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Neopets Poems

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The Mayor Of Moltara
by Closemycoffin

Discovered by a team of explorers,
Deep beneath the Neopian surface,
A land that many are unaware of,
The subterranean city of Moltara.

Once you make it safely down,
You'll be greeted by the mayor in town.
A striking Chomby,
With a mustache and beard,
Around his neck he wears a large gear.

Friendly he is and very proud,
He insists that you have a look around.

You see the stone architecture,
Many flowing lava chambers,
Everything, covered in soot and cinder!

Next stop, the place 
Where Cog makes his togs,
Then sells them in a quaint little shop!

Lampwyck's Lights, 
The Arcanium, too,
Cavern of Igneot,
And The Magma Pool!

What a wonderful and fantastic land,
Surely, you'll be back again?
Don't forget your souvenir,
A chunk of obsidian,
To remember, forever, your visit there.

Hypothetical Jelly Chomby
by Agedbeauty

There’s no such thing as Jelly World,
We all know it’s true.
But if there was, would there be a 
Jelly Chomby -- and if so, what would he do?

Would he spend his days
Escaping flying jelly blobs of doom
Or is that simply too absurd
An errant thought of a mad mind in bloom?

Would he simply eat and eat
Growing bigger all the while
Eating up each errant blob
Each yummy jelly pile?

And would he eat those Fish Neggs 
And Rainbow Neggs, too?
Would they make him feel better
Or just make him blue?

And if he found a bit of jelly
Bigger than him by a ton
Would he eat that jelly, too
Or would he have to run?

And if this jelly Chomby tried to
Eat all the jelly in Jelly World
Could he have succeeded,
Or just left with his toes curled?

I suppose it doesn’t matter,
As my questions aren’t ideal.
You can’t ask about nonsense,
And Jelly World isn’t real.

A Fangirl's Ode To Chomby And The Fungus Balls
by Creambiskit

Chomby and the Fungus Balls
Playing at the Concert Hall!
Get your tickets, get them now
Before they've all been vended out!

They're SO much better than Twisted Roses,
With those boring angsty emo poses,
And Sticks N Stones? Don't even start!
How do those clowns stay on the charts?!?

The Hikalakas? HA! Don't make me laugh
They don't come close, not even by half.
Jazzmosis? Sorry, try again --
They're at best a four; CATFB's a ten!

There's that dashing Chomby in the lead...
Those glasses! That smile! "Oh fangirls, please,
Don't crowd me now; make way, make room!"
Wait, did he just wink? I'm going to swoon!

Four dates a month is far too rare
For that groovy, slammin' disco fare.
Those dulcet sounds, that rockin' beat --
Hey, you can't help but move your feet!

What's that? You feel the need for more?
Then pay a visit to the concert store!
CATFB shirts and records and mugs and hats --
Collect them all! Don't hold back!

But if that's not enough for you,
Then hey, remember, there's an avatar, too.
So grab a ticket, come one and all --
Let's party with the Fungus Balls!

Take The Stand, Loryche!
by Brittanyftw

Stomp! Stomp! Something fierce!
Right through the ground does she pierce!
When the ball comes to her, 
Get out of the way!!
Because here comes 
The team's captain Loryche.

She's been the team's captain for a while.
Leading Tyrannia to victory by a mile.
She's a yellow Chomby with a lot to do!
Though like everyone else she's lazy, too.

Let's go back to a time 
Before she's the captain.
Since I need to explain what is happening.
It's about her laziness and how it progressed.
Because her teammates knew 
She needed no rest.

"Get up Loryche, it's time for training!"
"Why should I when it's raining?"
"Come on Loryche, let's go for a run!"
"Now, now, that doesn't sound like fun."

She slacked, and slacked, 
And slacked some more!
And that's when her teammate 
Snapped their cords.
They put her as Centre Forward 
And saw how that went.
It was very random, 
They didn't get her consent.

That changed her point of view completely.
She got her act together very recently.
She saw her teammates' determination!
Now she packs some power in her station!

Now she's the known captain of her team.
Racking up wins and creating dreams.
One year she'll lead her team to first place!
Now, if only she can keep up with the pace.

Chomby Genie
by Chavo_guerrero

Once upon a time there was,
A magic lamp of gold,
And when you rubbed against it,
Oh! The wonders to behold!

From within this shiny keepsake,
The magic was bona fide,
For a powerful Chomby Genie,
Did currently reside.

He appeared in a poof of smoke,
And glowed a faintly green,
And was the most fantastic sight,
That anyone had seen!

He bowed to his new master,
And with a strong voice he did say,
'I'm here to grant your wishes three,
So feel free to ask away!'

But one day the lamp with stolen,
And the genie's magic lost.
The Chomby had been vanished away,
And couldn't be replaced at any cost.

But still they say that, somewhere,
There is a lamp with magic supplied,
And all one has to do,
Is rub its golden side...

I Saw A Halloween Chomby
by Mamasimios

I saw a Chomby stomping by,
She was painted Halloween,
Her skin was of a sickly cast,
A mix of grey and green

Her eyes, they gazed upon me,
Red and slick, like pools of blood,
My flesh grew chilled, and in my chest,
My heart began to thud

She wore a mask upon her face,
A helmet made of bone,
As I saw its cruel and curving fangs,
I did suppress a moan

Floating out behind her
Was a black and scarlet cape,
Closed with a clasp, like a leering eye,
That fastened at her nape

From head to tail she did sport
Several jagged, bony plates,
Like wearing the rocks of Tyrannia,
As though made of its landscape

She winked jauntily as she passed,
Perhaps to the Chomby Carnival,
But I confess I could not join her
As I was, sadly, too fearful

Beware The Jelly Blobs!
by Dr_tomoe

There's a story to tell
that comes off quite silly
as it takes place
in a land made of jelly.

But in this tale
there is a jelly Chomby
and this particular Chomby
is very very hungry.

And in this world
what could fill his belly?
Why, the only food around
all of the jelly!

But the Chomby wasn't the only thing
in this world that needed food
the non-sentient jelly
would eat him if it could.

So the Chomby tried to eat
all the jelly that was small
to slowly work his way up
to devouring it all.

But the jelly that was larger
was out to catch him as well
and being food for jelly
would not at all be swell.

But the more the Chomby ate
the larger he became
and was able to go after larger jelly
and that was his aim.

Yet larger jelly could come
And devour him soon
so while eating he must avoid
the Jelly Blobs of Doom.

But this is nothing more than
fiction about a Chomby and a meal
because, and as we all know,
Jelly World isn't real.

Hole In One
by Trubiekatie

In Tyrannia,
We look for one Chomby.
With golf ball and putter,
Head past that tree.

We’re here for Milo,
And a game of mini putt!
Though he doesn’t play,
He watches from his hut.

Milo made the game,
With help from Gif’n.
Created out of boredom,
Way back when.

They offer 18 holes,
But you can play nine.
Each hole is challenging,
With its own unique design.

Try to aim for par,
Or a hole in one!
Don’t aim for a bogey,
Or you won’t have any fun.

So on this Chomby Day,
Visit Milo’s game.
It’s fun and exciting;
It lives up to its name.

The Mythical Maraquan Chomby
by Zoewantspudding

Deep in the murky waters it hides,
Moving as one with the soothing tides.
Many claim to have seen it show its face,
And some have sought it 
On a wild goose chase.

The Maraquan Chomby is 
A magical creature, you see,
But is it as real as some claim it to be?
Sightings have been reported 
In The Neopian Times,
But they were exposed as hoaxes, you see.

Elephante trunks and odd logs 
Play tricks on our eyes,
We want to believe so we find truth in the lies.
Can the great lake monster really exist,
When the answer is shrouded in thick mist?

The truth will possibly never be found,
With all the myths to which it is bound.
But what really matters is 
What you choose to believe,
And what other mythical tales 
You may conceive.

Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby
by Comawhite333

The most misunderstood 
Of the Chombies
Is the malevolent one
That is always hungry

When he walks by
The very earth will quake
Must be from eating
All of that cake

You're horrified 
Of what he might do
Since he's always hungry
He might devour you like stew

You're being silly, of course
The poor fellow is vegan
He doesn't eat meat
Not even bacon

But how would you feel
Being judged by your size?
Everyone should know
Even big Chombies cry

One day he may change
Once he finds a real friend
Someone who can help
That big 'ole heart mend

Until then, though,
Just get out of his way
Because if you don't
He may crush you like clay

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