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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The One and Only
By Angelachen97

Fair and beautiful, smart and swift,
With those eyes of emerald green,
She resides in a glade in Meridell --
Who could this possibly be?

Courageous Neopets from far and wide
Journey to visit her peaceful escape.
There they embark on difficult quests,
Which will cost if they are late.

They start off easy, nice and slow,
Sometimes a carrot is all you need.
For measly efforts you don't get much,
Perhaps just a cookie for your greed.

The quests grow harder, tier by tier.
You'll be asked for more and more;
Earn and gather up your Neopoints --
You cannot afford to be poor.

Chances are you'll fail by the end.
Few have completed all her quests,
But if you can accomplish such a feat,
You will be rewarded with her staff.

Do you wish to know who she is?
Well, for starters, she's a faerie,
But don't jump too quickly to conclusions,
For she's no ordinary, boring old faerie.

Dressed in green with wings of earth,
You'll be blessed to be at her den.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present:
The one and only... Illusen!

She Moves Within the Glade
By Anjie

Morning like a whisper breathes,
Illusen's Glade doth wake.
Creeping sunlight conquers forth,
Horizon does it take.

Endless is the summer here,
Light filters through each bough.
Long ago, this haven formed,
Enigma dwells here now.

Illusen, lady of the wood,
Silk rivers form her hair.
Kaleidoscope of forest green,
And mocha tones, so fair.

Tending nature, realm doth grow.
No shadows here shall fall.
Illusen stands, a guardian,
Should wicked things here crawl.

She'll wait here for eternity,
Yearn for what quests may bring.
Ever peaceful, ever still,
She doth await, serene.

Green Faerie Below
By Concertogreat_8

Jingly, joggly, jammedy-jo,
Have you heard of the secret glade below
Where Illusen lives and makes plants grow?

One, two,
Out of the blue,
Illusen offered me a quest.

Three, four,
Bow to the floor,
Never ignore a faerie's behest.

Five, six,
Seven rowan sticks,
This is what Illusen asks.

Seven, eight,
Don't be late,
Or you'll get no more tasks.

Nine, ten,
Back again,
Now here's your reward.

Jingly, joggly, jammedy-jo,
If this story's not truth, step on my toe,
But be polite to the green faerie below.

Illusen's Sentinel
By Dragonstorm_75

There he stands, still as stone,
A statue of valour and bravery.
He is the only -- he is alone,
Yet he feels no misery.

For in the Glade all is well,
And gladness drops upon the heart.
Like rain a-patter on Meridell,
Of which the Glade is part.

At peace stands our battle-lord,
Ever watchful of lands beyond;
Where danger lurks with a gleaming sword,
To which he's ready to respond.

He awaits Illusen's whims.
Fresh for service, this colonel.
He would give his life and limbs,
For he is Illusen's Sentinel.

Shaken, Not Stirred
By Geneames1

I sit removed from everyone,
Staring upon the world below.
What do I think? What do I see?
These are things that none will know.

Illusen, faerie of the Glade,
watching the parade of Neopians pass.
Indifferent and silent I gaze on the world
Impassively from behind my glass.

Though quietly the time goes by,
My world isn't always so serene.
I'm sometimes shaken violently
By forces that remain unseen.

What turbulence swirls 'round me then!
My world awash in wave and eddy,
Till gradually the storm dies down
and once again my realm is steady.

Never will I join the masses;
Here I'll stay all by myself.
Illusen, faerie in a snowglobe,
Trapped alone upon the shelf.

The Light of Meridell
By Guddi6

Setting sun sheds amber rays
As it gently herds day, preambles dusk,
Which, floating, hesitant, like a flickering flame,
Settles gently, companioned by lifting gusts.
Silence doth reign in Meridellian lands
Darkness coats the greenest fields
Mind lulled, you wander, like a lost stranger,
Amidst the flitting dandelion seeds.
You walk forth when you do see a light
Shining from the shadowed green
Among many a broad bark and lush leaf,
A golden glow can be seen.

Pushing past the stirring foliage,
You enter guarded glade,
Grass-fleeced ground a soft blanket
As if of fine cloth made.
You lift your face, and look ahead
A figure basked in honeyed light,
A lantern clasped in hand,
Radiating calmness, a delicate might.
Hair shaded in flaming auburns, serene emeralds,
Jade eyes so open and wise
Magnificent wings doth stretch above,
Woven of immortal leaves, with them she flies.

Clad in green clothes and belt,
Eyelids lift slow, lips curve to a smile,
She laughs and calls you deeper in,
Darts to you, agile.
She sits you down, suggests warm Borovan,
Inquires as to your intentions, for the hour's late,
Her voice musical, echoes in the glade,
Seems to startle you from your deep daze.
As she glides about, the world seems still,
You pause in thought; for you've heard
Whispers of both her envied beauty and power,
Have sounded in many words.

Her way with healing, her way with life,
Is well known in all Neopia,
She can coax all pain from wounds away,
And from broken souls can chase ache and strife.
The light of Meridell is truly she,
Bringing life, love, and healing hands,
She shines alone, tall and proud,
Her essence floats in distant lands.
Like a warrior of radiance, she guards her realm,
And all the living who thrive within,
A lone healer, who with heart and soul,
Restores gently, whatever has been.

The Lovely Illusen
By Hiasaki

Illusen, the beautiful,
the nurturing nature faerie.
She loves her plants very much,
and her attitude is quite merry.

She loves to sit and watch
as her hard labours come to bloom.
She asks help of all Neopians;
assist and she will help you too.

All faeries love the pretty Illusen,
as she tends to be very kind.
Except for her enemy, Jhudora,
who harbours a hatred that is blind.

As long as you respect nature,
Illusen will be on your side.
Just remember to finish her quests,
and in you, she will confide.

Jhudora's Ode
By Icesmith

Illusen, you squirmy little pest,
Each day you strive to be the best,
Goodness this and goodness that,
Did you know, you're a boring brat?!

Each pet and owner, all do cling,
Along to your every word and limb,
Each squealing with glee, leaping with joy,
But I know for certain, you're just coy!

What makes you so great? Fyora knows!
And I'll make sure to plot all your woes,
For I've had enough of these childish clans,
That follow to your every wish and plans!

I'll blast them all with a powerful spell,
And none of them will be able to tell,
Why you're so great, and why they do please,
Instead your mere face will make them wheeze!

And for yourself, you foolish girl,
I'll have my way, you're in for a whirl,
So say your goodbyes and ask your last quest,
For I will truly be your last guest!

The Gift of Illusen
By Limes_and_kitties

A soft wind blows
In the fields of Meridell.
And she sits in the grass
Blending with nature.

Gentle green wings
Flap slightly with ease
While she lays on the ground
Beneath the blue sky.

She weaves a tale
Of heroes and glory
Wise beyond her age,
Forever a protector.

In the fields of Meridell
She's a saviour.
In the legacy of Neopia,
A legend.

Once you've laid down
In a field of grass
And blooming wildflowers,
Seen the sky of spring,
Will you have truly experienced
Nature, a smell of sweetness.
The greatest gift
Of Illusen.

Only when you've
Smelled the dirt
After a spring shower
Will you truly see

The world she protects.

Illusen to Be Summoned
By Lollypopxz

Her hair of chestnut and forest green,
Flowing in the musky wind.
The strands billowing with a sunlit sheen,
Like leaves in a breeze, you will find.

Her eyes sparkle with a gentle glint,
Reflecting her kindly sweet nature.
Her pupils glitter like a mint,
There's no one as lovely as her!

Her skin a shade of oh so fair,
Like a porcelain doll of a time long past.
Against her cascading dark hair,
A delightful contrast has thus been cast.

Here is painted a portrait,
Of a faerie who seems rather common,
But oh, sirs and madams, just you wait.
Until the day you are summoned!

One Single Blade of Grass
By Mamasimios

One single blade of grass bursts forth
Between the rocks and mud-like bricks.
This solitary shoot seeks only warmth,
From the nourishing sun that lofty sits.

With unselfconscious confidence,
The blade of grass stands proud and tall,
Oblivious to the wind that bends
The high treetops in surrounding Meridell.

This blade of grass, planted by fate,
Is unfortunately situated
On the busy entrance to Illusen's Glade:
Too soon a foot finds where it's located.

Slumped now, bent with broken back,
The blade of grass begins to wither,
Until a lighter tread befalls the path
And a cool breeze sets it to shiver.

One watching now would surely see
Illusen, her face a frown of woe,
Astride the path, there, on her knees
Whispering to the grass to grow.

With a blessing from the earth faerie,
The shoot can now grow unimpeded,
Just like every flower, weed, and tree
That in the Glade the winds have seeded.

Illustrious Illusen
By Pixxehstick

Far from the lands of Faerieland
lives quite a generous and likable creature.
Always offering a kind, helping hand,
her charisma's just one of her amiable features.

Only in Meridell will one find her dwelling.
Despite her lifespan and beauty, both undying,
She still manages to maintain her sweet-smelling.
I mean, she's a treasure far more than divining.

Staying at home is her interesting quirk.
Many visit with memories of frequent bliss,
and even got avatars for all their hard work.
(But shh, I didn't tell you this!)

With chances to help her each and every day,
many Neopians enjoy her praise and reward.
After all, her kindness blows us all away
as she freely hands them stuff from her hoard.

As far as we know, having a secret is her only flaw.
Jhudora, her rival, has created some evil mess!
Rumour has it that it will put us all in awe,
but even the most knowledgeable can only guess.

In the realm of faeries, they don't notice her much.
They're too concerned with Faerieland's ruin.
But she remains strong -- she'll never lose her touch.
Even then, they still come to see how she's doin'.

At the end of your visit, she'll be quick with a smile.
"Thanks for your help! Don't forget to come again.
It's nice for you to visit every once in a while,"
says our own gracious faerie, the illustrious Illusen.

Oh, Illusen
By Reggieman721

Oh, Illusen, freckled faerie of the forest, your
like the burn left behind by the blazing
no one
but you can tell the lost tales of the trees, can
into an early-bird birth from winter's woes, or
patterns in the prongs of poplars, planted by you,
caress and care for the dells and dales and downs,
the moistened ground, among marigolds, magnolias,
of silky Spyder's web, strung from stem to stem,
anyone forget who feeds the forest, it's you,
oh Illusen, the fairest faerie of them all.

Cookies for Illusen
By Sheynacruz

This morning, I met a faerie
With green-streaked violet hair.
I walked beneath her shadowed Bluff,
And she was waiting there.

Normally, she would be dressed
In flowing purple silks.
Her scathing gaze, her razor voice,
They would have made me wilt.

Today, though... she seemed different;
Her clothes were in a mess,
The evil gleam gone from her eyes,
As she assigned me a quest.

"Neopian," the dark faerie implored,
"Would you be so kind
As to deliver something for me?
I hope you will not mind."

"Of course not, milady," I assured her.
"I shall do as you request.
What would you like me to deliver?
Neomail? Potions? Poison? Pests?"

She smirked. "No -- not today, at least."
Then she hurried into her manor
And re-emerged, her arms laden
With tins of cookies and biscuits galore.

"Listen hard," Jhudora said.
"Go forth now, into Meridell
And give these cookies to a faerie
Who in the northern Glades doth dwell."

All this I hastily copied down
Onto my Earth Faerie Notepad,
And when she paused, I asked, "Madam,
Is there anything you'd like to add?"

"Why yes!" Jhudora did exclaim,
Then spoke in a breathless whisper:
"Please wish Illusen a fond 'Happy Birthday'
With love from Jhudora, her sister."

Illusen: from Jhudora's Point of View
By Yo_anna

In Meridell, near Turmaculus,
There lives the faerie I loathe,
In the ugly green dress,
And brown hair; I hate those both!

She stands out in her doorway,
Giving out some quests,
Oh, that is Illusen,
She doesn't know I'm best.

When I stand outside my Bluff,
I can see her well from there,
I think I've had enough!
I hate her brown and green hair!

I hate her leaf-green wings,
And her green, green dress, too!
In fact, I hate other things
That I've seen her do!

But wait, she is my sister,
As I hate to admit it,
I have to save her,
Even if it hurts a bit.

So this sums it up,
I am torn in between
Being rude and giving up
On hating that drama queen.

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