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Neopets Poems

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A Festive Faerie Festival, Indeed
by Indulgences

Rumor has it, now's the day
When faeries are most kind!
They're powerful and giving, too.
They simply are divine!

Perhaps they'll give you several quests
To research and complete.
The items that you must turn in
Might be no easy feat!

Perhaps your 'pet will grow in strength,
In level, or defense.
The faeries are responsible --
It's no coincidence!

If you are very lucky, you
Might get an FFQ.
The Fountain Faerie paints your 'pet
In nearly any hue!

Let's celebrate the Faerie Fest
With all our joyous might!
Let's celebrate from dawn to dusk,
From morning into night!

My Favorite Faerie
by Jjquil

There's Fyora in her tower, 
Illusen in her glade, 
Jhudora on her dark cloud, 
Aethia with her blade. 

Neopia's faeries, elegant all 
But I must admit 
My favorite faerie isn't one
Who gets a lot of credit. 

She doesn't have an avatar
Like the faeries of tooth and soup
She doesn't send you out on quests
Like Delina's crafting group. 

She's working day in and day out 
Organizing prizes 
But she doesn't get a festival 
Like the Negg Faerie's surprises. 

I visit her almost daily 
And she greets me with a smile 
She wears the colors of autumn 
All year, with practical style. 

Have you guessed her name yet?
A hint: it rhymes with key. 
And that's what she wears around her belt
My favorite faerie, Bree.

The Space Faerie's Quest
by Tanikagillam

She shimmers and shines,
She moves with the sun.
She's radiance and beauty,
Incomparable to anyone.

She is the heart of the night sky,
She burns like the brightest star,
She sparkles with the light of the cosmos,
And she knows just who you are.

Her eyes are alight with life,
When she looks right at you.
She radiates heat and power,
As all the stars shine through.

She has seen the turn of the world,
And will live to see many more.
She moves like a whisper on the wind,
And then she appears at your door.

She asks you for something,
You are thrilled to receive her quest.
You find it for her, she is most pleased,
She showers you with riches at their best.

She's gone again, across the stars,
Perhaps to fly around the moon.
When she'll be back, we have no idea,
We can only hope the Space Faerie 
Will return soon.

A Grey Faerie's Festival
by Chavo_guerrero

Alone she sits in sorrow,
Companionless she weeps,
Lamenting at her loneliness,
As to herself she keeps.

A poor grey faerie breaths a sigh,
As she thinks of the festival today,
All of the other faeries having fun,
But they'd tell her to go away.

In her drab grey dress with her lank grey hair,
She's hardly the party sort,
She doesn't know how to sing or dance,
To play games or cavort.

The other faeries won't want her there,
Shattering the mood,
So instead she'd prefer to sit at home,
Stay alone and brood.

A knock upon her tiny door,
Makes her raise her fragile head,
Blinking back the tears,
She answers it instead.

A burst of colour fills the room,
As the grey faerie gives a cry,
She stands aside and watches,
As a hundred wings go by.

All the faeries from the festival,
Have brought their smiles and song,
To prove to this grey faerie,
That what she thought was wrong!

All faeries are invited,
To the festival today,
Doesn't matter if their colourful,
Or if they're drab and grey!

It's a special day for all of them,
This grey faerie must join in!
Shyly she lifts her grateful face,
And gives them all a grin.

And as the night progresses,
She's the happiest faerie there,
Twirling to the music,
Without a thought or care.

The faeries rush to dance with her,
To keep her spirit high,
The only night in this grey faerie's life,
She never wants to cry!

Midnight at the Faerie Festival
by Sordid

Wicked whispers spread the boughs,
They talk of shadowed dreams.
Within the woods when midnight strikes,
Nought can be as it seems.
There she walks with silent tread,
Dark maiden wanders there.
Indigo, the midnight sheen,
That plays on onyx hair.

Faerie of the dark doth walk,
Where light can never reach.
The density of nightmare trees,
No sheen would ever breach.
Silken are the wisps of wing,
That span from slender back.
Deep violet, the peaks do seem,
Then slowly fade to black.

For only when the moon doth grace,
The sky with sickly sheen.
The faeries who do shun the light,
Come forth to just be seen.
They mingle in the clearing dark,
A realm none dare to find.
Within this space such magic dark,
Can hardly be confined.

They speak of ancient, shadowed spells,
And dance at midnight's grace.
The faeries who grace shadowed lands,
Do dance in sacred space.
The festival's own secret time,
This ritual, so old.
For there in darkness, inky black,
Tradition shall unfold.

Ballad of the Year 12 Faerie Festival
by Agedbeauty

And so it seems not long ago,
We lived a life of willful woe.
The festival of fae did fall,
And so did faeries, one and all.

For last year at this time,
Xandra changed the faerie clime.
From light and lovely all around,
It turned to stone and fell aground.

Even Fyora fell from grace,
As we glanced upon her stoney face.
The festival changed from one of bliss
Into a fall that seemed endless.

Far and long the land did drop,
Faster, farther, ne’er to stop.
As disaster loomed nigh, 
Neopia even mourned that poor stone pie.

But this fall had silver edges shine
When Xandra's craft fell out of line.
For Hanso thwarted the evil lass,
And Faerieland blossomed in the grass.

Once a land of airy pink hues,
It now has grown with greens and blues.
New landmarks, new colours, new joys -- 
New faeries, new baubles, new toys.

So now, as the festival comes again,
We can think back, remember when
Our fears that Faerieland would perish fast
Were banishéd and not to last.

Sonnet of the Types of Faeries
by Vadercat1997

Fire Faerie:
Crackle, sizzle, hiss and pop
Where does burning never stop?
Who could create such intense heat?
None other than fire faeries!
Full of mischief, heart, and tricks
Strong in battle, quick in wits

Always goes against the rules
Their nightmares include swimming pools.
Never ‘fraid to take a dare
Patience that’s as thin as air.

Water Faerie:
Hear that dripping;
Silk-like feel.
Smooth as marble;
Strong as steel.
Gentle bubbles;
Raging seas;
All come from water faeries.
Singing voice clear as a bell,
A bit stuck-up, but they mean well.
They love to read, but my question starts;
How do they prevent water-marks?

Air Faerie:
A welcome breeze
Can ease the heat;
Kites won't fly without her feat.
Sails are slack, 
Instead of taught;
Air faeries matter, quite a lot!

Light Faerie:
Stretching in the warm sunlight,
Pinks and oranges in the sky.
Lights the way and battles night.
Light Faeries' glow's an awesome sight.
Resting on the highest clouds,
No dark faeries are allowed.
Gives the power to Restore,
Noble-hearted to the core.

Dark Faerie:
Creeping shadows of the tomb;
Hides the monsters in your room
Fears the sun but loves the moon
For them, night cannot come too soon.
Dealing in the art of night,
Gives most Neopets a fright
Enemy of all that's light
Never shying from a fight.

Earth Faerie:
Quietly roosting in a tree
Live elusive earth faeries
Master of collecting things
They’ve got a model gallery!
Lover of flower and fauna and tree
They guard Neopia quite faithfully.
And though they’re shy, don’t think they're weak
If you hurt their friends, they're far from meek.

A Queen's Tears
by Togepi_forever

She stands upon the balcony,
Her hands grip ice-cold stone.
She looks into the darkened sky,
And feels so alone.

A queen must always rise above
Her few selfish desires --
She knows she cannot take a break,
No matter how she tires.

She failed at helping Xandra;
She'll fail for others, too --
Yet still, she knows, she must go on;
Stay valiant and true.

And though her tears may fall like rain
Into the star-filled night;
Even though she knows this pain
Will not fade with the light -- 

Tomorrow she will stand up tall, 
And show only a smile.
This mask can only fade for now,
Just for a little while.

The Soup Faerie
by Purplebee2000

Sigh, sigh, 
Scoop, scoop.
Same old, same old, cauldren of soup.

Sigh, sigh,
scoop, scoop,
Feed all the poor little Chias and Lupes.

Stress, stress,
Sweat, sweat.
Soup needs replacing, time to fret!

Worry, worry,
Wait, wait.
Oh, thank Coltzan! Now we're all set.

Stir, stir.
Brew, brew.
My oh my, look at that queue!

Spin, spin,
Magic, magic.
Now work is all done and away I flew!

One Year Ago
by Aldurswolf

One year ago the festival halted
The jubliations stopped in their tracks
One year ago the faeries turned stone
By the hands of Xandra

One year ago we didn't know
About wraiths or shadow creatures
One year ago Nox still lived
During the Faerie Festival

One year ago Hanso and Brynn
Were simply unknown names
One year ago Faerieland still floated
High above in the skies

One year ago there were no Faerie Caverns
Nor did we know Delina
One year ago before so much changed
So what will this Faerie Festival hold?

The Faerie Festival
by Amethyst_81

A flash of ribbon, burst of light,
A lively flute doth play
The woods come 'live with faeries
For the festival today!
Dancing 'round and 'round the trees
And weaving through sun's rays
Until the misty morning fog
Fades into evening haze.

Symbolic show of unity
Among the faerie folk,
A timeless bond of kinship
Stands as strong as ancient oak.
Enchanted are the words they sing
As magic fills the air,
Like honey, flow their voices sweet,
To which none can compare.

Goodwill and generosity 
Abound upon this day,
And you shall know their kindness 
If a visit you doth pay.
This gathering of faeries 
Comes around but once a year,
So join in the festivities 
Before they disappear.

Faerieland: Past & Present
by Iskyrocket

Up above, not far for the eye
A land of magic soared through the sky
Its bright, tall castle stood so proud
Resting on nothing but a cloud

The faeries roamed and they played
Flossets laughed and Flouds, they swayed
Quests were given, jobs were taken
Joy and happiness were clearly awakened

Then one day, terror had struck
Bringing the cloud down without much luck
Once the smoke had all been cleared
The damage was worse than any had feared

Aid was called for throughout the lands
Together, they rebuilt with eager hands
Each board was placed, each stone was set
A lesson of virtue, they wouldn't forget

Alas the land was brought back to life
Cheers and smiles around and rife
Faerieland and its magic were back at last
An event that would be placed in Neopia's past

Faerie Bubble Fun!
by Linduhh

All I see, from here to there,
Are faerie bubbles everywhere!
From dark to earth, from light to air,
Of each bubble's powers, you should be aware! 

Shoot the dark one and you will find,
This little bubble is quite unkind.
Turning surrounding bubbles into random bubbles,
This will surely cause you troubles.

The fire bubble is very nice,
And turns out to be a great device.
Burning down everything nearby,
To all bubbles except water, say goodbye!

The earth bubble is not so great,
It may make your mood deflate.
Giving you an extra bubble line,
This little bubble can be less than benign.

The water bubble will quickly disappear,
Match four and all water bubbles will clear.
For this you'll have reason to cheer,
So pop open a bottle of root beer!

Light bubbles can be quite a mixed bag,
It can be great, and it can make you gag.
Turning surrounding bubbles into a random type,
You may be happy or you may gripe.

Lastly, we save the most evil of all,
The cloud faerie bubble ball.
This crazy ball will fill 
Every line above where you shoot,
And that certainly is NOT cute!

So, there we have it,
The effects that each bubble will emit.
Now let's go play some Faerie Bubbles,
And watch as our Neopoint amount doubles!

Earth Faerie's Domain
by Jokerless

Deep within the undergrowth
Amongst the tallest trees
Winding thickets of green
Guard a hidden place to see

Moss hangs below branches
Ivy tendrils creep high
Interlocking limbs of wood
Conceal surrounding sky

Birds sound morning's call
Flowers stretch in sunlight
The forest awakens as one
While wild animals take flight

Amidst the meadow fields
A winged figure nearby flew
Curious, you stop to ask,
"Who and what are you?" 

Turning to face your eyes
No trace in them wary
As she smiles and explains,
"I'm an earth faerie."

The Festival of the Faeries
by Brittanyftw

The Faerie Festival, it's come again,
Leaving joy in every little friend.
It comes around once a year,
Let's visit last year's... oh dear.

I was but a humble baby fire faerie,
When the festival came, I was up and ready.
Got on my dress and spruced up my wings,
Did my hair, absolutely everything!!

You gotta look good for the Faerie Queen.
Just talking about her takes me to a dream.
Her glorious pink wings I wish to have,
Just the thought of them drives me mad.

Now I'm done, ready to go!!!
All dressed up, toe to toe.
Off to the festival in great haste!
Not a minute to lose, or to waste.

I arrive at the door, happiness on my face!!
Then my happiness soon turns to disgrace.
The faeries, what's wrong?!? They're all stone!
Little did I know, I'm not alone.

I hide behind a rock with strong faerie aura,
Only to see it is Queen Fyora.
I jump back and scream; what's going on?!?
I turn around to see the banner hung.

It read, "Welcome to the Festival!" 
And to have fun.
How can I now, with the setting of the sun?
With the sun going and the happiness gone,
I used all my powers to get the job done.

With a great big burst the faeries were free!
But there's a lot less to be said about little me.
With the water faerie's blessing I feel so great!
Never I'd predict what my powers hold at stake.

With the faeries free and no more of the sun,
I guess all that's left to do, is have some fun.

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