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Usul Day Special

A Special Day for Usuls
by Origamiorangejuice

Now the Month of Storing
is coming to a close.
I hope you have your mittens;
here come the heavy snows.

Pour yourself some cocoa.
Break out the padded coats.
Gather up your hats and skis;
it's time to hit the slopes!

Let's sing and skip and ski.
That's how we Usuls play.
Let's have an epic snowball fight
to honor Usul Day!

A Word on Usuls
by Secant

'Usully,' I'm not as crazy about Usukis.
They're just your average dolls
In the shape of dressed up Usuls.

Then one day, someone swiped my 
Platinum Deluxe Special Edition
Ultra-cool Snowmuncher Usuki.

I decided to look for the 'usul' suspects:
The Pant Devil, The Meerca Bros,
Or that large Grundo who works for Sloth.

The Pant Devil was 'unusully' blue
And he swore he did not steal my Usuki
Because he'd rather steal bigger stuff.

The Meerca Brothers were at the Usuki zoo
Playing usuki-keepers. 
"Aha!" said I, "I caught you now!"

"These aren't your Usukis," they replied.
I looked, and indeed they were right.
Those Usukis were too plain for my sight.

So finally I approached the Grundo
Who is mean and green and everything in between.
"Give back my usuki," said I.

The Grundo laughed like my accusation was
Very, very 'unusul'.
"I never stole your doll," he sneered.

Where then is my Usuki doll?
This is one Usuki Frenzy game I don't want to play.
Oh wait, today is Usul Day...

I'll just buy a new one.

by Thrashette

I've got cute beady eyes
And a big bushy tail.
My hair-ties and bows
Never ever fail 
To keep my tail and ears erect with perfection,
And I talk with a sweet, soft vocal inflection.
I like fun and fashion,
I have my own doll line.
Every year there's a convention, 
And basically, it's mine.
All my fans stand in a line to meet with me,
They can buy a gift bag, but it's not for free.
Can you guess who I am,
Can you guess who I may be?
I'm famous in Neopia, they call me Usuki!

Hannah: The Adventurous Maiden
by Yoshifan272

You walk around Krawk Island,
and you hear quotes over again
about the elusive but rather courageous Usul
called Hannah the Heroine.
They tell of such great tales of her,
her adventures, and her fast pace
to do what is right and her heroic actions
such as saving the whole Bori race!

She has been an easy to love lady for years
probably the most famous of all Usuls!
To not know a thing about her at all
may be quite ridiculous and futile!
You should know her from a plot or two
and even from four different games!
She's famous throughout all Neopia,
ever since in the world she came!

So you now know of the jewel and thrill-seeking Hannah,
of her search for great adventures and treasure!
Her heroism and great social status
goes far beyond measure!
And I'm sure you know she's the best Usul ever
and is so unique in every way!
So sorry, Gilly and Sally and Ursula,
but Hannah's the heroine of the day!


Usul's Plead to Ski for the Season
by Dortho

Oh my goodness, it's cold out there!
Not a single flake of snow to spare?
Come on, sky, don't be dry!
Bring on the flakes or I will cry. 

Skiing season is coming right up,
Already got cocoa and a cup, 
If only I could use my new skiing shoes...

Fluffed up my fur and have a new coat, 
Can't wait to ski, it's too cold for a boat. 
Down the slopes I want do go, 
But I cannot without a little snow. 

At the Wishing Well, the lil Usuki stood, 
Wishing as hard as he possibly could. 
May not have got the avatar, 
but down came the snow! There and afar!

The wish was granted as the snow stacked nicely
Hope the skiiing year goes quite brightly. 
Not talking 'bout the sun, The Usuls did run...

...and now they're off to have a lot of fun!

Happy Usul Day!

The Unusual Usul
by Jazzehness

Hello over there! You came to see me?
Indeed, I'm an Usul, as real as can be.
But what makes me different than all the rest?
I'm not good at explaining, but I'll try my best:

My species is furry, quite used to the cold,
But for me, my cozy fur gets kind of old.
I prefer warmer weather, like on Mystery Isle.
I visit quite often and stay for a while!

When food is involved, I feed my own tummy
Instead of sharing my grub -- I'm not known to be chummy.
I don't care about looks, I don't always look neat;
To me, my personality is what makes me complete.

I don't understand the hype about Usuki.
This might sound strange, but I think they're spooky.
When I'm lying in bed at night when I'm sleepy,
They just keep staring at me -- it's oh so creepy!

You know what, though? That's perfectly fine.
Everyone has their own quirks, and I have mine.
Even if I don't fit in on Usul Day,
I'm happy with myself, and I'll always feel that way!

Khaeria the Darigan Usul
by Mamasimios

I'll tell you, there's something unusual
about Khaeria the Darigan Usul.
With her hair in pigtails
and her pink lacquered nails,
her looks are less evil than juvenile.

Have you seen Khaeria the Darigan Usul?
Her eyes sparkle with light bright and beautiful,
but their yellow and red
seem to fill me with dread
and hold me with their gaze, quite immovable.

Rumoured accusations aren't provable,
those against Khaeria the Darigan Usul,
yet some say we should scorn
all those Darigan born;
that their natures are fixed and immutable.

Though I care for Khaeria the Darigan Usul,
her claw-tipped wings are less lovely than utile;
she sweeps to the air in a rush
when I approach with a brush;
my attempts at control are quite futile.

The Shadow Usul
by Ohgodkillit

When the night falls, you'll need to be wary,
For there is a creature deemed to be scary.
Her mischievous intentions are yet to be known.
The Shadow Usul will leave you shaking in your bones.

You'll know when she's coming,
Because you'll hear a mysterious humming.
Keep your doors and windows locked,
As she's been known to slip in without even a knock.

Where did she come from? No one knows.
Some say she crawled out from down below
The deepest, darkest pit in Moltara's caves.
Whoever discovers her dawn must be brave.

What does she do? The answer is still unclear.
She's been spotted at night, but at day, disappears.
From the auction house to the money tree,
She’s even been seen near the pharmacy.

Could she be stealing people's things,
Like their piles of dung or diamond rings?
Her presence is unnerving and chilling,
And her imposition is unappealing.

How did a cute creature go so mad?
I've had the same question bouncing around in my head.
Is this bewildered creature truly malevolent?
I suppose the answer will remain omitted.

What Can I Say? It's Usul Day
by Kneogirl1012

It's Usul Day, and once again,
We celebrate our furry friends.
No other Neopet is half as grand,
when in its natural element.
In fact, no pet can quite be found
as many places-even below ground! 

Whether playing games
(GoGoGo comes to mind!)
or shopping galore,
(There's no toy they can't find!)
the Usuls have a claim to fame.
And honestly they need no score.

For they're truly the best;
anyone can tell.
If they weren't then there's 
no way Usukis would sell!
Their long furry ears
and soft bushy tails
only serve to make sure 
no Usuki brand fails.

And don't get me started
on who is best dressed!
Against an Usul,
It's no contest!
No sense of style 
is just quite as keen
as that of an Usul.
The rest are routine!

If I had an Usul,
but sadly I don't,
I would love it forever,
and name it most clever,
and always endeavor,
to make sure that nobody
ever, Ever, EVER
could sever our bond
as owner and pet.

But I'm not quite sure that
I could take that just yet.

An Usul of Few Words
by Loyalty_sustained

Her motives unknown
Her presence not shown
Nor heard, nor felt, nor realized.
A thief in the night
Just out of sight
A shadow, yet nothing to cast it.
Swift as can be
She's now heard, but not seen
As she creeps just beyond eye's reach.
You can feel someone's there
And it's starting to scare
And you know you can't go back to sleep.
Perhaps in the corner
Maybe 'round the turn
Of the hall as you peer out your room.
You fear stepping out
Knowing that she's about
Not revealed by the light of the moon. 
Not sure what to do
You haven't a clue
How to rid yourself of this trouble
You take a step back
And through the black
You see the eyes of the Shadow Usul.
Glowing and gold
Emotionless, bold
Not blinking, not moving to falter.
You retreat to your room
And through the gloom
You see her leave through your bedroom window.
Why she was there
You don't know, you don't care
You sigh, relieved that she's finally gone.
But as you lie back in bed
The image won't leave your head
Of those eyes in the dark as they shone.

Alpine Dream
by Justkidding876

Winds brush my face as I raced down the slope
Scraping, turning.
The skis on my paws make my heart soar with hope
Flying, yearning.

Down the hill, the wind leaves me chasing
Maybe I'll win?
The joy of the ride leaves my heart racing
Thrills make me grin.

How many times o'er this hill have I been?
Memories galore.
The skis call my name, bring adrenaline
"Downhill!", I roar!

For you see, we Usuls love skis to the core
It's who we are.
To the mountains I'll return, forevermore,
An alpine star.

Usul Alphabet
by Nomyle

U is for Unusual,
with fluffy tails that swish,

S is for Superb
at cooking every tasty dish.

U is for Unique,
a trait of Usul pride,

L is for Lovable,
something no one can hide.

Put it all together with a shout and a yell,
Three cheers for those guys spelled U-S-U-L!

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