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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Day Of The Pteri
by Vinylchloride

Deep in Tyrannia you may find
A type of bird that is one-of-a-kind.
If you would like to sneak a peek,
I can tell you the places you seek.

Pteris like to fly and caw
All around the Concert Hall.
There are often many concerts planned,
But Sticks and Stones are their favorite band.

If tickets to the concert are hard to get,
I heard Pteris love the Giant Omelette.
Around lunchtime you just might
See Pteris come for a bite.

If it's nighttime then I know where they are,
Pteris love to sleep under the stars.
In a field or up in trees
You will find Pteris sleeping in peace.

It will soon be Pteri Day
And on November 8th they'll come out and play.
So if you're in Tyrannia and feeling merry,
Wave and smile at all of the Pteris!

Pteri Of The Woods
by Tealnova_dragon

The woods are orange, yellow, and red. 
Not the emerald green of nature. 
Fall is coming, the leaves are wilting,
The Pteris are migrating, too. 

Flocks and flocks of shiny brown Pteris
Are flying above the woods. 
But unlike the fire color of forest,
The oranges and reds and yellows, 
They stay green and woodland, 
Ill-fitting to their home. 

The Woodland Pteris have grassy tufts of hair, 
And a branch of a tail. 
The grain of their feathers 
And the wooden sheen in their eyes
Reveal their very nature. 

Off they fly, high among the skies. 
Away from the colder days 
Into warmer weather
Where they can grow and flourish
And where they will never wilt.

Be Gone, Down For Maintenance Pteri!
by Agedbeauty

Down for Maintenance Pteri
How you make me see red
But feel oh-so-blue.

Ominous red Neopet
Please don’t break the site today
And call it quits in lieu.

Oh, frustrating Pteri
Can’t you see I haven’t time
To indulge your every whim?

Capricious bird of rouge
Haven’t you noticed that your
Fickle ways have left me rather grim?

Irritating crimson spectre
Be off, be gone, do leave
As even you had best be on your way.

Down for Maintenance Pteri
Haven’t you even noticed
That today is Pteri Day?

The Golden Pteri
by Chavo_guerrero

Once upon a time there was,
A Pteri painted gold,
With so many shiny Neopoints,
His treasures were untold.

He sat and thought from day to day,
Just what to do with these,
But all he wanted from his life,
Was a lump of Berry Cheese.

So when he'd finished eating,
And he still possessed some cash,
He decided what he could do,
The idea came in a flash!

So he flies around Neopia,
On a speedy golden wing,
Looking for another Pteri,
In the hopes to make them sing.

And when at last he spies one,
Be they Darigan or snow,
He stops and lands before them,
In a smooth, majestic show.

Then silently he hands them,
A bag that's full of cash,
5,000 Neopoints,
From his wealthy private stash.

And just like that he flies away,
To seek another out,
And give them riches of their own,
Of that there is no doubt.

So if you have a feathered friend,
Keep an eye out on the skies,
For the wealthy Golden Pteri,
And he might bring you a nice surprise!

How To Make A Pteri Plush Doll
by Little_lady_goddess

So I heard that you want
A Pteri plush doll?
Making one for yourself
Is no challenge at all!

All you really need
Some cloth and stuffing
Accessories, packaging,
And a few more things

Okay, so maybe I'm wrong
It's not that simple
You need to sew and stitch
To create that Pteri dimple

Now to choose your colour
Red or rainbow, baby or brown
As long as the colour can
Turn a frown upside down

Trace your pattern on the fabric
For the wings, the front, the back
Pin the pieces together
Followed by a quick snack

Now for the Pteri's head
And you can't forget the beak
Leave a hole when sewing 
Or the plushie will be weak

Cut around the stitched area
Don't cut too close or far
Fill your Pteri with some fluff
Stitch it closed, and there you are!

Now you're almost done
Time to decorate your plushie
You'll be the best of friends
Just you wait and see!

The Pteri Race
by Dragonstorm_75

Above the clouds the race begins!
Trumpets roar as faeries cheer!
Take your bets, let merriment fly,
It’s the greatest Pteri race of the year!

There they go, don’t even blink,
Lest you miss them as they come.
A rainbow flurry of feathery blurs,
Wings a-beat to the thumping drum.

A rush of wind -- they fly on by!
A hollow feather strokes your cheek.
The finish line is now in sight!
Nestled in clouds so white and sleek.

Not a second flutters so,
For the final lap now steals the show!
A heartbeat up, a heartbeat down,
Time seems to stutter and to slow.

An explosion of joy!
What a sight!
The victory yields its sweet delight!
Wasn’t it fun? I’m sure you’ll agree,
The Pteri Races are a sight to see!

The Down For Maintenance Pteri
by Kaddiez

His arrogant smirk is a face you dread,
As you casually click about.
Off to play your favorite game, 
When, what's this -- the site's gone out!

His teary, sad face is mocking you,
As you're directed to a familiar red page.
The site is going through maintenance,
So it's his time to take center stage.

The Pteri's expression could be mistaken,
As him actually upset about it all,
But, in fact, if it was up to this guy,
He'd have the site constantly fall.

Beware of his red eyes and feathers that match,
He'll be warning of fates to come.
Beware the Down for Maintenance Pteri,
Who finds the site going down fun.

Don't Tarry, Pteri
by Nomyle

Don't tarry, Pteri,
do make haste,
all this time can't go to waste!

Building nests 
is quite a task,
drinking nectar from your flask.

Pteris come from 
far away,
to celebrate their special day.

The nests
are festive, shiny, bright,
glittering even through the night.

Pteri, if you 
tarry now,
you won't get to take your bow.

Fly so fast
and beat your wings,
today all of Neopia sings.

In YOUR honor,
little Pteri,
come on quick, we're in a hurry!

The Golden Pteri
by Brittanyftw

*yawn* I stretch my wings far and wide,
Then I take a peek, look side to side.
I go outside and then I see something heavy.
Oh my! It's the Golden Pteri!

Put on my goggles, ready to fly!
Ready to fly all through the sky.
Put on my satchel, ready to soar!
Ready to soar, going out the door.

I fly around searching and searching,
When my wings, my wings start a-hurting.
I go to the ground, time for a break!
Then I look up, big mistake.

Two big Lupes, they look hungry!
One was smart, while one was a dummy.
I was too scared to do anything, oh why?
My wings hurt too much, I couldn't fly.

I ran and I ran, I did not stop.
Then I came to a mountain drop.
I turned around and saw the Lupes!
Then I knew, that I was Lupe Soup.

Then something came down, what's that?!?
The Golden Pteri coming down, flap flap.
He dropped NPs on the Lupes 
And then they ran!
They ran and ran, tails in the sand.

I was saved, yes saved! Oh, yay!
This has sure been an exciting day.
The Pteri flew off and left me in the dust.
Hoping I'd donate the NPs to others if I must...

Little Egg
by Ohgodkillit

Feathers, beaks, talons, wings,
Surround the air above us.
All the Pteris chirp and sing;
What a melodious fuss!

Extraordinary colors disguise the sky:
Radiant red, opulent orange, gorgeous green,
This color show is candy to my eyes.
It's the loveliest thing I've ever seen!

But who's that over in that lonely tree,
On the lowest branch nestled in straw,
Shied away from the spectacular festivity?
You'd be upset, too, if you saw...

"What are you doing here, little egg?"
I ask the baby Pteri,
"Come out to play with your friends, I beg.
You'll be much happier and merry!"

"I have no feathers, beak, talons, or wings,
You see? I'm stuck here in this nest.
And I can't even chirp or sing!
One day I hope to fly among the best."

My heart ached for this little fellow,
So I picked him up from his nest.
Perhaps he'd feel mellower,
If I took him higher to watch the rest.

Curled up warm in the crease of my arm,
We climbed to the very top of the tree.
Little egg was very pleased and charmed,
And although he couldn't join, he could see.

After moments of gazing,
The little egg began to shake!
Boy, was it amazing.
The little egg started to break!

Out popped the feathers,
Out popped the beak,
Out popped the talons,
And finally the wings!

Now little egg isn't an egg anymore;
He can finally join the fun in the sky.
No more will he be lonely or bored.
Little bird can now spread his wings and fly!

Pteri Pride
by 6thedition

A single green Pteri 
Soars cautiously above
Swooping past the plateau 
With skilful wings.
Keen eyes target 
The Tyrannian canyons below
Where fires and meat 
Are left unattended and alone.
The cry of the Grarrl echoes 
Through stone and rock
Causing innocent claws, 
Hooves, and paws to flee.
Unnatural sounds of wind 
Being abused from ahead
Breeze being bullied by
Large brown and green wings.
The evil Pterodactyls 
Cover the horizon
As the brave Pteri 
Spits his one defence.
Monster after monster vanishes 
Into a puff of smoke
And fire leaks from 
The hero’s mighty beak.
Their number increase 
And their speed doubles
The Pteri flies on without fear,
They cry out and drive through 
If his agility fails
To tumble and push him 
Out of the air.
Pterpod, boom, shot and fireball
All aid him in his honourable quest.
Dodging, charging and backtracking 
Sweat builds as he tries his absolute best.
Armies have fought great battles below,
Families have cultivated the land,
But today one bold Pteri flies alone
Green feathers dancing wildly 
And wings fanned.
Freedom is in his eyes,
Fire is in his speed,
Pride is in his heart
For he is a Pteri.

Golden Flight
by Cookiez101

Shining beacon, shimmering wings flash,
only for an instant, a slash
through the skies.

You will only hear its cries
if the Neopet of its same kin can be found.
If so, gold and Neopoints 
will cascade to the ground.

Shimmering in the wind, glittering wings flap,
faerie-like wings, almost, 
but suddenly sounds a clap
that removes all doubt.
A golden beak emerges from the cloud
resonating a loud clack of the beak, 
the Golden Pteri soars through the air --
calling, cawing, sashaying through 
the updrafts with flair.

He searches through Neopia 
for his Pteri fellows,
but today, because he is 
feeling rather mellow, he bellows:
"Happy Pteri Day to all!"

And suddenly, the Neopoints in his claw fall.

Xemmy The Valiant
by Diamondskyecrw

I remember when I first saw her
Up For Adoption, or UFA
How long ago that time seems
But such a lucky day!

Some would scoff at her color,
Name, or stats -- cheap, perhaps
But I can assure you Xemnas137
Holds her own with the best of chaps

For when the faeries fell to ruin
And the battles fiercely waged
This Pteri stood proud beside me
And for the good of all we raged

She's small and cheerful always
On her beak there's always a smile
I never cease to love her
Though we've been together a while

I guess the moral of this poem
If you so choose to see one
Is to not judge books by covers
And that love is second to none!

Join Us For Pteri Day!
by Wormpower7

The Pteri Flying Championships
Come this time every year
To clarify, November 8th
Is the day for joy and cheer

For all those lucky owners
It's a day for your great Neopet
The party planning committee 
Has promised the greatest party yet

Look up to the sky to watch and see
The many types of Pteri
You'll see reds and fires and stripes and gold
Amidst the skyward flurry 

If you're one of the unfortunate ones
Who can't join the celebration
Consider playing some Pterattack 
So you can share the flying sensation

So, if you happen to be free
Of all plans and all of your duties 
Consider coming to the races
I can promise it'll be a beauty!

Fly, Pteri, Fly
by Dortho

Pteri, Pteri, quit your squawking!
Why aren't you flying? You're just walking.
The ground is cold, and as you've been told, 
The championships are coming right up!

Pteri, Pteri, see the sky?
It wouldn't take much to fly up high.
Just perk up and get those wings a-flappin'
You'd be delighted at what just may happen.

Pteri, Pteri, get a running start!
And flap those wings with all of your heart.
Don't look up and don't look down
Remember to smile and please don't frown. 

Pteri, Pteri, what a graceful bird you are!
Flying now as high as the stars! 
We knew you could do it, reach for the clouds!
Of your gracefull flying skills 
You should be proud! 

The race is going, keep those wings going,
Go with the flow, you know what you're doing!
Racing on full speed ahead, 
As you see the finish line, 
There's a shiver of dread.

Quickly, quickly the little Pteri went,
The whistle was blown, the message was sent. 
The new Pteri Champion 
Was announced that day!
He was so happy, he didn't know what to say!

A Plea To The Golden Pteri
by Secant

Golden Pteri, come visit please.
Your wings glitter as you fly through trees.
Their endless sparkles do not stop,
But the sparkles are not as shiny
As the Neopoints you are known to drop.

Golden Pteri, come visit please.
You glide across the waters, from sea to sea.
Your generosity flows from the joints.
But never mind that,
I want the Neopoints.

Golden Pteri, come visit please.
My Pteri is tired of waiting for these
Random Events that never occur.
They are like wealth,
That passes in a blur.

Golden Pteri, come visit please!
I need more Neopoints, desperately!

A Robot Pteri
by Amethyst_81

A robot Pteri gazed upon
The stars that dot the night,
And softly did he sing his love
To each and every light.
They twinkled with sincerity,
Shone brighter with his song,
But too short were those brilliant nights,
And sunny days, too long.

"Where do they go when daylight's glow
Doth cast the night away?
For surely I may follow too,"
He said aloud one day.
For made of metal, parts, and gears,
A robot doesn't sleep,
And overwhelmed by loneliness,
A robot cannot weep.

"I wish to shine for all to see
The life that burns within,
And seek out inspiration
To become more than I've been."
So off he set with hopes to find
Amidst the souls he meets,
A shining star to love a heart
That ticks instead of beats.

Error Pteri: Down For Maitenance!
by Yoshifan272

You're clicking around Neopets
and suddenly you see
a total shock to your eyes;
a red and sad Pteri!
TNT is updating now,
but you are still frustrated.
You look at the cute Pteri on the screen
but don't underestimate it!
It does fight in the Battledome,
and those who win are very few.
Who can compete against the Pteri?
Well, for now, it's sure not you.
Bottom of the screen, 
you see the option you have,
to simply play games for fun!
But you can't send in scores, 
who doesn't anymore?
So you curse the small red one!
Though you should pity him, 
for the fact he sacrifices his time
stops whatever he's doing 
and gets on your skin
and no matter what he feels, he cries!
I understand that you're frustrated
but someone has to do it, 
you have to feel for the Pteri, though!
So just relax, you'll be fine
it's Pteri Day, so there's no need to worry!


Pteri Fest
by Rubymarble

Morning in the plateau
With wings stretched in the sky
Painting the canvas with vibrance
The gemstone feathered Pteris fly,
Never too high, never too low

They arrive at dawn
For the daytime fest
Of racing, games, 
Dancing, and playful jest --
Topped with seed cakes and corn

Gliding frames in the sky, 
The gilded Pteris soar!
Above grassy hilltops, ridges,
And sturdy trees tall
Never too low, and never too high

Speeding with the wind at side 
Elegant and agile in the air,
They chase the winning cup
So seated on an elevated chair
Is a winner, beaming with pride

And among the vibrant haze of dusk
The ornate feathers retreat to rest
In stone rooftops of villages quaint
Where fireflies light the evening fest --
Of seeds, which beaks do remove their husk

Night time in the plateau
The onyx figure caws and scratches
While the others, high and low
Remain silent underneath their thatches

Ode To Baby Pteris
by Ilovemycatembers

Ode to the Pteri,
Who never shall fly,
Who's doomed to not once,
Catch glimpse of the sky.

All these little eggs,
Wrapped up so tight,
They lay in their nests,
And forget about flight.

For though they may learn,
And many things know,
They'll stay just the same,
They never will grow.

They come to know plenty,
Because they listen well.
What else is there to do,
When you're stuck in a shell?

So an ode to these Pteris,
The smallest of them all.
For they've got large hearts,
Although they're not tall.

Take the time to listen,
Let them talk to you,
They'll tell you of their dreams,
All the things they long to do.

Then cuddle them tight,
And tell them you don't mind.
Love them as they are,
And they'll love you in kind.

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