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Neopets Poems

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The First Krawk
by Vinylchloride

Once upon a time, a little Petpet Krawk
Stumbled in a cave while taking a walk.
A long, dark cave with stone cold walls
The Mysterious Cave is what it's called.

In the cave, so very deep
The Krawk couldn't fight the urge to sleep.
"I'll make it quick," he said with a snap
And the Krawk curled up to take a nap.

In a few minutes the cave began to glow
Fast asleep, the Krawk did not know,
Until he hungrily peeped open one eye
And spotted nearby, a piece of fungi.

Tired and exhausted after a long day
The Krawk didn't see the glow right away,
And then he stopped in the middle of chewing
"This fungus is glowing -- what am I doing?!?"

In a few moments, the Krawk tripled in size --
Spikes grew from his back, and he felt wise.
This is the legend all Krawks will never forget
Of how the Krawk Petpet turned into a 'pet!

Krawk Island Without Dasher Soley
by Agedbeauty

KI’s team has always been
One of the best in the game
But when Dasher Soley left
The squad just wasn’t the same

Krawk Island with no Krawk
Was simply odd to see
But Dash was ready to become
A dashing retiree

So, our famed Krawk Island team
Was short one dashing Krawk
And watching them play on the field
Was quite a nasty shock

You see, no one thought
And no one could believe
That he meant it this time and
Dasher would really leave.

But leave he did,
And KI is a Krawk-less wonder
Some fans left for Team Tyrannia
The fanbase torn asunder!

But I’ll always be a 
Krawk Island team fan true
But Dasher, 
I’ll always miss you, too.

Son The Scampish Krawk
by Mamasimios

Son the Krawk is a scampish Krawk,
And a Krawkish scamp be he,
He left his home when still a whelp
To travel on the seas

Son stowed away on a pirate ship,
His fortunes to be made,
But when discovered he was hauled up
And scolded as a knave

Son did protest that he was keen
To pillage, steal, and fight,
But he was given a pail and mop
To begin his high seas life

When swabbing clean the ship's vast decks
Son parried, jabbed, and feinted
For, in his scampish imagination,
He was pure pirate, true and tainted

One day the crew forgot him
As they left upon a raid
And Son the Krawk did cry and howl
That his fortune would ne'er be made

No sooner did Son begin to mop
Than his keen Krawk eyes did spy
A foreign raiding party
Climbing up his ship's prone sides

Son never hesitated
But began a fierce attack
And with nothing but his mop
He beat the invading pirates back

Of course, this happened so long ago,
Son's fortunes have 100 times 
Been made and lost,
Yet 'neath grey brows his eyes still dance --
The famed pirate is yet a scampish Krawk

Gavril's Shanty
by Saro_the_legendaerie

Life ain't easy in this house on a hill
Sure, m' couch be nice and plush 
And me drinks are often chill

But ya landlubbers don't understand
You don't 'ave even a clue
What it's like to rule over all th' sand

Like a careless toss of Bilge Dice
Me-- erm, the island's been all shaken
An' guardin' it, well, is peace's price

I git complaints 'bout this and often that
I'm not a cruel beast, despite what you hear
Complaints about me mansion 
And me fancy hat!

But what them and you folks don't ever see
Is the work I put into management
Otherwise, Krawk Island be lost to the sea!

So can't you stop complaining 'bout dubloons
'Bout currency, treasure, and all that shine?
Anger at the captain never won any boons!

Pass me that fine cider an' I'll give ye a sip
So no one can call my stingy on this day
If ye don't like me island, then take a trip!

Forget yer troubles and I'll forget yers
Let's make this the best Krawk Day
T' ever grace these scurvy shores!

Mr. Krawley
by Dr_tomoe

He came to Neovia
To offer his service
To make the dream of anyone
Come true, for a price.

He offered his potion
Their wishes came true.
Beauty, power, riches
All out of the blue.

But a price was to be had
The citizens paid the toll
And all of Neovia was cursed
The young and the old.

The Krawk named Mr. Krawley
Could no longer be found
And the citizens became
Monsters all around.

And for years afterwards
Neovia was cursed
Abandoned and alone
Haunted only by ghosts.

But all curses must end
At least that's what they say
When Bruno, Sophie, and Gilly
Managed to save the day.

And the Krawk named Krawley?
He's still out there today
Selling his potion
To those that will pay.

Grimtooth's Luck
by Closemycoffin

As I rolled the dice,
In this game of chance,
I'd hoped to win,
Once again.

My current streak,
Was up to two --
Until I lost a round
Against Grimtooth.

The Krawk proved to be
Quite the Bilge Dice player,
For, game after game,
His score was greater.

I kept playing,
I hadn't given up.
How I wished that I had
Some of Grimtooth's luck.

Wicked Lady Frostbite
by Redeemyourself

Poor Torchio,
Looking for some fun.
But he found Lady Frostbite
And her mighty snow gun.

Seek the Defenders of Neopia.
They will surely save his life!
They are wise and powerful,
Ending this bitter, icy strife.

In the Battledome
Look to shield her strength.
She can control frost magic
With minions at arm’s length.

She also has her Darblats
They made her the queen.
On this very distant island
She was the supreme.

She was wicked, yes indeed,
The two of them fought.
But, after a long battle,
Torchio defeated her plot.

On every Krawk Day
We remember this fight.
Thank you, Torchio,
For helping make it right!

New Krawk Colors & Plushies & Clothes, Oh My!
by Wormpower7

It’s been one year since we’ve seen the sight
Of the beautiful Krawk painted maractite
And also one year since we’ve seen the mirage
Of a Krawk with a paint job of camouflage

If, last year, you dreamed of a way 
To make your Krawk pirate
You could visit the Plushie Shop and go buy it
Or perhaps you yearned 
For a Lost Desert theme
A plushie was created 
With the magic in its seams. 

So, this year we’re left to speculate
About the next two colors 
That’ll make Krawks look great
Perhaps we will gaze at their insides
When a Transparent Paint Brush 
Paints their scaly hides

Chocolate, eventide, invisible, too!
Surely one of these colors 
Will be next to ensue
Will more magical plushies 
Be released, as well?
Faerie or shadow would look oh-so-swell!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the day
Zap a new color with your Lab Ray
Grab some new Krawk items 
Like wearable clothes
To dress your Krawk up 
From its head to its toes

Let’s hope for the most epic Krawk day of all
Make your Krawk your active 'pet 
And let’s have a ball!

The Shadow Is Smiling
by Kuroge

In Neovia, he uncovered
the souls that are pure,
his intents are shadowy,
but he led to the cure.

A potion he gave
turned them into brutes,
but a second one led
them on a promising route.

To guide toward the truth
he committed a crime,
but his actions will
withstand the trial of time.

He operates within
the dreary night,
when there is not a sound,
not a soul in sight.

Though he is treated
as a villain who is vile,
within the dusky shadows
Mr. Krawkley lets out a smile.

Gavril McGill
by Prs4396

On a swashbuckling isle
In the middle of the sea,
You’ll find a Krawk living in style
With an expression of glee

For, as governor of this pirate retreat,
Gavril McGill is as rich as can be,
At the door of his mansion 
It’s you he will greet,
And a wonderful opportunity 
He will give you and me

Ropes and anchors 
Hold Krawk Island in its place,
If something were to move these ropes,
A disaster, the governor would have to face,
He lets us defend the island and his hopes

This defense is not without a prize,
Anchor Management is what 
This place is called,
You can win a whole bunch of supplies,
Go on, win something, 
You’ll certainly be enthralled

Gavril McGill -- a magnificent Krawk,
Kind and generous to all he meets,
He lives by the bustling dock
And, to those who visit, he gives many treats

On this wonderful Krawk Day that we observe,
Gavril McGill we must not forget,
If you have time to reserve,
Give him a present or say thanks, 
Something I know you won’t regret!

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