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Neopets Poems

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The Wocky
by Vinylchloride

Today is the day
To celebrate a 'pet
One that is there for you
Even if you are upset.

Four short legs
And two triangular ears
Two strong eyes can
See you if you're far or near.

A small pink nose
Is as useful as it is cute.
It can detect if someone is close,
Or can help it find some fruit.

With all of the subtle strengths
We are lucky they are friendly.
Because a Neopet so smart and alert
Would be bad to have as your enemy.

The 12th of December
Is the birthday of this 'pet.
And if you've ever met a Wocky,
I know they are hard to forget.

Wallace The Wocky
by Dr_tomoe

The story of Wallace the Wocky
Is quite the tale,
He was a collector of junk
And never put any of it for sale.

Wallace the packrat
Kept every item he found
No matter what it was
By this compulsion he was bound.

No matter the item
Be it garbage, junk, or trash
Would be a part of his collection
And added to his stash.

Then, one day, in Meridell
Wallace would be
When the Wocky named Wallace
Came upon a very strange tree.

From this tree, in its branches
Junk seemed to rain from the sky
Wallace was amazed, could get get it all?
He didn't know, but he needed to try.

He stayed under, collecting the items
Letting them pile in his grip
And doing his best to avoid Warfs and Draconacks that were trying to make him slip.

Within moments he had a tower
Much higher than he was tall.
But as he tried to move
His junk started to fall!

All over the place
Wallace had to cry out
But it was too late, the junk fell
And was spread all about.

The lesson he learned
Wasn't about greed
Wallace still collects items
It's his compulsion, his need.

He still goes to the tree
As taking from it is not a crime
Except this time he's learned
To take things one at a time.

Clara The Adventurer
by Brittanyftw

It's time that we come and see,
A familiar face, the species of a Wocky.
This Wocky won't run -- nope, never.
Her name is Clara and she helped find Moltara.

Clara is a blue Wocky, with orange hair.
She's really tough, come at her if you dare.
She appeared one October in a nifty plot!
This was very important, 
I'm sure none have forgot.

Her love for books was really high!
Reading all books in Brightvale, my oh my.
She never wanted to stop reading, 
She loved it.
Then some news came and it sadden her a bit.

Her family moved to Shenkuu, oh no!
The tears she cried weren't for show.
Is this the end of the books she loved to read?
Then a Gnorbu did a wonderful deed.

The wise old Gnorbu came to see Clara.
Suddenly things got a whole lot better.
He took her in as his new apprentice!
She knew that took stamina, 
But that was hinted.

Soon after, something strange went on.
The wise Gnorbu knew something was wrong.
Clara stepped up and took the case!
Not knowing her partner 
Would make a nasty taste.

She was partnered up with Roxton and Jordie,
They traveled the world, finding things mostly.
Until they found an amazing discovery!
They found Moltara, and wonderfully!

So now you know about this Wocky.
She's an adventurer and not very talky.
She helped find Moltara while being clever!
This little Wocky that goes by Clara.

The Wocky Way
by Jokerless

With taste for an adventure
Excitement fuels their mind
There isn't a place in existence
Able to keep them in, confined

Tales of mystery lure them 
Prospect of land unexplored
Scouting distant new territory
From the seas to sandy shore

Treasure holds them bound
Hearts are measured in gold
All want their place within history
Remembered in stories untold

To horizon's end they'll drive
Seeking to hunt the unknown
Danger doesn't bother them
They're brave down to the bones

From inside and out you'll see
Wockies never avoid a test
Determined to solve their curiosity
Never settling for less than best

The Halloween Wocky Plushie
by Mamasimios

The Halloween Wocky Plushie
May not be everyone's cup of tea
But with a face that's so unique,
It's for this plushie I always reach.

A Plushie Wocky Plushie is fun, then
You realize it's a bit redundant:
Who needs a plushie with a soft blue sheen
When you can have one in the bilest green?

Sure, the Baby Wocky Plushie's sweet,
But so is sugar and it rots your teeth,
And those giant eyes seem to beseech
In a way that gives to me the creeps

The Grey Wocky Plushie looks needy
And the Desert Wocky Plushie is cheesy,
The Frozen Wocky Plushie is cold,
It takes a coat and mitts to hold!

You can keep your plushies of red and blue,
The skeleton and Christmas, too,
There is only one Wocky for me
And that is the plushie Halloween

With one lone tooth and mismatched eyes
And limbs that aren't quite the right size,
When I see the tattered clothes 
And bulging hump,
I know that's a plushie that could use a hug.

Wocky Will: The Book Of Wocky Tongue Twisters
by Chavo_guerrero

What will the wobbly Wocky do,
Waist-deep in wagging Warfs?
When will he be the winner,
Of the wobble game, of course?

Will he catch the wailing coconut,
Or will he watch in woe,
Wondering why it slipped away,
As it worthlessly winds up below?

Why does Wallace walk around,
Wearing socks of white?
Wishing he wasn't so willing,
To win this game all night.

Why does he while away the time,
Whirling, wild and wide,
Catching things that fall to him,
When he's wantonly weary inside?

Have a wonderful Wocky Day Wallace,
And we wish you well-being and fun,
We know you will not stop wobbling,
Until you have wiped out or won!

Scratch! Scratch! Kiosk Wocky!
by Blahblahsheepness

Welcome to my magnificent kiosk! 
Where you can get rich at such a low cost
From Icetravaganza to Race to Riches
You could win Neopoints or simply sandwiches

If you want a card, then just wait in line!
3,000 Neopoints, that's three of a kind!
You didn't get enough? I'm terribly sorry
Win enough Neopoints 
And you can paint yourself starry!

So, come on over and test your luck
You probably won't win... 
I mean, you might win lots of bucks!
So, from these cool facts I can safely say
Scratch an ice kiosk card on Wocky Day!

The Wocky's Dash
by Leafpool090

Brave, courageous, strong.
Determined, prepared, calm.
All day long
Waiting like a bomb.

10, 9, 8...

Muscles are tense,
Anticipation is in the air.
A moment, intense.
Concentration held in a stare.

7, 6, 5...

His feet shift,
Ground still.
Nothing more swift,
Nothing to oppose his will.

4, 3, 2, 1.

Freedom at last!

The Wocky is fearless.
The run through the night
Leaves it only tireless
No such thing as fright.

And he runs, swiftly.
All freedom is his.
No restraints.
No control.

Just the Wocky,
the wind,
the ground,
and the awe of the Neopians.

For the Wocky is a brave, adventurous,
Charming character.
But nothing,
Compares to its desire for freedom.

A Snowy Day At The Kiosk
by Ruby_petal

I pace through Happy Valley
And walk past a quaint hut.
Inside the house is a smiling Wocky,
With bright eyes and a sharp haircut.

He greets me smiling wide,
“Would you like to buy a card?
It’s only a few Neopoints...
And it’s really not that hard.

I ponder the Wocky’s words
And decided to give it a go.
But I can’t get carried away...
Or my bank account will be low!

“Scratch, scratch, scratch!”
He exclaims as he hands it to me.
I scratch the first... then the second...
Oh, what prize would it be?!

A snowball... then a plushie...
The third was just a blank.
Oh, look! Ten thousand!!!
I'd better head to the bank...

The fifth spot, the same...
My heart began to race.
I took a sharp, deep breath
Before I scratched the last space.

I shut my eyes after scratching...
The Wocky says, “You’re done!”
I open my eyes slowly...
My goodness, I’ve won!

The Wocky hands me my prize,
I jump and shout, "Hooray!"
What a lovely Wocky, I think to myself
And a wonderful Wocky Day!

Remember The Wocky Professor
by Jjquil

Once upon a time, or
At least several years ago -- 
There was a Wocky scientist
Who fiddled around with time's flow. 

He tinkered and cobbled and built 
Many gadgets, each day was routine
Until his greatest invention: 
The professor's time machine! 

Of course, with his shiny, thick glasses, 
He could not see well to steer -- 
And on his first flight, that fateful night, 
His machine crashed in some unknown year! 

The professor found himself in Tyrannia
Surrounded by strange plants and beasts
A volcano, a jungle, where could he be? 
Surely, his trepidation increased! 

But this Wocky professor was brave of heart
And set out to repair his apparatus
He enlisted the natives, 
They brought him parts,
Regardless of his outsider status.

It took him months, in that prehistoric age, 
But at long last his repairs were complete -- 
So he said his farewells, that Wocky so brave, 
And sat in his time machine seat. 

It was the adventure of a lifetime! 
He didn't really want to depart... 
But with his machine, he could always return! 
Next time, he'd just bring some spare parts.

The Rockin' Wocky
by Dortho

There was a Wocky who lived on a farm, 
Counting potatoes, with that, no harm.
However, music was his passion,
Wanted to play guitar with style and fashion!

Counting potatoes, carrots and turnips, too, 
Playing guitar is what he most wanted to do.
Now, if he could just find a way...
...to combine work and play ALL DAY! 

"A GAME!" he thought while playing his guitar.
Maybe the music could be heard from afar?
Out he went and played to his heart's content.
He broke a record that could not be bent! 

As everyone gathered, the vegetables flew, 
With the sound of music, they grew and grew!
While they were counting, 
The audience applauded!
Fresh vegetables for sale were alotted!

So, he got his moment of fame, 
It seems everyone liked his game!
If you'd like to visit and hear 
His music so charming, 
Visit Meri Acres Farms, 
Where his talents are still shining!

Have a radical Wocky Day!

Happy Wocky Day, MAGAX!
by Agedbeauty

Stranger than fiction
And larger than life
This Wocky’s existence
Is one of pure strife.

With a scar down his face
And one on his soul
MAGAX’s parts 
Aren’t the sum of his whole.

This angry Wocky
Has his soul buried deep
Though no friend of fae
He has one vow to keep.

Though MAGAX is no hero
He had one reason to live
And eliminating Nox
Was the reason he’d give.

But this scarred Wocky
Had just failed to think
What would happen when Nox
Was pushed over the brink.

For, you see, when Xandra
Finally did off with Nox
MAGAX experienced
One of life’s greatest shocks.

Mission accomplished,
Nox was gone, he was free!
And now what would he do,
How would his life be?

What happened next,
What game would he play?
And how would he celebrate
His next Wocky Day?

In previous years, he had sworn
This year would be Nox’s last.
And now that’s come true,
With one Xandra blast!

So this Wocky Day,
MAGAX can finally rest
Without fear or worry
Of his vampire Chia pest.

The Wicked Wocky Wobble Dance
by Tiggerluver61

A brand new dance has appeared
In the twelfth Neopian year. 
It's a dance that no one's ever done before.

Except a Wocky known as Wallace,
Who has definitely brought this
New dance craze to every Neopian dance floor.

If he had never found his funk
While collecting all that junk,
Ever single dance party would be a bore.

Every Neopet would be sitting,
While some of us took up knitting,
And those sleeping would 
Make a melody of snores.

But thanks to this new dance,
You can wear your disco pants
To every single dance party, forevermore.

What could be the name
Of a dance with so much fame?
It's the Wicked Wocky Wobble Dance, of course!

Everyone can groove
With paws, fins, or hooves.
It's a dance craze hitting every Neopian shore!

Because of this, we'd like to say,
On this lovely Wocky Day,
"Thank you, Wallace!" For it's you 
Whom we implore.

Today, Pteris will be tweeting,
Every Babaa will be bleating,
While Grarrls and Kougras chime in 
With thunderous roars.

All to simply praise
This red Wocky's new dance craze,
Which will always be remembered and adored.

Wicked Wobblin' On Wocky Day
by Saqo

The items fall down and
down, one after another.
Keep your pile steady, 
or it's game over.

Wicked Wocky Wobble.
Have you heard of it?
If you've got steady hands, 
you'll do the trick.

But if you're a bit off, 
can't quite stay still,
this might not be the best
game to try to win.

One plushie after another 
fall onto your hands,
keep them steady as more
come down, if you can.

An Illusen Plushie, and
one for the Snow Faerie.
A garlic Jubjub, and
a mutant one that's hairy.

Not to mention the books
and codestones to boot!
Keep your pile up and
climbing to earn some loot.

So, are the Neopoints
really worth it, if you
consider all the stress 
this game can cause you?

Looking up as your pile
grows higher, it's quite
unsettling! But I'll keep
playing and I'll fight!

So, on Wocky Day, what
better game to play
than Wicked Wocky Wobble,
all Wocky's would say!

Wocky Walk
by Nomyle

Put your hands together
Let's do the Wocky walk!
Shake your hips and keep it straight
Just like a line of chalk

Swish your tail with sass,
Purr so nice and posh
Sip your milk with class
With a little cheese to nosh

The Wocky walk's a winner
So high-five with your paw
Curl and swirl and arch your back
And tilt a wily claw!

A Wacky Wocky Trio!
by Stariefaerie

A shy young Wocky glances 'round
The crowd seems to overwhelm with sound
She turns her head and faces upward
And drinks in the sight, very flustered

With a gasp, all discomfort is gone
The red curtain has now been withdrawn!
"It's Wock Til You Drop!" she squeals!
Mouth open, she stares with such zeal

The band wasn't always treated with joy
Some days they did struggle to toil
But finally they booked a regular slot
The third of the month is now their spot

They remember the days that passed before
Wondering, wishing, will they be adored?
They were met at venues with much confusion
"You intend to play here? Is this an illusion?"

They did admit, they were a sight to see
One is a solid ice block of the three
With forlorn faces they turned away
A vast sadness their faces did convey

So they slowly gave way to going home
Languidly across Neopia they did roam
As they faced Tyrannia's archway
They saw quite a surprising array!

A welcome with happy greetings in place
A genuine smile on every single face
The little ones eagerly meow
"Oh, can you play for us now?!?"

The band did play for them and many more
They rose in reputation, they soared
With their gig at the Tyrannian Concert Hall
The Wocky trio always had fans enthralled

For all that the band wished for
No need to search anymore
It's in the place of their hearts
Nowhere else, ever apart

Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky
by Honeybee54321

I live on Terror Mountain,
In the little Happy Valley.
Scratchcard jackpot keeps counting,
Would you like to play Sally?

Win some snowballs or a plushie,
A level up or some Neopoints!
A rare artifact may make you blush.
The jackpot can give off quite a rush!

I have no name -- it's secret, you see,
Though nameless, every Neopian knows me! 
My fur soft and orange as can be!
You can play scratchcards for a small fee!

So when you're around doing dailies,
Add my place on your list,
You can visit once every six hours,
My cozy kiosk is hard to miss!

Ode To The Destroyer
by Lou_x

A dark and eerie night in the haunted wood,
This chilly evening a Wocky withstood,
To guard the hidden graveyard 
Wrought with ghouls,
His courage and dark light axe, his only tools.

This haunted graveyard is old as time,
The tombstones illegible, covered in grime,
MAGAX floats along, watching over this place,
Lonely and melancholy, he stares into space.

What had become of his evil ways,
That he now wished only for faeries' praise?
An evildoer now made to patrol this abode,
Letting no one in or out was a rough work load.

He wanted redemption, to be free once again,
He wanted finally to be free of this pain,
So on he went, patrolling around,
The silent night went by without a sound.

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