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Neopets Poems

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Celebrate The Day Of Giving
by Blahblahsheepness

On the 25th day 
Of every month of Celebration
Fun and cheerful attitude 
Spreads around the nation 
Every Neopian will give and get a gift
So every Neopian's level of contentment 
Will rise and get a lift

From Virtupets to Moltara 
And back to Faerieland
Jolly songs and happy smells 
Will be in the air just as planned
Illusen will give dark presents 
To her enemy Jhudora
And Jhudora will do the same thing 
To her, but with a happy aura 

Dr. Sloth, Ylana Skyfire, 
Lord Darigan, and Lord Kass
Will now be way more jollier 
And will show no evil wrath
Snow will be as white and cold 
As it possibly can
And every Neopian will have 
A cup of Borovan

This day is most likely the best 
Of all the crazy months
This day is not filled with sad sorrow 
But rather filled with fun
All around Neopia 
Everyone will laugh and cheer
And when the happy month ends, 
Neopians will have a happy new year!

Sophie's Holidays
by Em0_l0verz

Sophie, Sophie, sitting in your swamp
On a patched-up green chair 
And your fur, slightly amok. 
Do you hang a stocking
Or trim up a tree?
Or light a new candle
For each passing night?

Sophie, oh Sophie
Why do you just watch?
Can't you spend the holidays 
With someone of glee?
Perhaps a grey faerie is lonely 
Or the Brain Tree is in need
Of someone with your wits
To sit by them in the falling snow.

Sophie, we love you
As you watch from your swamp
In your witchy black dressings 
And your eyes, gazing Gnorbu. 
But please come and join us
For this holiday
We want every Neopian
To be happy this way!

A Holiday Wish For TNT
by Dragongirl123456710

I have a friend that I talk to each day.
He always makes me smile.
He’s so generous to me,
But I wish to bring joy to him -- for you see,
This little guy is stuck in a tree
And he’s been there for a while.

I come every day just to sit and talk,
And tell him all the latest news.
I share stories of my travels
And as my tales unravel,
I watch in hopes that maybe
I can rid him of his blues.

But as I watch his little face,
His countenance is ever-so-still.
Every day it’s the same,
And I find I hope in vain,
For his emotions do not change,
And I wonder if they ever will.

I tell him he is loved
And that I’ll return again tomorrow,
And that somehow, someday,
I will find a way
To free him at last
From his loneliness and sorrow.

So I have one holiday wish, a request for TNT:
Bring life to this little plushie 
So he can be set free.
Hanging alone in a Faerieland tree, so blue.
Please get him down so all 
Of HIS dreams and wishes come true.

Today Is The Day Of Giving
by Vinylchloride

Every Neopian and 'pet, near and far away
Has waited all year for this very day.
A day to stop and smile at everyone you meet
A day to give your Neopets a very special treat.

And if your 'pet has been so good to you
Play some extra games with your Neopet, too.
Frolic outside under the blue skies
And go to the Advent Calendar for your prize.

Sending a gift or a nice letter
Can make even the gifter feel better.
And that is what this day is about --
How good it feels to send gifts out.

And it is not so unusual, you see
For a stranger to receive a gift from me.
Because there are no limits to gifting today
And the smallest gift could brighten a day.

Even if you are not very rich yourself,
It is nice to do something for someone else.
So if you want to feel your spirits lifting
Then take part in this Day of Giving!

An Angel Of Giving
by Stariefaerie

A silent angel, held so dear
Is whistling through the air
Pausing here and lingering there
She hands out gifts with care

Flying through the chilling cold
Her wings are bare to snow
Nary does she worry not
There are places she must go

Sailing over Brightvale Castle
She hands out books with joy
The citizens, they love this most
Over playful things and toys

Next she heads to Mystery Island
And passes Jhuidah's pot
Here, she gives training tools
As the fighters do their squats

Off to Terror Mountain next
She shivers even more
Pausing by the children here
Gifts warm wear by threescore

Faerieland! She comes to thee
Presents by the bundle
Quickly passing out the gifts
As the townsfolk are in bustle

Who is this fair angel
Gliding in the snow?
It's a Christmas Zafara!
Her eyes are all aglow

A lovely angel of giving
She does this of no cost
Embodying the season's spirit
With the goodness of her heart

A Day of Giving Wish
by Saqo

I wonder, dear Neopians, 
if any of you can guess
the one gift I want 
from among all the rest.

The one gift that I 
would like to receive
on that special day
that is sure to please.

It's not a paint brush, 
purple or blue,
it's not a Petpet, 
collar, or kazoo.

It's not a new bow, 
or a bunch of food,
it's not made from
clouds or from wood.

It doesn't go in a Neohome
or in my owner's shop.
It won't fill my belly
or look like a lollypop.

It's not a wearable
or some Borovan tea.
It's also not clothes
or something you can see.

This thing can't be
touched, felt, or bought.
And it won't come if you
have recently fought.

And that's not because
you need to be good
to receive the presents
'pets get (though you should).

The thing I want most,
above all the rest,
is peace in Neopia
among all us Neopets.

Peace can't be measured
or bought in a store
but it can bring love,
hope, and so much more.

So today, on this most
special Day of Giving,
I ask for just one,
though special, thing.

Please bring peace
to our humble world here
so that we may enjoy
many more happy years.

Happy Day of Giving!

Gifts for All!
by Honeybee54321

On this Day of Giving we all should share,
A little gift, common or rare!
Something little to show we care,
A card, a Negg, or a teddy bear!

Hoping for some snow on the ground,
With lots of friends all around!
Adopt a Neopet right from the Pound,
The spirit of giving goes 'round and 'round!

It brings the most joy, 
To see Neopians open a new toy!
Everyone enjoys it, girl or boy,
Even pirates shout AHOY! 

All 'pets enjoy a present, too,
A Petpet, a snack, or something to do!
Be sure to show them 
How much they mean to you,
Neopets who get nothing will cry, "Boo hoo!"

The Meaning Of The Day Of Giving
by Ohgodkillit

The jolliest day of the year has come again.
It's time to meet with family and old friends.
We'll share gifts around the decorated fir.
While it's toasty indoors, it's chilly out -- brr!

Today we'll all do acts of kindness,
And we'll disregard any selfishness.
We'll stop by the Neopian Pound,
And take a homeless 'pet homeward bound!

We'll all gather around Happy Valley,
And sing carols in our merry rally!
We'll warm hearts and spread cheer.
No 'pet will be unhappy 
As we'll wipe every tear.

Cookies and milk reside on the shelf,
For our jolly friend, his reindeer, and elves!
The 'pets are all tuckered in, 
Awaiting anxiously.
If they don't simmer down soon, 
They won't get any sleep!

It's not all about what's under the tree.
It's about spending time with your family.
Go out of your way to make someone smile.
It may take some effort, but it'll be worthwhile!

The Day Of Giving's Eve
by Puufuu

Stockings dangling above the fire,
Promising great gifts to come.
Neopians sipping steaming Borovan,
Baking gingerbread and having fun.
Baby Neopets swaddled in blankets
To protect them from the fierce cold
On the Day of Giving's Eve.

With scarves wrapped tight,
Clutching lyrics in shaking hands
Carollers break the wintery silence,
Their cheeks pinched pink by the cold.
Bringing joy to all who hear them
Singing the traditional songs of old
On the Day of Giving's Eve.

The sleeping Snowager is coiled tight,
Snoring peacefully as 'pets brave its lair.
Neopians collect brilliant prizes
Some to be kept, some to be given,
But all enjoyed and relished
Contributing to  Neopia's festive spirit
On the Day of Giving's Eve.

Neopians awake! Travel far and wide
To visit the Advent Calendar.
What gift, what stunning favour,
Awaits on the brightest day
Of the month of Giving --
After the close of the Day of Giving's Eve?

Christmas Time In Neopia
by Toffy_tiffy

The Snowager has gone to sleep, 
Until early spring we won't hear him peep, 
The Advent Calendar is in full swing, 
All the Neopets are wondering 
What will be the next thing.

It's snowing all around, 
And paw prints scatter on the ground,
The shopping is in full fling, 
And the choirs begin to sing.

The eggnog is flowing, 
And red noses are glowing,
The man in red is getting ready,
To deliver each child a little teddy.

Laugher fills the air,
And music is playing everywhere,
Let it snow they all sung,
For Christmas in Neopia has begun!

The Day of Giving
by Mamasimios

The Day of Giving will soon be here
To fill our hearts with warmth and cheer;
To visit with our kin and friends
From Krawk Island to Faerieland

Feel free to stop by the NC Mall
To buy something to deck the halls
And join your chums in carolling;
Let the jingly bells chime out and ring

Do stop a while on Terror Mountain
For a steaming mug of Borovan.
Join the Rink Runner, have a snowball fight,
But don't tempt the Snowager's wrathful spite

How I know it would fill you with elation
If you could only visit the Space Station
And see the lights of Neopia from the inky void
But Dr Sloth is a villain best to avoid

I think it would be better yet
To travel to Maraquan depths;
With seaweed garland and golden shells
Their ornaments are magical

Yes, spend some time out with your friends
But then please do return home again
For the only gift I wish to receive
Is your presence back home, here with me.

Christmas Time
by Freedomlover_34

Come, Come, come on here,
We spread Christmas cheer.
Giving you presents that you would like,
From neo-points, to items and even a red bike!

The Month of Giving is special indeed,
Everyone's happy and doing good deeds.
Laughter and fun is heard all around,
No sadness or madness not even a sound.

Then that night comes, In great anticipation, 
All is waiting, for the show of appreciation.
Gather around family and friends,
Hoping that this moment would never end!

Giving and receiving, With hearts all a glow,
Warm love is shared not too fast or too slow.
Now it ends with the promise of next year,
when the whole thing starts over, The Great Christmas Cheer!

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