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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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In Praise of Skeiths, Big and Small
by Nomyle

Skeiths are sure hungry all the time;
They desire their many sweets.
So eager for a key lime pie
Or other yummy treats.

But who would fill the restaurants
The shops and the cafes?
For hungry Skeiths, we all join paws
And gladly shout "Hooray!"

Skeiths love to play, though they are slow
As they slither 'long,
And if you please a kindly Skeith
You'll never see a smile as strong.

They love to nap, those tired Skeiths,
Relaxing at the Neolodge,
Or driving with their convertibles
Into a Skeith garage.

We love the Skeiths, one and all,
Purple and orange, blue and green,
All the Skeiths, big and small --
Though strange if they were lean!

Cellblock With Haskol
by Dr_tomoe

Deep in the dungeons
of the Darigan Citadel
there is a story
that the prisoners tell.

There's a game called Cellblock
that the warden, Master Vex
had invented himself
and is thus the best.

But the story goes
that on a whim
that he'll let any prisoner go
if they can challenge him and win.

But in order to do that
the others prisoners must be beat.
And not just them, but the guards as well,
which makes it a difficult feat.

But prisoners still try
to learn and play his game
one prisoner is actually quite good
he brought the others to shame.

He beat the prisoners
and soon got to the guards
and even they fell
like a house of cards.

One last guard left
and then to challenge Vex
the Skeith Haskol
steps up next.

Haskol is the best so far
the moves are exchanged
the prisoners gather to watch
even Barallus the deranged.

A few more moves and a win is assured
Haskol's anger is burning red
he just needs to be beaten
victory hangs on a thread.

Haskol then stops and looks
toward a skeleton on the wall
he pulls it down
and some debris begins to fall.

He takes the arm bone
and then snaps it in two
and he makes it clear to that prisoner
that will be you.

A gulp is heard
the threat is clear
that if he wins
he won't be leaving here.

A few moves later
and the game comes to an end
Haskol the guard
is the winner again.

And the prisoners return
back to their cell
that to Haskol the guard
the best of them fell.

Cellblock is still played
as the guards watch with a grin
because if the prisoners 
want to keep their arms
they know, let the Skeith win.

Gordos the Collector
by Jokerless

Honest in a world
Of money and greed
Thirsting for power
At mercy to terrible deeds

Gordos, a tax collector
Unimpressed with gold
Began to notice things
Despite what the governor told

The city was in ruin
Neopets starving or poor
All caused by large taxes
Collected at their doors

Gordos was furious! 
In the governor's place
Extravagant decor and
Tasty food fill space

His bribe rejected 
For the money returned
The Collector as always proved
Trust and wealth are earned

I Do NOT Like Vegetables!
by Beagums

A Skeith named Sammy was in a real mood,
He would not finish all his food.
His meat was gone, his rice was too,
But his broccoli sat there quite unchewed.

He sat there with his jaw clenched tight,
Refusing vegetables night after night.
Everyone that he knew pleaded,
Bribes, bargains all went unheaded.

“I hate, hate, hate to eat cooked carrots,
And spinach? You can all just forget it!
I do not like vegetables, what don’t you see?
No turnips, no parsnips, and no leafy greens!”

The one night after a day at the park,
Where Sammy had played until it grew dark,
His mother was cooking what looked like a stew,
“I hope there’s no vegetables 
In that tempting brew!”

But there was no stew for dinner tonight,
Just a plate of asparagus, steamy and bright.
As Sammy sat at the table 
The evening grew tense,
Dinner was sure to be quite the horrific event. 

One sibling sat quiet, the other chewed his nails,
Waiting for Sammy to kick up and wail.
Without hesitation, he gobbled up a bite,
“Can we have these green things every night?”

So here is a lesson to anyone here,
Dinner time must not be treated with fear.
When faced with a vegetable 
Young 'pets grow tough,
But Skeiths will eat anything if hungry enough!

Dance of the Darigan Skeiths
by Sordid

There are those who will shake their heads,
And take such a stubborn stance.
“Don’t be absurd!” they’ll chortle now,
“We know that Skeiths don’t dance!”

To these who doubt that this might be,
To them, I beg you, say.
“Skeith prance with grace but once a year,
On their own special day."

None do party just as well,
As those of darkest hue.
Skeiths of Darigan, you see,
Know just which steps to do.

They sway their bulk from side to side,
Thick tail takes a swing.
Such joy lighting up their eyes,
As they perform this thing!

In a line now do they move,
A stomp, a shift, a shake.
The ground doth thunder rather loud,
With each step that they take.
All as one now, tails slam,
To ground with massive sound.
They pause then tilt their heads in time,
And crawl low to the ground.

In sync they spring (or seem to try),
This view is set to wow!
Applause rings out from all around,
As each Skeith takes a bow!

Open Your Inventories
by Carrotbreath

Skeiths are hefty and surely not cute;
You might even say "What brutes!"
Expect some to respond with fists,
But those with rhetoric do exist.
Thus, you should never try to critique
Because every Skeith is unique.

Hagan dedicates an hour to study,
Draconus likes to get bloody,
Skarl prefers a piece of cake,
Slychi prefers to invade and take,
And while Haskol is a sore loser,
Gordos' honesty made him a sky cruiser.

These are but six of the many,
And I assure you there are plenty:
Some to love and most to fear,
But since this day comes once a year,
Open your Inventories and your arms,
To a Skeith's charm.

The Iron Skeith
by Kuroge

A vicious villain at heart
the most corrupt of souls,
scheming in the dark
those devious goals.

Steel-cladded armour
encases his tainted body,
what horrendous symbol
his thoughts embody.

His mouth twisted a snarl
his fiery eyes hint at evil,
his presence in society
much like that of a weevil.

Weapon in his hand
he lets out a loud roar,
come, defenders
this city is safe no more.

The Legend of the Mutant Skeith
by Guddi6

The legends float down to me
From high above, the world outside,
Ominous tales of some cold monster,
Who, in deep waters, doth reside.

Fury comes like second nature,
He slays all whom he sees,
Beware; should you stand before him,
You’ll soon be but a memory.
Don’t venture near that haunted lake,
The monster’s lurking near,
He skulks beneath the surface,
And he’ll swallow you whole, I fear!
His jaws are lined with razor-sharp fangs,
And all along his hideous hide,
Spikes protrude till tip of tail,
And they gleam golden bright.
His eyes, a neverending abyss,
They’ll draw you to your doom,
So, child, don’t ever venture there!
That lake, by light of moon.

Never have I breached the surface,
Nor swallowed whole one who I've spied,
For my sustenance? Those juicy marine plants...
You see? I couldn’t if I tried!

Inside and Out
by Starlightnights

"I often wonder," the blue Skeith sighed,
"How much more special I'd be if I could fly.
If I could soar through the gentle spring breeze,
The forests, the mountains, and over the seas."

"But alas," he grumbled, gesturing to
The wings on his back that had nothing to do.
"My wings are too small, and there is no chance
That with the wind I'll be able to dance."

"I will remain on the ground, forever,
Not a lick of any smooth gust whatsoever.
As he watched a proud faerie sail through the air,
A tiny teardrop appeared 
From his great blue stare.

The faerie above, twirling and spinning,
With tinkling laughter and a wide mouth grinning.
Did pause as she beheld the creature below,
His very demeanor one of great sorrow.

Descending quickly, she asked softly,
"My friend, are you hurt, 
Or been treated wrongly?"
"No," he replied, "it is simply this,
My wings are too small, they are quite remiss."

"I cannot fly, like you can, my dear,
And some other Neopets gawk and jeer. 
My size, my shape, nothing feels right,
My species, my colour, and even my height."

The faerie then smiled, which puzzled him greatly,
Was she happy he was sad, or just plain crazy?
"Sir Skeith," she addressed him, 
Still wearing her smile, 
"Take a look back and reflect for a while."

"There are many things that you are as well,
Just pause for a moment, and your mind will tell.
Did you ever think of the heart you've shown?
Have you ever helped another 
When they were alone?"

"Have you ever helped someone 
Get back on their feet,
When they were cold, hungry, injured, or weak?
And let's not forget, are you quick and clever?
Using your wit to succeed with whatever?

And what about friends, plus family too?
For these are they who are always with you.
Sir Skeith, you focus on what is outside,
Where Neopets jeer, all snarky and snide.

But you must also learn to love from within, 
Because this is the only way you'll truly win."
And with that, the maiden 
Disappeared with a "pop."
Which caused the Skeith to pause and to stop.

Maybe she was right, and maybe he,
Would be better off believing in what was unseen.
A grin split his face, and he nodded his head,
Yes, this was what he'd believe instead.

And we all must learn, that without a doubt,
We're all more important on the inside, than out.

Underneath the Skeiths' Hard Scales
by Litlangle371

A large shadow is cast 
by this gargoyle of a brute,
but do not let his statue make you shake.
He may be as old as Neopia itself, 
and tales are spoken of their greed,
but this big dragon is but a harmless little Draik!

It is not a secret that the Skeith has an appetite,
one that would make even a Grarrl feel ashamed!
When items go amiss, 
and the pair to your socks disappear,
the nearest Skeith is always blamed!

Skeiths may be a bit intimidating and scary,
they may be unable to fly and be built like a brick,
but Skeiths hould be loved just like any other 'pet,
just hide your cheese 
or you could make them sick!

So, if you take anything away from this,
be sure to keep in mind;
there are alot of Skeiths 
waiting in the Pound right now,
so show some kindness, 
and watch their personality unwind.

My Big Skeith Family
by Agedbeauty

The big Skeith family pack
Is the most special you’ll meet.
From the biggest to the smallest,
They’re wholly unique.

Baby, Tyrannian, mutant,
Plushie, grey, Darigan, and mara
The Skeith family pack comes
In colors galore.

From Squishy to Jaggy and Tander to Kip,
Plus Fty Cora and Ria,
This family of Skeiths
Has pretty names, too!

And they each have their
Own distinct personalities,
Serious, grumpy, or playful
Plus brooding, quiet, or bratty!

But it isn’t their names
And it isn’t their colors.
It isn’t their rarity,
And it isn’t their quirks.

No, none of that 
Is what makes them
Most special 
To me.

What sets them apart
Isn’t even the force
Of their vivid shining
Distinct personalities.

What makes them special?
What makes them stand out?
I’ll tell you in five words:
They live in my Neohome!

His Domain
by Sadinei

Ocean green fins flicker
Underneath sky blue waves.
The Maraquan Skeith dives,
Chasing the fish that he craves.

The night has long fallen
But this Neopet does not care.
He watches the stars up above
With his cold and icy stare.

During the day he spends time sleeping,
Not giving a single care in the world.
In the night the ocean is his to rule,
As if it lay in his left paw, curled.

Some say he is the king of the ocean,
But many more are prone to disagree.
On ocassion he has been called a bully,
A brute, a monster, the terror of the sea.

Good Old Bigsby!
by Chavo_guerrero

Bigsby is a plushie Skeith,
As cuddly as they come,
He likes to show off his machines,
Which always seem to hum.

The Wonderclaw he calls it,
An original Shadington.
For extravagant inventions,
Old Bigsby's number one.

In his steampunk hat, with a wrench in hand,
He's looking ever-so-dapper,
As he ushers you over to see what falls,
For the Wonderclaw's magical flapper.

A Widget is all the machine requires,
To give a fabulous prize,
And Bigsby sagely nods his head,
As his customers doubt their eyes.

You see, Bigsby's a mechanic,
He's great with bolts and gears,
He takes his place with pride amongst,
The best of engineers.

Although he may be soft and patched,
His creations never fail,
He carefully works all the problems out,
Before he dares unveil.

A perfectionist he may be:
A Skeith of unquestionable brains,
As he greases down some workings,
And tightens up some chains.

A dangerous job for a plushie,
His stitches often rip,
And he's often got a little stain,
From a big old oil drip.

But we love Bigsby through and through,
And on Skeith Day this year,
For Bigsby we'd like to say "Thank you!"
And give that Skeith a cheer!

Another Day at the Bank
by Kaddiez

Walk in with a strut,
Briefcase in hand.
Another day at the office
As the top man.

Ready for the job,
Tasks at the bank:
Withdrawing, depositing,
Upgrading ranks.

Dealing with customers,
After their interest.
Declining the needy,
Who withdraw with no rest.

Protecting your Neopoints,
From imposters and thieves-
Even from yourself,
When you can't help your needs.

A familiar face,
A slick Skeith in a suit,
Working away,
At service for you.

The Types of Skeiths
by Icecreamblossoms

Hosting the game of Double or Nothing,
Will we ever get to receive something?
From our rags,
Gold in bags.
Will we ever become rich?

Wanting that trophy in our cabinet,
Sitting down wondering if it's legit.
Awaiting our fate with that click,
Perhaps I may get really sick?

Flipping the coin with a spin,
Would it fall like a mighty pin?
Landing on the table -- heads or tails?
Do you think we should hurry and bail?

Colours released on Skeith Day,
Zapping all we can with our Lab Ray.
I hope I can find some in the Pound,
So I can claim that it was found!

Skeiths guarding the Neopian banks,
I really think I should give a thanks.
Giving us monthly interest whenever we want,
I really don't think I should give a taunt.

My money safely put away,
No Pant Devil can ruin my day.
Loving the Safety Deposit Box,
Making it seem like fully locked.

Trials of a Skeith
by Elly042

My tale is long and upsetting,
As I try so hard to recollect,
Please grant me indulgence, I beg you,
On this tricky, unwinding subject.

I was born in Neopia Central,
I grew up within sight of it all,
The Rainbow Pool, Money Tree, food shops.  
Those stores but then caused my downfall.

My elders remarked as a child,
How much I loved to eat,
Six burgers, two omelettes, and jelly as well,
Was a typical inter-meal treat.

Soon, the house ran out of cash
So I worked at the Food Shop, no less.
But I grew hungry at once, 
The temptation was great,
To a feast I must confess.

I was asked to leave, so I had to go,
And I wandered around and around.
Even the Soup Faerie chased me away,
Once an empty cauldron she found.

My story could end here, on such a sad note,
But there’s good news - as I looked for food
I found an old boot, some toy sail boats,
And experimentally chewed.

Not too bad, I thought to myself,
And I went in search of more.
Soon I was devouring all sorts of junk,
Which from fishing floated ashore.

Now I’m trying to help with trash disposal,
And I have an amazing idea.
To make everyone happy, I hope at least,
And rid the Food District from fear.

Under the options for item use,
There could be a picture of teeth.
And instead of donating or discarding junk.
It would say "Feed to the Hungry Skeith!"

Skeith Feast
by Alongcamejane

In honor of King Skarl, his beloved majesty
We must propose a toast!
From Skeith to shining Skeith
To the species all of Meridell love most.

We hope he will let loose his belt
And share his inner glutton;
With a Draik Steak apiece,
Adam's asparagus, and mutton.

There is a feast for every Skeith
In the spirit of Skeith season;
Be they royal or be they mutant,
Distinction bears no reason!

Every Skeith, please take a seat.
Now stand, here comes the King!
(Be sure to bow before you eat)
And don't worry about a thing...

Happy Skeith Day!

The Skeith Who Ate Everything
by __Cows_r_cool__

My Skeith will eat anything,
It is absolutely true.
He ate up my whole Inventory --
And he could eat yours, too.

He will eat any gross food, 
But he will not stop there.
He ate some brand new wearables,
Then some plushies, then a chair...

He even eyed my Petpet,
As a morsel of dessert.
He needs to stop this snacking spree
Before someone gets hurt!

I thought he might be bloated,
After downing my dubloon,
But he continued eating,
Well into the afternoon.

He ate so many snowballs,
I thought his tongue would freeze.
But he finally stopped eating
When he took a bite of cheese.

He must have been allergic,
For it made him quite ill.
No item known can stop his fork,
But a case of Neezles will.

Emelio, The Skeith At Heart
by Jordyvaughn

My name is Emelio, do you know what I like?
I'd like to take the chance at flight
To be big and strong, and never be beat
I want to be transformed, 
Transformed to a Skeith.

My owner loves me, I know he does
But does he know I want to fly above?
To soar through the sky, spread my wings
I can also do a whole lot of things.

With my big Skeith teeth I eat what I want
Eat and eat, and get the job done
With my big tail, I swipe enemies!
I swipe them all, all who try to end me.

I'll be one of the largest Neopets ever!
I'll be so charged, no one will fight me, never. 
My master will feed me since I'm so big
He'll feed me and feed me, I'm such a pig

A sad thing is I'll be kinda lazy
Won't move or try, just like a baby
I'll try my best to move and twirl
Gulp, hold on... I think I'm gonna hurl...

Rawr! Fear me, I can breathe fire!
If we meet you'd better speak fast 
Or your items might be turned to ash!
Breathe fire, breathe fire, I'm getting so tired
Now I am so weak, 
I can't even stand on my feet.

Well, that's the end of my day dreaming
What's that there my master is scheming?
He's holding something, I'm so curious!
Oh my goodness... are you serious?
A Skeith Morphing Potion. OH, YAY!!!
Well, this totally made my day.

The Hungry Skeith
by Serioussardines

"MORE!" he shouted, saliva escaping
from giant jaws of a mouth that is gaping.
Morsels of meat, scraps of snacks,
cover the glutton from front to back.

"MORE!" he yelled, beginning to ire,
food only seems to add to his fire.
Nachos and cheese and a whole Candy Feast
are shoveled into the gut of this beast.

The Skeith looked around with eyes of disdain
"Can none comprehend the depth of my pain?
My stomach roars louder than could a Grarrl!"
He flashed everybody a menacing snarl.

After a week he seemed to sedate,
but he had gained some massive weight!
His owner looked on and thought with a grin,
"Whatever happened to ol' Grundo's Gym?"

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