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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Mine, All Mine!
by Emilysusanburt

I see the look
That's in your eye
As you gaze in wonder
Upon my collection.
It is quite fine
I would agree
But I'll tell you this true
They are my perfection!
Yes, Usukis,
Usuls galore!
And never Quigukis
Or wannabe plushies.
Only the best
For collectors
Like me who know their stuff.
We're refined devotees!
Others may watch
But only look,
Jealously abounding,
And your face is quite green.
I don't blame you.
If in your place
I was the one looking,
Likely I'd be as keen.
But, keep distance,
I know your thoughts,
And once my back is turned
You'd swipe my Usukis!
And no I'm not
Paranoid. No!
They're all conspiring
To steal my dear lovelies!
I'm onto you,
You nasty thieves.
I'll tuck my dolls away.
You'll not have them, you swine!
I'll guard them well
And keep them safe
My darling collection
It's mine, all mine, all mine!

Lawyerbot And His Usukis
by Dr_tomoe

It started with the Magical Hair.
After that, they were everywhere.
He couldn't stick with just one.
Lawyerbot soon collected Fun in the Sun.

However, a collection isn't just two.
And the playsets were needed too.
The next Usuki was for Beach Fun
Which came with free Berry Usuki Gum.

The days went by, the laws he would ignore.
For his Usuki dolls, he still needed more.
Days would pass, another would be added.
For safety, they would be properly padded.

Pretty Pink, Pop Star, Prom Date
Mr. Krawley Usuki?  He got eight.
Bree, Bat Thing, three of Bruno.
Could he find Prom Queen?  Sadly no.

But soon, there came a horrible day.
His next paycheck had no pay.
His collection was almost done.
But with no pay, what would come?

Ignoring the laws, ignoring the site.
The rest of the staff got into a fight.
If he didn't work, he would be done
And replaced with Lawyerbot version 2.1!

Lawyerbot saw how he was needed.
Without him, things were cheated.
And while Usukis need love, too.
Lawyerbot had a job to do.

Working like only a robot can,
His speed would impress the Yurble Forman.
Scammers were hunted, tips were at hand,
And then Neopets was the best in the land.

His work was done, at least for now.
But still, when time would allow,
He'd go and return to the doll
And also practice at Wingoball)

For Laywerbot, he found a balance
For Usukis and his Laywerbot talents.
For there is no better robot to depend on
At least, until he found out about Usukicon...

For You, Grammy
by Sleuthing

Every day little feet pattered by
The large glass window.
Eyes wide with wonder and small baby hands
Pressed on the cool surface softly.
Imprints of her nose and fingers stayed
Long after she had been dragged off 
By her mother.
Oh how she wanted a Usuki doll.

Seasons changed, melding one into the other.
And still she lingered at that store.
Even as her little feet became big ones,
Baby hands turned to adult hands,
She left foggy marks on the window.

As her life went on and she went to school,
Got a job,
Gained a happily ever after,
Had two adorable bundles of joy,
She could not help but stray from the sidewalk
To glance one last time at the dolls.

One day, when the Usul girl 
Was now an elderly woman,
A grandchild wobbled up to her on unsteady legs
And brandished something remarkable.

Two bright black eyes stared back at her from the Usuki clutched in the toddler's hand.

"For you, Grammy."

Usukicon Mania
by Ladygaladriel213

I jostle my way into the line,
I'm quickly shuffled about.
I hear murmuring and conversations
Which is alternately livened by a hearty shout.

I feel the anticipation,
Everyone all in a tizzy.
At the thoughts of what awaits me inside,
I suddenly feel quite dizzy!

I can already feel a doll in my hands
Stroking its soft furry coat.
Adjusting accessories and primping its hair,
And running to all my friends to gloat!

The latest Usukis the newest outfits
All waiting for me to claim!
And some day I just know that I
Will go down in the Usuki Hall of Fame!

Never mind that it doesn't exist
For all Usuki-lovers know the thrill.
Of flouncing about with a new Usuki
With all her ribbons and toys and frills!

But today isn't just an ordinary day
As I stand here being pushed in the line.
No, today is very special
Another day like it you shall not find!

"Usukicon!" I shout aloud
Before quite realizing what I had done.
And suddenly a roar went out
All the Usuki fans crying as one.

"Hooray! Hooray for Usuki day!"
"Hooray for the cutest of dolls!"
"I say they are by far the cutest!"
"The cutest of them all!"

Why - even Lawyerbot loves them
A collection gathered 'round for tea.
So if that's not proof in point
That the craze is not only with me!

Today special gifts await me inside
Usukiland and all its magical glory!
Colorful comics, crinkly new bags,
And glossy new books and stories!

Oooo! I shiver with renewed excitement
My anticipation mounting quick!
With another shove I nearly fall forward,
My, this crowd has gotten thick!

So while waiting my precious turn
I simply stand here to say,
To each and all a Happy Usukicon
And a totally faboo Usuki Day!

Usuki Day is Fun!
by Chavo_guerrero

The shops are getting ready,
The dolls are full of joy,
It’s going to be such fun,
For every girl and boy!

The Usuki Day Convention,
Comes just once a year,
And everywhere in Neopia,
You can hear a cheer!

Banners have been hung,
And delicious cakes will bake,
Guests will be arriving,
Even Turmy’ll be awake!

The Snowager's excited,
(He collects all the dolls, you know),
He's making himself an Usuki house,
But only out of snow…

There’ll be goodie bags in the Toy Shop,
And the Gallery will be full,
So come to the Usuki party,
We know it won’t be dull!

And if you have an Usul,
Doesn’t matter what colour it be,
Why don’t you consider,
Painting them Usuki?

So join us now to celebrate,
This year's Usuki Day,
You’ll have more fun I guarantee,
Than at your own birthday!

The Edge of the Shelf
by Caily_

The world around me changes,
whilst I sit upon this ledge.
Outside the day is dawning,
and I'm not closer to the edge.

The edge of the shelf is,
a familiar friend to me.
The edge of the shelf is,
no closer to being free.

I long for the day when,
I sit upon the ground.
And I have friends to tell about,
the new adventures I have found.

I try to turn my head,
to see the Usukis next to me.
To no avail of course,
like a statue I can be.

I dream of all the 'ventures,
I will never get to find. 
As long as I'm a doll,
these dreams...
they can't be mine.

Usuki Craze
by Allasondram

When you hear the screams it is clear,
That the Usuki Convention is almost here!
Lines of Neopets in the streets,
The new Usukis are who they will meet!
New and clean, in their box,
Sealed with a silver lock!
Fans cry out waiting for the day,
The Usuki Convention will last more than a day!
With locks of hair, purple and green,
As they stare out at the fans, their eyes gleam!
When the doors open, the Neopets will run in,
While their owners hope that the heat will win.
Rows and rows of dolls stare out,
Wondering what all the screaming is about!
The crowds yell as loud as a bomb,
Usukis are what they are talking about!
With bags of Neopoints to spare,
They worry about how the rest will fare!
As they stare at the new Usukis they think,
About what their name would 
Look like written in ink!
As the day goes by the crowds will leave,
Leaving room for the rest to breathe!
When night falls the Neopets go home,
But this time they are not alone!
Bags of Usukis follow them home,
As Petpetpets chirp in the night, ho hum.
And as they sleep, Usukis are of what they think,
Still wondering about their names in ink!


The World's Coolest Toy
by Backwithavengance

Serene and calm I tried to stay, 
Whilst hiding the excitement for that day,
One year older I will be,
Presents and cake and it's all for me. 

In the corner of the room,
Lay a present and a big balloon,
I'm not yet allowed to take a peek,
Will it be my Usuki I spotted last week?

It was lying in a window right on the top, 
Of a firetruck in a old vintage shop,
All dusty and sad and needing a clean,
To restore the beauty it once would have been.

See, Usukis are precious and now that I know,
When I unwrap her tomorrow 
And take off the bow,
She will sit on my bed and fill me with joy,
The Usuki doll, the world's coolest toy.

Usuki-ku: Seven Haiku for the Annual Usuki Doll Convention
by Star138

1. Annual Usuki Doll Convention:
Come one, come all to
Exhibit dolls cute and rare
No Quiqukis, please

2. Air Faerie Usuki Doll:
Worth many NPs
Just like a faerie you fly
High out of my reach

3. Tea Time Usuki:
With this Usuki
Tea time can be any time
For my doll and me

4. Grundo Independence Day Usuki:
Kreludor players
Grundos and maybe Sloth, too
All want to buy you

5. Woodland Elf Usuki:
Do woodland elves give
Gifts to good Neopians?
Is the bell for show?

6. Ladybird Usuki:
Red, black, and yellow
Spotted with antennae high
You are sweet to see

7. Collectors Edition Usuki Doll:
Usukicon gift
That I want so very much
Not in my gift bag

Bat Thing Usuki
by Kuroge

Perched on a shelf
in complete solitude,
a Bat Thing Usuki
does dampen the mood.

As one walks by,
one can see its eyes;
to approach the doll
would be very unwise.

Its ragged clothes
festered with dirt;
its utter evilness,
it tries to exert.

Don't get too close,
or you will be trapped
in its mesmerizing gaze
that will leave you rapt.

The Usuki Dream Pool
by Concertogreat_8

The last days of summer;
Heat pins to the sidewalk
Like a fading butterfly
Seeping into eternity

Faded grass tips stretch;
A dying frying jungle
In the egg-yolk sun
That limns the baked sky

The shallow shade
’Neath the Yellow Eesa Tree
Reaches smudgy fingertips;
And wraps a plastic edge

There the family reposes;
The picture of enjoyment
Grinning white wedges
Eyes open wide and staring
In a shiny plastic face

They were abandoned
To doze in their pool
And the scene’s creator is gone;
Left a tiny sandal in the dust
A little pawprint in the muggy air

The Usuki dolls bob;
One has tumbled over
Grinning at the bottom
So happy to be just toys
Whilst the sun bleaches
And the day fades.

Usukicon Dolls
by Kadface

Usukis of all shapes and size.
From Dr. Sloth to blushing brides.
All join in and come to play.
On this Usukicon Day.

Air Faerie and Alien,
Clever Clogs and Champion
Devilish, Dark Villain,
Explorer and Equestrian,

Farming Time, Fair Maiden.
Fly Fishing and Foreman.
Greek Goddess, Gruundo Fan,
Gondolier and Garden,

Jerdana and Jeran.
Lord Kass and Lilian.
Mistletoe, Maraquan,
Teenage and Tyrannian,

Pirate Wench and Captain,
Limited Edition,
Reginald and Roxton.
The Tiki Tack Man.

Usuki Dolls need company,
So come dance, laugh and play.
There's a doll to take away
On this Usukicon Day.

The Usukis at Work!
by Kspare2

The daily routines were put on a break,
As the dolls prepared for their annual convention.
They were all giddy and happy and fully awake,
For this day would require much attention!

The schoolgirl organized and made lists
And the teenage Usuki invited all her friends.
The funky diva wanted to do the twist,
But the pop star chose music
That went with the trends.

The woodland elf prepared the goodie bags,
And the earthly Usuki filled them with flowers.
The devilish dolls snuck in some dirty rags,
But the gardener replaced them
With autumn leaf showers.

The barbeque chef made snowy racks of ribs,
While the steel chef cooked meaty pot pies.
The Shop Wizard searched for lots of bibs,
And the Soup Faerie fed all the gals and guys.

The Beach Fun Usuki tossed around a bouncy ball,
As the torch-juggler entertained the guests.
The artistic one put decorations on the wall,
And the silly clown catered to the rest.

The dancing disco doll celebrated 
Like it was Year Three,
And the Year Five doll as if it were the fifth.
The photographer snapped shots 
At all that he could see,
But the Usuki hippie claimed the day was a myth!

It was all nearly ruined by the little witch,
For she and the Spooky Usuki 
Were casting a scary spell.
But they didn’t know that 
Their reaper friend was a snitch,
So thanks to the super hero, all went well!

My Owner's Usuki Obsession
by Tanyilingtyl

Just because I was born an Usul
Does not mean that I’m vain 
In reality, I’m actually quite bashful
All this attention drives me insane

My owner buys me pretty things
As she is in love with all things Usuki
Necklaces, bangles, and earrings
The accessories I’m wearing are all shiny 

My owner expects me to do fancy poses
After she dresses me up as a doll
Surrounding me with bunches of roses 
Countless pictures of me displayed on the wall

As the annual Usuki convention comes around
My owner would want to take me there
To leave everyone gasping, astounded
She’ll show me off to all those who care

I know it seems ungrateful to complain
But whenever I look in the mirror
I stare back at my reflection in disdain
Inside, I truly feel like an impostor

I hope one day the time will arise 
When she grows tired of 
Dressing me up to look cute
Please, put me out of my demise 
Then perhaps happiness will follow in pursuit!

Prissy Miss Usuki Collector
by Jjquil

Are you as great a collector as me? 
I, the most famous and pretty Lucie!
I'm first in line for every Usukicon 
And I buy every doll and accessory! 

There are Usukis for each holiday – 
Valentine's, Trick or Treating, New Year's Day! 
Gingerbread, Geisha, Fun in the Sun – 
If you find a new one, send it my way! 

I bet you don't have all the Usuki Gum
The Official Usuki Clock, or the Drum! 
There are so many posters, but I have them all 
It's just not impressive to only have some! 

Did you collect Usuki dolls from each plot? 
There's Jeran, and Isca, and Bruno – a lot! 
I've even got Skarl, Bat Thing, and Sloth 
I can't even count how many I've bought! 

I just love them so much! Their smiling faces,
Their tiny wigs, costumes, ribbons and laces;
I brush and dress them,
Then buy them new friends 
Put them snug in my bag, 
Then carry them places! 

There are those who call this my obsession
But every Usuki must be in my possession! 
I wait for restock, I check auctions and trades,
Collecting is simply my chosen profession!

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