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Lutari and the Sea
By Saqo

Twirling and whirling through the water,
this is the most fun for me, a Lutari.
Our breed is nimble and agile and quick,
and we are friendly and also alert.

Not only are we rare, but also quite cute.
The most important thing to me, however,
is our skill in water. There is nothing like
the feeling of floating through a forgotten world.

Not many other pets can join us in this
exploration of the deep blue waters of Neopia.
It sets us apart, I think, this love of water
and the feeling that we just belong there.

I can spend countless hours in Neopia's seas,
just seeing what I can and exploring endlessly.
It's dark and quiet and almost magical,
the way the sun reflects through the water.

Today on this day that celebrates my breed
I could not be more proud. Here's to the Lutari!
Known for our smarts and playful nature
and a love of water -- we are one of a kind!

Mystery of Lutari Island
By Moulinrouge21

Chanting and drumming, heard from a distance,
Once again, reminded of the Island's existence.
A storm is brewing, whirlpools created,
Lutaris emerge, emotions elated.

Lightning flashes down, wind starts to blow,
Waves crashing down at the sea's quickening flow.
Temperature drops as trees start to sway;
Mist suddenly appears, as life loses its way.

Lutari Day is here, another chance indeed
To see the mysterious island, to view it we plead.
Images of exotic colours, dancing all night long,
Fires burning sky high as Lutaris sing their song.

Abundance of food, cocktails galore,
As we eat and eat, shouting "More, more!"
Exploring the land, the beautiful view,
As wildlife expands, with happiness they grew.

Yet as the days passes, it is all just a tease,
As our images vanish, so does the breeze.
For we are not to see but only to feel
Lutari Island... maybe one day we will.

Party on Lutari Island
By Mayfloziarea

Sunlight doth caress the land,
Lissome dancing rays.
Cast upon the naturalistic realm,
Upon the lustrous plains.
An unexplored land by some,
Shrouded in mystery.
The hidden land where forests grow,
The home of Lutaris.

A foggy cloud surrounds the land,
There are shadows in the midst,
Silhouetted by the trees,
Among the drifting mist.
When the pallid fog doth lift,
It will reveal the Lutaris --
Dancing in the meadows green,
Joyful, gay, and free.

A special celebration today:
The island is sealed to all,
Only Lutaris gather in the fields --
Today, they will have a ball
Under the lissome rays of sun,
And gentle shine of star,
Under the caressing moonlight,
In this land that resides, far.

Lutaris dance the night away
And sing soft melodies.
A celebration of Lutari Day --
A day of joy and peace.

Lutari Parade
By Mamasimios

Blithe and cheerful, Lutaris all,
Readying for their festival,
Donning headbands in rainbow hues;
With feathers are they all festooned.

The bandleader puts on his own impressive hat
And gives his baton a testing tap.
With a satisfied wink and a toothy grin,
He signals the parade will soon begin.

Scampering to review the assembled ranks,
The bandleader stops to give his thanks
To the famous Lutaris who returned to the Isle
To join the procession with happy smiles.

After hailing the heroes of Yooyuball,
Shenkuu's DiLanche and Vignacio of Kreludor,
The bandleader stops to hug the youngster Charlie,
Freed prisoner of Shadow Creatures, lucky Lutari.

With a tip of his hat to Mr. Chipper and Darien,
He nods to the Lutari Builder and to Erin,
And in confirmation of the rumours he had heard,
The bandleader spies Roxton A. Colchester III.

Well-pleased, the bandleader takes his place
At the front of the column in the parade.
Straightening his jacket collar and his gloves,
Bandleader winds through crowds of Lutari love.

Will I Ever See Those Shores?
By Jjquil

Will I ever see those shores?
Obscured by thunderous tempest wild;
Will there ever be a day when
your seas are calm and mild?

I wish to comb your sunny beaches,
Swim in those fluorescent pools,
Marvel at the island's wonders,
Collecting beads, feathers, and jewels.

I yearn to daub my face with paint
And celebrate a jubilee!
To dance and sing throughout the night
With those native Lutari.

But your isle is out of reach,
Floating loose, ever adrift.
Foreboding clouds envelop you
With growling thunder and lightning swift.

Alas, I may never see your shores;
O tropical haven, so far away --
But I shall wait and dream of you
On the next Lutari Day.

Island Lutaris
By Indulgences

Flowers perched coquettishly
Upon their upturned ears;
Eyes that twinkle merrily
Are brimming full of cheer.

Wrists are graced by rings of grass
And waists are graced by straw
Patted into dainty place
By small Lutari paws.

Silken fur so shiny gold
And glowing in the sun,
Coats so fine and dappled by
A touch of cinnamon.

Island-hued Lutaris are
So lovely to behold...
Their beauty sparkling day and night
In colours bright and bold!

A Maractite Lutari
By Guddi6

Faintest cerulean doth gleam in eye,
A dive into the deep.
Silken waters caress the form
That into soul lets waters seep.
Fairest form doth hold the currents
Shining, ever-bright,
Like a radiant flare, sifting through waves,
A flame in silent night.
What creature, this, that graces the seas,
Flowing with the tide?
Cobalt coat, shimmering, fair
Through gentle water, glides.
Yet, fairer still, is the mystic gift,
Carved upon the fur;
Glimmering patterns, delicate arcs,
With a sheen, they seem seaspun.
Ancient symbols bless the pet
Engravings, runic, traced,
Magic gift, radiates might,
Maractite, 'tis named.

Party Time on a Hidden Island
By Filter

Lutari Island was lost to the ages,
The search continues for it still.
But upon that mystical island,
On this day, to party, the natives will.

Lutari Day is exciting,
Though many would never know.
The Lutaris swim and play
In their hidden little grotto.

The feasts are vast and plentiful,
Made of the island flora they eat.
The fruits are wild and untamed,
Never a dish does repeat.

Lutari games are playful and fun,
Though they like a little competition.
The races they run and building sandcastles
And all the quests that become the mission.

The invitations are sparse;
There's few maps to the Lutaris' Isle.
If you find one, keep it well hid,
This island is safe from defile.

If you can't get there, celebrate anyway,
The Lutaris' secret party can be your own.
Commemorate the day as best you can --
One day, Lutari Island's location will be known.

The Ice Cream Dream
By Cynthia_fire

Roaming around Happy Valley,
This Lutari serves ice cream
Guaranteed to fill your belly.
No! This isn't a dream!

With a coupon in one hand,
You can get ice cream
Without paying a single cent!
No! This isn't a dream!

There are tons of flavours available,
Even ketchup and water ice cream,
And try out sundaes with vegetables.
No! This isn't a dream!

Don't bargain with this Lutari,
Or he may not sell you ice cream.
He may be a friend of Adee...
No! This isn't a dream!

Mr. Chipper has come a long way --
Let's thank him for the ice cream.
Let's all celebrate Lutari Day,
No! This isn't a dream!

Why Lutari Day Is Unnecessary
By Concertogreat_8

I understand that,
In the natural course of action,
It is considered wise to provide
All pets, on the basis of a natural
Tendency toward equality,
With a day dedicated just to them.

Unfortunately I found that,
Unlikely and tragic as it is,
In my observation, there is no
Good reason to celebrate Lutari Day.

Now before you get upset or
Begin to rage, consider my listed
Points, carefully placed here for
Your rational consideration,
Free from bias and other
Unnecessary complications,
They are as follows:

Lutaris are terribly clumsy;
Yesterday my neighbour's
Knocked over my glass lamp --
They offered to pay, but of course
I declined, so now I'm out
A lamp and Neopoints,
And I loved that lamp.

Lutaris, predictably, are
Prone to habits that involve saltwater;
This is not bad, per se, but
When you consider how expensive
Water is these days, what with
The drought in the Lost Desert,
And also the ruined carpeting costs,
You can begin to understand, I'm sure.

Lutaris hail from an island that,
To my knowledge, has been
In a terrible storm for the past
Ages and ages or so, which is,
If you think logically for a second,
Really kind of suspicious and begs
The question of true moral character.

Lutaris are limited edition,
Let us not forget, that wouldn't do,
Which means they're difficult
To obtain and are frequently the cause
Of a lot of jealousy and embitterment
From those less fortunate Neopians.

So in short, to conclude, I'm guessing
By now you too are agreeing
That basically we don't need
Lutari Day, and discrimination is
A good thing, honestly --
It's not that I don't like Lutaris,
And I'm sure if we had a plethora
Of days, enough to spare, we'd do
Just fine to let them have one of
Their own, but seriously, with just
Three hundred sixty-five, we're
Getting a little cramped here.

Lutari on Blue-Tinted Wings
By Clockworkchildren

Playful smile spread 'cross his face,
A glint in his translucent eyes,
Faerie Lutari, ever elusive,
Fills us with surprise.

Sitting by the riverside,
Peering down at his handsome reflection,
The water ripples and swirls,
Breaking his thoughts and introspection.

Off he goes, into the clear spring sky,
Smiling down on the earth,
Cheerfully he flicks his tail,
As his face gleams with mirth.

Faerie Lutari, a sight of beauty,
An expert in sea and sky,
As Lutari he loves the water,
As faerie he loves flying up high.

Darting from place to place,
On blue-tinted wings, turquoise hues,
Onward and upward he does fly,
And bids you a sweet adieu.

Xana DiLanche, Shenkuu's Cherry Blossom
By Chimp_chicken_fish

She is gentle like the breeze,
radiant as the brightest star,
fragile as the cherry blossom.

She has great stamina
but quivers like a leaf,
but why is she afraid?

She is scared of the crowd,
of the Yooyu and of failure,
although she shines victorious.

She is Team Shenkuu's goalkeeper,
a position of great importance
in the annual Yooyuball tournament.

She was never that confident
with fast-paced sports,
but her friend and Captain believed.

She had faith from the beginning
that this timid young pink Lutari
could still prevent Yooyus getting past her.

She might appear to be weak,
thin, and a little bit shaky,
but you underestimate her power.

She is a hero of the tournament,
do not let looks fool you,
for this shy flower can turn a loss into a win.

She was chosen by her friend,
her Captain, and that choice meant
that this gentle soul could guard their goal.

The Maractite Lutari
By Anjie

Shadows do depart this place,
With molten sunlit gleam.
Flawless is the jungle world,
Tranquil the realm doth seem.
Silken shift, the waters part,
Aqua drifting slow.
Creature emerges, slinking, sleek,
Alight with turquoise glow.

Exotic do the patterns seem
That grace the creature's back.
Bold and outlined, jade and green,
In shapes sublime they track.
Sliding down the tail's plume,
Each swirl so subtle seems,
Kaleidoscope of blue and green,
The hues of ocean's dreams.

Each claw extended illustrates,
The scattered lines of blue.
Circling over crown of head,
Do whirling patterns skew.
Pallid jade, the watchful gaze,
That scans the jungle sky.
From river where he floats alone,
Just idle, drifting by.

Summon the Mist
By Amethyst_81

Shrouded deep in azure mist,
Secluded from the world,
Oceans pound upon its shores,
Relentless winds unfurled.
An island's secrets hidden deep,
Its heart still beats within,
Biding time until the day
Its future doth begin.

A glowing lustre through the trees,
Quick flash of cobalt light,
Ancient symbols swirled upon
Thick coat as dark as night.
Creatures born of mist and rain
Reach back into the past,
Before the birth of moon and stars
Or sun's first rays were cast.

With graceful steps, Lutaris dance,
A fevered, whirling gale,
A gathering of elements
From peak to river vale.
Rain doth fall from darkened sky
As clouds close ranks above,
A secret still this world remains
Protected by their love.

Essence of Lutari
By Agedbeauty

With a joyous leap
The Lutari arcs from
The water, eyes alight.
Emanating delight,
She dives beneath the waves,
Her place in the clear blue
Undeniable and
Amazing to behold.
Playful and ebullient,
Her sheer happiness is
Undeniable as
She flips and turns with ease,
At one with each current.
As you watch, you cannot
Help but hold your breath at
The majesty of her grace
As she erupts from the
Water to outline her
Form against the gilded sun.
Have you ever seen a
Sight more wondrous than a
Lutari in her own
Aquatic element?

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