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Neopets Poems

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Halloween In Neopia
by Agedbeauty

On Halloween you’ll never guess
Who’s under that cape or under that dress.
Everyone is masked, every face is hidden,
And asking who’s who is simply forbidden!

Is that Sophie in that outfit, dressed like Fyora?
No, it couldn’t be... but is it Jhudora?
No, surely not, and yet you wonder
Would that villainess have made such a blunder?

And there, is that Hanso, dressed like MAGAX?
The mask is believable, 
But he doesn’t fit the facts!
Perhaps, though, that’s Brynn next to him,
Dressed like Hubrid Nox right to the brim...

Even Kauvara’s in costume,
Though that it’s her you can’t assume!
Beneath that snazzy mask it looks like her,
But did she always have such mauve fur?

You’re left to laugh and muse,
Wondering who else could pull of such a ruse.
Ah, when every costume is second-to-none,
Halloween in Neopia is such grand fun!

Tonight Is The Night
by Tj_wagner

"Tonight is the night," is the whispered cry,
dancing on the wind, icy and cold.
Crackling leaves, like voices from the past,
say this is the night to behold.
Tonight is the night, and all Neopets know
exactly what this means.
For it has come. It’s here at last!
Tonight is Halloween.

“Tonight is the night,” announces a zombie Draik,
to a small zombie band.
Silent white orbs of endless intelligence,
look about the shadowy stand.
“Tonight is the night,” he reiterates
“And there’s a message we must send.
Tonight we need not hide in the shadows.
Our seclusion is at an end.”

“Tonight is the night!” cries an Aisha zombie,
her tiny, pale face shining.
“We can walk down the streets openly,
with no screaming, running, or whining.”
“Yes, this is that night!” she purrs contently,
“And for me there is but one task.
We can trick-or-treat at each Neohome
and we won’t even need a mask.”

“Tonight is night!” all the zombie Neopets yell,
raising their voices to the sky.
“This is our chance. We have to do it!”
Now, it’s do or die.
Yes, this is the night. Our special night.
We’ve waited patiently all year.
This is the night, Halloween night,
and the zombie parade starts here!”

The Mysterious Trick Or Treater
by Kspare2

A figure so frightening 
That all the Neopets will hide, 
Even the Grarrls will open their mouths up wide. 
A crinkle and a cackle will be all they shall hear,
As their faces go pale and they cower in fear.

Out of the shadows I will emerge, 
Scaring them all as they think me a scourge.
“Boo... boo... come on out!” I shall say, 
To which they’ll reply, “No, never, nay!” 

And so I will roam down the streets,
On the lookout for goodies and treats. 
Going crinkle, cackle, clack,
And saying “Give me all of your snacks!” 

I am not a ghost nor am I witch, 
Yet all of the Neopets will squirm and twitch.
Scary? Perhaps! I am the Lawyerbot, 
Best be nice to me 
Or I’ll take you for all you’ve got!

Horrors Of The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium
by Kaddiez

An asylum buried in the Haunted Woods,
Where terror lines the walls.
Blood stains cover metal doors,
Bones littered across the hall.

Empty rooms encased in darkness
At every twist and turn.
Skeletons still left untouched,
Show the revulsions to be learned.

Sights inside the rugged building
Will make a stomach lurch.
Red streaks upon the gravel floor,
Bodies overturned in dirt.

Piercing, stifling echoes
Tell of madness come to pass,
But memories still do linger
Of an overrunning mass.

The abandoned hospital
Once was home to those insane.
The patients kept inside their cages,
Came loose with costs so grave.

All was lost that horrid night; 
The peace, the order -- lives.
In one lone cellar there lays a flower,
Over tragedy survived.

Enter through the wooden doors,
Before the day is done.
Discover all the horrors inside
The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium.

Don't Trust That Tombstone
by Chavo_guerrero

It is a truly eerie thing,
When you see one and it moves,
And if you give a little gasp,
You'll know that it approves.

A Petpet that is not like most,
And loves to give a scare,
So if you're going out at night,
My warning is just beware!

The Halloween Rock is who I mean,
A master of disguise,
It likes to trick you 'til you're close,
Then give you a mean surprise.

It looks just like a tombstone,
Standing still at night,
But when it moves toward you,
You could surely die of fright!

And if you listen closely,
Though it could be just the wind,
You might hear it chuckle softly,
And I'm pretty sure it grinned!

So don't go trusting gravestones,
If you're out past twelve o'clock,
It might be hoping to scare you stiff,
If it's a Petpet Halloween Rock!

Zarugan The Zombie Zafara
by Darling25

Oh hello there, I’m Zarugan the zombie pet,
since you’re here I will tell you my story.
You want to hear all about it, I bet, 
It’s exciting and sad and a little bit gory.

It all started a couple of months ago, 
I’m not really certain what happened to me.
All I know is I suffered a terrible blow, 
I went down like a rock 
And had no chance to flee.

Please don't worry about the smell, 
It's not you, I assure you, it's me.
It bothers your nose, I can tell.
But I can hardly help it; I'm dead now, you see. 

And now the smell won't go away,
No matter how many showers I take! 
But after sleeping so long I have to say, 
It’s quite nice to finally be awake. 

I was a princess and was held really dear, 
A real little beauty and popular Neopet.
Now I’m met with disgust and with fear,
And I have barely started rotting yet!

I’ve started to notice that being dead isn’t bad,
I’m stronger and meaner and better than most.
I’m fierce and I’m evil and a little bit mad,
That’s why I can rule every zombie and ghost.

I'm so looking forward to this Halloween; 
I get to see all my old friends one more time.
And show them that now I’m truly a queen,
Although I’m covered in dirt and in grime.

I’m the ruler of all Neopets dead and insane,
And one day you will all be my minions as well.
Because one of these days 
Every Neopet meets their bane, 
And no one escapes death, that much I can tell.

Halloween Paint Brush
by Jjquil

Halloween Paint Brush, work your spell 
On Neopets at the Rainbow Pool -- 
How spooky will your costume be? 
Monster, demon, zombie, or ghoul? 

Some Neopets like to wear a skull,
A cranial mask as their disguise:
Bori, Krawk, Zafara, Chomby, 
All that is showing are their eyes!

Others prefer a more devilish take 
Like Usul, Aisha, Nimmo, Shoyru;
They dress in red, with tridents and horns, 
And let the mischievous tricks ensue! 

Draik, Skeith, Tonu, and Kacheek 
Have chosen a makeup that's far more green 
With stitches and bolts, and a shambling walk, 
They are monsters that groan on the scene! 

Ruki and Techo are of the same mind – 
They dress as mummies, bandaged and tattered;
Others prefer a bewitching dress 
Peophin and Lenny seek to be flattered!

Then there are Neopets with capes and fangs, 
The nocturnal spirits with faces so pale: 
Gelert and Cybunny, Xweetok and Grarrl, 
Repel them with garlic, it will never fail! 

Some Neopets prefer to pay homage 
To the villains we all love to loathe – 
Yurble as Tax Beast, Uni as Nightsteed, 
Poogle as Snowbeast, Moehog as Sloth!

Halloween Paint Brush, your magic does wonders 
These Neopets all are so colourful and fun 
Let us take to the streets of Neopia Central 
And scare up some treats for everyone!

Haunted Woods
by Telekenetic

One day I wandered way too far 
Off the beaten path I strayed 
And what I saw was so bizarre
A castle of Eliv Thade 

I ran through the Haunted Woods
As ghosts floated eerily by
Clutching my red riding hood
I really wanted to cry

I flew out of the woods, so afraid
When I saw that strange clown
I looked around hoping to find aid
But this place was a ghost town

I played the scratchcards, I didn't win
Now I'm really low on NP
This place scares me right out of my skin
I was getting ready to flee

When the scary clown pulled me inside
The game Carnival of Terror
I begged, I pleaded, and I cried
But now I'm stuck in there forever.

by Secant

This Halloween I'm going to be
The scariest creature you would see.

I'll be greener than the Spider Grundo,
Ghostier than the Ghost Lupe,
Creepier than the Shadow Usul;
When I walk, I swoop.

Uglier than Vira,
Mysterious like Morguss,
Witchier than Edna,
With 10 times more bogus.

More feared than Dr. Sloth,
More despised than the Pant Devil,
I'll be the scariest creature
On an unmatched level!

Hubrid Nox will have nothing on me,
Count Von Roo will stay awake fearing me.
The Tax Beast won't dare to approach forth,
Because he knows I'll just send him north.

This Halloween I will be
The scariest creature you shall see.
I'm a denizen, the foulest creature --
Wait, is that candy? 
Well, I could go for some toothache treasures...

The Witching Hour Jamboree
by Instant_willow

Now's the time to jump and prance
To howl and twirl in spooky dance
Make a ring 'round Edna's tower
It's coming to the midnight hour
We all may take the chance.

Drifting through the foggy air
A fiddler's tune from gypsy lair
It's time to skip, and time to sway
The spooky dance is underway
What giddiness we share.      

Eliv Thade's commanding lead
Shows us the romp that we all need
To click our heels, to highly step
And frolic with a spooky pep
That no one will impede.

Brain Tree's rhythm sets the pace
The Petpet ghosts begin to race
Esophagor then dons a mask
To set the crowd a spooky task
And frolics in our chase.

Above the games is Castle Nox
A daunting place with lightning shocks
So twirl through doors, and if we dare
It might change something that we wear
To spooky stepping frocks.

Robot clowns now join the din
And beg with pies a chance to win
The spooky dance, the midnight fling
We let them join with everything
The scene makes MAGAX grin.

Neovia, once cursed, now lies
A distance from the spooky eyes
A cabin porch, where Sophie stays
With tapping toe to sprightly lays
Enjoying her surprise.

Neopian All Hallows' Eve
by Saqo

The time of Halloween fast approaches. 
Ghouls come out, mutant Neopets and more. 
It's a time for trickery and fright;
Korbats through the black night soar.

The Haunted Woods is tonight, indeed,
The most scary of places to be.
Pumpkins are lit and witches fly,
Weewoos stare from tops of trees.

Not wanting to disturb anyone / thing,
Neopets in costumes tiptoe through.
You look, and nothing there to see
But still something trails behind you.

Neopets' costumes are most unique!
Skeletons, zombies, ghosts, witches, and more.
It's hard to tell who is dressed up
And who holds that true scary form.

'Round all of Neopia far and wide,
Excitement mixes with a bit of fear.
Tonight is the night all have waited for, 
All Hallows' Eve is finally here.

You may want to challenge yourself,
And spend a night in the Haunted Woods.
It's not so scary, really. But keep
Your eyes peeled, if you could.

For you see tonight, things are not
Always quite as they may seem.
What is that shadow I see approaching?
Either a nightmare or a dream!

Tonight we celebrate Halloween,
And all Neopets far and wide prepare. 
You may only be looking for candy, 
But something more may be lurking here.

Halloween, Halloween!
by Appletizer

You hear your doorbell ringing,
And hurry to the door,
You cannot hear any singing,
So you pick up your sweet bowl off the floor.

The Kreludan door swings clear,
And to your delight you can see,
A couple of little Kacheeks, 
One dressed as a as a little brown deer,
You bend down on your Zafara knee.

And fill their bags halfway,
With sweets and jelly and chocolates,
I bet you know the day,
Halloween, Halloween, yes you know the date!

So when you're out tonight,
Have fun and eat your sweets,
But be sure to brush your teeth that night,
With a squeezy toothbrush, from me!

The Woods On Halloween
by Butterflygirl113

All you witches, gather 'round
And take your seat upon the ground
To listen to my chilling tale;
It will be to your avail. 
Hearken here upon my word:
‘Twas just last night my loyal bird
Brought me news of an evil sort;
It may take our last resort
To rid our land of filth so foul:
Neopets entering the bowels 
Of our beloved Haunted Woods,
Seeking fun and candied goods! 
Oh, how tiresome to see
A tiny Ixi dressed like me,
Yet fearing not my awesome power!
And so shall you, upon that hour.
Massive crowds from near and far
Will gather here, to our alarm,
In search of momentary pleasure --
Seeking our woods' most lovely treasure.
Yet on this day, none are afraid,
Though our greatest plans be laid
To frighten all the wretches off!
No, instead they stand and scoff!
If this injustice you won’t stand --
The disrespectful on our land --
Then lay your arms along with mine,
And we shall see what they will find
When they come in mask and cape,
Eyes gone wide and mouths agape,
To celebrate the cursed eve
That all around call Halloween.

A Halloween Night
by Kitsunecut

On Halloween night,
The Neopets dress
In costumes that even scare
The Neovian Printing Press

In Faerieland,
All has turned dark
And Jhudora will be
As happy as a lark

Then Haunted Woods
Would be the best place
To scare your Neofriends
By screaming in their face

The Usul Gilly
Will wander about
Back to the haunted house
Without a doubt

Every corner you turn,
You'll see ghost Neopets.
And devils, and pumpkins,
And spooky Petpets.

But despite all those,
Why aren't you excited?
It's maybe because...
You're not invited?

Trick-Or-Treat Across Neopia
by Dr_tomoe

The costumes are set
the route is secure
and the children are ready
to get their sugar pure.

To go around Neopia
to go to every land
and trick-or-treat at all of them
is their master plan.

The first stop is Mystery Island
and visit Mumbo Pango
And he gives the visitors
a sugary tango.

Maraqua is next
and Kelpbeard is the stop
And he gives the trick-or-treaters
some Shell Lollypops.

To Tyrannia they go
and hope for better stuff
but all Sabre-X gives
are tips to get buff.

The space station is next
and Gargarox gave great treats
but then evil Fuzzles came
and ate all the sweets.

Shenkuu was the next stop
with hopes that it would be nice
but Bonju's treats he gave out
are various forms of rice.

Altador was on the way
and the king had his say
he gave out great treats
but then the janitor chased them away

Krawk Island was next
Gavril McGill's homeland
but good luck trying
to get candy out of his hand.

Next to the Lost Desert
with a rather surly king
he gives decent candy
as long as you don't mention the eyeliner thing.

To the Haunted Woods next
which has the best treats around
as long as you like spooky things
and if Edna is around.

Faerieland is next door
and their candy is sweet
but get it from the Tooth Faerie
if you value your teeth.

Back into space and off to Kreludor
where the Orange Grundos stay.
The robot miners give out treats
then send you on your way.

Back down to the surface
and Brightvale is next
but as usual, instead of candy
King Hagan gives out texts.

Meridell is close by
but is skipped for good reason
as King Skarl takes all the candy
no matter the season.

Kiko Lake is next
and this place is dandy
as they have a place dedicated
to just selling candy.

Roo Island is next
and King Roo gives a generous amount
just try to take care
and not wake up the Count.

The candy-hunters
head for Moltara under the surface
and the Magma Pool guard relents
even though they're not well-versed.

To Terror Mountain they go
getting tired from their quest.
They trick-or-treat the Snowager.
Out of all the ideas? Probably not the best.

With their trip complete
the Trick or Treaters return home
exhausted from visiting
all the lands that they roamed.

Treats from the world over
And, of course, candy to get
Trick-or-treating in Neopia
is an experience they won't soon forget.

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