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The Joy of Being a Shoyru
By Saqo

Flying fast, swooping and soaring,
this is what the Shoyru is known for.
I am a Shoyru. As I fly I see Neopia
below me, wide, expansive, and diverse.

I feel the wind in my wings.
This is indeed the feeling of freedom!
I fly over Faerieland, Tyrannia,
as far as Shenkuu and the Darigan Citadel.

I can visit any world I desire.
Any part of Neopia is reachable.
Any goal I want can be completed;
this is the joy of being a Shoyru.

Shoyrus are the most popular pet,
but what sets us apart is flight.
Among the only pets who can fly,
it's truly a gift that we enjoy.

Wind whips past my face and the snow
of Terror Mountain stings, but the feeling
is one of refreshment... and freedom!
That's what being a Shoyru is about.

Happy Shoyru Day!

Blue Shoyru Whizzing By
By Carrotbreath

Tonight I spotted you again!
Every so often by me you fly;
But not once have you stopped.
I'm led to assume you're shy.
But still I'm left to wonder:
Is your home the sky?

No, it mustn't, it can't be!
Surely loved in every land;
That's why you never stop!
Yes, from the sea to the sand,
You visit all your friends,
And never alone you stand.

But what if you are alone?
Too aerial for the sea,
the sand, for any land.
Is that why you fly by me,
To seek my friendship?
Well, I for one will not answer your plea.

Shoyru Sonnet
By Peterpuffin1

Hark -- wings on air! That gentle, airy sound,
Swift followed by a breeze against the cheek
Whence comes this? Why, Shoyrus! Above ground,
In parks, food shops, and ev'ry town boutique!
It's Shoyru Day! That day of endless bliss
Which, every year, observes this merry pet
What other holiday compares to this?
Oh, what a bright and colourful vignette!
Across all seas and lands, the Shoyrus dance
Their eyes aglow, their wings spread out in flight,
They laugh, they sing; they run, romp, and prance,
And carry on likewise into the night,
At which point, gentle Shoyrus bow their heads
And fall into their restful Shoyru beds!

The Wish of a Pounded Shoyru
By Mayfloziarea

It is not within my will,
But fate has bound me here.
I have no one to share thoughts with,
No one to hold me dear.
I am just not what they want;
They don't care about me.
I've been abandoned countless times;
There is nowhere I can be.

It is not my fault that I am plain,
For I am no rare gem.
But why can't they see past my looks,
And accept me for who I am?
Is it really too much to ask,
To be loved and cared for?
Am I really doomed to be
The last one left outside the door?

My name may not stand out much,
But it is one I cannot change.
Can you please see past all these,
And help fulfill my wish?
Can you please give me a home,
And give me your love too?
If you give me your love and care,
I will return your love too...

Shoyru Flight
By Concertogreat_8

Water waits
In a glass on the windowsill;
Sighs liquid
To the garden.

Tiny feet pad, pause;
White excitement escapes
On a wheeze of breath
So silence flees.

A papery second
Stirs the breeze outside
And the yard yawns
In frosty sleep.

Now the door gapes open
In grieved abandon
Watching the frost bleed
Grey eyes on the ground.

By the fence the fugitive waits;
Beat goes the thrilling heart
Into a humming air,
Small paws clasped in awe.

The sky is ocean-blue
With a silver-penny moon
And above shadows streak:
The Shoyrus fly tonight.

By Tamia_silverwing

Starry Shoyru, bright and bold,
He dreams of where the air is cold
And sets his sights on endless skies
Where one day he might bravely fly.

Above the trees, above the clouds,
There is a place where dreams abound
And dreamers like the Shoyru know
That there's where all their dreaming goes.

The closer to the stars you soar,
The more you think, reflect, explore.
This is why we dream, you see.
We dream of what the world could be.

The stars are like the motes of thought
The clouded world below forgot.
Should their glow alight on you,
Then you may be enlightened too.

Starry Shoyru, full of cheer,
He flies up where the air is clear
And dances in the skies at night,
Spreading dreams.
Spreading light.

The Shoyru's Journey to Tyrannia
By Athrel

It was a dark night in the unforgiving Tyrannia;
The night air was cold -- chilling to the bones.
Windows misted with a wishy cloudy fog
Of dreadful and dark grey colours and tones,
Somewhat resembling a pit of ancient bog.

Shoyru clutched at her arms trying to keep warm;
But it was a futile attempt, a foolish try.
She had been trudging along the unpaved streets,
Without food, without money, her water bottle dry.
Strength was running out; sores blistered her feet.

She'd have flown, but her little wings were tired,
Weathered down by the hostile climate.
The winds were cruel and leering,
Whispering that this was her fate.
It was almost as if they were mocking her. Jeering.

Her eyes cast down to the dusty cobbled ground.
Strangely, she thought, it reflected her mood;
Bare, lonely, fluttering in pointless ways.
No, I mustn't think of this, she told herself as she shrugged on her hood.
The journey must go on though hard were the days.

For, you see, the Shoyru was on a mission;
She must meet with the high priest,
To warn him of the impending danger.
In wilderness of Tyrannian Plains roamed a beast,
Who was fearsome, brutal and quick to anger.

She had already travelled so far;
One more step or a hundred should matter no more.
Though she was tired and weary to the core,
Her mind was determined, her heart was set.
And she soldiered on. Little by little, step by step.

Torshac, Shoyru Scout
By Phadalusfish

"Secrets," he whispers, smiling,
"Are never safe."
He has that knowing look
And that conniving grin.

"You see," he goes on,
The book open on his lap,
Diary scrawled across the cover,
Of a Hero.

I look at him in awe:
This is the kind of Shoyru
That I've always, will always
Want to be.

"You see," he goes on,
"The night has eyes."
Great red goggles
Perch on his forehead.

A staff in hand,
Glowing with a great,
Green light,
Illuminates his concealed eyes.

"And ears," he finishes.
There's a cap on his head,
Brown, complete with flaps
That hang over his ears.

The goggles,
The hat,
They both hide what only
I seem to know:

The Shoyru Scout is growing old.

His mantle will pass to me.

Something Has Happened!
By Jjquil

Something blue comes whizzing by:
A Shoyru, zooming through the sky,
A gleam of mischief in his eye
As he swoops and soars so high.

He's showing off, since he can fly!
Other pets can't even try...
They lack the wings, and with a sigh,
They see the Shoyru wave goodbye.

He vaults and loops, he will defy
Gravity; no reason why
That Shoyru's courage can't belie
The laws of physics in the sky.

Through rain or sunlight, he will fly
With cheerful smile and battle cry!
He could be a Shoyru spy
Or an agile athlete spry;

But far more likely, just a guy
Who really loves that he can fly.
Something blue comes whizzing by:
A Shoyru, zooming through the sky.

Shoyru Springtime
By Filter

It's a wonderful thing, a Shoyru in spring,
Singing and dancing, flying and prancing.
Grazing the flowers, touching the sky,
Bringing out blooms wherever they fly.

They chase away the wintry days,
They beckon in the warmer ways.
The clear blue sky, the grass so green,
Away with the white chilly snow they clean.

They frolic across meadows, glide across the sea,
Where you spy new growth, there's a Shoyru to see.
The bright new leaves, the flowers that smile,
The Shoyru spreads spring from mile to mile.

Their simple gaze melts all the ice,
They never have to try it twice.
Their grin calls down the sun's warming rays,
And scares away the darkest days.

Their acrobatics are a delight,
So graceful and poised when in flight.
No Neopet could resist to look,
Their fancy flying is far from textbook.

If the cold of winter has you down,
Your loving Shoyru will change that frown.
Let it fly free, it's got work to do,
It'll come back, bringing spring straight to you!

Her First Shoyru Day
By Agedbeauty

It's her first Shoyru Day,
And her eyes are gleaming.
Her first time to share the joy,
And her excitement's teeming.

She may have stayed up late,
Past dark the night before,
But this little Shoy's not tired,
All she knows is the allure!

Of balloons, of sounds, of music!
Of dancing and the light.
Of joyful singing, lovely costumes,
And new colours oh so bright.

She can't wait to hear the
New books read aloud,
And taste all the new foods
As she's weaving through the crowd.

Maybe there'll be new plushies,
For her to hold so tight,
Or maybe there'll be new clothes,
Their beauty a delight!

She's bouncing in excitement,
The festivities are under way!
There's so much fun she's going to have
On her very first Shoyru Day.

For Xiuhcoatli
By _Razcalz_

This isn't
just any plushie Shoyru, oh no --
he might look like that
other toy, from the
cone of his red-patched horn
to the threads on his road-worn soles,
to the dimly dotted gold
of his wing-spread,

but to explain why he's not --
well --

I'd tell you of a dreamer
and her wish,
and how one Day of Giving
while new snow fell
that wish bade reality hello,
in the form
of blue Xiuhcoatli
and his wide, wide eyes.

A Shoyru, a plushie, a
story of how
dreams so old yet never faded
come to be.

Flight of Flame
By Anjie

Yonder in the distance dark,
Onyx the night doth seem.
Underneath the shrouded sky,
Catch sight of brilliant gleam.

A flicker, subtle, then a flame.
The clouds, reflections throw.
Catching glimmer, colours bright,
Hot crimson, gold doth glow.

Magma tones, the creature drifts,
Over the ground beneath.
Red, the tinge of spanning wings,
Each bound by fire's wreath.

Meandering on shadowed cloud,
Obsidian, this night.
Colours brilliant do reflect,
Kaleidoscope from flight.

In darkest hour doth she fly,
Night compliments her flame.
Golden flicker in the eve,
Just the realm she'll claim.

A wish to dwell forever there,
Yearns for the midnight toll,
She climbs into the glowing sky.
Where starlight gleams, she'll stroll.

In the moonlight she'll glide by.
The onyx of her form,
Hues brilliant, crimson, bright.
Streaked in a blazing storm.

Under the stars that shine so bright,
Gaze seems like a fire's breath.
A blaze of burning, emerald green.
Real flames dwell in their depth.

Trailing on the moonlight path,
Higher she'll seem to race.
Against the glow of moonlit shine.
Night's hold, she will embrace.

Bold flames on form do soft entwine.
Relax in the evening's chill.
Each breeze doth light her chosen way.
A realm so stark and still.

Darkest realm, the place she'll stay,
No need for sunlight sky.
On dawn's own break, she'll hide again,
Wish for day to drift by.

On Wings
By Limes_and_kitties

On his wings he flies
Across the roaring seas
Over the white snow clouds
Past the gurgling creek.

He sees above the land
Across the glades of Neopia,
Over our world he flies
On his sky-blue wings.

The sky turned purple,
Lined with the light,
A royal colour
Dashed with orange.

And his mighty wings
Propel him toward
That orange,
The orange of the sun.

On the second of Eating,
He rests upon the sky,
Glancing at the world below,
Proud to be a Shoyru.

The Shoyru Princess
By Frosteddewdrops

Two shimmering pools of deep-set
liquid emerald
Speckled with silver
illuminated by moonbeam.

Twilight crept upon her
Beauty of Day,
Her brilliance extinguished
By tendrils of Night.

Bearing every shade of purples and blues,
Her silk robes swept the forest floor,
Complemented by sky's violet hue,
Once admired and still adored.

Exiled from the land,
Though by mistake;
Restored to power,
Kingdom awaits.

She places crown upon her head,
Gleaming gold helm adorned with jewels,
Sapphires set aglow by milky radiance --
The Royalgirl Shoyru has finally come home.

Kentari's Voyage
By Magicalcameron

On the sea,
aboard the Cyodrake's Gaze,
I tend to the ship's weaponry.
Keeping things perfect
absolutely perfect.
Everything must be perfect.

The seas shift --
sand shaken in a bottle.
Tormented, swirling
around, around, around,

Water poured on deck,
I hold the ropes tight.
Not wanting to be tossed into the tempest.

The battering,
the sails flapping about

Settling, the waters calm,
unbothered. Flat.
I breathe.

Lazy Hoban,
sleeping somewhere
I had thought --
had been hurled into sea.
Bonju's the culprit!
(Oh, how I hate shenanigans!)

Resting now,
Shenkuu is a perfect home.
I sell weapons
polished, sharpened, tempered
by my hand,
And they're

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