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The Fabulous First Four Days of Daily Dare
By Ktkdk

After years on this site I decided to try
That famous site event that makes gamers cry:
Daily Dare is its name, and it looked like fun;
It was even more so once I'd begun.

The first day began. Top Chop was the game.
I'd never played before, didn't recognise the name.
Giving myself a tricky task, I challenged Avinroo,
Then read the instructions to know what to do.
With nerves of steel, I pressed the spacebar,
And shot through the levels like a shooting star.

Crisis Courier was the challenge the next day.
Now that is a game that I know how to play!
But it proved to be a difficult task.
Boy, in those later levels, you have to move fast!
After dozens of tries I was feeling blue,
But finally I got the score that I needed to.

Oh, Faerie Bubbles, the third day was a fright!
I had to play that game all through the night.
My high score before was nine hundred and five,
Far from the score one thousand to which I strived.
I got that score three times, but what a terror:
The first two times I sent my score, I got an error.

The fourth day dawned with the Imperial Exam,
Which revealed that I am a literary sham.
Readers, I must tell you, I don't do everything well.
I need to confess, I simply cannot spell!
Even on easy level I had to struggle and strain
To fill up the exam room again and again.

It is surely a challenge, but I like it a ton --
This event called Daily Dare is totally fun!
Although each game was stressful until I won,
I will be depressed and upset when it's done.

The Real Daily Dare
By Mamasimios

I have a little sister -- you know the kind --
Simple thoughts and a simple mind.
I take one small break from my hover chair,
And when I return, she's sitting there!

I give a shout out to our mum,
"Hey, Abby's in my gaming room!"
And what is her pointless, parental advice?
"Why don't you kids try to play nice?"

Why can't Abigail just understand
That when I see my controls in her small hands,
Her obvious lack of gaming skills
Makes me feel awfully, terribly ill?

It is to me a challenge, a Daily Dare,
To have a sister who doesn't care.

I have a big brother -- you may have heard --
A geeky gamer, a techno nerd,
I don't think it's fair that because he's older,
He gets a hover chair with wireless controllers.

I know Ari thinks that I'm a pest,
But when we play games, I try my best.
I may not send the highest scores,
But isn't that what practise is for?

I just hope that when we are grown,
We'll play again and then I can show him
That my scores don't reflect a weaker mind,
That all I ever needed was training and time.

It is to me a challenge, a Daily Dare,
To have a brother who doesn't care.

Challenging AAA
By Pansyparkinson14

With his handsome buttoned suit,
He looks like quite the gentleman,
So who would have thought that this Blumaroo,
Would be such an avid gaming fan?

Behind those square-rimmed glasses
Lies a formidable gaming foe,
In a mere few minutes, possibly,
He can cause you a bit of woe.

Is your score not high enough to beat
The score of this young gaming master?
Can he defeat you easily,
Being more resourceful, trained, and faster?

But don't be alarmed, it is possible,
To vanquish AAA,
You just have to practise hard, and hope
That it's a game you know how to play.

Remember, though, that having fun,
Is the most important thing,
And besides, is it really so bad,
To lose against a gaming king?

I Shall Defeat You, Aristotle A. Avinroo
By Carrotbreath

On time every year you arrive;
Along with Abigail, your skills thrive,
Awaiting my gaming to be frail,
But AAA, this year you will fail.
I plan to take home the gold,
And leave you with defeat, a defeat so cold.

Years before to you I have lost,
And just my pride was the cost,
But with zeal that trophy I chase,
So wipe that smug grin from your face
And that troubling glare in your eyes,
Because beating you shall be its own prize.

I've practised for this very day,
And there's not a game I'm not ready to play.
Caught off-guard time after time,
But now there's no feat too high to climb,
Because I am what you should fear most:
A top gamer.

By Jjquil

Alight in the glow of a computer screen,
Thick-rimmed glasses, blue and red;
A headset, speakers buzzing static,
Framing that ever-growing head.

Beady black eyes, darting, tracking;
Eyebrows furrowed in concentration;
Fingers flexing, twitching, tapping;
And then, a smirk of sheer elation.

He is still a child in years, but
Prodigy, genius, master!
No puzzle challenges that mind
He always solved them faster.

With every high score that he sets,
The initials typed are 'AAA',
First in the alphabet, first to win --
It's no coincidence, he would say.

The arrogance, aloofness, audacity,
Such an ego! So prideful, it's true:
Nothing matters more than winning
To Aristotle A. Avinroo.

A Personal Invitation from Aristotle A. Avinroo
By Alagfalaswen

Greetings, gamers. As you might have guessed,
it's time again to put your skills to the test
with this newest of games I have cleverly
devised, to see if you have even minimally
improved to meet my meticulous
standards. You aced my dares last year? Ridiculous!
A whole year might as well be
centuries ago. You see,
skills can rust, decay,
grow clumsy and numb from lack of play.
Eyes lose their focus, attention to
detail. That's why I, Aristotle A. Avinroo,
ensure my superior techniques
are honed every day. Even Abigail's picks
of games to practise with are tolerable,
but only just.

As for you, gamer, I offer my first
invitation to my prestigious event. Why,
the score benchmarks used are my own. I
have ensured that each challenge uses the best score
I have personally achieved. (Not that I have to, for
really, do you honestly think you can beat me?)
Ah, you think you will? Well, we will see.

So, I'll meet you at this year's Daily Dare
and see which of the likes of you can compare
your meagre gaming skills to
Aristotle A. Avinroo!

The Daily Dare
By Crimsonxninja

The time is nigh,
Daily Dare is here;
that's right!
In you, AAA will strike fear.
The greatest game player to ever hit Neopia,
never ceasing to amaze,
now you've got game-a-phobia.
A challenge, a battle, a fight to the end;
a tease, a loss, but this time you may win.

Who's to say how this battle will go,
no one is certain, but AAA may know.
That time may have come for gamers to arise,
to defeat him and win some fabulous prize.

So many games to play, all his choice;
screaming at your computer screen,
you may lose your voice.
Other challengers await,
none near as great as he.
Try not to seal your fate,
battling his easier family.

The very name
that sends shivers down your back,
Aristotle A. Avinroo,
he won't cut you any slack.
So get your game gear ready,
sit tight, don't be late.
The Games Master will now decide your fate.
Sneaking up every year,
giving gamers quite the scare.
What is this challenging feud called?
Why, it's called the Daily Dare!

AAA: the Obnoxious Blumaroo
By Running_stallion

He's a rather obnoxious Blumaroo,
known in Moltara to Maraqua,
you must play your cards right, or he will burn you.

Sporting a rumpled red 'do,
and cheap 3-D glasses,
wearing a crimson suit with a handkerchief
the most peculiar green and blue.

Walking with a mahogany cane,
topped with a light green jewel,
just the sound of his voice provokes pain.

"Foolish Neopian, how dare you challenge me?!"
He'll spit, and you'll bow at this feet,
Show respect: he's the games guru of the century.

"Oh dear, Mr. AAA,"
You sputter sheepishly,
daring to speak his name.

"I would like to challenge you."
Gain some confidence
and puff out your chest defiantly.

Takes to the Games Room quickly now!
Find a seat at the nearest game,
and hope you won't be beaten shameless, somehow.

And off you go,
fingers and paws flying over the keypad,
while AAA sits calmly, he is the master,
you know.

The beep signifies the end of the game,
and you lean back in your chair, satisfied,
but still aware of your score, which is quite lame.

"Ha, I told you so!"
He laughs snidely,
as you stand to go.

But, wait, you turn back confidently,
and wave to the boisterous Blumaroo,
you'll get him next year, surely.

Dear AAA, a Letter from Abigail
By Leafairygirl999

Dear AAA,

I know that I may be a pain,
and you surely wouldn't deny it,
But every day you game and game,
And I can't even try it.

You set your scores so high, so high,
That I can't even jump.
My hopes are falling from the sky,
And they land on the ground with a bump.

I wish there was some way around this,
But you and I both know that it's true
That your scores are too good -- I'll miss,
And that's why I'm feeling blue.

I'm inferior to you in every way,
From my game scores to my fame.
No matter how hard I play and play,
I just can't beat you at one game!

So, please, couldn't you try,
Even if it hurt your pride,
Even if it made you cry,
You'd walk with a king's stride...

Could you let me beat you at one game?

I don't know,
Maybe it's too much to ask,
But every day I go,
And I always fail my task.

All the Neopians are better than me,
And none are better than you.
Open your eyes, can't you see,
Why I'm feeling blue???

Your Loving Sister Abigail

Daily Dare Excitement
By Sam1122922226737

I logged onto Neopets today
To check out the latest Daily Dare.
Which of the many games to play
Will I find waiting for me there?

My excitement builds as I click the link
And the page loads on my screen.
As I examine the images, I'm brought to the brink;
What a welcome break from the usual routine!

As I challenge my skills
On AAA's demanding score
My heart thrills,
And I just want more!

In the end, I succeed my goal.
Tomorrow, a new challenge will be waiting.
Indeed, Daily Dare as a whole
is the best; there can be no debating!

Daily Dare Time, Yay
By Autotune

What's your favourite part
of the Daily Dare?
Some Neopets profess to enjoy the
"dare" side of everything, but
that just means they can't
decide on anything,
because dares are
kinda everything
when it comes to the Daily Dare.
Yeah, well...
what's your favourite part again?
Others say they just like
the "gaming" theme of the event,
and dares don't matter
any either how which way,
but those Neopets
are the same ones who think that
winning isn't everything.
But what about you,
what do you like
about the Daily Dare?
Me, I like dares --
even when they're daily --
and I like games
well enough, I guess,
but most of all... I really like
Lulu's hair.

The Legend Known as AAA
By Uberdancingdolphin

The hard-set eyes
Have seen many a screen,
Behind red and blue lenses
With tape in between.

The worn, weathered hands
Many joysticks have grasped
And buttons have jabbed,
Just before time has lapsed.

The near regal stance
Lets all onlookers know
The fight they'll be facing;
They are in for a show.

The acclaimed name AAA
Strikes black paranoia
Into those most stout-hearted;
It's the gamer's insignia.

The insignia of talent
That just can't be beat,
It's now time to face him,
So up on your feet!

The win or the loss
Will truly matter naught,
As long as a chance to see
Him in action you've caught!

His tips and his secrets
Shall help you on your way,
So even you can become
A master gamer some day.

Pride of Aristotle A. Avinroo
By Jennifur97

Are you brave enough to face me?
Are you strong enough to prevail?
For even if you beat my sister,
Against me, you are destined to fail.

Have you practised all year long?
To dusk's sleep from the awake of dawn?
Even then, you're not as good as I --
Your pitiful efforts make me yawn.

Every waking hour I spend
Playing in the arcade, and
You all flock to watch me play --
You do it straight for thirty days.

So you believe that you can beat me, do you?
Be well warned: I am Aristotle A. Avinroo!

Nothing Rhymes with Challenge
By Theblackxparade

It's that time of year, the time to play.
"But what is the Daily Dare?", you say?
Each day in March brings a new contest,
All different tasks that you must best
With tests of skill, of dexterity,
Staggered with irregularity.

So you think you're game, ready to play?
Then go ahead, challenge AAA.
Or are you unsure, lacking technique?
Then Abigail's score can still be beat.
If Neocash doodads are your thing,
Then tickets to Lulu you must bring.

At midnight exactly NST,
You'll find out what the next game will be.
If by chance it's one that you favour,
Your stroke of luck is one to savour,
For the day will come when you are faced
With a challenge that you won't embrace.

You'll worry, you'll fret, I'll tell you why,
You've toiled for naught, all wasted tries.
So give those games a quick refresher,
Then you'll know you can face the pressure,
For if you're rubbish in just one round,
With a gold trophy you shan't be crowned.

Daily Dare, I Am Aware
By Filter

Daily Dare, I am aware,
That you are very hard.
Your challenges are many,
The prizes could be any,
With games you do bombard.

Daily Dare, I am aware,
That AAA can't be beat.
Though I'll try all night,
With all my might,
Beating him would be a feat.

Daily Dare, I am aware,
That Abigail is kindly.
Her demands are low,
You can play real slow,
And send off your scores blindly.

Daily Dare, I am aware,
The Double Dare is scary.
Prizes from both siblings,
Always lovely things,
But beating AAA is hairy.

Daily Dare, I am aware,
Of your friendly Team Challenge.
Choose to beat the boy,
Or his sister who's a joy,
It's a partner I must scavenge.

Daily Dare, are you aware?
I will fight you tooth and nail.
I'll play all day,
That's the only way,
A gold trophy will be my tale.

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