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365.25 Borovan Recipes
by Saqo

I've got it, my friends!
I've found it at last.
A book of recipes for
the whole year, in fact!

365.25 Borovan Recipes
is full of great meals
and dinners and more of 
Borovan, sure to please!

If you've ever wanted 
yummy Borovan treats
the recipes in this
book can't be beat.

Why, there's one for
Delicious Borovan Crepe,
and a scrumptious cookie
that you'll love any day.

Blazing Stone Mug of
Borovan is one too,
but it might be a bit hot
so be careful, won't you?

How about Chilled Borovan
with Frozen Asparagus?
Perhaps a strange combo,
but it's good, I'll bet.

My favourite is Borovan
Chicken, which is so great!
It took me, a beginner, 
just under an hour to make.

So, after reading this book
I can confidently say,
there's a treat for everyone 
on this fine Borovan Day!

Asparagus: The Absurd Borovan Ingredient!
by Stariefaerie

A Kiko and Lenny make their speedy way
To the Cooking Pot in a raucous fray
As they argue over a little recipe
Jhuidah watches their approach, warily

The faerie buzzes over with amazement
"Wait one second!" she says in impatience
The Neopets turn to look at each other once
Folding their arms, they turn away with grunts

Jhuidah sighs. "What's the problem?"
The Lenny explains in a voice quite solemn
"We're missing an ingredient for Borovan's mix."
The Kiko agrees, "We've tried many tricks."

Jhuidah smiles. "It's very simple, really..."
The Kiko interrupts, "Oh, I've been silly!"
She takes some Hot Chocolate in hand
And mixes it with some Cheese that's bland

"Voila!" the Kiko says most excitedly
The Lenny stares and instead says decidedly
"No, that's not it, but this may be..."
He mixes Hot Chocolate and Dargil Meat

A foul odor emits from the Pot
Jhuidah stares, her face distraught
But neither pays her any mind at all
They continue testing, despite her appall

"This must end, this must stop!" she cries
"I'll tell all, just hold your tries!"
Both 'pets pause and turn reluctantly
They meekly echo an abashed apology

"We're very sorry, dear Island Faerie,
What is this ingredient not so ordinary?"
Jhuidah expells a breath, "Asparagus."
The ingredient not tried in any experiment!

Both Neopets appeared dumbfounded
This ingredient was not yet accounted!

So after all, in the very end
Both 'pets left happy and content
Meanwhile Juidah took her own Borovan drink
And sighed at her Cooking Pot... what a stink!

A Hot Mug Of Borovan
by Yoshifan272

Have you ever had Borovan? 
If so, you'll agree when I say
that every sip from the warm and hot mug
tastes delicious in every way!
Do you know what it tastes like? 
If not, my point of view
is that it's very brothy and sweet!
A nice warm mug is always a good choice 
when you really want a scrumptious treat!

There's no better time than now to have
a hot, creamy mug of the stuff!
Especially in this weather, it will warm ya up
you simply just can't get enough!
You can feel the milk across your lips,
and the sudden internal cozy feel!
You can't have just one mug 
and leave it for good.
In fact, you'll want it in all meals!

So if you've had a mug before, 
you know when I say,
that Borovan's the best drink in the world!
And all should have a mug, everyone everywhere
a mug for all boys and girls!
So raise your mugs, Neopia, 
and be as warm as your drink,
and give someone a good mug to splendor on!
It's that type of day, the perfect time...
to enjoy a hot mug of Borovan!

Borovan Cheer On A Dreary Day
by Beckykbrooks

Storm clouds form and the strong winds gale,
The snowflakes swirl amongst the hail.
Ice has formed on the window panes,
A bitter chill not yet tamed.

A dreary day seems to unfold,
Winter’s fury has taken hold.
The biting cold says stay inside,
We wonder when it will subside.

A shame to waste a Neopian day,
But what shall take the dreariness away?
A quick calendar glance assures a turn,
From previous years we have already learned.

It’s Borovan Day, let’s celebrate,
With a frothy brew just made to taste.
A sprig of mint or a hint of cranberry,
Either of these can make you merry.

It’s steaming hot so it quickly warms,
So wonderful you forget the storms.
The day grows brighter with each new mix,
Delightful Borovan has done the trick.

So choose your flavor from apple to spiced,
Borovan cheer makes everything nice.
What better way to end this year,
Than with a steaming mug of holiday cheer!

Tribute To Borovan
by Ilovemycatembers

How I do love Borovan,
Oh, let me count the ways!
Plain and hot is the best,
Or so everybody says.

Super Spicy Borovan,
Is sure to give a kick.
And if you need to cool down,
Frozen does the trick.

Vanilla is my favourite,
Apple runs a close second.
Mint is good, but sprout,
Is a flavour with which to be reckoned!

Orange is just heavenly,
Cranberry is supreme.
Ghostly would, admittedly,
Probably make you scream.

Jhuidah's Thoughts On Borovan
by Jjquil

Hot Chocolate and Asparagus,
A bizarre combination 
Whoever had the idea 
For this unique creation? 

Beverage or vegetable? 
Could it be health food?
They use it in cookies, cakes, crepes, 
But does it really taste good? 

Sometimes they flavor it with fruit: 
Apple, Orange, cranberry
But Asparagus, too? Now that's just cruel 
To prank the hapless unwary. 

I've seen a lot of peculiar meals 
Come out of my Cooking Pot 
They mix dung and snot, poison and mud, 
And Asparagus, more often than not! 

Still, nothing perplexes me more 
Than the excitement of Borovan Day. 
At least they enjoy the creations they make 
And show off at the nearest cafe.

The Beverage Of Cacao And Sparrowgrass
by Sonycake

‘Tis a chilly, frigid day in late December
And the hearth is aglow 
With dying black embers.
Succumb to the cold? Never, I say!
For I’ve got a potion 
Superseding the finest Earl Grey.

In summer or spring, mint tea’s just the thing
To really get me going...
But when summer turns fall 
And winter rules all,
There’s only one beverage 
To sip as it’s snowing!

Earthy brown melded with a verdant stalk
First cocoa then veggie for quite a shock --
Warmth, then flavour! Aromatic bliss!
Angelic are choco and asparagus, 
Once they’ve kissed.

Take some milk and some heat, 
And together combine
Stir once or twice, then let some sugar twine
Among almond oils and sweet brown cacao;
Add some vanilla bean just about now.

And now, joy of joys, 
Comes the scrumptious part!
The ingredient instilling beats to my heart --
Emerald sparrowgrass, asparagus, so I’m told
Beats any old latte during any old cold!

And a spoonful of honey for a little softness,
And thrice more mixed 
With the highest finesse -- 
The ideal refreshment, the greatest drinkable
Borovan is only winter drink 
I want on my table!

Ode To Borovan
by Harloh

That delectable scent,
What could it be, mint?
No, it's asparagus all the way!

The chocolatey flavor,
Is one you should savor,
Drink up on Borovan Day!

Steeped, brewed, or boiled,
Even seven days spoiled,
It's one taste you can't pass up!

So pick up a glass,
(Pinky out now, for class!)
And have a hot Borovan cup!

It's so good for you,
And quite scrumptious, too,
It will put hair on your chest!

But don't worry, you're in luck,
It's just one simple pluck,
If you don't think that chest hairs are best.

The flavors come in variety,
Vanilla, Orange, also cranberry,
and even sprout flavor's delicious.

Though I'd pass on the spicy,
The reports can be dicey,
And for some it can be pretty vicious.

It's a treat for any season,
But today's a great reason,
To grab a mug and pass on the tea.

Not that you need an excuse to down it,
Kings of drinks, I would crown it!
But hey, maybe that's just me.

An Ode To Borovan Goodness
by Darling25

Not a day too late, it’s finally here,
It’s loved by many, 
This day, if any, 
Gives great reason to cheer!

A day to celebrate a delicious thing,
A liquid that’s hot,
And hits the right spot,
And surely makes your taste buds sing! 

You will not see a Neopet on this day,
Come in from the cold,
Without a cup to hold, 
It’s just not possible to stay away!

Make the drink at Jhuidah’s Cooking Pot,
If Pango’s in a good mood, 
Mix together some food,
And enjoy a cup right on the spot!

So, what do you need for this lovely brew?
Some hot chocolate is good,
And maybe you should,
Throw some asparagus in there, too!

That’s how you make your own Borovan drink,
You can have it with ice,
Tastes pretty nice,
But it’s better real warm I would think!

Just enjoy the moment in every way,
Share with a friend,
Because in the end,
It’s a whole year 'til the next Borovan Day!

O Great Mysterious Borovan
by Nomyle

O Borovan, O Borovan,
you puzzle us as nothing can.
What is thy smell?
Can it be coffee?
Nay, I thinketh that 'tis toffee.

Or mayhaps it chocolate be,
perchance the scent of Christmas tree?
Thy flavor sings and carries well,
and contains a distinctive smell.

Ev'ry Neopian drinks you oft,
your aroma held aloft.
O Borovan, reveal thyself,
thy sweet sensation on the shelf!

Oh, Borovan!
by Tremble

Oh Borovan, oh Borovan!
How marvellous are thee,
You tasty treat, I am your fan,
You're everything to me.

I often venture to the Cooking Pot,
To have a glimpse of thee,
Asparagus and Hot Chocolate
Is all I need, you see.

Iced Borovan, Super Spicy Borovan,
I want to taste them all,
Mint Flavored Borovan, 
Vanilla Flavored Borovan,
I'll drink them till I fall!

Oh Borovan, oh Borovan,
You truly are the best.
Unique to Neopia,
You're far better than the rest!

Ode To Borovan Day
by Oliyelp

Beautiful, bountiful
Little cups of joy
Embodiments of adoration
Rich in asparagus and soy
No, I do not speak of Neocola
Or of a standard Chokato beverage, per se
But rather, of dear delicious Borovan
It's why we celebrate this great day

Sure, it's underrated
Chided for its looks
And for its humble origins, 
There are no storybooks

But it's what knits us together
Keeps us fuzzy and warm
And during the month of Celebrating
We acknowledge its backward charm

It’s adequately tasty
That much is known
And that familiar, pungent scent
Always guides the way home

It's defined the nuances of Neopian culture
For near 14 years straight
So you could at least do it the courtesy
Of remembering this sacred date

So that’s why I urge
“Raise a glass, maybe two!”
Today, please take a moment to remember
What Borovan has done for you

A Hot Cup Of Borovan, Please!
by Ohgodkillit

Icy chill of winter bites,
Though, I'm glad 
The month of Celebrating has taken flight.
Inside, it's toasty 
As I'm relaxed by the lighted tree.
A Cup of Hot Borovan 
Would make this a perfect scene.

Mint, Orange, vanilla, or spicy?
All the flavors sound so nicely.
I think I'll have a cup of each,
And even a cup of flavored peach.

I'll mix my Asparagus and Hot Chocolate,
And I'll add some mallows, but only a bit!
I'll pour my mixture and warm it by the fire.
Borovan is my winter desire!

It's cold outside, but my Borovan is steamy.
What's better is the scent, as it's so dreamy!
I'll let it cool a bit before I engulf it,
Because once I start, I won't be able to quit!

Okay, here goes -- the long-awaited first sip.
I inch the cup closer and place it to my lips.
I love this wonderful, delicious, empyrean,
Magnificent, admirable, pleasant cup of Borovan!

Hoorah for Borovan?
by Origamiorangejuice

Asparagus and chocolate,
they make a funny pair.
“It's good for you,” they claim.
“It'll coat your chest with hair.”

Well, I tried that Borovan,
both cranberry and spiced.
I had it in lasagne.
I consumed it hot and iced.

I sipped it each and every day,
but no hairs ever grew.
I'm rather disappointed,
but this unibrow is new.

A Cup of Hot Borovan
by Kaddiez

Hot, delicious, steamy goodness
Brewing from the brim.
A drink that tastes so satisfying, 
Quenching any whim.

Ingredients so peculiar, why
No one would have thought,
To mix asparagus and hot chocolate
At the cooking pot.

Low and behold it creates
A beverage unlike any other.
Chocolaty aroma and
Asparagus together.

Grab a cup of Borovan,
It's sure to hit the spot,
On winter days of chill and cold
Or simply sipping on a thought.

It Wasn't a Cup of Borovan
by Chavo_guerrero

It wasn't what I wanted,
It wasn't what I thought,
And when I tried to taste it,
It left me quite distraught.

I assumed that it was Borovan,
And would be a lovely drink,
But when I couldn't smell it,
It near pushed me to the brink!

How can it look so comforting,
When it is naught but fraud,
All I wanted was a nice warm cup,
To make my insides thawed.

For I was oh-so-cold outside,
That I wasn't thinking straight,
And I had paid for this impostor,
So fast that it was too late.

But Borovan it isn't,
And I am sadly disappoint,
But if you haven't caught on yet,
I'll get right to the point.

You see I was outside shopping,
In the bitter, winter cold,
When I saw a nice warm-looking mug,
That hadn't yet been sold.

So I snatched it up too quickly,
And bought it there and then,
Lifted it to take a gulp,
And had to look again!

A Cup of Borovan Plushie,
Was what I'd really earned,
And not the nice hot liquid,
For which I really yearned.

So I guess I'd say my message,
Is be careful what you buy!
Unless you want a plushie,
And a mouth that's always dry!

Chilly Day, Warm Borovan
by Duckywaddle

My, oh my, Borovan Day again,
Delicious hot borovan, I'll take ten.
Marshmallows and whip cream to top them all off,
Yes, I said ten, Don't give me that look and scoff!

To think, all the borovan of Neopia could be mine,
But then, I'd have to hear all other Neopians whine.
Vanilla flavored, mint flavored, give me it all,
All these sweets will have me bouncing off the walls!

Borovan makes every chilly day a little bit warmer,
If there were no more borovan, I'd be huddled in a corner.
Neopia has the best borovan of any other,
Share it with everyone; your friends, your pets, even your mother!

My love for borovan grows each day,
Without it, I just wouldn't feel the same way.
Oh, excuse me, I just spilled a little on my chin,
My, oh my, it's Borovan Day again.

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