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The Prosperous Land
By Moulinrouge21

This prosperous land, of knowledge and pride
Grandeur in looks, their spirits do glide.
Wisdom is great, well-educated they are,
A city of intelligence, known from afar.

Windows of beauty, shimmer and shine,
The stained-glass pristine, gloriously divine.
Learning is key, books we must read,
Intelligence a must, if one is to succeed.

Discovery of Brightvale, emerald greens,
Sun shining down, a wonder to be seen.
Literature and history, are widely known,
As King Hagan rejoices, upon his throne.

Citizens celebrate their brilliant minds,
Their hearts just as big, happy and kind.
The land sits merrily, in wisdom and peace,
Knowledge always growing, never will cease.

By Aurorapearl

Speak in riddle, speak in rhyme,
Speak the words to praise what time
Has deemed for us the smartest lot,
With knowledge the rest have long forgot.

Enlighten us, oh city fair,
Tell us wisdom you can spare,
Bequeath upon us your insight
From ocean low to mountain height!

And much to our hastened chagrin,
We know not where to begin
Our quest for life's intelligence
Without your good assistance.

Perhaps the scrolls for ancient arts
Of battle magic, tactic smarts?
Or maybe spin the wheel around
To unlock secrets of the ground?

And forget not the shelves of books!
Information in one look
Of everything there is to know
From mountain height to ocean low.

And the king himself knows more
Than any tome could hope to store
With acumen that we know not
And experience that can't be bought.

Speak in riddle, speak in rhyme,
Speak the words to praise what time
Has deemed for us the smartest land:
Brightvale -- the city proudly stands.

Longing for Green and Gold
By Jjquil

'Neath streaming banners of green and gold
Lies a kingdom of wisdom, or so it is told
A castle of white stone stands tall and proud
Indomitable fortress, the mind's stronghold.

At the base of this bastion, a drawbridge and moat
Defenses carved to keep safety afloat
The guards in their armor line up at the gate
Helmets and blades, tunic and coat.

A well-trodden path leads away from the court
Lined with thatched-roof houses, squat and short
Expertly crafted from timber or stone
Sturdy and timeless, no need for support.

Further still down the walkway lie the sights --
The glaziers, Scrollery, motery, and knights
Establishments guarded by chevaliers of the king
Invaders can't touch them, or so the bard writes.

Someday I shall visit this kingdom of Brightvale
I've read all their books, but to no avail
Alas, I am but a poor Meridellian farmer --
I will earn respect there, through my travail.

The Beauty of Brightvale
By Sordid

Take the path of pebbled road,
At Meridell, turn right.
Seek the castle, turrets green,
And gold flags shining bright.
There you'll find an emerald realm,
Where banners bright fly tall.
Hard work valued, honour, too,
And knowledge above all.

Should you have a day to spend,
Do wander each small road.
Amble to each tiny shop,
And learn of every small abode.
You'll find a store where potions brew,
In colours of each hue.
Magic fit for royalty,
Or even just for you!

Should you seek to follow trend,
And join the very wise.
You'll find the Scrollery so small,
And there, delight your eyes.
Chance may be your merry friend,
A wheel to spin doth wait.
Take a turn and try your luck,
Let fortune find your fate!

Bookstore to the left of path,
A fruit store down the track.
An armoury for each right thing,
You'll need for fine attack!
Within the castle King awaits,
For your wise words to hear.
Come forth to Brightvale, my friend,
And join us with good cheer!

The Light of Brightvale
By Iamverysmart123

A lush, green land,
filled with forests and glades,
is home to many
with colours of jade.

A wise old king,
sits on top of his chair,
wearing a crown,
that shines with a glare.

The path to the Scrollery
is paved with smooth stones.
Inside you will find
the secrets of unknown.

A large signpost hangs --
"Brightvale Books," it exclaims.
Everything you can read,
even of windows and games.

Speaking of windows,
the glaziers are right there.
They make the best ones
in circles and squares.

To the west lies a wheel,
with the shape of a ring.
Spin it around --
you could win anything!

Ah, the light of Brightvale,
how peacefully calm!
We certainly hope,
that it remains strong.

Supreme Knowledge
By Ecaligiu

Cast in hues of greens,
Here knowledge reins supreme.
With wheels, scrolls, and books,
A thirst for knowledge,
Is easy to quench.

One tip when in this land,
Yelling at the wheel for,
A long sought-after star,
Will do you no more good than I.

You may even try your mind,
Against that of the King.
Impress Hagen with information,
Rewards will be yours to claim.

Circle, box, star, or mark,
The 11th of hiding for,
On this momentous day,
Brightvale was unveiled.

Why I no longer visit Brightvale
By Elly042

Brightvale is a lovely place,
Or so I am assured,
All lush green grass and orange sky
With books to read if bored.

It sounds so great to visit,
Although it's quite remote.
To go and try the tasty fruit;
To see the famous motes.

But when I go and take a trip,
I never see a thing,
Because I'm stuck in the castle
Pleading with the king.

He wants to know some wisdom?
I've told him everything I know!
But every gem I speak in there,
He shakes his head in woe.

"Good things come to those who wait,"
And "patience is a virtue,"
Also "misery loves company,"
And "don't bite the hand that feeds you."

"Great minds tend to think alike,"
"Every Lupe has his day,"
"What goes up must come down,"
"A will creates a way."

But he's heard all my sayings,
All the wisdom I've accrued,
And apparently it's not enough,
To teach him something new.

Really, it's embarrassing,
After years of books and school
To be patronized by a Skeith,
As though I'm a complete fool.

So Brightvale is just charming
But I say with some regret,
That I just can't stand to visit,
Because I get so upset!

Visit Brightvale
By Agedbeauty

There is a medieval land named Meridell,
With history and wars, it's bathed in glory.
But I love its smaller cousin Brightvale,
So today I'll tell you that land's story.

Many who poke their heads into Brightvale,
Enter only to trade wisdom with its King.
They ignore the stained glass windows,
The fruits, books, weapons -- everything!

They come only for the avatar,
When they visit this land remote.
But they ignore the lovely sights,
The scenery, and the quizzical Ee Mote.

A brave few might come to send
The Wheel of Knowledge for a spin.
Thinking of the wheel's avatar,
And grumping when knowledge they win.

But Brightvale is a land with many colors,
Shown in its beautiful stained glass --
Windows with lovely looks and pictures,
Memorializing scenes to last.

So today, my friend, I suggest you
Take heart and listen to my tale.
Worry not of the land of Meridell --
Go ahead and visit dear Brightvale!

Brightvale's Wisdom
By Chernobyl44

Over lush green fields does it loom,
A truly marvelous sight --
Rich and decorated in every room,
Brightvale castle lies in light.

For this kingdom, wise and swell,
Needs a likewise King,
Inside its walls he does dwell,
Hagan, to your wisdom listening.

If you boast a witty tongue,
If your head is brainy as can be,
If you'd read archives for endless fun,
Then the King will surely see.

After all, it is fools who speak freely
What goes on inside their head,
And the wise who choose carefully,
What words and phrases shall be said.

Only in the castle of Brightvale,
Can your intelligence be bested,
Before the greatest scholar, hail!
Your words of wisdom will be tested!

The Wheel of Knowledge
By Kaddiez

If wisdom and intellect is what you seek,
Give the Wheel of Knowledge a spin.
It's only 400 Neopoints a go
Look at all the amazing prizes you could win!

A stained glass window for your home,
Or cute toys for your Neopet to play.
A tidbit of information from that wise Ixi,
Something learned for the day.

Maybe a book or scroll could be won
So your Neopet can keep well read,
Or some fresh fruit from Brightvale's farms
To keep your Neopet well fed.

You could even get a re-spin
To experience the excitement all again,
And then win a job coupon;
Head to the agency to cash it in.

Your Neopet may even walk away wiser
If fate chooses to be kind.
Though if bad luck is with you,
They'll leave with a dimmer mind.

But the greatest prize of all,
Comes from the glorious king himself,
Who'll bless you with his wisdom,
And raise your intellect.

So come one, come all
To the famed wheel in Brightvale!
Take a spin, take a chance
To see what prize will prevail.

Discovery of Emerald Towers
By Ladygaladriel213

The emerald topped towers boasting brilliant flags
That flutter like rose petals in the breeze.
Inside the castle lies a very wise king
Who spouts off wisdom with knowing ease.

The golden sun spills light that's pure
To shine in the stained glass windows adorning.
It snuggles down at night amidst a black velvet sky
And yawns from slumber each and every morning.

This is a land with a wealth of knowledge
There's a wheel that boasts the very name.
Journey 'round this small land and find
That not a single Neopian's passion wanes.

Learning is a product of the great minds within
They run the book store, the Scrollery, and more!
Forever seeking information to help them
And share it with all in the form of their store!

Stop by the Fruits of Brightvale
Tease your tongue on the brightest of treats.
While ripening with a kiss from the brilliant sun
These fruits have been made far more sweet!

Brightvale was discovered on a day like this
When dazzling prisms danced in the light.
Brightvale was discovered on a day like this
A land untouched by bother or blight.

The luster of knowledge is bright here
It shines for itself whether or not it is covered.
Remember this day that Brightvale
The land of knowledge and learning - was discovered.

If you've seen the tops of the towers
Like emerald gems quite shining away.
Remember to stop and smile
Celebrate Brightvale Day!

King Hagan
By Anniewang3000

King Hagan of Brightvale, a wonderful mind,
Has mastered the art of being pow'rful yet kind.
Upon his grand throne he sits, stoic and wise;
He'll fix any troubles regardless of size.

If ever he's needed for civil dispute,
He'll gather the answer that none will refute.
Each party will leave with more joy than before,
And Hagan, well pleased, will return to his lore.

Yet if trouble larger like famine or war
Afflicts his great land or arrives at the door,
He'll call up his allies: Fyora will help,
Or the King of Maraqua, when not at the kelp.

Whenever some free time falls into his hands,
He pores o'er some books or walks 'round in his lands.
New knowledge to him is worth far more than gold,
His subjects of great import, young ones and old.

His people are simple folks, merry and meek.
Yet just like their brainy king, wisdom they seek.
They'll sit by the fire and sing songs of yore;
They're eager to know the past, huge books they pore.

King Hagan's own brother is King of Meridell,
Where feistier friends of Brightvalians do dwell.
There valiance is key and great warriors are hailed,
But back home in Brightvale it's peace that's prevailed.

The two brother kings are just leaders by birth.
At eight,
Castle Battles did give them great mirth.
But now, all grown up, each with bountiful lands,
Kings Hagan and Skarl have fate in their hands.

A Terrific Triple Tribute to Brightvale
By Waterdragon386

Brilliant Banners Blazing
Royal Regal Readers
Immersive Intelligent Intellectuals
Gallant Glazed Glass
Honorable Heroic Hagan
Towering Terraces Triumph
Vibrant Voluminous Vales
Ageless Architecture Ablaze
Learners Linger Long
Ever Elegant Emporiums

Wisdom Awaits
By Super_star12001

Hagan the wise old king,
Whose wisdom far surpasses mine,
Rules over the most intelligent land,
Which is simply just divine.

Adjacent to Meridell they stand,
But that's not to be mentioned.
For the two lands are ever-fighting,
Resulting in this terrible tension.

Knowledge you'll find in Brightvale,
Should you ever try,
So give their wheel a spin,
It's wisdom you can't deny.

Scrolls, books, and wonderful things,
Such amazement you will find!
Gather them all,
For your mind shall soon be refined.

So enter Brightvale if it's knowledge you seek,
For that is something you will surely achieve.
Discover the land that Hagan revolutionized,
And have some fun before you leave.

By Blackwater444

Sunrise smoulders through fog
Overlooking lush, languid meadows.
Morning dew sparkles through
The glazier's ornate, colorful creations
Glistening brighter than King Hagan's crown.

Gold and green billowing as far as the eye can behold --
Emblems of the Kingdom and the Vale.
Orchards overflowing with fantastic fruity Floranges,
Plump Purblare and pudgy Passionberry,
Succulent salivary sensations.

Industrious citizens promote a preserve for peace
All the while honing their ability to create
Magical, fashionable cloth armour.
Wondrous, woefully wicked potions are whipped up
Along with motes of every size and substance.

A shop of scrolls adjacent to a boutique of books
Make you keenly aware that this is a land where
Knowledge is prized above all frivolity.
A land where scholars and historians are celebrated.
A country brimming with those who value wisdom.

Wise and witty, King Hagan rules an educated populace.
His monarchy a paragon of purity and lightness.
A most resplendent locale,
Known far and wide as

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