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Soliloquy on a Grey Faerie
By Agedbeauty

The faeries are beloved
Across all Neopia.
Yes, they're vaunted and adored --
But not the poor grey faerie.

The faeries have their magic,
And each fae has her beauty.
Aye, each faerie has her wings --
But not the poor grey faerie.

Oh, the faeries have their quests,
With their rewards, great and small,
Stats, colours, crafting items --
But not the poor grey faerie.

Fyora has her castle,
And Illusen has her glade.
Jhudora roosts upon her bluff --
But not the poor grey faerie.

Each fae has her devotees,
Who will write her poems bright
And paint her shining visage,
But not the poor grey faerie.

And when Xandra froze the faes,
Oh, how everybody wailed!
Even the pie had mourners,
But not the poor grey faerie.

How cold the world must seem
To the poor grey faerie.

The Way of Grey
By Anjie

The Krawk, she stood in misery,
Real anguish on her face.
Yes, the lab had changed her hue,
Now grey, the world she'd face.

On this day all seemed to shift,
The fickle lab of fate.
Trembling had the Krawk called forth,
"Oh no!" Alas, too late.

Gone were scales, crimson red,
Ended with lab's own ray.
The form now drab, the colour drained,
The marks of one so grey.

On this day, her world grew dim,
On this day came change.
Dismal, she wandered alone,
In misery, so strange.

Suddenly did thought come forth,
This revelation, had.
Really though, she wouldn't fade,
And spend her life so sad.

Cheered by all that she did think,
The Krawk did buck the trend.
Easily, she smiled wide,
Dark misery? The end!

By bringing colour from within,
Your merry life can stay!
Make this Krawk a symbol then,
Enjoy your greyest day!

Rain's Language
By Baila456

Rain's language
Pelts to the ground in frustration,
Its whispers echoing
From its tiny drops' fragility,
Shattering like glass
Onto unwelcome Neopian ground.

Rain's language
Speaks out in vain,
In attempts of retelling
Its thousand sobering tales
To simple Neopians
Too innocent to understand.

Rain's language
Is denounced in its pattery dialect,
Rejected in its complexity
From volumes of mother tongues,
Its message solely interpreted as
"Let's go inside and stay dry."

Rain's language
Is ignored to near extinction,
But I welcome its slurred speech
And gurgling narrations,
For you see, curious onlooker,
Only we Greys can understand
Rain's language.

Sigh... Feeling Grey Today
By Clockworkchildren

Why, oh why?
Looking out at the drab grey sky,
With all the strength that you can muster,
Out into Neopia you go, into the day so lacklustre.
Passing grey pets, April's rain on their backs,
See fake smiles, sadness showing through cracks,
Sometimes in life you just can't be bothered,
Today's just one of those days, I suppose.

The breeze seems to sigh,
As you try to think of a reason to smile,
Red eyes glistening with tears to be shed,
Grey pets, broken-hearted, just want to stay in bed.
Today, why do I have to get up today?
I will do it tomorrow, or the next day instead.
Just leave us alone today, to stay with our thoughts;
After all, happiness cannot be taught.

What is it with all this woe?

I'm just not feeling it today;
How I wish this feeling would go away,
So hard to keep the tears at bay,
Just try to make the most of this Grey Day.

Grey Day Lullaby
By Concertogreat_8

Hush, love, listen quietly,
Close your eyes and sleep;
Outside grey is chased away,
And here inside we're safe,
So I'll tell you a story:

Said brave Samrin to Balthazar,
"I do not fear you;
I will not desert my friends."
So he got those Petpets all safe
And everybody knows his name;
That's the end of the story.

Said the sunshine to the wet rain,
"You won't hold me back,
I will always shine through you!"
So she shone through that dreadful mist
And lit up all Neopia;
That's the end of the story.

Said the Pteri to her small chick,
"Baby, do not fear,
I will never let you fall."
So then off bravely he did fly
Singing to wind and moon and sun;
That's the end of the story.

Said the stars to the angry clouds,
"You cannot hide us,
We will sparkle brighter now!"
So they twinkled right through the clouds,
And lit up the whole night sky;
That's the end of the story.

Said young Sir Jeran to Lord Kass,
"Sir, I've come for thee,
I will not let evil triumph."
So to victory he did lead
All the forces of good and right;
That's the end of the story.

Hush, baby, sleep now;
At the end of the day
We will overcome the grey;
Working together we will forever
Hold the darkness at bay.

Waiting for a Smile on Grey Day
By Filter

When on other holidays you jump and cheer,
How can you celebrate a day like today?
It's not sunny, it's not happy,
It's sad because it's Grey Day.

Hand out the cake but no one eats,
They're too depressed to pick up a fork.
No one's singing songs or taking to dance,
They all just mope around feeling like dorks.

How about they snuggle a Petpet?
Those little guys can cheer anyone!
But no, they're grey too, and just as sad,
That has taken away all the fun.

Silly Neopets, stop being so sullen,
It's your special holiday.
You can't shuffle off and hide in your corner,
Running off to be emo is not the way.

Grey's just your skin, pull through the mire,
Chase away bad feelings, fight them tooth and claw.
You don't have to act your dismal colour,
There is no Paint Brush law!

Crack that smile, sad little Neopet,
Grey is just a colour; there are no hopes to crush.
Fine, forget it, I give up,
Someone get me a Faerie Paint Brush.

Grey Day Blues
By Inesneth

Your Single Grey Flower droops,
Its soggy bulb forlorn.
Your once-rosy breakfast tea
Is now mushy pallid soup.

At your friend's birthday party,
Grey pizza is served.
After endless Grey Ice Cream Cones,
You become quite unnerved.

But amidst the pallid swirl,
There is beauty to be found.
'Tis the time to don those Dull Grey Pearls,
And put away that frown.

Comb your Bushy Grey Eyebrows
With your bendy Grey Comb.
Pay the Grey Faerie a visit,
And party with grey Kaus.

Grey may show its true colours,
At the end you'll see --
It's ever so shy and elegant,
As graceful as can be.

a grey day
By Jjquil

not just a colour, but
a state of mind
in which i do not
my words, or
change my inflection
because monotone
suits my mood
i cannot rhyme
because that would sound
and happy is not grey
grey does not have rhythm
or joy
or playfulness
or energy
grey is simply
and plain
and boring
and lachrymose
grey is rain clouds, and
because every day
is the same when

Tale of the Grey Faerie -- a Dreary Account
By Kidagakash_nedakh

I'm sure you've heard the tale a thousand times,
of the faerie clothed in rags with silver-grey hair,
tinted with dismal shades of brown,
tattered wings and a face lined with frowns...
Her name is Baelia, if you at all care.

She wasn't always like this, you see,
time has passed, seasons have altered,
and Baelia is no longer the same.
She wanders around, and who can she blame?
Jennumara the dark faerie is to be faulted.

Baelia was once free as the wind,
flying and dancing over dazzling moon stones.
She was happy as a faerie can be.
Her spirit reflected the power of the sea,
vivacious to her core and bones.

The dreadful Jennumara took her spirit away,
clipped her wings and voided her powers.
Her magic was completely and utterly destroyed,
her heart no longer overfilled with joy.
Long seconds turned to minutes and those to hours.

Finally light shone on her life of never-ending night.
A mountain climber by the name of Tavi
discovered her prison and set her free.
Baelia was never seen again,
but along with her went her pain.

Chronos (to a Grey Gelert)
By Larkspurlane

Years ago he was wise
And joyful and alive,
Then came that experiment
In the monochrome.

And now they think him Relic-painted,
Ossified into naught but stone --
But no stone is he,
Just grey fur and flesh
Weighty with grief,
Misery his own
Personal gravity.

He lives not but merely exists,
A shadow composed of
Tar-black thoughts
Tinged with sorrows --
He is but a forgotten weed
Limply surviving between
Paving stones -- a survivor
Between the cracks of life,
As decade after decade
Grinds on.

To the Grey Neopians
By Magicalcameron

Why is it that you're gloomy?
Is it because the weather may be stormy?
Does food taste of ash?
Is it because your hopes were dashed?

Your greyed pelt doesn't shimmer from good health,
and your eyes lacking emotion's bottomless wealth.

Sorrow does over take you.
Why? Would you give us a clue?
Is there some potion we must renew?
Or is it just your particular melancholy view?

Was this due to some malevolent potions' strength?
No -- a paint brush magically imbued?

A kin to Baelia, the grey fae,
the one with anguish-filled eyes,
With her torn dress
and broken wings.
Does she take flight,
amongst the faeries with delight?

Striped of her magic was she,
by Jennumara, and
locked away encaged with a lock that
held her name.

Misery doth take you
into its hollow shell,
Taking with it all your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions.
Your movements lethargic,
without purpose.

Bring forth a radiant smile,
don't let it sink.
Ignited a secret memory,
that lights your heart's core.
I call to thee;
I evoke your
passions, your indulgences!
I call to thee,
to set aside all woes and pains.
I call to thee!

I Feel Grey
By Mamasimios

I feel grey, listless, and limp,
As doleful as a Gloomacinth,
Neither light nor colour radiate
While I prod my inner psychic ache.

Just like that drab and droopy bloom,
I lack sweet nectar and perfume.
I walk around in forlorn fog
That seals me, safe, and cuts me off.

I feel grey, filled with despair,
As flimsy as wet newspaper.
My thoughts are pulpy, as indistinct
As a sodden page with streaky ink.

Just like the Times dropped in a puddle,
I feel ruined, mushy, and muddled.
I try to find my unspoiled heart,
But my edges are stuck, won't tease apart.

I feel grey, distant, remote,
As helpless as a small dust mote.
Directionless and inchoate,
I surrender to the winds of fate.

Just like that dust mote in the air,
My mind sheds debris, is in disrepair.
In shady corners I flail and float,
Shunning sun rays that would point me out.

Yet I am not a Gloomacinth,
A dusty speck, or wet newsprint.
I am simply feeling grey;
Tomorrow might be a better day.

Grey Faerie: It's Not Easy
By Mayfloziarea

The sky is crying, shedding cold tears
That fall upon my land today.
A heavy silence hangs in the air;
Everything, everywhere, is grey.
I hide in my home alone,
I don't hear the Neopets sing.
Even the other faeries are sad today;
They cry and fold their wings.

Everyone lives my life today...
One of perpetual grey,
Where nothing seems to please them much,
The sadness they cannot push away.
Everyone is sad today,
No one can laugh or dance.
No one can glimpse the smile of sun;
The world is in a sad trance.

A trance of mourning and regrets
That surface and overflow,
Your hearts will be overwhelmed;
The grey is too much to hold.
If it is just for one day,
That seems unbearable to you.
Can you imagine a grey life,
Where every day is like that too?

Where you cannot feel the song of sun,
The grace of rainbows whole.
Where the stars seem depressing to you,
Where the skies are grey and not gold?
Do you know the pain I feel,
To be chained to this land?
To have broken wings that never work,
To have naught a friend?

I long to explore the world beyond
My sad grey cave -- my home.
But broken wings have chained me here,
Sad, afraid, alone.
It is Grey Day today:
Can you feel the sadness creep
Into your warm and cheerful hearts,
To make you sigh and weep?

It is not easy to be me...

By Moulinrouge21

Melancholy as the never-ending rain falls,
Pitter-patter constantly against the walls.
Blackened clouds creating a cold drab day,
No warmth or sunshine, not one single ray.

Puddles of misery, nature continues to weep,
An air of pity hovers around those trying to sleep.
Colours are absent, no light in here,
Happiness cowers, and laughter is in fear.

Sadness prevails, a victorious emotion indeed,
Abundance of positive emotions waiting to be freed.
Flowers wilt as lightning ignites the sky,
Neopians voices echo around, one loud sigh.

Everyone gathers, nightmare is nearly finished,
Forget this day, and let its trail be diminished.
Let's unite together and raise spirits once more,
We shall be the happiest Neopets Neopia ever saw.

"Happy" Grey Day
By Saqo

Oh, it's Grey Day. I guess I should be
excited, but I'm painted grey, you see,
for a most certain true reason I'll tell,
as it matches my personality so well.

I find myself moving a little bit slower,
now that I've been painted grey by my owner.
I don't smile much anymore, and when I do
it's usually followed by a tear or two.

I used to be a pink pet -- can you believe?
But then one day my owner found a deal
on a new paint brush and decided to see
what the outcome would be and painted me.

It's just a little dreary, being grey,
and not so very fun, I must also say.
I usually sit under the rain clouds
that follow me and add to my frown.

I guess I miss being pink; it's quite
the opposite of what I am now, and I might
say that I'd like to switch with you...
but who'd want to switch with me too?

But I don't believe being grey is so bad.
For while it's depressing and a little sad.
At least I get time alone to my thoughts too
and had the time to write this poem for you.

Happy Grey Day... I guess.

Blues and Greys
By Tealnova_dragon

At the bottom of every Neopet's heart
Is a yearning for love and acceptance.
Some turn blue with sadness,
Some turn grey with loss.

Blueness is easy, simple.
Just a quick emotion of sad.

But grey is more complex,
and infinitely more painful.

A grey Neopet will watch the stars,
And their heart will ache in time
with the bright pulses of the heavens.

Alone on Neopia, they wish and wring their hearts
For their deepest of desires.

So today, we celebrate their greyness.
Walk up to one and tear their gaze away
From the emptiness of the sky.

Hug them and tell them,
"Happy Grey Day today."

Silent Storm
By Togepi_forever

The clouds are gathering again,
slowly drifting, blotting out the sun.
Shadows cast; the world turns grey.

Softly, quietly, the wingless ones emerge;
tilt their faces to the sky,
embracing the rain.

Frownies rise from the depths,
serene and silent,
welcoming the day
where colours disappear.

No rainbows will come from this storm.
Neither destruction, nor life --
for once, it simply is.

The rest of the world, seldom quiet,
now stands in unspoken vigil --
they have shadows, too.

They all know that after this day,
just one day a year,
colours will be born anew.

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