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Neopets Poems

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A Jetsam Bash
by Kspare2

A-splishing and a-splashing down the sea,
I spotted an island Jetsam staring at me! 
His eyes were a fierce shade of yellow,
But his temperament was actually rather mellow. 

"Follow me, come out this way,
Come on now!" he began to say. 
I followed behind and paddled along,
And then I heard that enchanting song.

"We Jetsams are friendly as can be,
Just join us in celebration and ye shall see! 
We swim and we dance all day long, 
With fun like this you can never go wrong!"

And so they wiggled and they grooved on out, 
All were invited, including the trout. 
Every guest was draped with a lei,
For nothing is too grand on Jetsam Day!

The Sweet Jetsams
by Amitybelle

Unfortunately, most Jetsams seem
To come across as mean.
Most of the time, you'll find it's so,
But some are nice, you see.

With chocolate sprinkles, fluffy cream,
In fights he won't partake.
Instead this fearsome looking one,
Would rather bake a cake.

The cries you hear aren't to be feared,
This little one is just a baby.
One day he may grip a sword,
For now he wants to hold his blankie.

Checkered yellow, large green spots,
This giant plushie looks a muddle.
He's content to sit and listen,
And is always there to give a cuddle.

Not all Jetsams must be feared,
Not all are sly or mean.
However, if a mutant came your way,
I wouldn't blame you for a scream.

Lady Sharkseas
by Dr_tomoe

There's a Jetsam
that belongs to a friend.
Although she wouldn't say belong,
she'd say "minion to the end."

Do as she says, 
and you'll get along just fine.
Although the way she treats her minions
isn't exactly sublime.

You make her mad
and she'll hit you with a slushie
that's when you find out
she's one tough plushie.

Why is she so mean?
How can she get away with it?
The answer is simple,
she's her owners favorite.

An army of minions
a lot of trouble to get in.
And for Halloween,
she's dressing up like the Krawken.

Sharkseas is her name,
and being in charge is her game.
And she'll probably treat me poorly
because this verse doesn't rhyme.

Don't bother trying to stop her.
Don't even waste your time.
Just be glad that the rest of her Neofamily
is able to keep her in line.

Ode To A Jetsam
by Icyemberz

Jetsam! How lithe and strong you are, 
And what a fearsome bite!
The residents of Maraqua
All cower at your might!

Your golden eyes command respect
And fangs elicit fear,
And anyone with intellect
Would know to steer quite clear!

Though some might think it silly of me
To be quite so scared, 
To even see your chocolate likeness
I am unprepared!

To leave my Petpets on the shore
Would be a sourest deal;
I’d rather not my Bubblisaur
Become your evening meal!

My 193rd avatar
Could come from facing you,
But you're the most fearsome, by far;
I'll take 192!

As you swim under oceans still,
Strong titan of the sea,
Please snap, and chomp, and have your fill,
But please don't go for me!

Cheers To Vik
by Little_lady_goddess

Red eyes shining, sleek fins to match
His shirt flapping wild, green and blue
Hurry, hurry, just a little faster
It's his day; he can't miss his cue!

Others scurry out of the way
Seeing the gleam in his eye
Knowing his nature, they smile
Waving and cheering as he passes by

Vik grins back, nods at his friends
Good-natured and pleasant as any Neopet
He's everyone's favourite Jetsam
But tardiness makes him fret

"Any day but today," he mutters
Breaking into a run -- almost there!
The beach's sands come into view
And a gathering of friends so fair

Vik arrives at a trot, greets everyone
A cheery yellow sun beats down in rays
"Drinks all around!" he laughs happily
They shout back, "Happy Jetsam Day!"

A Quest In The Techo Caves
by Kaddiez

By the Plains of Neopia,
Past the blistering Desert of Roo,
Wading through the Haunted Forest
Into caves that loopy loo.

Techoes give their namesake
To the caverns that head no way.
Searching, hunting, sneaking
Winding, alone in the dark for days.

Danger lurks in these dim corridors,
Only one brave soul subsides,
In caves so filled with terror
That only few come out alive.

A dark dealer, Mr. Irgo,
Who'll offer strength -- at a price.
For the most powerful armour in the land,
Only special items will suffice.

That shady Jetsam sets up shop
Where no one else would dare,
So all those who venture through the caves
are forced to buy from there.

Appreciate Reshar Now!
by Brittanyftw

The name's Reshar Collifey and I'm a goalkeeper,
Come a little closer and I'll be the grim reaper!
Was traded for Mungo Lifler a while back.
With me added we'll surely win and that's a fact!

The color's Darigan, get to know it.
Don't bash my name, don't blow it!
I'll get mad, and you don't like that.
Something BAD might happen and that's a fact!

My species is Jetsam, I like it that way.
Big and strong, in case you have anything to say.
I got lucky with the lab, a lucky zap!
Darigan Jetsam and that's a fact!

I play for team Darigan Citadel,
Before a game, we scream a hefty yell.
Our team is strong, we bring the smack!
We're gonna win and that's a fact!

I came to the team in '07, a while ago.
When I first met the team, we were so-and-so.
Now we're winners! We bring the pack!
You've already lost and that's a fact!

Been playin' for four years now, got skills.
When I first started, I got the chills.
Wasn't that good at the bottom of the rack.
Now I'm the best! That's a fact!

Enough about me, I'm done braggin',
Happy as can be, with my tail waggin'.
Time to beat Kiko Lake, know what they lack?
They lack me, now THAT'S a fact...

Plushie Jetsam
by Agedbeauty

Oh plushie Jetsam
You're a study in contradiction.
Squishy cute
But teeth bigger than my eyes.

Jetsams spoiling
Ready and willing to fight
But plushie
Cuddly and soft, ready to hug.

Will you show me
A personality split between both?
One minute fierce
And the next full of affection?

Or will you let me see
That despite outward appearances
You are uniquely
You, tied not to color or species?

Plushie Jetsam
How you make me muse
On your multi-
Faceted persona.

Perhaps I'll settle
For tough love and simply deal
With you as
You are, stuffing, fangs, and all.

The Mystery Of The Desert Jetsam
by Chavo_guerrero

The desert Jetsam's very strange,
He lives amongst the sand,
But it's pretty obvious that he's not,
A native of this land.

A dorsal fin upon his back,
And flippers by his side,
This is a Neopet made to swim,
And through the waters glide.

But instead he wears a long white hat,
To hide his head from sun,
And the oceans of Neopia,
He just chooses to shun.

Now, why oh why would he do this?
And live where water's scarce,
To pick a life this difficult,
He must be brave and fierce.

But wait, what is this I see,
Moving like some fish?
Swimming through the desert dunes,
As the sand hills twitch and swish.

A desert Jetsam; fin held high,
Is the creature I've just found,
It appears he can move just as fast,
Through the sun-baked ground!

Swimming just as happily,
As if he were in the sea,
And fitting in just perfectly,
I think you will agree.

The desert Jetsam speeds along,
To where?  I do not know,
But one thing I am certain of,
He sure doesn't travel slow!

Jetsams All Around!
by Jokerless

From deep within the sea
Arriving from the waves
Mysterious fighting fish arose
Of charcter loyal and brave

Their appetite colossal
Similar to the heart inside
Neither knows no bounds
All help contribute pride

An enemy to be feared
Or an ally to prove true
Either way they are quite
Important to me and you

From baby to zombie
Every color in the book
The Jetsam always proves
They're worth another look

From head to toe around
Outside and in you'll find
That Jetsams are no fools
But a personality divine

The Jetsam And The Flotsam
by Nomyle

The Jetsam and the Flotsam,
long-standing enemies,
decided 'pon a game of tag
that involved a water freeze.

The Jetsam, it was bigger,
the Flotsam, short and fast,
and neither knew if the other
had all the right ballast.

The Jetsam -- frozen twice,
the Flotsam, four times o'er,
until the two cold enemies
were washed up on the shore.

"You know, today is Jetsam Day,"
squeaked the Flotsam aloud,
"a day of celebration
and a day to be quite proud.

Perhaps, since you won,
we'll take a Neopian trolley,
to a shop of sweets
and I'll buy you a Kau Ice Lolly."

So now the two are friends
and go out once a week
for a Kau Ice Lolly
and underwater hide and seek!

Fierce Jetsam
by Purplebee2000

Scaling the ocean floor,
With grimaced fighting jaws.
Ready for a fight,
My bite will cause you a fright.
You don't want to cross me at midnight,
Recharged and hoping for an enemy.
This is what i do best,
I'm a cold-blooded machinist.
I don't do anything other than mean,
I already told you I'm a machine. 
Any excuse to show you my worst,
Who wants to challenge me first?
I can fight like machinery and never stop
Until I'm the last one standing.
You won't know what's hit you 
Until you're long gone, 
If you dare even take the challenge.
I can survive anywhere in these waters, 
But cold is what I like best.
I'm mean, I have big teeth, I am fierce,
I'm Neopia's fighting fish.

by Jjquil


With a splash, and a flash of fins 
Jetsam smirks a shark-tooth grin 
Aquatic hunter stalks his prey 
Darting through the ocean spray -- 


Swim so swift, little Ghoti
Dartail, Delfin, time to flee
No Petpet is safe in water here 
A Jetsam will make you disappear -- 


His teeth are sharp and white 
Serrated, just to give you fright 
Catamara, don't you stray 
Or you might become fillet -- 


Peadackle and Slugawoo 
Don't you know he'll catch you, too? 
Even Soreen and Lutra see 
Jetsams are dangerous in the sea -- 


The Mighty Jetsams
by __Cows_r_cool__

From the darkest depths
Where Maraquans rarely creep,
There came the mighty Jetsams
From the realm so deep.

It is a trench so perilous
That every ship that's sailed
Has had a try at passing it,
And every one has failed.

The Jetsams found their home
Amid the wreckage of that reef.
They say the waves gave them strong fins,
The biting gale: their teeth.

They were named for shipwrecks,
The floating bits and debris.
And so it seems they have become
The warriors of the sea.

You never know what you will find
Beneath the shining blue,
But should the waves begin to churn,
Jetsams will see you through.

They can weather any storm,
And though it isn't nice to boast,
If a true hero is what you seek,
Then look beyond the coast.

Mr. Irgo
by Kuroge

Deep in the menacing Techo Caves
a dealer does provide powerful arms,
to fight that evil that resides unknown
to protect from those malevolent harms.

His intentions are not well known
but his wares are highly renowned,
to cause fear in one's opponents 
to strike dread into the earthy ground.

A caution to those travelers who
try to reach infamous Mr. Irgo,
for those who aren't strong
will only meet devastating woes.

So trek through the Techo Caves
and seek his valuable weapon,
and as the most brave adventurer
your abilities will strengthen.

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