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Neopets Poems

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For Sale!
By Wolf6181

Greetings, distinguished guests,
And welcome to Roo Island Properties!
For we are the best place in Neopia
To satisfy all your housing needs.

The perfect summer home
Is only a step away;
[Address Withheld], Roo Island,
Is our deal of the day!

Come closer, sir, though it is no secret
That there is no better neighbor than a Blum.
Your days will always be pleasant,
Since bouncing Blumaroos are never glum.

And life on the island is never a bore
If you pass it with dice and good cheer,
Though take care to avoid crossing Count Von Roo,
Whose fangs incite much fear.

But even if you are simply passing through,
With no time to place some bets,
Take a spin on our famous Merry Go Round,
And your visit will bring no regrets.

The Maraquan Blumaroo
By Indulgences

The Blumaroo's aquatic guise
Is seahorse, pale and green.
A curly tail replaces feet
And scales replace skin's sheen.

A pucker does adorn its mouth.
Its arms replaced by fins
Are tiny motors flapping through
The waters where it swims?

Its eyes are large, with aqua hue.
No hair adorns its head.
The transformation Maraquan
Did shed its hair instead.

Let's celebrate the Blumaroo
Of Maraquan delight!
It's beautiful and marvelous,
A gorgeous, pretty sight!

Chef Bonju's Magical Cooking
By Fireplayer25

A pinch of this and some of that
To make the perfect brew
He labors hard over his pot
This orange Blumaroo
Dressed in an apron of pure white
Determination true
The failed creations make a bang
In mystical Shenkuu

He may be a tad conceited
But he knows just what to do
He'll mix a Petpet with a hat
And make something brand new
If he is insulted then his face
Will turn a red hue
Wearily tread or overboard
You will be gone, too

Once took a faraway voyage
And betrayed his crew
Don't get on the wrong side of
Brilliant Chef Bonju

So step up and throw something in
Take a try or two
Because this mastermind might give
An avatar to you!

By Scarletspindle

The master calls with creaking hand
His flesh a mottled blue.
Razor nail points towards the forest,
And he knows what he must do.

The Blumaroo looks sullenly
Upon his own twisted hands.
A prisoner and servant,
He must follow that command.

Bound by curses and dark magic
He dares not disobey.
He'd rather face death in the forest
Than attempt to run away.

He hops on toward the labyrinth
Of twisted brush and trees;
Like a maw of some great giant
It beckons cruelly.

The walls around him tower high,
Pressing in on every side.
He counts his steps with every breath;
There is no place to hide.

He moves with resigned purpose
Toward the maze's heart;
A single item he must find
Or with his life he'll part.

He sees its shimmer as he nears
The center of the place.
He takes it almost reverently;
His success may grant him grace.

Yet as he leaves he knows the truth
That whispers in his soul;
The master will never free him
From his ironclad control.

This object that he carries
Is not one the master needs.
It's all a game, a cruel farce,
Making him fetch melon seeds.

Bouncy Supreme
By aurorapearl

In the corners of imagination
exists such a strange location:
a world with walls and floors of jelly,
a hungry call for any belly.

This, of course, is fabrication
For never was there a jelly nation.
Sadly no one told the Roo
not to search for the untrue.

He thought he could use a vacation
and give into jelly's temptation
so this Blumaroo strayed from home
and wandered deep in the unknown.

And since he knew no trepidation
he met wilderness with elation
and excitement that one day he'll find
a world of jelly well designed.

But then he felt a slow vibration
rise from the floor with no cessation
and the sky above began to rumble,
the ground around began to crumble --

In his jelly world fixation
he noticed not the land's mutation
into lava and volcanoes,
into all of nature's troubles.

There was little contemplation
to retract his dedication.
His quest for jelly must adjourn
for he must to home return!

But there was one small complication:
the ground gave way to such formations
of pillar-like structures alone
that he must jump to get back home.

If he lived is speculation,
all I have is one summation:
search not for nonexistent lands,
and your life will go as planned.

Deadly Dice
By Sarnfox

He rolled his dice and punched the air
"Aha, doubles again!
Just try it out, just one more time
But it'll be in vain!"

On the island darkness ruled
It was the midnight hour
And many had come and rolled their dice
Seeking to win great power

Levels lost and levels gained
And an avatar, too
They were tossing Deadly Dice
With deadly Count Von Roo

The Blumaroo tossed his cape
And rolled his pitch-black die
This one was tricky, yes indeed
He deeply heaved a sigh

Six times they rolled and always got
The same result each time
His patience was nearly at an end
One o'clock was due to chime

They rolled again, the dice spun
And landed; five to three
Von Roo cried victory, took his prize
And hissed, "Don't mess with me!"

In Praise of Blumaroo Steak
By Laurapet131

If you searched the whole of Neopia,
You would never, ever find
An item so beloved
As this Blumaroo Steak of mine.

So meaty! So delicious!
With such a lovely blue outside!
And so important, every August,
When the Bonju avatar is spied.

Perched on a plate with a grass-green edge,
Tempting enough to devour,
This steak is one for the record books!
I eat one every hour.

The eating is a sacred act,
Like Chias to a Lupe,
So I have enough steaks in my SDB
To feed an entire troop.

So when you feel some hunger
That needs to be abated,
Stab your fork into a Blumaroo Steak,
And your appetite will be quite sated.

Some might call it evil,
To eat a steak like this,
Especially on Blumaroo Day;
But I just call it bliss.

By Caitdango

Step right up, roll the dice!
And win yourself a lovely prize!
Just a measly few NC,
and you're guaranteed a win, you'll see!

So you rolled wood?
That's pretty good!
Take your pick:
A scarf? A vest?
Perhaps a flowered lampstick?

What's that, you say? Another go?
Haha! That's fine by me, you know!
Just a few more coins -- here's your dice!
I sure hope you get something nice!

Oho! Is that bronze I see?
I'll show you your prizes, if you'll allow me!
How about these lovely flowers? An adorable dress?
This food fight shower?

What's that? Yet another roll?
This game is fun, I told you so!
Third time's the charm, or so they say.
I do hope this roll goes your way!

Aha, I can't help but notice your smile.
You've been hoping for the bonus this whole while?
Well, lucky you! I'm quite thrilled!
I do hope your need for entertainment has been filled!

Unfortunately, I must pack up and roll away
I'm sure we'll meet again one day!
And what a grand reunion it'll be!
I'll have more prizes, and you more NC!

Curious Blumaroo Gnome
By Moulinrouge21

Sitting all day watching, constantly in awe,
Waiting for new wonders, always wanting more.
To see nature's glory, and effortless grandeur.
Upon emerald green, and skies of azure.

Reflection in the pond, a different world,
Glancing down watching sea life unfurl.
Delicate coral, a kaleidoscopic floor,
Seeing the beauty, makes his spirits soar.

Butterflies flutter, spreading their wings,
As birds settle, a harmonious song they sing.
Bugs explore the grass, each blade they chew,
The Blumaroo watches, the action-packed view.

Sunshine beams down, the warmth upon him,
His red hat shining, as he watches the fish swim.
Sparkling upon the water, a diamond carpet,
Curiously watching nature, a world he won't forget.

The Start of Dice-A-Roo
By Holla_ster

There once was a king who loved all things
He was benevolent and kind and smiled all the time.
His name was none other than King Roo

But he was bored with nothing do
Oh poor, poor King Roo!
He played and played but nothing made
This Blumaroo's boredom pass.
But in time he made up his mind
A new game was truly due.

Yes the King, King Roo
The one with nothing to do
He made up his mind that it was time
Something just had to come through!

He had his staff search en masse
something that would subdue,
this horrible boredom,
Worse than Uncle Morton
Oh poor, poor King Roo!

Then there was a knock
And the King was shocked
when he saw the Blumaroo walk through,
He was looking divine in his cloak so fine
"Oh, I have something for you."

The Roo pulled out five dice and sang,
"No two games are ever the same.
Oh, my King, may you never be bored again!"

Now the King, King Roo
The one with everything to do
He found his game and gave it the name
the name of

Rohane's Quest
By _Fluffy_chic_

He's the hero of our story
On a quest over the land
He's not searching for glory
This trek was unplanned

The dreams felt so real
With battles and danger
The singing of steel
A friend from a stranger

The ship's under attack
They're trying to save it
There's no coming back
And there's no way to quit

With his three friends in tow
Each doing their part
Rohane conquers his foe
Having fought with his heart

Count Von Roo
By Jjquil

When it is dark, when shadows gather,
And the moon is hidden behind a cloud
You begin to shiver, cast nervous glances,
And voice your fears aloud...

"There's no one behind me," you whisper,
But can you really guarantee
That when you turn around and look
You won't be staring at me?

I have lived for a thousand years
Count of darkness, ruler of night
And unless you want to roll the dice
You'd best run, screaming in fright!

If you choose to take up arms
And fight me, there's no escape.
I will end your foolish quest
With a flash of my fangs, a twist of my cape!

Midnight is the hour I roam
Close your windows, lock your doors.
But if you survive the witching hour
All of Neopia is yours!

The King's Broo
By Havittaa

He isn't your average advisor.
The power he wields,
Beyond that of his own King
King Roo.

Admirable he is not,
A Blumaroo he is.
It begs the question:
Can a Blumaroo be so - evil?

From Roothless, to Garoo,
It seems a trend.
But those two run their own
And refuse to be leeches.

"Advisor," they call him.
The image behind the image
Of all Blumaroos around.

But in his own words:

"We all know who holds the true reins
Of power in Roo Island,
And it isn't that simple-minded
Dice-throwing King."

Broo is a brew of the King,
His ever-sturdy right hand.
But we know his dark design,
And we throw the dice for the King.

The Might of Avinroo
By Emilysusanburt

Bask in my glory, oh puny mortals
Behold my magnificence.
Accept my challenge, take up the controls
And the let the gaming commence!

I dare you to match my scores and skills
Though you haven't got a prayer.
Try as many times as you want
I'll leave you all in despair!

For no one in the whole of Neopia
Has ever been able to match my speed
For bashing Kasses and collecting dubloons
With dungeons to dash and Skeiths to feed.

Valrigard and Gwyl will always escape
whenever I'm in control.
And challenging Zenco to
Dueling Decks
Is just like taking a stroll.

Counting Potatoes and dodging ice cream
I've mastered them all and more.
When a new game is released I'll be there
To get the very first high score!

At times it is tragic, my amazing finesse
For what could challenge my power?
I dream of the day when a game comes along
That I can't best in less than an hour.

And no, Abigail, it's not melodrama.
I'm a Blumaroo of honesty!
I can't help my talents, and don't roll your eyes!
I'm just naturally great, so you see.

So come one and all to test yourselves
Against the master of game.
You're doomed to be thrashed but it is an honor
To fight Triple A, that's my name!

Thiebos of the Desert
By Sordid

Where warm and dry blow arid winds,
Where endless is the plain.
Where time is endless, rolling on,
And seldom comes the rain.
Eternal battle wages here,
For victory, they claw.
And Thiebos there, does battle through,
In endless

The legend of his game goes on,
Fills those he'll match with dread.
He'll play with Pyramibread slice,
Just balanced on his head.
Resting back on tail's tip,
He clutches rope so tight.
Takes a breath and braces hard,
Then pulls with all his might.

Across the sheen of river small,
He'll pull rope forth and back.
Never giving slightest rest,
He'll pull, rope never slack.
Here and there, he's holding firm,
He's looking strong, and yet.
One false move, he may pitch forth,
And tumble to the wet.

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