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Neopets Poems

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Celebration of Grarrls
by Fudgedara

A piercing roar splits the air,
Startling Pteris who build their nests there.
A stampede of thuds on the ground,
The Grarrls, today, have come around.

Beating their chests in triumphant howls,
They're oblivious to the locals' scowls.
Hanging up streamers, orange and gray,
For now is special -- it's Grarrl Day!

Setting up bonfires and cooking the meat,
Come on over and dance to the beat!
The guests all around are in different hues,
Islands, deserts and even the blues.

Suddenly, a gasp, and then a yell,
And soon the cheering starts to swell.
Who has come to celebrate?
Why, it's the boys from M*YNCI
Oh, ain't they great?

Hooting, and howling, causing uproar,
The Grarrls all party, 'til they can't any more.
The show goes on, all through the night,
Causing the locals to hiss in their spite.

The morning breaks over the Tyrannian dome,
And soon they stop dancing, it's time to go home.
Waking the sleeping and cleaning the mess,
Ever so softly -- let Pteris convalesce.

Turning their backs on the old party scene, 
Until one small Grarrl with a shiny scale sheen.
Turned around, and with a roaring "Hey!"
Said, "And to you all, Happy Grarrl Day!"

The Plight of Invisible Grarrls
by Agedbeauty

There are lots of Grarrls
That should hear “Happy Grarrl Day!”
Pretty Grarrls and ugly ones,
Scary ones and cute ones.

See, some Grarrls are really eerie,
And scare all the baby Neopets.
The Halloween Grarrl for example,
Makes baby Chias wail!

Then some Grarrls are really ugly,
And make the lovely faeries grimace.
Mutant Grarrls are the ugliest
And made even Fyora wince.

Yet some Grarrls are adorable,
Squishy and quite cute.
Plushie Grarrls just want want hugs,
And baby Grarrls want love!

And then some Grarrls are elegant,
Highly poised and graceful.
Royalboy Grarrls are quite handsome
And royalgirl Grarrls are lovely.

But the Grarrls we all forget
Sadly fade from mind.
We remember grey, and 
We remember blue. 

We remember relic,
We remember zombie,
Maraquan, jelly, magma – 
We even remember ghost.

But who ever remembers
Invisible Grarrls?
Poor invisible Grarrls,
That no one ever sees.

Every single day,
Others look right through them.
It’s almost as if we
Forget that they exist.

After all, when was the last time
You said “Happy Grarrl Day!“
To an invisible Grarrl?
That’s what I thought!

The Glory of Grarrl Gobstoppers
by Sordid

Should you seek a hearty treat,
A sweet that lasts for days.
That tantalises every sense,
In many types of ways.
You need to look no further, friend,
Gobstoppers are the way!
And when better to consume one now,
Than here on this Grarrl Day?

Rotten egg is flavour one,
A boulder, grey in tone.
Pallid spots of yellow hue,
In patterns wild are thrown.
A dappled, cracking, tasty thing,
Though somewhat on the nose.
The flavour lasts a day, you see,
But the stench just goes and goes.

Chunky cherry, flavour two,
Forms of nuts and seeds.
And anything a Grarrl can find,
That may just suit its needs.
Ignore the putrid, murky hue,
That gobstopper does show.
It’s all a game, a big surprise!
What’s in this? Who could know?

Furry fury is the choice,
Of Grarrls who do impress.
You’ll need a strong jaw to consume,
Is something I must stress.
Hot and spicy, so they say,
This treat does seem to be.
Don’t let the blue fur put you off
(Although it did for me!).

Mustard mayhem, what a treat!
A gooey, yellow mess!
Dripping tangy mustard sauce,
A taste sensation, yes?
Try fluff n stuff and onion, too,
You’ll chew and drool and snarl.
But that’s just what it takes my friend,
To eat just like a Grarrl!

Rosie the Springtime Grarrl
by Brittanyftw

She came to Neopia in April 2009,
She came to Neopia to celebrate springtime.
The time when it's nice, warm, and toasty.
This little Grarrl's name is Rosie.

She wears a floral-like dress with a pink bow,
With tiny pink slippers, on toe to toe.
She has a pink hat, with a white flower!
Don't insult it, though, she'll show you her power.

It's the Springtime Celebration!
Don't worry, she's participating.
Between March 31st and April 12,
The prizes she gives are good for your health.

Now, if you make her dance, that's a new story.
No, it's not bad, so don't you worry.
She may give you a clue to a special prize.
She may give you a clue that's big in size.

Hooray! Hooray! You found all of her gifts!
Knowing her, she's bound to leave a tip.
She'll give you a bonus prize at the end,
But to all, only if you attend.

Rosie we thank you so much!
Giving away prizes in such a rush.
We await till next year for your wonderful gifts.
Though most sell them just to get rich.

A Loud Growl for a Special Grarrl!
by Filter

On this special day for our favorite Grarrls,
Why not take a trip down to Tyrannia?
There's a very special lady there for you to meet,
You'll find her surrounded by her egg mania.

The mother of Grarrl Keno roars out loud,
Whenever a passerby comes to play.
Take your bet on which of her children pop,
From where their warm little eggs lay.

Throw down your Neopoints, point to her eggs,
Watch her mouth for that telltale smirk.
Then cover your ears and keep your eyes down,
As the Grarrl's magical call does its work.

Her eyes as wide in wonder as yours are,
To see which of her many babies will protrude.
Their shells will crack, they will enter the world,
Never touch them, though, that's rude!

She'll rake away your Neopoints 
For every bet you lose,
And begrudgingly hand over your winnings.
Though, it's never really a loss for her,
As it's just another of 
Her wide family's beginnings.

Enjoy the day, Grarrl Keno mistress, 
And hope you have a great one,
Find some Neopets to come and play with you.
Call for your babies, keep your family growing,
And your Neopoints purse, too!

The Four Headed Grarrl
by Chavo_guerrero

In the libraries of Neopia,
Is a book you may have seen,
It's called "Grarrl Mythology,"
And never a better tale has been.

In this tome there is a story,
Of a legendary Grarrl,
A four-headed monster,
With many a growl and snarl.

This Grarrl is said to have had four heads,
Which argued every night,
Shouting loud into the dark,
Until the morning light.

The villagers were scared of him,
As well as I would be!
For this marvellous beastie,
Was quite a sight to see!

His teeth gleamed in each mouth,
And his claws were pointed and mean,
Some Neopians would faint away,
When this creature was thus seen.

And always in a temper,
The Grarrl would stomp about,
Scaring everyone around,
With a disturbing, angry shout.

Until one day a smaller Grarrl,
Decided he'd had enough,
He ventured out to meet the heads,
He was really very tough.

As predicted the heads were mad,
And snapping to and fro,
But our brave hero spread his arms,
And said, "Come at me, bro."

All four heads were stunned awhile,
At this brave and bold display,
Who was this Grarrl who bothered them,
And how could they make him go away?

As they shut their mouths to think awhile,
The brave Grarrl said, "That's right,
No more noise from out of you,
Or else we'll have to fight!"

The four-headed fiend was quiet at last,
It didn't know how to war,
He didn't want to fight this Grarrl,
Or be loud anymore.

And in Tyrannia still this day,
When the wind blows around at night,
They say you can hear a mutter still,
If you listen out just right.

But never a shout was heard again,
From the four-headed Grarrl at last,
And he's gone into mythology books,
As part of the distant past.

And the brave Grarrl who gave us peace?
His name was Grarrg of course,
An ancestor of the Grarrl we know,
From Tyrannia's battle force.

Gooblah the Grarrl
by Kaddiez

"Place your bets, place your bets!"
The old Kacheek calls.
And there's only one I trust,
To bring in the hall.

I count up my Neopoints, 
And place my ten bets.
"All on that guy!"
As I point to the red.

"All on Gooblah?"
The Kacheek repeats.
"That's an awful risk
If he faces defeat."

Like I didn't know that!
"I know he can win."
Now I had to wait
For the round to begin.

I hold my breath,
As I return the next day,
To look at my winnings,
To see how it played.

The old Kacheek commends.
"Looks like that Grarrl
Came through in the end!"

Grarrl Day
by Xylorimba

Grarrl Day is a holiday many may miss;
It's an ordinary Neopet we're too quick to dismiss
"Not limited edition, not furry, or adorable?
Its cheesy expression is simply deplorable!"

"Useful for new avatars and intimidation
(And occasionally save you 
A Money Tree donation).
For these creatures devour anything; 
Much like the skeith,
But more menacing and wrathful -- 
With much sharper teeth!"

"They act out when they're hungry, 
Unlike a normal Neopet,
Who will wait patiently by 
And then take what they get.
One day he's enticing you to join the Punch Club,
The next he's devouring 
Your gravestone bathtub!"

Neopians are right, the Grarrl is quite rough,
And its huge appetite is appallingly tough;
(As it even eats garbage and reeking debris),
But he has personality, I think most will agree.

While he may be a villian 
In the game Pterattack,
All the fellow wants is an afternoon snack.
Inside he's quite nice; as innocent as a flea,
Nineteen on the popularity charts 
(Out of fifty-three)

So, misunderstood Grarrl, today is your day,
Show the world you're capable of non-foul play.
Celebrate your strengths and strong constitution,
And how you rid Neopia of trash and pollution! :)

Galem Darkhand
by Jjquil

You might not think of purple
As a color of dishonesty
But one look at his violet hide
And you'll want to flee, trust me. 
Or don't; you might be better off
With instincts, and fear instilled, 
When you come face to face with
Galem Darkhand of the Thieves Guild. 
A Grarrl so vicious, so ruthless, 
A tyrant who rules with fear, 
No pickpocket would dare pilfer 
Any object with Galem near. 
Power-hungry, he would stop at nothing
To ensure his eternal life.
Stentorian roar on the battlefield
Marked the strike of his wicked knife. 
Hulking, sadistic, and grim-faced, 
Intimidated allies and foes
But since his untimely disappearance, 
Was replaced by Kanrik and Hanso. 
The thieves were relieved when he was lost 
Many thought the guild would disband 
But in their dark hearts, all of them fear
The return of Galem Darkhand.

The Magma Grarrl
by Amethyst_81

Prehistoric wonder,
Lava courses through his veins,
A fire smolders in his eyes
With fearsome wrath he reigns.
Everything he touches
Crumbles into ash and dust,
Trees that lie along his path
Like kindling, combust.

Skin like coal from deepest mines,
Doth glow from heat within,
The burning embers of his heart
Reflect on toothy grin.
Ferocious is his mighty roar!
It shakes the great plateau,
Pity fools who cross his land,
For meet they naught but woe.

But lonely is the life he leads,
An outcast from the deep,
Steam doth pour from burning eyes as
Molten tears they weep.
For who in all Neopia
Could love a monster such,
That leaves only destruction
In the wake of every touch?

Grarrl Unchained
by Mamasimios

With too-solid body, chained to earth,
No Grarrl yet proved lighter than air.
Not one could overcome the laws
Of gravity and solidity, and what was
Once called decency.

Yet no one told this to the Grarrl
Who floated by on faerie wings,
Circumnavigating the solid sphere
That hung unquestioningly below,
Chained in place by those self-same forces.

Circumventing, too, the stolid laws 
Of society, those that state
That one must know one's eternal place;
Adhere to rules that were etched in stone
Long, long before the Grarrl was known.

To know one's place, to remain chained,
By laws and forces unquestioned, unseen,
Was never a consideration to the Grarrl,
The faerie Grarrl, who wheeled and spun
Above the sphere, above the shouts,
Of they who did not see their own chains.

Torakor, the Grarrl Gladiator
by Kuroge

Within the burning fire
he found a shining light,
once indoctrinated with evil
now a protector, a knight.

In the brilliant Altador sun
his sturdy armour shines,
as he plows through his
malicious enemies of all kinds.

Great champion of justice
his sword only protects,
so strong, yet so selfless
such an aura he projects.

An emblem, an insignia
a symbol of all that is just,
a statue that will stand strong
even as all rot to dust.

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