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Neopets Poems

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The Colors of Ruki
By Pringlz

Rukis come in many colors
More than thirty, that's for sure.
Fire, ghost, island, baby,
or zombie (origins: obscure).

Perhaps you'd like a biscuit Ruki?
To make a lovely midday snack.
He may wish that he were camo,
Just to save his tasty back.

The dashing pirate's nice in navy,
Bedraggled Hallo, not so much.
Squishy plushie's sweet and cuddly
Yet Dari's not the kind you'd touch.

All these colors, very varied
Seem diverse in every way
Yellow, faerie, magma, custard -
All Rukis to their final day.

Dice Escape
By Kuroge

In a puzzle of madness
on a different dimension,
lies a most dangerous site,
a most ingenious invention.

This insane Ruki scientist
had a craze for dice games,
and created his own universe
so renowned for its name.

Roll your die carefully;
you only have so much time
before your pitiful dice
melts into a pile of slime.

Save Neopia's board games,
destroy the Ruki's evil plot,
beat his dimension of dice,
and let it sit there to rot.

The Ruki With A Second Hand
By Yoshifan272

In Neopia Central,
in this very land,
there is a Ruki who is said
to have a second hand.
Down at the plaza,
where the Ruki does his work,
he gives out stuff that you can wear,
for free! He is no jerk!
Oh sure, he mostly gives out dung,
and candles or even cheaper things,
but maybe if you have luck with you,
then you can get cool stuff, like rings!
So if you happen to go over there,
if you happen to drop by,
whether you will get something or not,
don't forget to say hi!

Ruki Travels
By Ecaligiu

Creatures of the sands,
As hardy as can be.
Built for traveling,
But this Ruki found it hard.

For traveling with friends,
Be better than with one.
None others are as,
Strong over distance.

Seeing friends unable,
To keep up with his pace.
The Ruki tried the road alone,
The fun vanished with his friends.

Taken to sad days,
Sitting on the sands.
Friends were near,
His heart still distant.

When all hope was lost,
A new item came to be.
The perfect fix for,
This Ruki and his friends.

With a strong structure,
Belts, gears, and wheels.
Built for easy movement,
The chariot was enthralling.

Now the Ruki,
Strong as can be,
Can take his friends with him,
In his travels near and far.

Everyone is happy,
On this very special day.
Celebrate with a Ruki today!

The Baby Ruki
By Indulgences

The baby Ruki's outstretched arms
Are full of love and joy.
A tiny tot of palest green,
Your kiss it will enjoy!

With ears that flop from left to right
And feet that do the same,
The baby Ruki does deserve
The "baby" in its name!

Its eyes are large and wondering.
Its hands are tiny paws.
The baby Ruki's beautiful,
Devoid of any flaws!

The baby Ruki wants your love
So go create one now!
And even if you don't do that,
They'll love you anyhow!

Neopia's Favorite Bug
By Chaink

There are many times I've sat to think,
"What's it like to be a Ruki?"
They must love food like Orange Leaf Cake,
Instead of toys like an Usuki.

Ruki Adventures, to The Lone Ruki,
These creatures have a strong
Desire for books.
Craving wisdom while relaxing,
Within their carefully-nested nooks.

A Chocolate Dipped Ruki Lolly,
Or a Ruki Lime Cake... yummy!
Find the ingredients in
Ruki Recipes;
These snacks fill an insect's tummy.

Equipping a Curved Ruki Dagger: sharp!
Or the Reinforced Ruki Shield,
With an Armoured Ruki Bow! Behold;
the weapons that they wield.

Between books and treats and battles,
Including the comfy Red Ruki Rug,
We shall always cherish
Our friends the Rukis!
Neopia's favorite bug.

A Day of Shopping
By Unipie13unio

Two Rukis, one purple one white
Stood in Neopia Central
"Hey! Let's go into Fine Furniture
We may find something monumental."

Two Rukis walked into the store
And looked to their left and right
Something shiny caught their eye
And gave them a bit of a fright

A Snowager Centerpiece loomed above them
And made them feel uneasy
"Relax!" said the Eyrie. "It's only ice."
But the Rukis still felt a bit queasy

"I've changed my mind," said one to the other
And the other nodded right back
They fled out of the shop and into the Bakery
Where they had a delicious Ruki snack

That August Creature
By Maya100

One evening, in the desert
As you plunder through the hills,
You wish you could get home faster,
But time seems to stand still.

The sand whips around you,
Unforgiving and filled with rage.
Suddenly, looking up in the distance
You see a creature who must be a mage.

For the sand doesn't bother him.
Yes, to you it still whips and bites.
But it hardly touches this creature
It gives up without a fight.

His arms and legs too long for his body,
He is clearly Lost Desert domestic
But, although he appears to be giant bug
You must admit he looks rather majestic.

He eyes are large and astute,
His confident smile knows all.
He is immune to the terrible storm,
Not surrendering to its thrall.

He commands all attention to him,
(Not that there is any but you)
He stands out from all the dull sand
His shell in many bright hues.

He looks right, then left,
Then forever skips quickly out of sight.
Many years later you still wonder about
The creature you saw that night.

Today, we all don party hats,
We all sing and nibble on cookies.
Amid the celebration, you suddenly realize
That august creature was a Ruki.

A Day in the Life of a Ruki
By Everlasting_dream

Little Ruki,
It's time to wake up!
The day begins,
So bright and alarming.
It's time for makeup,
Just to look charming.

Busy Ruki,
There are chores to be done!
So much to do,
But such little time.
This house needs cleaning,
Why not hum a little chime?

Hungry Ruki,
Supper is around the corner!
What do you crave?
Perhaps a Smiley Pancake?
No, not very filling.
Then it's Seared Tuna Steak!

Bored Ruki,
Let's take a little break!
Just a quick pastime,
Just something to entertain.
A book it is,
No knowledge in vain.

Tired Ruki,
Your day is done!
It's time for bed,
Quickly, wish a on a star,
And rest your head.

Ode to the Second-Hand Shoppe Keeper
By Ladygaladriel213

This is the Ruki who at
All sorts of jokes
And comments are flung.
This poor Ruki must bear
The brunt of Neopia's dung.

When donated it lands in his shoppe
A place not everyone cares for.
Instead he is laughed at
The owner of the dung store.

But it's not fair to say so
This Ruki tries very hard.
He cannot help it if every Neopian
Wants to donate instead of discard!

He merely tries to give new homes
To the unwanted wearable items around.
But when you look at his happy face
You'd be surprised to know
No thanks are found!

Merely scoffs and snickers tucked behind
Neopian paws and hands.
When I think what this Ruki does
It's nothing short of grand!

This is my ode to the Second-Hand Shoppe
The Ruki is the keeper of this place.
And I believe he deserves a thanks!
For keeping Neopia a cleaner place!

Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
By Sordid

A tome exists that few seek out,
A relic, dusty shelf.
That few will read without bright light,
And rarely by one's self.
The cover shows a putrid brown,
The shade of mutant hue.
Forth antennae spring aloft,
So scaled, arched askew.

Dare you turn the tattered page?
Dare you now read on?
It's just a book, it must be safe!
And yet, what if you're wrong?
The tale of a mutant beast,
A Ruki, some do claim.
And yet a creature wild, dark,
That nothing good could tame.

Twisted tales do await,
Of creatures from the dark.
They dwell where light doth never reach,
In a realm so dull and stark.
Mutants shunned by all they meet,
In shadow do they dwell.
Will the book end happily?
Alas, we're yet to tell!

A Very Smelly Ruki Day!
By Filter

On this special Ruki Day,
Make sure to wear your very best.
If you don't happen to have that style,
There's a Ruki I could suggest.

Way down in the Neopian Plaza,
A certain store stays open today.
The Second-Hand Shoppe is waiting for you,
To throw some old fashions your way.

It may be kind of smelly,
There sure is a lot of dung.
But the Ruki there will guide you,
And help you find some fashion fun.

Perhaps and Old Potato Sack,
Or an out of season Autumn Hat.
The shopkeeper will dress you well,
He keeps the choicest free stock, in fact.

Just wade around the dung that's there,
Be careful not to step in it!
The donations of dung are rather high,
It seems a style piece that just doesn't fit.

So go out today on Ruki Day,
And visit the Ruki's happy dwelling.
The dung smell may bother you,
But if it bothers him, he's not telling!

The Ruki March
By Beagums

A rumbling through the street begins,
Late night comes distant sound.
A million legs means but one thing,
The Ruki March has come to town.

Destroying everything in their path,
Rukis march all night and day.
Up the hill and through the town,
Where to they do not say.

One year I did not heed the sound,
That led to my demise.
They ate my crop and squashed my Blooky,
So keep back if you are wise.

Bolt your doors and lock your gates,
Lest you fall prey to their great might.
I've seen them march right through a house,
A great and terrible sight.

Then just as quick as rumbling came,
It leaves without delay.
Town intact, though streets a mess,
We've lasted through this Ruki Day.

The Halloween Ruki
By Amitybelle

Often, this poor Neopet wonders
Where in Neopia he should be.
Dwelling in the Desert sands,
Or darting through the Haunted trees.

A Kiko's dream; for he is wrapped
In bandages from toe to head.
Why does his neat attire seem
To portray an image of dread?

Perhaps the woods is his real home,
He hopes this isn't true.
He doesn't want to feature in
An eye or toe of Ruki stew...

The desert may be better, then,
Could a pyramid be home?
The land is vast; where does it end?
Forever he could roam.

Yet, he is aware of what becomes
Of those who look like him.
A dusty tomb below the surface,
This existence would be grim.

No, this year, he will choose neither,
Frightening thoughts he'll shed.
Upon a beach of Mystery
Is where he'll holiday instead.

Pondering Dice Escape
By Agedbeauty

Without a doubt, my favourite game
Dice Escape by margin wide.
But as I play, I often wonder --
What is the "wicked Ruki" side?

Why does he steal all of the dice,
And hide them all away?
Even wickedness has motive --
If we asked, what would he say?

Perhaps he has decided,
That dice have no redeeming value.
He might even wish
That we would finally get a clue.

Or what if he thinks that
Dice are just too much fun?
And he must strive to
Collect each and every one?

Or perhaps this "wicked Ruki"
Has fitfully decided
That each type of dice game
Should only be derided.

Oh Wicked Ruki,
I wish that you'd just say!
What are your motivations,
What kind of game do you play?

I'll continue on and
Keep playing
Dice Escape,
Still wondering to what purpose does
The Ruki's scheme take shape.

And as this poem ends
With my brow in a furrow,
I simply must conclude,
I just may never know.

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