a giant storm, we say!
Whirlpools and waterspouts!
The sea life stays away!"

And now the Lutaris are stranded,
unable to return home
to the island that they always knew
was now considered gone.

Perhaps one day the storm will subside
and once more can we visit its shore,
but until then, Lutari Island is lost,
spoken of only in lore.

Lutari Colours
by Chavo_guerrero

I'm wanting a Lutari,
But what colour should I choose?
Maractite or eventide,
Are too full of gentle blues.

I could decide on magma,
A nice cheap colour that!
But then I'd have to find out,
When my magma time is at...

Chocolate's only lab ray,
And a zombie's priced too high,
If I painted him a grey,
He might make me want to cry!

Baby is too cutesy,
And I'll also rule out pink,
I was leaning toward rainbow,
But I might have to just rethink.

There's blue, green, red, and yellow,
Although I want a fancy 'pet,
So let's just look at all the others,
I haven't mentioned yet.

Brown is dull and disco's bright,
Desert looks too hot,
Faerie is quite popular,
And yet I like it not.

Fire, ghost, and pirate,
Are all too dark for me,
I'm hoping on a colour,
The whole world will want to see!

An island brush is out of range,
And white is just too base,
And that is all the colours,
The Lutari can embrace.

But wait! I've just decided!
Let me run off to the news,
And see if there's a new shade,
That I could not refuse!

I'm sure there will be something,
I cannot live without,
And my Lutari will be beautiful,
Of that I have no doubt!

Mr. Chipper
by Kaddiez

The Lutari of Happy Valley,
Selling all sorts of treats.
Different kinds of frozen cones, 
Delicious and so neat!

He left the floating island
To pursue his only dream.
Mr. Chipper wanted to be
A vendor of ice cream.

Happened upon the icy land,
And at its base set up shop.
Tourists and travelers alike
Always find time to stop.

Newcomers that stumble by,
Hoping for something nice,
Surprised to find that for Mr. Chipper
Plain Neopoints would not suffice.

He never liked that old currency,
So he came up with something new.
To buy an ice cream from his cart
Only strange coupons would do!

The Spooky Lutari
by Closemycoffin

While exploring in
The Haunted Woods,
I stumbled upon a path
That I curiously took.

At the very end
Of the creepy path,
I found an eerie
Gypsy camp.

There, a Lutari
Beckoned from afar,
Where he stood at an old,
Rickety cart.

He wore on his head
A fedora hat,
And he appeared robotic,
This chap.

He was mostly silver,
With a gold-like trim.
He had gears for eyes,
Which gave off a glint.

The spooky Lutari
Was friendly, it seemed,
As he invited me to play at
The Haunted Shootery.

Don't Abandon Lutaris
by Mamasimios

Lutaris are known for loyalty,
They are steadfast, firm, and true,
But if you take them to the Pound,
They will run away from you

Not trusting that you are simply
Sending them to your own side,
As soon as you near the Pound's three doors
Lutaris will slip away and hide

And hide they can, forevermore,
Not one has yet been seen again,
And I confess it makes me wonder
How their obscurity is maintained

Does every Lutari know, and use,
Some undiscovered route
To escape to Lutari Island,
That mythical redoubt?

Or do they, with the aid of costumes, 
Band leader jackets or waitress wigs,
Simply blend in with their comrades,
Surviving on their cunning wits?

It is true Lutaris are loyal,
Willing to be your lifelong friends,
But if you want them to remain by your side
You cannot abandon them

Lutari Guardian
by Stariell

Find me a harbour,
Island Lutari.
Guide me through these
Stormy waters.
Calm the waves before they
Swallow me.
Raise me up and give
Me shelter.
Bring me safely to the
Shore line.
Lay me down to rest on
Sandy beaches.
Keep the waves from crashing
Over me.
Until the ocean, so dark
And dreadful
Throws my wrecked ship upon this
Mystery island.
You’ll be the friend I’ve
Always needed.
The water’s gentle guardian,
Island Lutari.

The Rare Lutari
by Vinylchloride

Today we celebrate a 'pet that is rare,
A 'pet that is wise, a 'pet that is fair.
The day of this species is easy to forget
Because little is known of this Neopet.

Two short ears on the sides of its head
Four paws, but it stands on its back legs.
And its most distinguishable feature of all
On each limb it has four long, sharp claws.

Many different colors of this 'pet are found
Usually each one weighs about one pound.
A 'pet that is known to be somewhat strong
With a tail that is big, fluffy, and long.

Some come out in the day, some in the night
Each one has a stomach of fluffy white.
Small wide nose, eyes like dark chocolate
Finding this 'pet is rare, I am sure of it.

Lutari is the name of this 'pet,
Look for one today if you have not yet.
Because as I have heard, some may say,
You might see more Lutari around today.

The Daring Adventurer
by Kuroge

Where a leaf will drop on ground,
Roxton will climb the height,
despite the dangers he'll encounter,
and the malicious threats he'll fight.

Frivolous he may seem,
but when the time comes,
a hunter, the agile Lutari
will swiftly become.

The vast, unknown lands
act as a beacon of light,
for the young Roxton
to adventure with all his might.

Wherever the sea leads
the young explorer,
he will stand undaunted 
by any terror or horror.

Water Lutari
by Comawhite333

A baby Lutari is cute
I have to give them that
A ghost Lutari is spooky
Like a witch's black cat

A white Lutari is pretty
And easy to customise
A zombie Lutari is dreadful
Just look at those cold, dead eyes

A chocolate Lutari is yummy
Just take a bite and see
A rainbow Lutari is bright 
And oh so very pretty!

A pink Lutari is beautiful
Pink fur is all the craze
An eventide Lutari is gorgeous
That color is sure to amaze

A faerie Lutari is dainty
And magnificent to behold
A pirate Lutari is masculine
Plus very brazen and bold

What color could possibly be missing
From this insanely long list?
And let's not forget 
The colors I've missed

The very one color
I wish to see
Is water, of course!
On my very own Lutari

Why not make a Lutari water?
They practically live in the stuff
Will you make me beg?
Come on, enough is enough!

I guess I'll wait and see
If I don't get it, I'll live
I'm sure I'll be pleased
With any color you give

The Beautiful Island Shrouded In Mist
by Annilee100

The island emerges from the mist --
A dream within a dream.
The water is calm, the sky is pale;
Rock formations rise from the land 
Like soaring abstract towers.
Huts dot the trees 
With a bright and varied gleam.
In varying shapes of size and color 
They indeed catch the eye:
Feathers cobalt, crimson, and gold 
Cover the tops,
Waving in the breeze as an extravagant bird.
They elicit an unexpected, heavy sigh.
What secrets wait in this colorful land?
What creatures dwell within?
Where may they be hiding those fabled beads,
How may I grasp them in my hand?
This island is like a myth or hymn
Sung and spoken of with awe;
I long to explore within its shade,
I long to dive and swim.
On the lovely Lutari Island 
I wish to explore and stay.
I feel a yearning, within, 
To discover its secrets,
And one day, possibly? I hope it is sooner!
Perhaps on Lutari Day?

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