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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Meerca Catapult
by mamasimios

One Meerca, taken by himself,
Would make his enemies quail;
Possessing courage, strength, and focus,
Never forget his fearsome tail.

But high upon the ramparts Of Meridell Castle's walls, Two Meercas do there collaborate To make the best defence of all.
Four eyes scan the horizon, Search out the forests down below; Always vigilant, alert, To the presence of their foes.
And if such foes are spotted, Daring to make a stealth attack, These Meerca guards possess the powers To send them scrambling back
For they join their tails together Making their strength doubled, redoubled, And these twice-strong Meerca tails Form a powerful catapult
Loaded with large boulders, The Meercas count to three And launch their rough projectiles, Forcing the invaders to retreat.

A Meerca Goalie
by alagfalaswen

"A Meerca as a goalie? Are you sure?"
You might ask with some surprise.
Well, as Fanetti would gladly prove,
Skill doesn't lie in just the size.

Small and round (despite the fangs),
He seems to pose no threat.
But try to score, and you will find
The most tenacious goalie you've met.

For a Meerca has a tail, and he
Knows how to use it well.
Combined with tip-top trained techniques,
Various goals does it dispel.

And let's not forget Fanetti's hands,
For, short as they may be,
Their sure grip helps him prevent
The other team's victory.

So being a Meerca's no handicap
When you're a goalie, you see.
In fact, they make great goalkeepers,
Just ask HW's Fanetti.

Meerca Chase II
by tanikagillam

He watches the blur of color,
Blue, yellow, the fish a splodge.
Each one after the other,
Those evil Neggs will dodge.
They avoid his leaps,
They taunt him as he runs.
There’s heaps of them, heaps!
Yet he can’t even snag one.

Just when you thought it done, Finally its time is due. Neopets introduces another one! Oh no, it's
Meerca Chase II! Ugh! New levels, even worse. He can’t catch one lousy Negg. He’s so bad it almost hurts, No matter how well he may tread.
Ferocious Neggs, ones that walk, Their teeth a broken blade. Now he’s the one they stalk, TNT, just look at what you’ve made! Gravity? What’s that? And what’s that big black hole? His feet slip as though on a glass mat, Oh my, so that’s what makes you fall.
Freestyle, maze, whatever you choose,
Meerca Chase II is for the insane! Be sure to know that you’re gonna lose. Not even Sloth can handle this game!

Magical Meerca Motion
by sordid

Like the wind he breezes past,
So rapid, swooping by.
Small legs do pedal oh, so fast,
This Meerca seems to fly!
The gift of trip to faerie’s realm,
Where fountain did renew.
Has cast the creature in such light,
Of every rainbow hue.

Thus when the Meerca dashes past, (For Neggs, he seems to chase.) The colours blue at such a rate, Each shade is hard to place. A shimmer of the lightest pink, That blends to coral red. Emerald, green, viridian, Through streaks of blue doth thread.
Thus when Meerca skitters past, (You’ll feel the breeze pass you!) It seems he’s moving not alone, A rainbow, flying too. For tail forms a brilliant arc, Of colours, sharp and bright. Shades transcend from darkest sheen, To vibrant, gleaming light.
So should you wander out one day, Neopia, your scene. You’ll see the rainbow arching past, The colours lit, bright sheen. So seek the spectrum of all tones, To search itself is fun! Should you see one, know it is, A Meerca on the run!

Meerca Chase
by sleuthing

A flash of golden fur.
Dive right, then left, circle around.
Always careful.
Avoid the trailing Negg fruits.
Reap a yellow one, then a blue.
The coveted fish appears and there's a pause
Before leaping straight for it,
Careful to dodge the reds,
Just as careful at the edges.
Almost there.
Backtrack, loop a wide berth.
Right, left.
Left, right.
In sight.
A flash of golden fur
Touches the dark abyss of off screen.
Game over.
The Fish Negg has done it again.

Meuka's Snot Funny
by moulinrouge21

Green and slimy, snotting everywhere,
Spreading his germs, without a care.
Disease imminent, if he touches you,
Spraying his greenies, his sticky goo.

Battle him hard, defeat him you must, To stay immune and not catch his pus, Malevolent smile, an evil grin, Long slippery salvia dripping off his chin.
Yellow mouldy teeth, ready to infect, Be on your guard, be ready to detect. Sneak around he will, spread his germs, Dripping green body to make you squirm.
Snot bubbles he makes, out of mouth and nose, To share with others, your way he blows. Manic laughter, from the illness he spreads, Forever going, snot gone to his head.

Meerca Day
by peterpuffin1

'Twas four o’ clock on Meerca Day
And every Neopet was out to play
Except for one, too sad to roam,
Hidden in his Neohome
He was a Meerca -- that much true
Instead of fur, though, he had goo!
It covered him, from toe to ear,
And now he hid to calm his fear
That nobody would like a lot
A sticky Meerca made of snot
He shook his head and gave a sigh
And was about to start to cry
When suddenly, what did he see?
Another Meerca, all in green!
A jelly Meerca, smiling wide
Beckoning to come outside
The snot Meerca came at a run
And rushed outside into the sun
The other Meercas smiled and waved
And asked him why he’d been afraid
He blushed a bit, “I don’t know why,
But I thought you all might run and hide!”
They smiled and laughed, “What a thing to say!
Everyone’s invited on Meerca Day!”

Get 'Em While They're Hot!
by _chopin

I work in a torturous profession,
Surrounded by delicious things.
Though that sounds "desirable"
You've no idea the trouble it brings!

Each month I pay the rent, I notice my pockets are quite bare. But how am I supposed to make money, With all of those pastries sitting there!
I yell at the customers as they pass, Urging them to buy with haste, But before they can even take a step I give each sweet a taste!
I guess my name does suit me well, A Crumpetmonger since my birth, And though it doesn't increase my finds It surely does increase my girth.

Ol' Monty the Mad
by sylviau

This is the big one, the gamble,
All stakes on the line
The last roll of the dice,
And the winnings are mine.

I see the doubt in their eyes, As they clutch their lucky charms, They're uneasy in their movements, Neopoint bags lighter in their arms.
But one of them stands out, A wicked glimmer in his eye, A spark of fire burns in his heart, It's his rules we're playing by.
The old Meerca's still got passion, You can see it in his stance, The way his smile widens, Says it's more than luck 'n' chance.
Ol' Monty the Mad, As he's called in these parts, Got more dubloons than sense, And half as much in smarts.
The most unlikely of them all, To run off with your gold, And yet the dice roll in his favour, A fate no soul could have foretold.
So with a tip of his hat, He rolls the dice again, And the game begins anew, More winnings to be gained.

by caily_

"Slime" she'd call out,
and he'd smile,
as contrary to popular conceptions,
it's not slime but snot.

Snot, though, oozed from his pores, and Meuka's paws, very much like slime would.
Snot, fell to the floor, and latched itself, to inanimate objects, like slime has been known to do.
On days like today, when the wind is chill, and the laughter of children full his ears, he hides alone in the grass.
The girl from earlier, who had shouted slime so loudly, bounced on her tail, away from him, a tail that doesn't stick.
Meuka's stuck, though, to the amusement, and mocking of others, who weren't different like himself.
Difference now, though, was a gift, in the Battledome, defeating defenders, and innocents alike, defeating Neopets who still call it, Slime.

The Meerca’s Bad Day
by phaes

There once was a Meerca that wanted to play,
Little did he know, he would have a bad day.
He went to Faerieland 
To see the abandoned Grundo,
But instead of prizes, he got the Neoflu.
To the Healing Springs he went for respite,
But the faerie could not heal him
With all her might.
Feeling sick, he left for Krawk Island sand,
Thinking that at least he could get tanned.
Alas, the beach had disappeared,
But the Meerca would not 
Give up on being cheered.
He strode to Meridell to improve his luck:
The first Mortog he kissed turned into muck.
So to King Hagan he went, to become a winner,
But, not a moment ago, 
The King had gone to dinner.
Waiting for his return was such a drag, 
The Meerca had started to feel a little bit sad.
He wandered up high to Shenkuu for some air,
But on the way he tripped up a stair!
He arrived at the armory only to find,
That the Shoyru shopkeeper was in a bind.
The silver sai he loved was out of stock, 
Giving the poor Meerca an awful shock. 
Since things just weren’t going as planned, 
As a last resort, he set out 
For the Mystery Island.
The sun’s heat made the Cooking Pot stink,
But Mumbo Pango’s chef gave him a wink. 
“Dear Meerca, you’ve had a bad day,
But tomorrow will be better, is all I can say.”
Despite his troubles, he smiled at that,
And his day got better, right off the bat.

The Origins of Meerca Chase
by ladygaladriel213

Running along with not much in mind,
No destination in sight.
But for some reason my feet just keep running,
I am forever in flight!

Just prancing about my eyes grow big, Is that a Negg in front of me? I quickly turn right and right again, It's a Negg! How utterly lucky!
I quickly turn to find another! I'm astounded and about I flail. I must gather this Negg up too! And as I do I feel a tremble in my tail.
I turn around and notice, It has started to grow quite long! I look around in confusion, Have I accidentally done something wrong?
Red Neggs are suddenly appearing, Glowering and menacing in their cold hard stares. I sharply turn left to avoid one, I won't be caught in their wily snares!
Oh doth my heart deceive me?! Or is that next Negg blue?!? Indeed and it is smiling happily! Now I know dreams do come true!
But with a *thunk!* from behind me, I see my tail is growing once more. Is it my fault that some careless Neopian Left all these delicious Neggs on the floor!?
Quickly now, before I falter, I need to pick up the pace! I think if this were a game I'd call it The most wonderful game of
Meerca Chase!
Oh, drat! That next Negg is assuredly trapped! Defended by a wall of nasty red guards! Never fear for I shall triumph again! Really, this game isn't so hard!
Happy Meerca Day!

The Meerca Brothers
by scarletspindle

In the dark of Sakhmet’s night
Lurks a pair of brothers.
With clothing dark and smiles bright
They plan a heist above all others.

To steal the jewels of the crown, A pharaoh’s ransom in gems and gold. And by the time the crime is found Their location none could be told.
The Meerca brothers slink along With their faces twinned. They’ll swoop in and then be gone And so their crime begins.
With acrobatic poise and grace Heermeedjet swings the rope. A smile crosses Meerouladen’s face, The scheme going as they’d hoped.
Just as all seems well and good A guard does thunder by. But both are cloaked in shadowed hoods And attack he does not try.
Toward the vault they make their way With careful, quiet stealth. If caught now they’ll dearly pay For their quest for wealth.
As they close in alarm bells ring And panic settles in. The royal guard the sound does bring Summoned by the din.
But by the time they reach the spot, Where the hidden pair was seen, Disappeared, though hard they sought, It was as if their presence was a dream.

Going Solo
by emilysusanburt

Dear Malkus Vile,
You scoundrel of scoundels
You paragon of villainy,
We've something to say
That'll just make your day!
Though we imagine you might not agree.

Dear humble patron, We were a team with firm ties So you can imagine our surprise To find that our pay Gets lesser every day! You thought we'd never see through the lies.
But Malkus dear, The Meerca's out of the bag And though we don't like to brag We now know your game! And it is quite a shame, But it's just too big of a snag.
So Malkus Vile, Our employment is done An we're off to have our own fun! To steal and to cheat Who ever could compete? Our prowess is second to none!
Look Malkus here, Yes, we stole you that crown And left Vyssa looking the clown But in Qasala see How we rob the treasury! We're the thieving toast of the town!
Poor Malkus Vile, Though you once paid us a wage And we feared your wrath and your rage, Now it's our time, The new masters of crime, The Meerca Brothers now rule the stage!

Chuffer Bob
by chiaijou

Pastries here and cupcakes there
Negg stew and chicken pies,
None of these poor dishes
Can escape this Meerca's eyes.

Oh yes, I speak of Chuffer Bob (That Meerca loves his food) For ice cream, burgers, steak or chips He's ALWAYS in the mood.
But don't you dare present this guy With any healthy snack He'll look at you with angry eyes And give the plate a smack.
He used to be of normal size Without a massive gut But when he started eating He began his endless glut.
And when I told you "endless" It really was no joke. He ate and ate and ate and then Became this chubby bloke.
You see that thick brown belt he wears? It's not for fashion's sake. He uses it to hold his gut That's full of meat and cake.
So Chuffer Bob, he tastes the food (And maybe clears the plate) But even while he's playing Cheat He's slowly gaining weight.

The Truth About Striped Meercas
by chavo_guerrero

Has anybody noticed,
The Meerca that is striped?
It seems awfully familiar,
Or is it just the light?

The small fluffy little beastie, With its brown and white streaked tail Should look familiar to all of us, How can our memory fail?
It's not the same with babies, With their tiny sweet blue bow And certainly not with faeries, Whose black wings shine and flow.
The Christmas Meerca with his hat, Or desert with his robe, Don't look like the critter I'm thinking of, What could it be you suppose?
The spiky Maraquan Meerca, Has a story of its own, But as we're talking of the striped one now, I'll leave it well alone.
So again I'll draw your attention, To its bandit's masked black eyes, Its dainty feet for climbing, And its ears so giantly-sized.
It's obvious what it's supposed to be, We all know that it's true, It represents a small animal, That's familiar to me and you!
I think I'll just come out and say it, Before this feeling flits, The name that I'm thinking is CHIPM- *dragged away by Meepits*

Happy Meerca Day!
by o_babypet4me_o

So Meerca Day has finally come
But you ask, "What is there to do?"
Adopt a Meerca that's in the Pound
or create one that's brand new

Go to the bank, take out your 'points Head to the Rainbow Pool Paint your little guy a new colour For that's two things to do.
You'll find the new colours in the news As well as a new Mystery Pic So search the whole Neopets site It doesn't last long so you better be quick!
There will be new toys to play with As well as new clothes to buy Check out the art in the gallery There's one last thing so stand by
We can end up spending Neopoints on this day And that's something we can agree But get your Meerca, for today, Get some free training At Cap'n Threelegs' Academy!

mutant meerca thoughts on meerca day
by agedbeauty

the mutant meerca waits
in shadow
hidden because others
turn away.

the potion that he thought gave new life was a gift from the great dr. sloth.
but the potion lied and broke its promise leaving the mutant meerca more alone.
the gnashing teeth and beady eyes give pride but in the eyes of others he sees only fear.
darkness and hiding are new old friends that the mutant meerca had thought un-needed.
but as he gnashes teeth and growls scaring away a stray baby aisha
new realization dawns that for the meerca perhaps though alone but for his tail
he isn’t unhappy and that his fearsome appearance was perchance a boon after all.
meerca day is as it was and as it will always be and that’s okay by him.

A Plushie Meerca in Winter
by tic2tac

A button stitched in carefully
These are the eyes with which he’ll see
He’ll need them, yes that I know
To watch the world fill up with snow

A few more stitches across the back To sew the patchwork so it won’t lay slack He’ll need them, yes, that I know To play all day while the winter wind blows
And now some magic -- just a pinch To bring him to life and make him live He’ll need this, yes that I know To play with me far and low
And dance outside in knee-deep snow While the flakes fall 'round and chill us so Till we run inside, wet and tired And snuggle 'round the flickering fire Beneath thick warm blankets we will venture Awaiting tomorrow and the next day's adventure

The Crumpetmonger
by kaddiez

In Neovia there lies a baker's shop,
Where those who seek goodies come to stop.
Filled with delectable pastries and breads;
Muffins and cakes, too, line the shelves.
Run by a woman with a big heart and soul,
Matched by her appetite for scones and rolls.
Each morsel made with tender love and care,
Dedication not found everywhere.

The sweet aroma of tarts and pies Fill the noses of all who walk by, Even of herself -- the Crumpetmonger, Who always succumbs to her hunger. So when a customer tries to walk in, Asking to buy a treat for a friend, The Crumpetmonger turns to say, "Sorry, we just ran out for the day!"
Eyebrows raised, another leaves Through the door, Skeptical of the crumbs on the floor, Right where the old Meerca stood, The sole baker eating all the food! If only she could act as a shopkeeper should, And sell instead of eating all the goods. With a sigh, she closes the store, Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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