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Neopets Poems

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What Is a Scorchio?
By Concertogreat_8

I will sing you a song
of fire and flight
and wings all alight,
gusting smoke against a black sky.

I will tell you a story
about heroes and villains,
princes and princesses,
and valiant knights
with their shining armour,
right out of a fairy tale.

I will whisper to you
whilst you sleep
about volcanoes
and fiery breath
and caves so deep
where water drips
and the dark tastes old.

I will feed you tales
of treasure and gems,
gold and pearls and jewels
in an ugly shining heap
amongst bleached bones.

I will weave you a tapestry
of forever-old eyes,
seething ancient hearts,
and ivory needle-spikes,
teeth like stalactites
in a mouth nothing can fill;

and when I have finished
and you have visions
behind your eyes
of smoke and hate
and a mind that knows too much
in a world of short seconds,
then you will know
what is a Scorchio.

Mad Scientist
By Jjquil


A peal of crazed laughter,
Shrill and grating, like a shriek,
Gives you chills as you stand waiting;
This is no place for the meek!

The steel floors beneath your paws
Are as freezing cold as ice.
Then your wary eyes see the machine --
Do you have faith in this device?

The menacing, sinister Laboratory Ray
Fills the room with glowing red.
And with just one simple lever,
It is poised above your head!

Hundreds of Neopets wait in line,
Hoping this roulette will be a blessing.
They risk their all for beauty or strength --
And the scientist cackles, the button he's pressing --

The Scorchio cannot restrain his laugh;
His experiments bring him endless glee!
Colour? Species? Gender? Did you change at all?
As you exit, all you hear are echoes:

Hee hee hee!

Rainbow Fire
By Anjie

From the shadows flicker flames,
Inferno trailing bright.
A fluid spectrum breaking free
And forced into the night.
From the darkness does she step,
A creature, brilliant hues.
Scales shimmer, crimsons, golds,
And flecks of greens, of blues.

Darting now, the vibrant gaze,
Through onyx, inky dark.
Again a gasp, a fire breath,
To light the evening stark.
Spanning now, the glossy wings,
Each web with patterns glows.
Colours shimmer, spinning 'round,
As wingspan spreads and grows.

A Scorchio of rarest tone,
Of all the hues one dreams.
But more to her than meets the eye,
Much more than all she seems.
For when in rage, or need of light,
The creature's breath doth draw.
A spark of rainbow fire breaks,
And icy night does thaw.

For most who breathe the fire bright,
Do so with gold and red.
She breathes colours, every hue,
In brightest tones, instead.
She judges all to be so safe,
Contentment in bright eyes.
Then with a launch so graceful, up,
The rainbow breather flies.

A Scorchio's Complaint to a Draik
By Ktkdk

Why do you little Draiks get so much attention,
While we wonderful Scorchios get little mention?
We are both reptiles that can breathe flame;
So why do many Neopians think I am totally lame?
Your popularity is considerably too high,
Since we both have wings with which to fly.

Is it because Draiks cost over ten million to make,
While Scorchios are just there for you to take?
Maybe it's because their wearables are better,
Though I must say that Scorchios are trendsetters.
Is it because Scorchios are more chubby?
Pets are more huggable when they are tubby!

Maybe everyone likes Draiks since they're so petite,
But we Scorchios are way more elite.
You can't carry us in your purse or pocket,
But pets don't like that anyway, not one little bit.
We Scorchios are the most perfect size,
So why are those Draiks viewed as the prize?

In the end there is only one thing to say:
Scorchios are perfect in every single way.
So you Neopian Draiks, please just go away,
At least for a bit since it's Scorchio Day!

Creature of Flames
By Clockworkchildren

The greatest joy he takes
In breathing fiery flames.
His path ignites,
Against fire you cannot fight.

Wings of fire scorch the sky,
What could that be up there so high?
A ball of fire, body black as though burnt,
It's the fire Scorchio, you've now learnt.

The flames lick everywhere he turns,
Red, orange, and sunflower yellow burns,
Fire trails along behind him,
The burning brightness -- hypnotising.

As he leaves, the heat cools down,
The fire seems to fade away and drown,
But fire Scorchio you will forever remember,
Every time you see a burning ember.

Of the Grey Scorchio
By Safety_account279

Of watery brown eyes,
Of small, wrinkled wings.
Of a land of demise,
Of how melancholy he sings.

Of expectations long
Lost in the wind,
Of a longing for anyone,
Just one friend.

Of a bland coat
That used to shine bright,
Of the sorrow in knowing
That he had never been right.

Of a dawn that seemed
To taunt him every day,
Of the agony of loneliness
That life sent his way.

Of his journey through
The painful memories of the past,
Of the endurance of his will
That makes him hold fast.

Volcano Run
By Sarnfox

The Scorchio's heart gave a thundering beat
As he flapped his leathery wings,
His whole body sweating with the heat,
While geysers of lava hiss and sing.
Long rivers of lava steadily flow
And currents of ash turn red rocks white.
Glubgar inches, painstakingly slow,
Until the mountain's core is in sight.
A rumble sounds from deep in the rock;
Fires erupt from all around.
The mountain quakes with an aftershock,
Tearing up the rocky ground.
Then from the molten core so near
Rise pillars of lava towering tall.
Through the volcano's passages they tear,
As crumbling stone begins to fall.
Glubgar lifts up off the stone
And races to get out alive.
All a panic, he gives a moan,
As his wings beat hard and strive
To race his doom from deep within
And break free into cool, clean air.
When he emerges he gives a grin.
Nothing will stop him going back there.

The Scorchio Scientist
By Tanikagillam

You're trying to hide it,
I know that you're impressed.
Stunned, amazed even,
Perhaps now you will invest
In a machine so superb,
So much better than the rest?
Yes, my Lab Ray is complete,
And you will be my very first test.

I ask you not to worry,
To please relax and stand still.
I promise you this won't hurt a bit,
Chances of pain are practically nil.
You can stop looking so grim,
I have everything worked out.
Everything will be just fine.
I haven't even the slightest doubt.

Just ignore that flashing light,
And I'm sure that part's supposed to smoke.
Don't worry about that beeping sound,
That's just my little joke.
Pay no attention to that awful smell,
It's just the machine, it does that.
Just stand right here, please,
Now where are my protective glasses and hat?

Hee hee hee! I fire my ray at you,
I can't help my crazy grin.
It's working, it's finally working,
As your head starts to spin.
Look at you -- you look great!
You've never looked so...
Well, I'm sure those spikes are normal...
*cough* All I can say is... Uh oh...

A Lost Desert Star
By Alagfalaswen

When 'Scorchio' and 'Yooyuball' come up together,
most minds would instantly drift to a rather
prominent figure -- no, not the referee,
In fact, I am actually talking about she

who plays Right Forward for the Lost Desert,
who uses crafty wit to slyly assert
her considerable skills upon the field,
until the goalkeeper has to yield

another goal to the impressive tally
of one Derbi Azar, who is, frankly, really
hard not to admire or envy from afar
as a bona-fide pro Yooyuball star.

Her stubborn pride does earned her ire
(and once, votes for 'Most Selfish Player').
Still, Derbi perseveres through it all,
for pride comes only before a fall

if you stumble and trip -- a fatal mistake
that Derbi is determined never to make.
That's why she practises all day, most nights
-- so that the enticing, bright spotlights

Stay fixated on the Azar name,
illuminate it with well-deserved fame.
This fine Scorchio Day, my salute from afar
Goes to the Lost Desert's Derbi Azar.

The Scorchio Shuffle
By Filter

When the Scorchios get their day,
A great evening is in store.
They get dressed up, throw on their shoes,
The Scorchio Shuffle they adore.

The Scorchio Shuffle is their famous dance,
A grand gala in a glittering ballroom.
The Scorchios all come together,
Enjoying the music and feast they consume.

Scorchios are known for their graceful dancing,
Their wings aerodynamically precise.
Their larger bellies don't hold them back,
They glide across the floor like on ice.

They follow each beat, sway to every note,
In their steps, there's never a falter.
A hop here, a dip there,
Leaping like a pole vaulter.

Neopians come from miles to watch the dances,
The amazing sights there are to see.
Acrobatic, talented, and true to their mark,
The Scorchios are never klutzy.

Throw on your favourite shoes and come join in,
The dancing fever runs all night.
Don't worry if your skills are not up to par,
The Scorchio Shuffle is always a delight.

Scorchio Day's Lesson
By Saqo

May I present you with a question now,
please tell us all if so, and how
have you ever felt not quite right,
in your skin? Colour? Your own sight?

One such Scorchio felt this feeling
on Scorchio Day, everyone celebrating --
but he, he could not face the world.
It was no place for one who felt so unsure.

He had been a magnificent Scorchio pet,
one coloured starry! Wonderful, I bet,
To be such an admirable colour. But alas,
that changed one day -- it's a fact.

Markus the Scorchio fell one day
into the Rainbow Fountain, and they say
he changed suddenly from starry, I think,
into the embarrassing shade of pink!

So then came Scorchio Day, and all
Scorchios around, big and small,
marched through Neopia to show pride
in themselves outside and inside.

But Markus was too embarrassed to show
himself. And suddenly a Blumaroo arose
and asked, "Why aren't you in the parade?"
Markus ran and hid -- but he could not evade.

The Blumaroo then followed him and heard
the story that had Markus humbly shared.
He left then but returned a bit later
with a Starry Paint Brush; Markus was elated.

This is a good story, my Neopian friends,
of one who came to such a happy end.
But I do not recommend one to feel this way,
to dislike their skin. We're all special today!

Fire Scorchio
By Mayfloziarea

I am a fire Scorchio
Who lives in Moltara,
Where lava boils in bubbling pits,
And they serve hot soup in snack bars.

I am a fire Scorchio,
And this cave is my home.
I have no need for any lights;
My body lights up the room.

I am a fire Scorchio,
Who has no fear of the dark.
Where I walk the ground will glow,
Lit up from jumping sparks.

I am a fire Scorchio,
Who keeps the Pant Devil at bay.
If he touches me, he will burn --
It is no wonder why he stays away!

I am a fire Scorchio,
There is but one thing that I fear:
My knees would tremble terribly,
If I catch sight of the water.

I am a fire Scorchio,
And being fire is what I love.
With my body that glows so bright,
I can shine my light on the earth.

Lab Ray Guardian
By Lollypopxz

Hey, look over there,
At that Scorchio with the crazy hair!
My, my, what a sight to behold!
Quick, take a picture. This is gold!

Common Neopians fear him,
For his mood shifts on whim.
His hair like a white fire,
Twisted like a scrunch of wire.

Wild eyes that blaze,
Even with just one glaze.
Like a hypnotic trance,
Such a powerful glance.

Rejected from society,
Dejected and lonely.
He spends his lone days,
Cooking up peculiar ways.

So today on this special date,
Let's take our Neopet friends --
No, not as bait! --
To the Scorchio's den.

Red Scorchio of Mine
By Hiasaki

A red Scorchio is sitting on a beach,
soaking up the very hot sun.
I try to give him suntan lotion,
but he doesn't want to put it on.

He tells me that he loves the heat
and that he can't live without it.
The sand feels just right on his scales
and that's where he enjoys to sit.

He is a very friendly Scorchio,
and he asks me to play some games.
How can I refuse such a request?
To do that, I would be lame!

We played volleyball 'til sunset,
and then he walked me home,
But when I asked him where he lived,
he told me he was one to roam.

With such a sad look on his face,
I smiled at him and said,
"Well, it looks like you'll be staying here.
Just wait while I make your bed!"

To this day, in my home he stays,
'cause it was destined to be.
I love my friendly, outgoing pet
and forever he will be with me!

Fly On
By Icesmith

Flapping wildly, each minute
Bringing a drastic blow,
Lively wings, lively moves, lively hopes,
Yelling for help, yet none will come.
Fly on, Scorchio, fly on.

Squelching under the radiant sun,
Each gleam a tender shade,
Concealed within a volcano's grip,
The Scorchio soars,
Oars and rocks do block his path,
Yet he finds the correct detour,
Reaching before him, his red hands do grasp,
Chalices of golden gems,
Determined to flee with a huge prize,
Hopes of riches and fortune do await.
Inside the volcano another blast,
But the Scorchio skims past,
Only to find he is trapped once more,
Another heated maze.

Flapping wildly, each minute
Bringing a drastic blow,
Lively wings, lively moves, lively hopes,
Yelling for help, yet none will come.
Fly on Scorchio, fly on.

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