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Neopets Poems

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Korbats In The Night
by Saqo

When the day slowly expires,
and night creeps up on you
is the time when Korbats
know what they should do.

They come out of hiding,
waking bright and strong
to fly through Neopia
in hoards and throngs.

Agile and mischevious
always having fun
it's best to stay inside
or you might have to run.

Sometimes they play tricks
other times calmly fly.
Some are outgoing and loud,
others sweet and shy.

This time of year is perfect
to imagine Korbats around.
Halloween is approaching,
with all its sights and sounds.

Through the Haunted Woods
Korbats swoop and soar
they can fly the best, you see
in packs of three or four.

You look up and see, covered
with clouds: a full moon.
A Korbat chirps and something
from afar moans, alone.

Halloween, indeed, is fast
approaching. We'll start first 
by celebrating Korbat Day, to
get us in the mood and thirst

for scary things, and things
that are not quite right...
Korbats flying and swooping
through the creeping night.

Lord Darigan's Citadel
by Kaddiez

Far above the green Meridell, 
Floats a citadel where evil dwells.
Overseen by an eerie Korbat, 
Who upon below, staged an attack.

After defeat he decided to flee,
For the longest time, never heard or seen.
To Kass, he passed his powers on,
Giving up his rights as Lord of Darigan.

War brewed again between the two lands,
Darigan struck, Meridell fought back.
The clash raged on; in the end, Kass lost,
Overthrown in the final battle as boss.

Once all was settled, the peace renewed,
The people sought a leader to rule.
So he returned to reign once more,
The king of the citadel, the Darigan Lord.

For Cricket On Korbat Day!
by Chavo_guerrero

I won big on the stock market,
With Kor-Bat Cricket Supplies,
I didn't expect to win at all,
So that was a nice surprise.

But then I started wondering,
Who KBAT really are,
And I wanted to find out more and more,
It truly was bizarre.

Turns out they're in trouble,
There's not much supply or demand,
For hardwood bats in Neopia,
Even if they are quite grand.

But still they make a handsome sum,
Of Neopoints each year,
And each member of this company,
Works hard in their career.

So just to give a little boost,
And help them all along,
I think on this Korbat Day,
If we're feeling rather strong,

That we should put some wickets out,
And have a splendid game,
With hardwood bats made by KBAT,
And support this cricket game!

The Plushie Korbat
by Aldurswolf

With patches on his wings
And a little rope tail
This fabric Korbat has a smile
Without fail upon his face

His body is soft and blue
With polka-dotted ears
He's filled with stuffing
For a squishy feel

This happy darlin' fellow
Can always be amused
Just don't make him laugh too hard
Or he may just rip a seam.

Now, he may not be the toughest
Or the most regal, either
But this sweet guy's the best
When it comes to being happy.

You Go, Kevin!
by Brittanyftw

Hi, I'm Kevin, and I'm a Korbat.
I like to play a mean Gormball an-SPLAT!
Again?! Really?! Can I finish talking?!?
Look at them over there, just walking...

Anyway, I'm a great Gormball player.
I used to be a lonely bread maker.
Until Dr. Sloth came and offered me a deal,
"Take my Gormball position and this is for real!"

I was thrilled. "Okay!" I happily said.
Believe me, Gormball books are all I read.
Many years passed, and I got better!
Then I got a very surprising letter.

Year 5 came and I placed in 3rd!
That's a good thing, from what I heard.
It might not be first, but it's alright.
The next year's news would be out of sight.

So I was the runner-up, no, not a fluke!
I was so happy, I twiddled my flute.
Thyassa beat me, man she's good!
I shall go practice... I should, I should. 

Year 10 came and I was kinda shocked!
Know what happened? It was the return of Sloth.
He won with no competition, what a pro!
Not knowing a few years later, it'll be my show.

Year 13 came, and Brian won.
There and then, my time had come.
What? He cheated? That means I win!
Now my story is over, fin fin fin.

For Science
by Destinationxunknown

Unprepared, the battle has come,
The air is filled with the sound of a drum.
To fight for their right and stay alive, 
Their soldiers of courage, they must revive.

Together they rush to defend all science,
The enemy stands with strong defiance.
And so it begins, their target acquired,
Bracing for impact, a shot was fired.

Wings outstretched the Korbat flies,
Dodging blocks and things that rise.
Trapped in this place and feeling alone,
He hears but a faint and desperate moan.

A Spyder drops and warns his friend,
"You must leave here, I recommend."
The Korbat wept, his ally was hit,
Enemies afoot, he would outwit.

A candle, weak, had lit the room,
Represented a quiet, disheartening tomb.
Vengeance he thought would be most proper,
To go out with a bang, a real show-stopper.

He skips the room, but then he sees,
The enemy has followed with some displease.
Another shot was fired past,
But he knew this battle could not last.

Straight on, he flew where the shot would blow,
Ricocheted, it headed straight for the foe.
Unable to save the shot that came,
The enemy knew they'd lost the game.

The Korbat breathes a sigh of relief,
No longer weighed down by all the grief.
And although things seem dull and drab,
They have won the battle for Korbat's Lab.

Korbat's Nightmare
by Dortho

Trying to sleep in the middle of the night,
His eyes would not close, due to a fright!
The little Korbat tossed and turned 
He was not sure what he'd just heard.

The distant howling and a full moon,
He could not sleep anytime soon.
Pulling the blankets over his head,
He tried once again to sleep in his bed.

The howling came closer, no sleep for him.
The Korbat started feeling his chances were grim.
Ice hitting his window 
And footsteps getting closer, 
The howling stopped... what's the matter?

The Korbat grabbed a jacket and a lantern
And went to see what happened 
While his back was turned. 

And there he was...

A frozen little Werehond, lost in the woods
Couldn't even howl, couldn't even move. 
Concerned for the beast, 
Inside the Korbat took him
Set him next to the fire, just on a whim.

Slowly but surely, the little Werehond thawed.
The Korbat, once afraid, just went, "Awww."
The greatful lil' dog licked his face
Now he runs all over the place!

The Korbat and Werehond, as I have heard, 
Are friends to this very day, rest assured!
Rest assured if you have disturbing sleep,
It just may result in a nice dream to keep!

Who Am I?
by Kspare2

I am one of the best Neopets,
That you can’t deny.
Everyone loves me, 
As I soar through the open sky.

My fangs are white and sharp,
And they sparkle every day. 
They are solid and strong,
And they are great for catching prey.

I stalk the woods at night,
Searching for some food.
I would prefer a Miamouse,
But I am no prude. 

Fruit I will just as easily eat,
Especially all of the berries.
I also like some melons,
But my opinion on those varies. 

Do you know who I am?
Have you guessed my name?
Why, I am a Korbat!
And a happy day is my aim.

Barallus The Crafty
by Kuroge

Under the heartless dungeons,
the devious Barallus schemes,
Lord Darigan's secret weapon
to help him realize his dreams.

He puts on his radical smile
to detract attention to visitors,
his true self is unknown to 
even his closest prisoners.

Only when the candles are out,
and the darkness evades the cells,
does the crafty Barallus,
cast off his illusory spells.

In the bleak emptiness,
the Korbat works tirelessly,
his eyes so focused--
his hands move so quietly.

As the day arrives again,
he puts on his facade once more,
to those who play him in Cellblock,
and put on an unknowing snore.

Zo Junior
by Dr_tomoe

Zo Junior
The star of the woods.
One thing is certain,
He always brings the goods.

While Team Haunted Woods
Is big on defense
You can't win by defending
So Zo is the offense.

He might not look it
Given his size
But on the field
Zo really flies.

He speeds through the field
He goes for the goals
Or as the Haunties say
He goes for the Zoals.

All other Yooyuball teams,
A fiery streak is all they see,
Which is why it's no question
He was nominated as MVP

One thing is certain
And that's Zo will never stop
He'll keep going until
The Haunted Woods are back on top.

Korbat Snacks
by Jjquil

Those Korbats have so much adorable food! 
Seeing it puts me in such a great mood 
Those big pointy ears, their leathery wings, 
I just want to snack on Korbat-themed things! 

Korbat sandwiches? Here's what I'd get:
Cucumber, and black currant -- 
cheese and onion, a savory treat 
Or ham and tomato, if you like meat! 

Organic Korbat Pumpkins are perfect now 
('Tis the season for spooky chow!)
I'd love to nibble on some Sponge Korbat Ears 
Or Extra Gooey Korbat Cake this year. 

It's getting cold outside this fall: 
Make Korbat Pasta and Meatballs 
A hot dinner, followed by a scoop 
Of steamy and colorful Korbat Wing Soup!

Some tasty Chocolate Korbat Wings
Are on the list of my favorite things 
And a Blueberry Gummy Korbat Tail 
Will make me smile, without fail! 

One last Korbat Mooncake, frosting-coated?
Urgh, I'm afraid I've gotten quite bloated! 
I'll have to wrap up the last of my treats 
But truly, these Korbats make some good eats!

Korbat's Lab Catastrophe
by __Cows_r_cool__

Whilst playing Korbat's Lab
I hit a Korbat on the head.
He fell right down into my lap
And this is what he said:

"Now look what you've done!
I'm sure I've got a bruise.
You players walk all over me
Whether you win or lose.

I love living in the lab,
It is spooky, quiet, and dark.
But I have yet to meet a ball
That hasn't left a mark.

I know you want the avatar,
And the trophy sure looks nice.
But for every single point you earn,
A Korbat pays the price."

I patted him upon the wing,
For he was getting quite hysteric.
The more I thought about the game,
The more it seemed barbaric.

"I'm sorry to have hurt you,
It was not my intention.
This game is so addicting;
I should have paid attention."

Now that Korbat is my friend,
And I've come to my senses.
For every game there is to play,
There can be consequences.

Inside The Korbat's Lab
by Nomyle

Do you dare to take a peek?
Do you know for what you seek?
Come and see what's on the slab,
inside the magic Korbat's Lab.

Balls a-whizzing every way,
Treasure falling, night or day,
Korbats flying 'round and 'round,
Magic spells and books abound.

A dusty, mystic scent adrift,
Lets the senses form a rift.
Watch out so you get no sting
From a passing Korbat's wing.

What potion is a-brewing here?
Full of sorrow, or full of cheer?
Only tiny Korbats know,
as their tails are set aglow.

The Mutant Korbat
by Amitybelle

The mutant Korbat thinks he must
Possess a certain power.
The scuttle of a Rainblug's feet,
Petals falling from a flower.

Oh, he can hear these things and more!
Yet he isn't certain why.
He seems to be the only one
To hear dust drifting by.

Others know, they see his ears,
But they won't near this frightful thing.
Such piercing eyes and matted fur,
His bite must really sting.

This Korbat isn't interested
In harming others, no.
He'd rather sit atop a hill,
And listen to each flake of snow.

Maraquan Korbat
by Agedbeauty

Most Korbats take to the air
Most take to the night
Take wing here and there,
Take wing left and right.

But one Korbat clings
To the water with great joy.
He traded in his wings
For fins and splashing ahoy.

The Maraquan Korbat is a sight
Of happiness with much to do.
Soaring from the water at great height,
And slicing through the waves so blue.

Leaping and swimming, a twirl and a splash
A wash in the waves and nap on the sand.
Playing and laughing in an underwater dash,
The Maraquan Korbat is truly quite grand.

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