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Neopets Poems

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Grumpy Old King
By jjquil

Potbellied potentate,
Grumpy old king.
Frivolous, juvenile,
Silly old thing.

Dark beady eyes,
Disapproving glare.
His Majesty's bottom
Rarely leaves his chair.

Stiff heavy robes,
Ceremonial weave
Adorned with jewelry
Fur trim on each sleeve.

Short-tempered glutton,
Snub-nosed Skeith.
Stomping his feet
Baring his teeth.

This monarch of ours
Is petty, and portly.
His temper tantrums
Anything but courtly.

But still we protect him,
We long-suffering knights.
Our kingdom of Meridell
Must preserve its rights!

Meridell Discovered!
By ladygaladriel213

Over the rise! Up over the swell!
Behold the land of Meridell!

Cool yourself in the shade.
Or rest awhile in Illusen's glade.

Stop by the Food Yard to eat your fill!
Or roll a wheel of cheese down the hill!

The gentle snores of Turmaculus are heard!
But the Petpets daren't say a word!

Emerald acres of grass are seen,
And inside a castle sits a grumpy king.

A land discovered to rival others quite well!
The flourishing land of Meridell!

The golden sun dapples the tops of trees
And feel the gentle cooling breeze.

So count potatoes or pick your own!
Once here, you'll never want to go home!

Meridell, the fairest land
Medieval, luxurious, and certainly grand!

So many treasures waiting to be uncovered!
Remember the day Meridell was discovered!

Red and Blue
By aurorapearl

A bold red and blue
against a backdrop of green:
This is Meridell.

A banner rises
and trumpets crane towards sky
as castle doors part.

The Turmaculus
shakes off his sleepy stupor
and raises his head.

And Illusen steps
out from her glade’s shielding shade
in acknowledgement.

Now the Round Table
puts down their game of poker
and ignores their cards.

Potato counter,
gambler, and farmer alike
look to the castle.

Even the Symol,
ever elusive, crawls out
from his weathered hole.

Forward steps King Skarl.
There’s something different today –
Today, he smiles.

And indeed it’s true,
that today is so much more
than clear skies and sun.

Today’s red and blue.
Today is celebration.
Today’s Meridell.

Laughter I Wish to See
By super_star12001

Oh, King Skarl, who is forever grumpy,
How we feel for thee.
For war you have seen and conquered,
So that your people can remain free.

A joke I’ll attempt to tell,
To cheer you up indeed,
But what’s this? No effect?
That I refuse to concede!

Oh, what will it take to cheer you up?
Is food the only thing you wish?
If that is the truth,
Then the dish shall be delish!

Oh, King Skarl, I’ll do anything for thee,
For your jester I so wish to be,
Not just for the avatar,
But simply to see you laugh in glee.

So King Skarl, won’t you smile for me?

Darigan Ponders
By emilysusanburt

The celebration begins,
I can hear the trumpets
From the balcony of my tower,
Full of love for hearth and home,
And pride for the day
When Meridell emerged
From the shadows of history.

Such a quaint country,
Almost ridiculous with its
Cheese-rolling and potato counting.
I wonder if, in the midst
Of their festivities, they will
Recall the truth which
Made their nation great.

I've heard it said that a
Country's greatness can
Only burn bright in times of trial.
Would Meridell be
What it is today without
The wars which revealed
Traitors and spawned heroes?

During the year I put these
Questions far from my mind.
Never again will I be corrupted
By greed, ambition and revenge.
But on this day of discovery
In quiet moments I can hear again
The whispers in the back of my mind.

I am the lord of the Citadel.
My people look to me to
Guide them into the future with peace.
I will keep the truce
If only for their sake.
But remember well, oh mighty Skarl,
That I am watching you still.

A Letter to Meridell
By tanikagillam

Dear Skarl,

I assure you I have only intentions of pure,
Though this letter might seem a little rude.
Please read through my suggestions,
And be so kind as to consider, if you would.

Firstly I’ll start with the land itself,
The rolling green hills simply have to go.
They go on forever, they really are a nuisance,
Surely you must agree this is so.

Next comes the games, of which you call ‘fun’,
But I ask you, Skarl, a game of rolling cheese?
Unhygienic to say the least, not to mention the smell;
I ask you to ban this game of rolling dairy, please.

Then there are the Darigans, with which you are ‘truced’,
And I ask just how long you expect that to last?
I really think you should drive them all out;
Some things should just be left in the past.

I mention the Castle, the very one of yours,
And I’ve noticed it’s lost its sheen.
It’s quite drab and old; you should build a new one,
Or at the very least get someone in it to clean.

Well, I could go on, and on and on and on,
But I believe you have heard what I had to say.
These are just friendly hints from me to you,
So please enjoy the rest of your day.

Sincerely yours,
King Hag- A Meridellian Peasant

All Hail Meridell!
By phaes

All hail Meridell!
The city streaming red and white,
Where the farmer sells his melons
Teasing customers at first light.

There waits the sullen mortog,
His life and death sealed in a kiss:
Choose wrong and he turns inside out
So pray that you do not miss!

Those skilled with a bow and arrow
Can try their hand at Bullseye.
The game is difficult at best,
But the targets do not lie.

Last, the grumpy old king awaits,
Hearing the jokes from near and far,
Bestowing a choice smile,
Upon those who can meet the bar.

Be sure to see this land of old,
Where the purple mountains beckon,
And the knightly petpets grow bold.
All hail Meridell!

Illusen's Quest
By kaddiez

Deep in the heart of Meridell lay,
A pretty earth faerie and her wondrous glade.
Where questers and hopefuls gather to find
Powerful artefacts made one of a kind.

Hailed for her tasks, hard to complete;
Reaching level 50, an impossible feat.
A staff, a blade blessed by Illusen herself-
All can be claimed if one gives her their help.

Even a trophy there is to go after
If the task is finished in a timely manner.
Item after item, quest after quest,
Back to the beginning if failed one request.

Though the price steep, the rewards in return,
Great and astounding, bring much fortune.
So follow the trail to the glade in Meridell,
To see how many quests one can fulfill.

The King's First Castle
By autum026

He stood upon the soil that would be his home,
And looked out at the market where the villagers roamed.

It would be made of stone and wood,
And be stronger than anyone thought it could.

He spent many nights sketching away,
Many times he'd save sleeping for the next day.

He waited patiently, for Fyora to approve;
She didn't want him to build a castle so soon.

And finally, all was ready to be built;
He hired Moehogs, Techos, and Jubjubs on stilts.

He waited one year, and it still wasn't done
He ate throughout the night and slept through the sun.

After another long year, his castle was finished.
It stood tall and proud, the king's worry diminished.

"Why, with this castle, I can be better than my brother by twice!" he proclaimed.
The look Queen Fyora gave him made him hang his head in shame.

"You must learn to be your brother's equal." She sighed.
She told the king that she would check on him in time.

After many happy years living in his castle, and ruling Meridell,
Something happened that caused a commotion that he couldn't quite quell.

Out on the streets, the villagers were joyful and loud;
Queen Fyora had come to visit, and she brought Neopians not from the land of clouds.

They said they were from a place called Neopia Central,
And that they'd never known of King Skarl's adventures.

They placed Meridell on a map, they sent visitors and such
And the king blessed all his wonderful luck.

The day that Fyora came shall be forever known as the Discovery of Meridell,
And with it comes parties, fun, and faerie spells.

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