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Neopets Poems

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Bori Glory
by Jjquil

There are fifty-four species of Neopets
Fur and feathers, 
Wings and scales, 
Big and small;
But I can only have one favorite
And that one is the best of them all.
They are unique to look upon
And they have a rich history 
Natives of Terror Mountain 
I'm speaking, of course, of the Bori! 

Their backs are shielded with armor,
Their tails have a tasseled tip,
With powerful claws for burrowing 
And getting the ice to chip. 
Bori come in a rainbow of colors 
I've adopted a horde of my own! 
Can you see them clamoring behind me?
Let me share some of the better-known: 

The delicate pastel-blue faerie
Swoops and glides amidst the clouds 
And the rare and coveted ice Bori 
Stands lonely, but proud.
Halloween Bori, with midnight fur 
Glowing red eyes peek through his skull
Followed closely by Darigan,
And her spiky, twisted hull. 

The cheerful chocolate Bori
Is dusted with sprinkles and cream 
Followed by custard and jelly 
Like some edible waking dream.
No smile is brighter than island Bori 
With his sunny stripes and shell paint 
And oh, how I cherish the white Bori 
With her timid composure so faint. 

Now you've met my family,
Beloved Neopets all – 
How could I love any other species
As much as the Bori enthrall? 
You can keep your Krawks and Draiks
As I'll never trade away my Bori 
I will praise them, raise them, adore them 
And celebrate their endless glory!

Faerie Bori
by Agedbeauty

Dive and loop
And trace your outline
Across the sunny sky

Lovely faerie Bori
How I love
To watch you fly

Arc one wing
And look behind
To watch the moon rise

Waft on the wind
Adrift across the 
Changing of the skies

Paint your lovely
Across the velvet ground

Elegant faerie Bori
Flying, fleeting 
As you’re homeward bound

So light, so free
Gaiety unleashed
And full of purest joy

I’ll watch you fly
Each day I can
All of Neopia your toy

The Leaf Carrying Bori Gnome
by Sordid

Before the drops of dew do drift,
They meet the rising sun.
Then shimmer, sliding from their perch,
And down the green leaves run.
You do recall your Neopian yard,
Was left a leaf-filled mess.
But what you’ll see some random morn’,
A gift you cannot guess.

For when you wake you’ll see the leaves,
Have all been cleared away.
Swept to piles neat and small,
Before you’ve met the day.
Some creature small has done the job,
And cleared around your home.
Yet none are seen in your own yard,
Except small Bori gnome.

Could it be this merry chap,
Has hauled leaves through the night?
It would take strength that gnomes don’t have,
Plus they don’t move much... right?
Yet, he has a cheeky grin,
A secret in that face!
Yet, he stands so motionless,
Small Bori, firm in place.

You glance again, for could it be?
You look, just sweeping back.
For tiny Bori holds a leaf,
Draped over his small back.
So should you need a helping hand,
To find what falls from bough.
Place a little Bori gnome,
Within your garden now!

Donny the Bori Repairman
by Jokerless

Atop a snowy mountain peak
Resides a tinkerer of sorts
Next to discarded, broken toys
Examining them with effort

Mallet clenched in hand
Assessing a damaged boat
Nails are beat back in
Before it can again float

Granted, for a small fee
He could fix anything
A toy of your own or 
Whatever you might bring

Despite the disrepair 
Any damage you might do,
By the end of the day
He'll have it shiny and new

So don't abandon them
Though they're in pieces
Your toys can be revived
Thanks to this Bori's graces

Armin, Small But Strong
by Kaddiez

The trustful Bori at Hannah's side,
But he lacks her bounds, strengths, and size.
A loyal sidekick in who she can confide,
Armin the meek, but courageous inside.

A journey into the heart of the caves,
Where Hannah, along with Armin came.
An adventurous Usul whose heart she'd gave,
Accompanied by a Bori, shy but brave.

One needs to get through a crack in the wall,
And Hannah tries, but she's too tall!
Armin fits perfectly, squeezes in small,
So the two work together to conquer it all!

When the time called, he was ready to fight.
With a slingshot in hand, Armin aimed just right
And was able to bring down the Bringer of Night,
Who had wreaked havoc 
And brought everyone fright.

Armin the Small, some would say
But much more there was to his name.
He fought for it all and let the monster lay,
Honour his valour, for it’s Bori Day!

Bori of the Ice
by Tealnova_dragon

Few of this fair color 
Roam Neopia's warm surface. 
Of such shimmery blue. 
Reflecting the rainbows and dancing lights. 
But fewer than few, 
Are the species Bori. 

They come from way down deep, 
In caves of snow and icy seep.

Rare bright creatures, 
With merry smiles and flickering tails. 

They're signs of the past, 
They don't appear much now. 
When you see one, you'll be reminded --

Of their story, of the Bringer of the Night, 
Of Terror Mountain, cold and clear. 

Bori of the Ice. 
Maybe on Bori Day, you'll see such a one.

by Dr_tomoe

At the top of the mountain
The one made of ice
There lives an old Bori
That doesn't seem nice.

He seems like a crotchety fellow
Glaring with eyes that are brown
And he looks upset as he works,
Always wearing a frown.

Donny is his name
And repairs are his service
But even though he looks gruff
You shouldn't be nervous.

He's the one to see
If a Neopet breaks a toy
So for a few Neopoints
He'll be in your employ.

All should be careful with their toys
But accidents happen sometime.
So take it to Donny for repairs
If you can make the climb.

He works wonders with his hammer
And goes like a flash.
After all, any toy can be repaired
As long as you have the cash.

The toys will be fixed
And returned good-as-new.
And for all of his work
He deserves more than a thank you.

So the next time you see Donny
And tell everyone you dare.
Tell that old Bori
that you really do care.

Pick a Bori, Any Bori
by Chavo_guerrero

What would it be like to be,
A Bori made of snow?
Or have a vaguely luminous shine,
Like the Bori that can glow?

Being edible must be a chore,
As in jelly, custard or choc,
But being a Bori of an electric kind,
Could also be a shock!

The great Maraquan tail,
Could be quite fun to use,
Sailing through the waters,
On a sublime Bori cruise.

Or perhaps we could try Halloween,
And give our friends a fright,
But wearing bones upon the outside,
Just doesn't seem quite right.

A baby Bori is just too small,
A mutant just too large,
A pirate would be lots of fun,
If of the ship we were in charge.

Or there's starry, speckled, magma,
island, orange or robot.
Whichever Bori you think is best,
You can choose from quite a lot.

And there's many more to pick from,
Not just those that I've just said,
If you like another style,
Why not pick that one instead?

Ice Bori: Myth or Truth?
by Mayfloziarea

Eternal moon, chilly nights;
Hail the bitter snow.
Movement in the icy 'scape,
A whisper in the hold.
Fleeting glimpse upon the ice --
A Bori, crystalline. 
Reflection off winter's moon,
Of features pure, pristine.

Hark! His haunting crystal voice --
A tinkling bell, a knife. 
A cutlass slicing through the realm,
Of silent frosty night. 
Some say that he is but a myth;
A tale the elders tell. 
A legend borne with seeds of time,
By echo of ringing bell. 

And yet, on coldest, darkest nights,
When gaze is turned up high. 
Eyes will find the pristine form,
Of Bori carved with ice.
So, is he a tale, a lie --
A story weaved with time?
Look up on cold winter nights,
Hark, for his telling cry...

The Bori Miner
by Mypetsandi

Pick-axe in hand, he knows no rest.
The Bori miner swings his tool.
Alas, in his mine lives a pest,
A Sandan, mischievous and cruel.

He throws his pebble in the air,
Scattering the precious gemstones.
The miner now has to repair
The damage, and collect what's thrown.

The Petpet is by far swifter,
Rubies and diamonds he collects.
The Bori, perched on his lifter,
Witnesses his life's work being wrecked.

What harm did he bring upon you,
You malicious, sleazy vermin?
A heart of black, a fur of blue,
You are the cause of his chagrin.

Lies you've fed to the unknowing.
You've gone made with dreams of vengeance.
Solly's spite is ever-growing,
Not an act of benevolence.

My friend's work is clean and truthful,
Never a single coin stolen.
Your conscience heavy, with guilt full,
Will make you think this through again.

Leave the gems to those who have them,
As the have won them fair and square.
Your caprice may have been a whim,
But forgive him, this virtue's rare.

Bori Shy
by Justkidding876

The snowflakes glisten
in the clear winter day.
A cool, crisp breeze 
blows snow drifts to spray.

A half-buried log
lays still in the snow,
but for a rustle -
a tail flick, to and fro.

Stepping over the log,
not making a sound,
two ears are spotted,
big, green, and round.

A cute noel Bori
curls asleep in the frost,
a new dusting of snow
leaves his white coat glossed.

As you turn to leave,
you step on a branch.
The Bori awakens,
looking askance.

Each breath puffs out,
leaving crystals white,
as you watch each other,
eyes twinkling with sunlight.

The Bori's head tilts,
a smile appears.
As you grin back,
he twitches his ears.

As the shadows grow long,
and the day starts to end,
a noel Bori pads behind you --
now forever your friend. 

Happy Bori Day!

Keeper of Time
by Kuroge

The protector of his people,
as the pendulum swings,
he brings peace to the Bori
as the benevolent king.

Eternally bound to his duty,
he grips his staff of ice,
to safeguard his values
he will pay any price.

The hand on the clock
will stop for no one,
when it reaches twelve,
it will begin another run.

As the time ticks by,
he maintains his role,
until the end of time
he will offer his soul.

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