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Neopets Poems

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Capara the Cheat
by Geneames1

I am a cheat extraordinaire
And though I never finish tops
My flowing main of fiery locks
Looks great in post-match photos ops

Should I say I have two threes?
Or should I call one nine?
Whichever cards I play at last
I know I'll look divine 

Some say I'm not so good at Cheat!
Some think I don't play fair
But everyone who's seen me play
Agrees I have the greatest hair

Deride my lack of table skills
If you want to, scoff
I treat insults like tangled knots
And just brush them off

Come and play a round or two
You may find to your sorrow
That you'll be (as I like to say)
"Hair today and gone tomorrow."

Climbing the Clouds
by Sordid

Alabaster, rolling silk,
So ivory, each cloud.
Drifting past the cobalt blue,
Transparent, twisting shroud.
A playground there for those who may,
Take flight on violet wing.
For she alone can climb the clouds,
And hear the cold breeze sing.

A flitter of each silken sheath,
Doth take her ever high.
A vision touched with coral pink,
Adrift in clearest sky.
Sunlight streams from far above,
To light mane indigo.
Caught by the whim of passing wind,
Which tugs it to and fro.

The Kyrii giggles as she drifts,
Climbs high where sunbeams shine.
From here the world below, so small,
Serene here, just divine.
Wrapped in silk of passing cloud,
Warmed by the sunbeam sheen.
She fits so well, part of the sky,
Who lights the brilliant scene.

Indigo, the merry orbs,
That form the brilliant gaze.
Two shining gems of lightest hue,
That shimmer through the haze.
She streams through sunlight, gleaming path,
Her head held high, so proud.
There she dances on the breeze,
And sleeps on silken cloud.

by Emilysusanburt

Around the corner
I hear them coming,
Their footsteps in the sand.
They're strong, it's true
But I am quick,
The fastest thief in the land.

I scout my goal
From behind the wall,
Ptolymelons and Tchea Fruits.
I know my path
Now all that's left
Is to avoid the Elephante brutes.

Forward I creep
Sneaky and sure,
My eyes ever on the prize,
When I hear the call,
“Hey you! Stop, thief!”
Such an unpleasant surprise!

Quick as a wink 
I dart over the wall
Hearing them shout behind me.
They scour the streets
But I'm well away
Hiding up the trunk of a tree.

But the moment when
Their backs are turned,
I'm ready to head out again.
For hunger is sharp
When you haven't a home,
The truth is simple and plain.

I learn from mistakes,
And the Tchea is mine.
This time I snatch it and run.
The wiliest Kyrii
The cleverest, too,
A thief who is second to none!

Krell Vitor
by Dr_tomoe

Since the start of the games
of the Altador Cup,
there's been one player
to which all the others should look up.

The team he's captain of
is quite a rowdy bunch.
But mess with any of them
and he'll serve you for lunch.

Krell Vitor the great
from Team Haunted Woods.
A Kyrii with no bounds
who can show you the goods.

Krell keeps his team sharp
as sharp as a fang
because only as a team can victory come
to the Haunted Woods gang.

He leads the spooky team
on the field of play
and the way he leads the group
leaves little to say.

Krell doesn't try to score
he'll let Zo have the glory.
It's the guarding of the field
that is his part of the story.

As captain, he knows
that the team is the star
and that going out alone
means they'll never go far.

I speak of him now
and give you the reason
because Krell, still now, has the team
training in the off-season.

And then, next year,
when once-more the games roll around
pity the team that is against Haunted Woods
and has Krell to face down.

Building Your Own Plushie Kyrii
by Exilha

Their personalities are based 
Directly upon their hue
So make sure the fabric 
Is a fitting color of blue.
You want one that is kind, gentle, and sweet
Use fabric that's extremely fluffy 
And easy to pleat.
For the chest you will need 
Some strong red leather
This must be tough, 
For it holds them together.
Kyrii always stand tall so their feet will be large
Know they won't back down 
And they might take charge.
Instead their arms are long 
And always ready for a hug
Get ready for good snuggle 
With your new lovebug.
Their eyes are buttons 
But get the biggest you can find
Here is where their honesty can truly be defined.
The ears, which are avocado green, stand on end
Always listening for a chance 
To make a new friend.
Start to finish off the look 
With a golden yellow mane,
The fuller and the longer 
The more they will be vain.
Add your own flare by stitching on 
That one last patch
Trust me, it can be anything, 
It doesn’t have to match!
Now for the final touch, so important, the smile,
For the smile of a Kyrii 
Makes everyone happy for a while!

Card Games
by Hawk_maniac

She sits gently at the table,
Jewels twinkling in the low light,
An Ace concealed in her sleeves.

She fiddles with her necklace,
Two eyes glancing nervously,
Sweeping across the playing field.

She analyzes her Three opponents,
Her Four fingers desperately clutching
At the cards, at her goals.

She takes one of her Five cards,
Places it gingerly at the center,
Six other eyes question her.

She smiles deviously,
Maintaining her flawless pokerface,
Seven cards in the ever growing pile.

She sighs quietly in relief,
Round Eight begins without pause,
No one has caught her yet.

The Tuskaninny continues to add,
Now Nine cards in the center,
Until a "Cheat!" rings loudly.

The Eyrie grins triumphantly,
The perfect Ten on the dance floor,
Catching the Tuskaninny with ease.

The Meerca fidgets with his tail,
He is a Jack of all trades,
But no master of his cards.

The Kyrii tosses her remaining cards
Into the pile with a flourish,
"All Kings," she claims.

The others stare wide-eyed,
Paralyzed with doubt.
She walks nimbly away from the table.

Her green dress trails after her,
Like an emerald Shenkuuvian dragon.
The Kyrii smirks in victory,
For Capara is the Queen of Card Games.

A Kyrii's Analysis of the Apples of Neopia
by Lutarilovesyou

Rotten Apple, Shiny Apple,
How I despise thee.
Rainbow Apple, Fire Apple,
Illegal, they should be.
Snow Apple, Toffee Apple,
You make my stomach churn,
Glowing Apple, Fyora Apple,
In Moltara, you should burn.

Slimy Apple, Tarnished Apple,
Now, they sound pointless.
Pickled Apples, Magic Apple,
I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed.
Mutant Apple, Chocolate Apple,
They’re sounding quite obscure.
Stretched Apples, Blackened Apple,
They’re real? Are you sure?

Beaten Old Apple, Ice Apple,
What more can there be?
Undead Apple, Ghostly Apple,
They don’t sound real to me.
Sand Apple, Petrified Apple,
You know what? That’s enough,
I can’t name all the apples,
It’s getting far too tough!

And all are just disgusting,
No matter what they’re called!
Whether they’re from Shenkuu,
Or Bart’s repulsive stall.
However, there is one kind,
That doesn’t taste the same,
It actually tastes nice,
And Imposter Apple is its name!

A Thief in the Night
by Sylviau

A thief in the night stole a fair maiden's crown,
As she lay asleep in her bed,
She awoke with a fright 
And called out for her guards,
For no crown lay upon her fair head.

The guards rushed in, ready for a fight,
Yet no thief remained to be found,
Through the window he'd slipped 
And into the dark,
Without so much as a whispered sound.

On the balcony he perched 
As they stumbled on out,
Smiling smugly as they raised up their swords,
The crown he had stolen would fetch a fair price,
As with all of his stolen rewards.

Backing into the banister, the Kyrii looked down,
And then jumped for the bushes below,
The guards lunged for his cape in a vein attempt,
Yet could not capture our daring hero.

With a tip of his hat he made his escape,
Left the guards staring in disbelief,
For into the night ran none other than he,
The one, the only - the Kyrii Thief.

Better than You
by Kuroge

The spotlight hits the stage
and the curtains slip clear,
from the wide audience
a myriad of joyful cheers.

A glamourous red Kyrii
is seated on the chair,
the ostentatious look
is all around the air.

A microphone in hand
and flashing his wavy hair,
he starts the game show
with a challenging dare.

Another fearsome opponent
this new week brings,
"Is he better than you?"
the Kyrii host sings.

Jacques the Pirate!
by Jokerless

Aboard a ship so cruel and grim
The Black Pawkeet's presence is quiet
Aboard, first mate Jacques the Swift
was no ordinary pirate

Adventure, treasure, and friends
The life of a pirate is bliss
But at the same time
Your life's on the line if it goes amiss

This particular pirate 
Was noble, brave, and true
Risking everthing to help a friend
Who would do that for you? 

Captured by the Drenched! 
Oh, what a tale of woe
Lucky his friends were there to save him
And hold to him in tow

Now to fight the pirates off
It came down to this
Sword against sword
In an oceanic abyss

King against Captain 
Eventually the battle was won!  
Jacques returned to the seas
After all, his life of piracy was far from done.

The Spoilt Kyrii
by Secant

I gave my Kyrii a hair brush.
She said she already had perfect fur.
Shiny red with purple specks
Combined in a splendid blur.

I gave my Kyrii a t-shirt.
She said she looked good in red.
I went to buy another one
But then she demanded a dress instead.

I gave my Kyrii a toy train.
She said she only plays with dolls.
Usukis galore, plushies forevermore,
She wanted them, wanted them all.

I gave my Kyrii an apple...
And she never complained again.

What a Cheat!
by Yoshifan272

You look up from your cards,
as you look across the table,
to look at your fellow players
to see if you are able...
to win your special game of Cheat!
and this game is like no other!
You can tell when you see 
a smug-but-gorgeous Kyrii,
who's cards she's trying to cover.
Her name is Capara, and to be quite honest,
she's not as great as she might say!
But her absolute beauty most surely surpasses 
her skill in this game any day!
And she knows that she's pretty, 
she has been told too much,
and she also thinks that 
she's as good as a player.
But you then notice that 
she puts down four aces,
adding on to the thick layer!
"Isn't it odd," you say to yourself. 
"That Capara had four cards to go?
I mean there's no way 
that all four cards are aces,
is she that lucky? Oh my goodness, no!"
So you shout the word "Cheat!" to your current comrades, but Capara lets out a smirk.
She flips over the cards, and there are four aces,
and you then think, "Oh, what a jerk!"
You sigh and take the cards; the Kyrii has won, but in some way she deserves it.
I mean, she did win, and it is her day,
so in some way the beauty is worth it!

A Match Against Capara
by Saqo

You take a seat at the table.
Your cards are spread out before you.
You catch her eye - she grins.
Such confidence! you think.

This is the game of Cheat!, and
It's not for the faint of heart.
Keep your wits about you, or you may 
Find yourself with lighter pockets.

You glance over to the wall where
The Cheat! trophie are lined up.
How poignant, the trophies model
Her face. But it's not over yet.

The game starts and she takes an
Early lead. She's down to 7 cards;
You have 10. But one thing you learn
Is that giving up? Not an option.

There's always a chance. And so
You play. The other two players
Are not a threat, loaded down with
18 and 21 cards in their hands.

It's just her - Capara the Kyrii.
The cheat master herself. But all
Great players may meet their match 
Someday. You hope that day is today.

It's down to the wire. You are so
Close. Three 5's to go. Capara's
Turn is left. Eyes narrow, pulses 
Quicken. She puts down one 4. Yes!

You triumphantly place down your
Final cards, and smile wide with pride.
Capara met her match today, with you.
Just goes to show, there's always hope!

Kyrii's Family Secret
by Jjquil

I'll tell you something you don't know:
The Kyrii was once the Fuzio! 
And way back then, so long ago, 
They looked quite different. Let me show – 

No longer did they have flowing manes 
Or pointed ears; they looked quite plain! 
They did wear sneakers – were they vain? 
Skateboards were the sport they reigned. 

Their bodies were compact and round 
They needed 'boards to get around! 
They'd surely trip and fall to the ground 
If untied shoelaces were found. 

Oh Kyrii, you must feel quite proud! 
For now, you stand out in a crowd
Your posture tall, your head unbowed 
With grace and beauty, well endowed! 

Are there any Kyrii, pray,  
Who remember their Fuzio days? 
I doubt it would have caused dismay 
To find themselves a Kyrii today!

Ban All The Apples
by Agedbeauty

Have mercy, dear Neopia
And give the Kyrii some pity.
Munching apples might be healthy,
Only if you’re not a Kyrii!

For these poor Neopets have
An unfortunate allergy.
An apple rocks them to their core –
Honestly, no pun intended!

They cannot eat that Apple Pie,
Or enjoy that Toffee Apple.
Apple Cider is also banned,
And don’t even think of Apple Soup!

And under no circumstance should
You engage in apple bobbing.
For Kyrii must sit that out too –
So no imposter av for them.

So when you celebrate their day,
Please be wise and keep this in mind.
Offer peaches, offer cookies – 
But please, ban all of the apples!

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