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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Symol Song
by Sordid

Hear the rolling, rumbled hum,
Hark! Do hear the sound!
A ringing, singing, merry tune,
That lifts from underground.
A tune that tells of digging deep,
Of treasures far below.
Of tunnels that go on and on,
Lit by a Lightmite’s glow.

“We’re digging here, we’re digging down,
Make tunnels deep and long,
And keeping time as now we dig,
We mark beats with our song!”
The tune doth lilt to realm above,
Until sun sets for moon.
Light won’t matter far below,
They just sing Symol tune.

“Our network is a tangled web,
A labyrinth, we build.
We seek the world so far below,
The treasures it may yield!”
With each beat comes a lowered paw,
To part the soil soft.
Unbothered by the night or day,
Or wind and rain aloft.

In Meridell the tune doth ring,
It passes meadows green.
Here and there a mound of dirt,
A Symol hole is seen!
“We tunnel onward, ever on!
We dig the whole day long.
Keeping time with every note,
We sing this Symol song.”

Symol Hole
by Sunfire_99

Mysterious hole in Meridell,
Do you have no shame to compel,
A certain Petpet clientele,
Who fall right under your spell?

Just big enough for a certain kind,
And dug by a Symol who was much too inclined
To make it small when designed,
Sorry Neopets, it is much too confined.

Climb down slowly,
You may find something unruly,
Or perhaps some jelly guacamole,
Or even some butternut ravioli.

No time to prepare for that drop,
But it’s still a fall ending with a sudden stop,
And the sound of a hurtful plop.

Symol hole you are mysterious
To venture inside would be delirious,
But we cannot help if we are curious,
And for us, it is much too imperious.

The avatar, it's about time!
You are finally all mine,
Now let us end this rhyme,
Symol hole, you are sublime.

Symol Spectrum
by Jjquil

What color should my Symol be? 
There are so many choices that I see 
Perhaps I will go on a spending spree
And buy all the paint brushes I foresee.

I'll start off with Christmas, such a cute hat!
Then sketch, he looks so jolly and fat; 
Darigan Symol sneers like a brat 
So perhaps I would rather the rainbow rat?

Robot Symol has a drill for his nose! 
And of course there's pink Symol, like a rose 
The wintery Symol is painted snow 
And zombie Symol will decompose. 

Ghost Symol is spooky, scary! 
Tyrannian looks far too hairy 
Pirate and plushie certainly vary 
But really, there isn't a Symol faerie?

Symol Friends
by Lou_x

Symols are curious little Petpets,
You can befriend one without regrets,
The sweet Petpets dwell in Meridell,
They'll get along with your Petpets just swell!

Perhaps your Kadoatie is feeling blue,
Or maybe your Meowclops is down with the flu,
Bring them 'round Meridell in the afternoon,
They'll be feeling better really soon.

They can play in the Meri Acres fields, 
Or maybe steal some of Illusen's shields,
There is also this cool Symol Hole,
Try not to fall in when you're out for a stroll.

Sometimes a real treat will occur,
You can win an item, or an avatar if you prefer,
You simply have to send 
Your Petpet down the hole,
And hope they come out alive and whole.

The Symol Hole
by Angelachen97

Let’s go down the Symol Hole
Right next to that sleeping beast
Bring your Petpet right along
For there may be lots of treats!

It appears to be any ol’ hole
But quite frankly that is not so
It’s a tunnel of magic and wonder
Where only the smallest can go

Your Petpet may be jittery
Nervous, excited, or scared
But wait a bit and you’ll find
That there is nothing to fear

On most normal occasions,
Disappointment comes in the end
For almost nothing will happen
But patience is your friend

Visit often, add a dash of luck
Items and presents you will find
From golden mirrors to statues
Surely it’s better than a silver mine

What will you find on your trip?
A photo, a spear, or Petpet food?
It doesn’t matter; whichever way
All three will brighten your mood!

When you have time to spare
After that game of Go! Go! Go!
Bring your Petpet to Meridell
And journey down the Symol Hole

The Angry Symol
by Secant

Stop it, peoples, can't you see?
I'm trying to rest, just let me be.
I hate it when you have that look;
"An avatar? No?" Get off the hook!

I get bothered twenty-four seven.
I can't even go to bed at eleven.
Your Petpets need to stay away
And stop searching for the avatar today.

There's nothing to be found, nothing at all.
My hole in the ground is disappointing to all.
There are no great treasures untold.
It's all a myth, a hoax of old!

*sigh* Why do you still stand here?
Did my rhymes just float out of your ear?
Fine, here's the avatar, now skedaddle
Before I fetch my Meepit friend with the paddle.

Celebrating Symols
by Origamiorangejuice

Let's celebrate the Symol
in all the ways they come,
from red, rainbow, and robot,
to disco, desert, and dung.

With fluffy tufts for ears
and impulsive digging claws,
whether snow or sketch or spotted,
we give Symols applause.

So, let's gather 'round the Symol Hole,
Petpets large and small.
Let's all step up and close our eyes
and do a CANNONBALL!

Symol In The Symol Hole
by Mayfloziarea

Welcome, welcome! 
Please, can you stay? 
It has been so long since 
I saw one like you today.
It must have been difficult, 
To find your way about the maze.
What with all its twists and turns; 
No doubt you'll be left in a daze.

I hear footsteps everyday,
But rarely can one make it here...
As they were afraid of what they'll find;
They were overwhelmed by fear.
Oh, I hear them dive in with their calls,
Their voices shrill and high!
And yet as I sit and watch for them, 
Rarely do they come by. 

And now, joy and celebration,
You have made it!
Can you please stay for awhile,
And don't run out of this pit? 
Please, stay for tea,
And do take a little prize.
From my small pile of treasures --
Don't worry, there's no monster in disguise.

I do wish for company;
I'm just a lonely Symol. 
Please, do stay! 
Stay with me for a while.

The Greatest Escape Ever
by Kuroge

The walls lined with colorful jewels,
but all that shines is not gold,
as he tries to escape the dark tunnels,
more of the underground he unfolds.

Perhaps the most valuable gem of all,
is his companion the yellow Lightmite,
that brilliant golden creature
who ensures his safety through flight.

His haste has taught him patience,
as he navigates the dark unknown,
by direction of the illuminating light,
at least he does not trek alone.

Up toward the surface he goes,
the sunny day is but a short while,
he clutches his unearthed treasure,
his face displaying a wide smile.

Hiding Symol
by Kspare2

Symol, Symol, hiding in your hole, 
Why do you taunt me and act like a troll?
My Greeble has visited you every day, 
But you push him out and send him away. 

Different methods he has tried, 
Venturing down into your hole without a guide.  
Sometimes a dive and sometimes a flop, 
But you catch him midway and scream, “Stop!”

He does not come to you for a loan,
Nor is he asking for a buried bone.
Fancy Petpet food he does not want, 
Nor does he want toys that he can flaunt. 

Perhaps one day you will see,
His sad face looking down with a plea.
“Lets be friends!” he will say, 
And you will finally have a happy day.

Dread of the Symol Hole
by Nut862

on the edge
of the hole,
down into
the darkness
up at you
and you wait,
your owner’s
voice above
Still you wait,
What lies below?
How should you know?
And if you go,
will you return
with some bright kern
of treasure gold in tow?
No choice -- it's now or never
no chance -- you have no voice
thus leaping
no more waiting, no more hearing
down that hole
black as coal
and not a soul
will come to catch or save you...
but you trust your owner
and you must not disappoint.
So groping, stumbling, looking, searching,
you find some little thing
to prove your love,
and crawling, scrambling, climbing, lurching,
you make your weary path
back to the world above,
if you could speak
you’d tell your owner
you found this just for him.
If only you could speak!
No helping it -- you cannot change
no matter -- for you find him gone.

Quandary Of A Symol
by Unesdala

Intruders in your home.
Sigh, and tell them to
Go! "Let me be, let me sleep!"
You constantly yell. "Go away,
And stay! I have nothing to sell!"

Some choose to leave, while others
Shall stay. Still more shall steal,
Scramble and run away! A soft coo
From a baby, or the clanking noise
From the 'bot. Shall you ever be at
Peace, or shall you stay distraught?

"Far from the town," you mumble
To yourself. "But still they steal
Treasures from my shelves! What is
A poor Symol to do? When not even the
Knights keep out the crooks!"

So build up a fence, or pack up
Your bags. But still they shall find
You! It never shall fail. When an avatar
You give, and goodies they can sell.

Symol Tea Party
by Purplebee2000

Here on this day, the same every year,
We have a tradition all Symols hold dear. 
Under the ground in our medieval land,
We go through the tunnels 
We dug with our hands.
Into the quaint tea room we all meet,
To celebrate and have a very big treat.
Lines of tables covered in cloth,
Hold cappuccinos atop with froth,
And all coloured teapots with all kinds of tea,
And cakes of every flavour you'll see!
All of the Symols chitter and chatter,
And sip and laugh, and nitter and natter.
Every Symol has a good time,
The tea party every year is sublime!
When it is over we all say our goodbyes,
"Until next year!" everyone cries.
And off through the tunnels we all scutter,
"What a great Symol Day!" I gladly mutter.

Symol Tunnels
by Chocolate_lover67

there's nothing there but darkness
when you look from above
but there's something
something in those those tunnels
that we never get a chance to see

they collect their little tokens
and trinkets
bits of old cheese
candy wrappers
notecards and postcards lost from long ago
some ribbon that might have been pink once
(but now it's just muddy and brown)

'cause Symols
have their own little treasures
(sparkly shiny things)
that they like to collect

and it's all hidden away
somewhere in the darkness

Todo The Symol
by Brittanyftw

Scratch scratch, dig dig,
What's that sound? Sounds mighty big.
I burrow burrow, tunnel tunnel
It's just me, Todo the Symol.

I burrow in places I'm not allowed,
When they come looking, I start to shroud.
I love digging, don't make me stop!
Then one day I ended up in a shop...

I had a horrible time, I had no friends!!
Always thinking it'll never end.
Then, one day, 
I was "bought" for 2,000 Neopoints.
"Yeah, yeah! I'm out of this joint!"

I said happily as we left,
But as I left, all the other Petpets wept.
Why are they doing that? What's going on?
I had no hope left. Nope, none.

When we got home, it was pretty bad.
It was worst experience I've ever had!!
I never knew having an owner was this sad.
I cried and cried, but just a tad.

That's it. I'm through, I'm out of here.
Not evening knowing, my true friends were near.
I went back to the shop and cried in my bed.
The Petpets watching all the tears I shed.

Two came to me and said this,
"Do you want to play with me and my sis?"
I was happy, delighted! I finally had friends!
I was so so happy, NEVER sad again...

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