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Neopets Poems

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The Birthday Of Neopets
by Vinylchloride

There isn't a day that I remember
More special than the ides of November.
And one of the reasons this is true
Is Neopets turns good ol' one-two.

A place to chat or maybe play games
A place to adopt 'pets and give then names.
Visit all the worlds by clicking "explore"
Parcipate in plots and do so much more.

I can't believe my eyes (or my ears)
When I hear about all 
The changes over the years.
I can recall when there weren't Petpetpets,
Just imagine the changes 
That haven't happened yet.

So to all of Neopia, be proud 
That you're a member
Of this site on this fifteenth of November.
Celebrate, if only in a small way,
Such as playing with your Neopets 
A little more today.

And I am proud, because, you see
The birthday of this site 
Is also the birthday of me.
I am relieved that I am not getting older alone,
And I know when I'm on Neopets, 
I am always home.

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
by Jokerless

Across the world yonder
Neopians left and right
Celebrate a special day
Rejoice with all their might

Delicous cakes are baked 
Balloons float all around
Amongst every place dear
Are feasts and cheerful sound

Confetti banners stand tall
Piñatas are settled high
Dr. Sloth dons a party hat
While dances bold or shy

Last year it was a decade
Now another year to add
A different milestone to commemorate
Despite events, good or bad

Tomorrow marks anew
Another year to spend
On this site that we love
And by no means will it end

Happy Birthday, Neo
by Dr_tomoe

Well, here we are again.
Neo's another year older.
Twelve years have gone by
my, how the time flies.

We've had a lot of fun
in the year that's passed.
Some good and some bad
but it's all to make us glad.

And as we look ahead
another year awaits us.
So much to look forward to
and so much else to do.

More jokes in the Editorial
And perhaps the return of mr.coconut.
A new plot, perhaps, is in the future?
That would be cause for celebration for sure.

The Wishing Well solution?
No, that probably won't happen.
But new avatars are likely to come
because a collector's work is never done.

More games in the Games Room
and the return of AAA
although it's only a matter of time
before he wants his own special day.

But no matter what the future holds
we'll go there together.
So happy birthday, Neopets.
Lets hope this lasts forever.

Neopets 12th Birthday Goodie Bag
by Chavo_guerrero

The 12th Birthday Goodie Bag,
Will soon be in the shops,
And you know that all the prizes,
Will truly be the tops!

Beautiful and sparkly,
With a big 12 on the side,
The Neopets birthday goodie bags,
Are always made with pride.

So as you're hoping to restock one,
Or buy it rather cheap,
Or if you're hoping to collect one,
In your Gallery to keep,

Spare a though for Neopets,
And wish them a happy day,
12 magical years of working for us,
And we've loved them all the way!

by Kryshasyrin

It's a time for shouting, joy, and cheer,
For Neopets turns twelve this year!
These past twelve years they’ve done so much
Created 'pets and worlds and such

We have Neopets, Petpets, and P3s
Cheeseroller even has new cheese
Faerieland has hit the ground
Apple Bobbing Bart stays with us year-round

Krawk Island’s new governor seems quite kind
There’s a whole world made of Jell-- nevermind
Lutari Island is still battered by storms
“Only those well-versed may enter,” 
Magma Pool guard warns

We can transfer Neopets and customize
We can change the color of their eyes!
Take part in plots and the Altador Cup
Play Dice-A-Roo ‘til the sun comes up

This month of Storing, remember well
How far we’ve come, the stories we tell
Let’s celebrate all that I have said,
To Neopia’s birth and the years ahead

Happy Birthday
by Swittren

Times have changed
Since I first joined this site
When I was only 10
And Neopets was in its youth

Lupes and Unis were new
The White Paint Brush was 10k
Names always had numbers
And a new species was added every day

The staff was hunted down
In the mystery of the Ski Lodge
Only to fall victim again
On Mystery Island to Mumbo Pango

Next came the technological evil
Of Neopets V2
The past being discovered in Tyrannia
And an adventure with a coin 
In the Lost Desert

More adventures had happened in Neopia
New lands have been discovered
Xweetok, Lutari, and Draiks galore
Camoflauge, wraith, water, and more

Happy birthday, Neopets
It has been a wonderful 12 years
I can’t wait to see what’s in store
For the amazing 12 more

A Day To Celebrate
by Little_lady_goddess

Greetings, my fellow friend
Come inside and don't pretend
That you aren't thrilled here
Among all this joy and cheer!

I'll take your coat and hat
Go on in, feel free to chat
Take a load of your legs
I'm the host, your Happy Birthday Negg

Some guests have already come
Everyone is having fun
Even the deadliest of foes
Can get along as Neopia grows

Oh, more guests have arrived!
This party is sure to thrive
It's Eliv Thade and Edna, too
They've come all this way to say, "Boo!"

I grin and greet, wave them in
Wings and beaks, feather and fin
All of Neopia is here today
For it's happy twelfth birthday!

Twelve Years
by Kaddiez

Twelve years to celebrate
All we've ever known.
Neopets a haven, a place
We call our home.

Twelve years to cheer
Through all the ups and downs.
Seeing all the smiles,
Maybe some tears and frowns.

Twelve years of joy
This site has come to bring.
Playing with our Neopets,
And collecting fancy things.

Twelve years of happiness,
Since we were little kids.
Even if we're all grown up,
This site is a place we dig!

Here's to twelve years of Neopets
And another twelve to come!
Happy birthday to this wondrous place,
It's really been so much fun!

Neopets Birthdays Of The Past
by Brittanyftw

It's Neopets' birthday, yet again!
I know we'll sure have fun in the end.
What's in store? What's coming next?!?
Let's go to the past, and then you'll guess.

We go to Year 11 and see what we found.
It seems some new Neopet colors 
Are new to town!
Gnorbu can now be painted royal!
This day is sure not to foil.

What's this? The Toy Shop? What's in there?
There's something, oh something, oh-so-rare.
A new Year 11 goodie bag is up for grabs!
It'll cost a bit, though... so put it on my tab.

The Money Tree has gotten a new look!
Still giving out wonderful things, even books.
Go admire him and give him a hand!
Donate some Neopoints 
To help keep him grand.

The Gift Shop is stoked with new things!
All birthday-related, that's the zing.
Go buy them and throw a huge party!
Just be very sure you won't be tardy.

There's a spiffy avatar you can see,
Just by going to the news page 
On the fifteenth.
It says happy birthday in big, bold letters!
Though, if you miss it, it'll be a huge pester.

So, I guess we wait and see what's in store!
I'm sure this year will surely soar.
Just as Year 11 did, what can I say?
All I can say is happy birthday!

Birth Of An Era
by Blossomed

Midnight blacks and velvet blue,
twinkling stars, a vast universe.
On the verge of something new,
the magic of the universe began its work.

Space was illuminated, a beam of light,
a ball of gas expanded larger and larger.
Huge explosions danced through the night,
what was formed would change things forever.

First the earth, rocks and mountains,
hills and paths and amazing deserts.
Then water came, puddles and fountains,
seas and trenches and whirling whirlpools.

It was born, the world that changed it all,
Dr. Sloth from Kreludor 
watched from his throne.
He's still plotting and scheming to make it fall,
for Neopia was born 12 years ago today,
so we wish all of Neopets a happy birthday!

Another Great Year In Neopia!
by Sealgirl922

Neopet’s birthday is fun to celebrate!
So come on in, I’ll open the gate.
As the birthday of Neopia is coming near,
Let’s remember all the fun of this year.

Xandra gave everyone much dismay,
But Hanso came and pushed her away.
Brynn and Hanso are now our heroes.
Fighting even the toughest of foes!

While we were happy with the plot, 
The faeries’ home was definitely not!
It dropped from the sky on to the land,
But we all worked to give the faeries a hand.

There are many new colors just like 8-bit.
It is not customizable, but don’t throw a fit.
There are other new colors, too.
Like water and wraith, just to name a few.

Altador Cup VI also finished up.
Team Virtupets took the winning cup!
This year we had a new Yooyuball.
A great game made for us all.

We also had one trillion page views!
That was very exciting news!
We all did celebrate, 
With great auctions nobody could hate!

There is a new wheel with a large fee.
To spin, pay one hundred thousand NP! 
But the Wheel of Extravagance is much fun.
There are lots of great prizes to be won!

Krawk Island was also 
Attacked by a giant squid.
All Krawks, but one, went and hid. 
Gavril McGill, a very brave soul,
He dug Krawk Island out of its watery hole.

So as a new year is coming to start,
We will all remember this year in our heart.
This year has brought so much fun;
So much fun that it can only 
Be topped by the next one!

Thank You
by Mayfloziarea

Dear TNT,
It has been almost two years, 
Since my obsession with Neo began. 
How much those pixels mean to me,
Is something I think you understand. 
With so much on Neo to do,
There's laughter, joy, and fun. 
So, it's only right to take some time,
To thank you for all you've done. 

Thank you for all the quests and plots,
Like the one when Faerieland sank. 
For all the amazing wearables,
Though I have no Neopoints to buy them. 
For making virtual pets alive,
And so beautiful, too.
Even my friends think I'm mad,
To spend so much time on Neo. 

Do take a break, enjoy today! 
It's been hard on you these years. 
Join in the party we threw for you, 
You are the guest star here. 
This poem is just for you,
A poem to thank you all! 
Go out and have fun tonight,
And just have a ball.

Another Year
by Honeybee54321

Years ago when I was young,
You captured me with all your fun.
Now I'm old and so are you,
Couldn't imagine something better to do!

Neopets, you give us a happy place, 
Somewhere far like outer space.
To collect, battle, and meet new friends,
Please, don't say you'll ever end. 

Plots, games, and items galore,
How can this site ever be a bore?
So much effort has gone into this,
It is something every Neopian 
Would surely miss. 

Thank you for all that you have done,
If there was an award you would have won!
So, here's to another year of Neopets,
Without you we would have 
To tend to real pets.

Birthday Cake For Neopets
by Nomyle

To feed all of Neopia
one giant birthday cake --
A lot of ingredients
this cake would surely take.

"Hmmm," puzzled the Lupes,
"Ummm," wondered the Chombies, 
"How can we make this cake in time
without becoming tired zombies?"

"We've got to work together,"
the Neopets decreed
no hoarding of ingredients
no frosting-thieves or greed.

The Flotsams brought the icing,
the Jetsams had the cocoa,
a little Usul brought along
a large bottle of mocha.

The Bruces lit up candles,
the Wockies stirred the dough,
six Unis flew way up high
to put chocolates in a row.

Finally, the day came,
they'd all been waiting for --
and soon their mouths were stuffed
with birthday cake galore!

Neopets Birthday
by Stryclone

From the dungeons deep of Darigan, 
To the dry Lost Desert sound,
All around Neopia, the 'pets 
Will gather around
The Neolodge is filling up 
With 'pets and reservations,
For all of those coming to 
Take part in celebrations.

The Neopian birthday 
Comes only once a year,
And all the gathered Neopians 
Stand up and give a cheer
"Hooray for Neopets!" 
And then all week the celebration goes,
With cake and ice cream, 
Presents, and special party clothes.

Even the villians are getting 
To the spirit of the day,
Watch out for the Pant Devil, 
Who may steal your cake away.
Sloth might be seen in costume, 
With a cracker and a hat,
But maybe not... who would actually 
Believe that you saw THAT?

Year 11 was a blast, full of lots to do, 
New colors: wraith, water, 
And even maractite, too.
The peril of Faerieland 
Was worrisome to all,
Then AC returned with 
The game of Yooyuball.

Neopians held their breath 
In a moment of silence,
As Nox ended his life 
Of crime and violence.
Exciting auctions from 
Sloth's "Grundo reeducation,"
1 trillion page views 
Was an excellent celebration.

Of course, we had Gormball
And the annual Chocolate Ball,
8 bit day and avatars 
And tough new games for all.
Daily Dare and Key Quest 
And The Neopian Times,
Some new captions and 
Some cheesy poem contest rhymes. 

Streamers decorate the trees, 
And confetti fills the sky,
Neopians from miles around, 
Will walk and bike and fly.
In one short week the party 
Is coming to an end,
But don't be sad, another year 
Is just around the bend.

This year will be just as fun-filled as the last,
Don't shed a tear, a new adventure 
Starts when this one's passed.
New games to play and plots to solve, 
And avatars to get,
Maybe this year we'll solve the Wishing Well, Which nobody has gotten yet!

Neopets' 12th Birthday Celebration!
by Crimsonxninja

It's that time of year again, 
A big birthday surprise;
A celebration near year's end, 
Full of games and prize!
To acknowledge the great, 
For the best we cheer;
Because Neopets' 12th birthday is finally here!

Break out the party hats, let's throw confetti,
We're about to have some great fun, 
If you're ready.
Faeries will sing, Unis will dance;
Skieths will  munch up everything 
If given the chance.

Party favors to be given out, 
Many games to play;
Freebies will be passed about, 
TNT saying thanks in their own way.
Smiles on many Neopets' faces, 
All because of this special day;
Laughs and shouts of joy 
Heard from miles away.

It's that time of year again, 
A big birthday surprise;
A celebration near year's end, 
Full of games and prize!
To acknowledge the great, 
For the best we cheer;
Because Neopets 12th birthday is finally here!

Avatars to be gained that were 
Hidden from our eyes;
Neopoints to obtain 
Along with other great surprise.
The chance to join events 
That may not have been before;
Petpets running freely, 
Treasure surfacing ashore.

The best in all the land, 
You can't miss this big celebration;
Besides, who wouldn't want 
To celebrate the day of Neopets' creation?!?
It's fun for everyone, 
Neopians and 'pets of every kind;
So many things to do there, 
Who knows what you will find?

It's that time of year again, 
A big birthday surprise;
A celebration near year's end, 
Full of games and prize!
To acknowledge the great, 
For the best we cheer;
Because Neopets 12th birthday is finally here!

Another Year Goes By
by Spirit_of_johto

Neopets' birthday has come; 
No way it'll be boring.
Another year goes by.
Celebrated in the month of Storing,
We breathe a contented sigh.

Another year goes by.
Twelve long years we've survived.
We breathe a contented sigh,
Our inner birthday cheer revived.

"Twelve long years we've survived!"
Loyal Neopians shout with glee.
Our inner birthday cheer revived,
The excitement is easy to see.

Loyal Neopians shout with glee,
"Celebrated in the month of Storing,
The excitement is easy to see!"
Neopet's birthday has come; 
No way it'll be boring!

Another Year
by Secant

Let's recap what has occurred
This year since Neopia's birth.
Faerie quests have been revived
With much more colors and much more vibes.

Krawk Island was divided in two
Since its disappearance into the deep blue.
It was safely returned, mission fulfilled
By none other than Gavril McGill.

Eight-Bit is a robotic twist
On pixellated graphics -- is it a myth?
Try your luck to get this zap
And try it for your Petpet too, young chap.

Wheel of Extravangance, let's rejoice
And spend those Neopoints; it's your choice!
Petpet royalty was the fad
With the Petpet Royal Paint Brush -- 
Aren't you glad?

Let's not forget old Trillion for the win!
Auctions of infinite rarities 
Made our heads spin.
But alas, Team Shenkuu lost the Altador Cup
To Team Virtupets -- what a toss up!

Water and wraith are amazing colors;
Their reactions were so big 
They can't get smaller.
And that's it for now, whew, what a year!
Happy birthday, Neopets, 
You'll always be dear!

Neopets: Another Year Older!
by Yoshifan272

In case you're not aware,
and I'm not to sure how,
but I know that it's the perfect time 
to tell you all right now.
What is this very special day, you ask?
What makes this day much bolder?
Well, it's a very special and happy occasion
because Neopets is one year older!

Neopets has been here for twelve years now,
but coming up is Y14!
What's up with this difference in time,
what could this really mean?
Well, who cares what the difference is
but that's just what I've observed
and many others may have seen it, too,
but to critique, I have not the nerve!

It's always been a cheerful site,
and new updates have been done
and some of them are so crazy old
and there are more than one!
For years, improvements been done,
new things have been arosen!
Like did you know that the Kyrii
was a puffball called a Flozin?

Now, as you can see, there's tons to celebrate!
Yep, there is no denying!
So there's no need to complain 
or scream and shout,
no excuse for crying!
So, therefore, be happy now,
and fill the day with no regrets!
There's always some cake and asparagus 
left over, and one thing left to say...

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
by Fairygold

Neopets gather all around 
To celebrate the day TNT found
Neopets, it was such a surprise
When Neopets was found by those special guys!
Jelly, omelette, burgers, stew
TNT found it all for you!
The Neopets cheer, they clap, they play
November 15 was the day!
Now when you are feeling glum or bored
Just go to your computer and plug in the cord
There will be a special birthday sidebar
People will see it from near and far
Tell all your friends that today is the day
Neopets was born, HOORAY, HOORAY!!!

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