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Neopets Poems

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A Tribute to Eyries
by Tomori_san

Flying high over grassy plains,
Is the only thing that keeps it sane.
With powerful wings and mighty paws,
The majestic Eyries have no flaws!

Soaring and swooping in the air,
These winged Neopets aren't rare.
With layers of feathers to keep them warm,
They also protect from a mighty storm!

You may have heard of Cap'n Threelegs,
For he is an Eyrie as well.
He trains Neopets to make them stronger,
Depending on the price, he'll train for longer!

Another famous Eyrie 
Goes by the name of Branston,
If you don't, then you need to play Cheat!
Branston is known to be very vain,
Any competition he calls lame!

Everyone should have an Eyrie,
For they are like Neopia's best friend.
They are loyal, mischevious, and cunning,
Any enemy of their owner 
Might want to go running!

If you've ever wanted to fly 
I suggest this Neopet,
It's better than average transportation, I bet!
Flying with an Eyrie is more than fun,
You'll never again want to run! 

The Eyrie is a majestic beast,
With powerful wings and a curved beak.
My wish to them on Eyrie Day,
Is that they enjoy it and have their own way!

Demtoss the Baby Eyrie
by Agedbeauty

If you think he’s adorable,
You surely might be right.
But it isn’t Dem’s cuteness
That keeps him up at night.

If babies make you think
Of toys and rainbows
Just wait until Demtoss
Hooks his beak onto your nose!

No, this little baby Eyrie
Isn’t a ball of happy baby dreams.
Try mischief, plotting, naughty pranks
Entwined with all his schemes!

Behind his innocent
Baby Eyrie face
Lurks an evil genius
That will put you in your place.

He’s plotting to rule the world 
And have you all bow down to him!
You’ll have to say “My lord,”
And cater to his every whim.

You may have thought that 
Sloth was the villain of the year.
But just wait until this baby Eyrie
Makes Neopia shake in fear!

Fortunately for you,
Demtoss has one little weak spot.
You see, he needs his nap now – 
He’s one tired little tot!

The Electric Eyrie
by Aldurswolf

The lightning splits the sky
It follows him as he flies
The electricity arcs and splits
As it chases after him

Power crackles off his feathers
It marks his fur and hair
In the darkness of the night
The lightning splits the air

He is known as the Lightning Bringer
An Eyrie of myths and lore
Around him thunder roars
As he soars through the skies

He’s proud, strong, and noble
(Though a little too obtuse)
But this electric Eyrie
Has sure earned his hue.

Legend of the Ancient Eyrie Battle Mask
by Sordid

Artefact of magic myth,
A treasure seldom found.
For all do tremble with such fear,
When this gift dwells around.

Fitted for one species, true,
But what a magic thing!
No estimate of victories,
That Eyrie mask may bring.

Hark the moulded, shining gold,
That sculpts the shape of the mask.
Ensuring that it stays in place,
When vigorous is the task!

Legend claims the cobalt gem,
That in the mask doth sit.
Possesses secret magic strength,
So foe can’t fight each hit.

Sapphire, the regal shade,
That forth from mask doth peak.
Curving gently, metal bound,
Protecting Eyrie’s beak.

You’ll see it should you chance upon,
An Eyrie, bound to fight.
Ancient mask a regal view,
A menace, such a sight.

Forth will warrior now charge,
A spectre in the haze.
Mask casts fear to all who see,
The glow of cobalt gaze.

Ol' Branston
by Brittanyftw

"Cheat, cheat, I do it all the time.
10 on me, I throw out two nines.
Suspect something? Call me out.
Don't say a thing, don't even shout.

Nothing? No one? Alright, let's go.
Look at my bling, it's all for show.
I'll show you how to cheat, how it's done,
I'm an Eyrie who goes by Branston.

One, two, break it down!
Lord of the dance floor, give up the crown!
Three, four, through the town!
Five, six, round and round!

Through dancing, took the heat.
Know the time? Time to cheat!
I'm innocent, no please, don't call me out!
Huff! Huff! I'm leaving to pout!"

He's bound to leave in the middle of the game,
If he isn't the one gaining the fame.
Sitting there losing, gaining the pain,
Let's hope when he leaves he's still sane.

"One, two, back to dancing!
Yeah, yeah, going around prancing.
Three, four, get off my floor!
Five, six, go hit the door!

No one, no one can defeat me.
If it's dancing on the floor, 
Or a game of Cheat!.
No one can beat me, can you see?
No one can beat, Branston the Eyrie."

Talina, the Archer
by Kaddiez

With a bow in one hand,
She readies her aim,
Shooting down targets,
Talina's her name.

One of the four,
Heroes to rise.
That saved the world,
From the evil and lies.

An Eyrie so skilled,
The best archer in the lands.
In the blink of an eye,
The arrow's left her hands.

She lived in the world
Of a game -- Neoquest.
Still, she lives on;
In our hearts, she does rest.

The Kass Basher Plushie
by Chavo_guerrero

Kass Basher is an easy game,
You're almost sure to win,
As the plushie sails through the air,
I bet you give a grin.

That Blumaroo with wooden bat,
Gives it all he's got,
And by the distance that it travels,
I'd say that's quite a lot.

But did you ever stop to think,
About that woeful plush?
How exactly does it feel,
To sail past clouds in a rush?

The plushie represents Lord Kass,
That's why we hit it so,
But really he's just a loveable toy,
And not deserving of this blow.

When the flag is high today,
Why not give him a surprise?
As he falls from above you,
Look into that plushie's eyes.

Instead of whacking with your bat,
Reach right out and catch,
Draw him close into a hug,
Upon that Basher patch.

He will not be expecting it,
And it's a nice thing you could do,
If on this special Eyrie Day,
We show him we love him, too!

Magnificent, Marvellous Eyrie
by Sweet_daydream

There once was a spry young Eyrie
Who was known to be happy and cheery. 
One day he went out
In the Lost Desert drought
And the weather that day was quite dreary. 

He shouted “Good grief! Is this rain?
The weather’s completely insane!
I must set this right. 
I know someone who might
Make it hot in the desert again.”

So swiftly he flew on his wings
To a Skeith who knew all sorts of things. 
He knew that together
They could fix the weather
For King Hagan’s the wisest of kings. 

A Cornupepper was what he received,
And some advice that left him relieved. 
“Eat this pepper with care,
Then breathe out hot air!
This will fix it!” the wise king believed. 

So the Eyrie flew over his town 
And chewed the pepper with a frown.
He blew fire from his mouth
From north to the south
And it was hot, with no rain coming down. 

His neighbours were grateful and teary
But his journey had made him quite weary. 
And so, with that said,
He went off to bed – 
That magnificent, marvellous Eyrie.

Thyora's Tear
by Jokerless

Beside the Kumlaa River
A young Eyrie weeps
For in her time of tragedy
Memories scar her deep

Curious, a water faerie
Appears to question her
Listening to her story,
Saddening as it were

Victim to an ambush
Fighting, her brother fell 
But by the time she arrived
No enemy did there dwell 

Horrified by the tale
The faerie held a tear
A bit of magic and... bam! 
Enchanted to hold dear

A necklace was made
For Thyora it protects
From harm and injury
Thyora's Tear deflects

There's No Cheating On Eyrie Day!
by Filter

A shifty gaze across the table,
Branston the Eyrie is staring you down.
Today's the game of the highest stakes,
Cheat! on Eyrie Day is the best game in town.

Branston feels the pressure on his feathers,
The sweat permeating his brow.
Should he try to play that nine,
Or can he fool you like a clown?

He coos out "King" and drops his card,
Eyes around the table turn to you.
Do you yell out and call his bluff,
Or try to cheat the table, too?

Maybe let the Eyrie slide,
He only gets one special day a year.
Watch the corner of his mouth upturn,
His eyes give out a silent cheer.

You'll let him get his round today,
Maybe Branston can even win for once.
The celebration will last all night,
Today he's not a card dunce.

After the game, it's time for a break, Branston,
Take the rest of the night off, you can't lose!
Head out to the party, head out to the dance,
In your disco clothes and shoes!

The Eyrie's Quest
by Dlandwehrs4816

He soars aloft on feathered wings
An Eyrie with a mighty coat
Of feathers bright and shining beak
Crossing fair Brightvale’s widest moat
To seek the wisdom of a king
Renowned for knowledge far and wide
And to the flagstones of the keep
Our hero lands with smoothest glide

King Hagan listens with interest
As the young Eyrie tells his tale
Of dear friends lost not long ago
While visiting a nearby dale
A sorcerer of evil mind
Had snared them with an arcane phrase
But wings proved best, and with a cry
He rose above the thorny maze

He looked down with a saddened cry
For from his place high in the air
He saw that there was no safe path
His friends could take, full of despair
He now stood at King Hagan’s throne
And when the king had thought awhile
He snapped his fingers in the air
His face lit up in sudden smile

“Young Kayla should have just the thing
To help you in this great distress
Her shop you’ll find just down the road
But first, young ‘un, I think it best
That you go pick some Jipple Pears
For she so loves that bizarre fruit.”
With many words of heartfelt thanks
The Eyrie left to find his loot.

And soon he had a basket-full
Of pears with green and yellow bands
He took his treasure to the shop
Of Kayla, put it in her hands,
And asked politely if she may
Whip up a potion with all speed
To shrink the walls of nasty thorns
With great delight she did this deed

The Eyrie flew with deepest haste
Red-feathered wings gripping the air
He swerved and swooped, rolled suddenly
To avoid crashing in mid-air
With two Draiks making for the hills
Of Meridell on their way home
Blue turned to green and shook his head
“Eyries are odd as garden gnomes.”

He flew until he saw ahead
The looming walls of darkness grown
To cage his friends for their trespass
He tired of being alone
With a flourish of his wide hand
He sprinkled potion from up high
The weeds shrank back quite rapidly
And cheers reached up toward the sky

For Kau and Kyrii and Kacheek
Had feared their friend would not return
But their danger had not yet passed
As in that moment they would learn
The wizard sprang forth from behind
A gnarled, blackened, ancient tree
And with a cackle raised his paw
Toward the much-surprised Eyrie

There was a flash and then a BOOM
They all cried out in fright
Until they saw that everything
Had turned out quite alright
For where before had stood a cloaked
Grarrl with evil grin
Now sat a Mortog most confused
For this was Kayla’s win

“Enough with evil sorcerers
Before the day goes by
Why don’t you all come back with me,
And join me for some pie?”
They sat down to a delicious feast
Of jipple stuffed full and tall
As for their dearest Eyrie friend
His piece was the greatest of all.

Halloween Eyrie
by Jjquil

Raven feathers adorned in webs 
Cut silently through the night air 
As autumn wind flows and ebbs 
This shadow draws many a stare 

Sable mane and onyx pelt 
A creature black as midnight sky
Her agile frame so sleek and svelte 
Swooping as she shrieks her cry 

Bleached white beak snaps and caws 
While tufted tail swishes to and fro 
Mighty talons stud her paws 
She would make a formidable foe 

Daubed in paint so glossy white 
A sheen of alabaster bones 
Her skeletal markings cause a fright 
A chorus of ghastly screams and moans 

But the Halloween specter clacks her beak 
With a twinkle of mischief in her eye 
And soars away, with one last shriek, 
To let them know she's passing by...

Maraquan Eyries
by Mayfloziarea

Falling leaves on mellowed sea, 
Of tingling, glossy hue.
Eyrie dances in the midst, 
Of lilting pastures, blue.
Raindrops upon ocean land,
Where Maraquans reside. 
As carefree as the morning, 
And as graceful as the night.

Eyrie roams with gentle pulse,
In oceans vast and deep.
And when the sun disappears,
She settles down to sleep.
When pallid sheen of moonlit skies,
Do caress the tranquil seas.
Eyrie snuggles in her home,
Of hidden coral reefs.

Ode To Sir Eyrie
by Secant

Sir Eyrie is a delight to meet;
Simplicity is not his name.
His clothes that he wears each day
Are never ever the same.

He has silk hats and tailored suits
Made from threads so fine.
His shoes match his stockings;
Not a single claw out of line!

Sir Eyrie's beak is famous,
For it marks his name.
It greets and speaks intelligently
Whenever he sees a dame.

Sir Eyrie, ode to you we praise
On Eyrie Day, the day of all days.

Cap'n Threelegs Sets Sail
by Mmillslagle

Let's go to Krawk Island
And listen to my tale
About the most generous pirate
As we set sail. 

His name's Cap'n Threelegs 
And he has a specialty.
It's working with young Neopets
To make them as strong as can be. 

But training is tough
And since he's a generous Eyrie
He thought, "What can I do
To help those with no money?"

So when a Neopet's special day 
Comes around once a year
That kind Eyrie lets them in
To train with their peers.

And now you know 
About our dear old captain.
Go pay him a visit.
I'll see you then.

by Emilysusanburt

From the balcony of the palace
I can see across the miles,
From the blue line of the sea
To the tangle of the Haunted Woods.
An Eyrie is made for a place such as this.
I could launch myself from the window
And fly circles 'round the world,
But here I remain, biding my time.

Up here in the sky we are the last
To see the sun before it dips below
The horizon. After Meridell goes dark
We are still bathed in light.
How strange that our cursed darkness
Could shine when all else falls dim.
It is our fate, to be a beacon 
Casting its power around the world.

I know this. I can hear it
Going 'round and 'round in my head.
In the back of my mind they whisper,
“Kass, you will rule. You will succeed
Where he failed. You will be the glory.”
I can sense them now, their taunts
And their declarations of power
Ever-circling, never resting, always there.

Now I prepare, the Citadel at my command.
Soon we will march on the world below,
And all will bow to me as their king.
It will be so, the voices have said,
And who am I to doubt them? As I
Hear them once again take up their 
Familiar refrain, I banish all doubt and
Temper fear with cold, hard resolve.

Very soon now I will triumph.
The Three have promised.

The Dark Eyrie
by Tealnova_dragon

There's something spooky about this day. 
It may be the chilly wind, 
or even the eerie silence. 
Or maybe it's just the nighttime sky --
endless in its total blackness. 

Not a star shines in the sky. 
No moon winks down to Neopia. 
You take a peek outside and feel astounded. 
It feels like you're deaf, there are no noises. 
If feels like you're blind, there are no lights.

But suddenly, high above you, you see-- 
wait, no. It can't possibly be! 
A flying skeleton. 

It grins ghoulishly and ducks closer. 
With a muffled screech 
you stumble back into your home. 

Something settles on the outside windowsill, 
and your heart picks up a notch. 
You flash the lights on...
and lo and behold! That's no skeleton! 
Just a Halloween Eyrie, out to enjoy the night. 

His feathers are the same dark pitch. 
Black as the blackest night. 
The glowing paint upon 
his face... his wings... his body
are white and shimmery and oh-so-creepy. 

But you grin, amused 
and throw open the window. 
There's nothing spooky about this night. 
Just an Eyrie out to have some fun. 
And watch as the world hushes, 
as he flies almost invisible across the sky.

Branston the Eyrie
by Nomyle

Branston the Eyrie
a master at Cheat!
has a pair of claws
instead of feet.

But don't be fooled
by lack of toes,
for Branston triumphs
over his foes.

Whether the card is
an Ace or a Jack
Branston is confident,
never looks back.

His Eyrie eye looms
o'er all the game
stealth, wit, and cunning
are his claims to fame.

Honesty may not
be Branston's strong suit
but when it comes to Cheat!
that's what brings in the loot!

by Kuroge

For many years in the desert,
he slept beneath the sand,
but now he will unleash his
powers over the desert land.

Years of battle-worn hands
are rested to fight once more,
and onto the city of Sakhmet,
let there be another war.

In an instant without notice,
he freezes an army of foes;
each and every opponent,
Eyrieki easily disposes.

Slashing his vicious scimitar,
blinding enemies with his amulet,
until he is defeated in combat,
he will be a grave threat.

Captain Threelegs: How I Lost Me Leg
by Darkspark

I'll show ye the ways of pirates
If it's what ye want to know
For the proper price I'll teach ye
How to tie a knot like so.

I've been asked by oh-so-many
Of how I lost me leg
And how the wood replacin' it
Is now a worn out peg.

'Twas a tale been told by sailors
On boats which lap the sapphire waves
Those fools never heed me warning
They meet a watery grave.

The Krawk was a height of fifty
Bared teeth that snarled at me
And as he crept in closer
I felt the need to-- 
And that's how I lost me leg... 
Now get out of here, 
Lest ye have some dubloons.

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