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Neopets Poems

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Berry for You
By _Razcalz_

small, I
know --
of notice than
what grows from the
stray bushes, but yet they
say a single berry from the
Gadgadsbogen is a swallow
of the Isle's magic that, before,
only the natives knew -- and a
Gadgadsbogen berry is what
this is; you'll have to let me
know if rumours
live indeed.

It's Gadgadsbogen Time
By Mamasimios

Underneath a clear blue sky,
The rivers babble, the treetops sigh,
The Islanders meet with a friendly "Hi!"
It's Gadgadsbogen time!

Natives welcome the tourists the festival brings
To mark the end of winter, the start of spring,
The flowers burst forth in faerie rings --
It's Gadgadsbogen time!

At this annual harvest of renewal,
Countless come to relax and refuel,
To sample new fruit, the Island's jewels,
It's Gadgadsbogen time.

There's no one at the Cooking Pot;
The Trading Post has closed up shop.
All are gathered at Cinto Pango's hut --
It's Gadgadsbogen time.

What new fruit will he reveal?
Will it have a smooth or thorny peel?
The crowd waits with barely contained zeal:
It's Gadgadsbogen time!

As always on this good, good day,
The chief of the Pango tribe will have his say.
Some new fruits will grow, others will go away,
It's Gadgadsbogen time.

Egads! The Gadgads Feast!
By Beagums

Gadgadsbogen's here again,
So gather 'round the table.
Bring a dish, a fruit, or drink,
Whatever you are able!

Appetisers bring about
Taste in smaller things.
Eat not too much, however good,
But try a Juppie ring!

Next the salad's tossed and served,
A bountiful Island medley.
Seafood, oyster, lobster claw,
Served fresh, this stuff is deadly.

Then the soup's poured, steaming hot,
To soothe the hard-worked soul.
Piping hot sourmelon soup
Jumps straight up out of your bowl.

Main course comes without delay,
And, boy, does it look great!
The sight, the smell, your stomach growls,
As if you'd never ate.

Just when you've outdone yourself,
Dessert is on its way!
The cakes and pies and Azzle tortes
Find plates with no delay.

And then you're full and stuffed to burst,
Top buttons popping out.
You had your fix of food and friends,
'Tis what this day's about!

The Gadgadsbogen Gourmet Gala
By Anjie

Hail, festival of fruit,
The harvest time doth near.
This celebration, fragrant, fresh,
Will fall but once this year.
When forth the farmers wander out,
To gather bounty fine.
Then congregate, a party held,
For all to come and dine.

They sample fruits, exotic, bright,
Some that have yet been seen.
A rainbow spectrum, bold delights,
In hues of blue, pink, green.
Some speculate that on this day,
The newest fruits do grow.
Though where they come from, why they come,
A fact that none do know.

Yet as the dawn does rise and stretch,
All on the island wake,
Running to the harvest fields,
At first sign of day's break.
There the gasps of awed delight,
At bounty, fresh and new.
Tasting, testing, swapping notes,
The normal thing to do!

They do discuss what tasty treats,
The new fruit finds may make.
The punches, soups, the breads, and cakes,
Which form shall harvest take?
So now the sun has warmed the stem,
Each bough has taken root.
Gather up your harvest bag,
It's time to gather fruit!

A Fruity Festival
By Angelachen97

Come one, come all, let's celebrate
A wonderful festival on Mystery Island.
It's going to be a blast and lots of fun,
But whatever it is, it won't be bland.

It's Gadgadsbogen: a festival of fruit,
So bring all your family and your friends
To dance to the beat of the native drums;
We'll stomp and sing until the very end.

There will be a feast of juicy fruits,
Bring on the Chokato and the Starberry.
Although not all of them are very rare,
They are guaranteed to make you merry.

Would you just look at that Rainbowberry?
The way its colourful hues glitter and shine,
Or if you're the type with a stronger taste,
Try out a Hot Skrazzle while you dine.

Our friendly natives will cater to you,
Just ask for the berry and pay the price.
Even if you're the pickiest of eaters,
There will be a fruit that you find nice.

Gadgadsbogen is a festival of joy,
A time to celebrate and eat and laugh,
So come join us on Mystery Island.
We promise that you will have a blast!

Fruit and Punch All Round!
By Tanikagillam

The horns sound in the near,
The festival has begun.
With so little time,
So much has to be done.
Before the clock of twelve,
The punch must be gone,
The fruit must be eaten,
All before the new day's dawn.

The sun is high in the sky,
The tide is sweeping in and out,
The breeze is cool and quiet,
Whilst the Islanders are scurrying about.
Ah, the time is here,
At last, the calendar pages turn,
Unto another annual event,
Excitement make stomachs churn.

For we cannot wait,
For the new fruits,
For the sensual new flavours,
To rid us of our fancy suits,
For today is the day of fun.
Comfort and food
Are a must for today,
And we are in the festival mood.

It's time to drink;
Bring out the punch!
Bring out the fruit!
It's time to crunch.
Laughter greets the ears,
The sound of Gadgads,
On the edge of the Isle,
Come join our latest fad!

Gadgadsbogen, Good, Good Day
By Lollypopxz

Once a year,
The streets are alive with excitement,
The festival is in full bloom.
Children clutch their mothers' hands,
In case they become lost in the crowd.

Good, good day!

Once a year,
The fruits of Mystery Island sprout,
Like a cascade of exotic rainbows.
All the sorts and all the variety,
A field of kaleidoscopic wonder.

Good, good day!

Once a year,
The smell of the air is ripe,
As the beautiful fruits thrive.
Cheers erupted from the crowd,
When the chief steps out of his hut.

Good, good day!

Once a year,
"I welcome you, friends old and new,"
Pronounced Cinto Pango,
An elder from the Pango Tribe.
"It's the time of the year again!"

Good, good day!

Once a year,
Proceeds the naming of the fruits,
That will soon grace the many lands of Neopia.
Anticipation grows, the atmosphere stirs.
It begins.

Good, good day!

Annual Gadgadsbogen Limbo Competition
By Tealnova_dragon

Among the fervour of new-tasting fruits,
We tourists sometimes forget
Perhaps the most entertaining event of all --

For you see, stranger,
Mystery Island has a Limbo competition,
And the fun isn't nearly the fun in participating,
Ooooh no, see, the fun is in the watching.

When playing, you might smash your head on pole,
Or your knees could lock; you'll stumble and fail.
When bending your back, you might even topple,
But have no such fears when watching.

For after all, everyone knows of the Island JubJubs,
Famous they are,
For each year without fail, they all tie for first.
Why? You ask bewildered --
And I'll laugh and I'll say
For JubJubs have no knees and Limbo is a breeze.

They'll use fantastical tricks,
Rolling, squeezing, twisting their squat bodies --
Which is difficult when one has no arms,
For balance is difficult -- and that's why it's so fun.

It's a night of dancing and Limbo,
And nothing is more entertaining
Than watching a JubJub
Dance to Limbo.

Fruits Galore
By Mayfloziarea

It is the start of March today,
Come, my friends, let us all play.
Look at the juicy fruits around --
They say production has increased by a pound.

Berries, citruses, melons galore:
Such a variety never seen before.
Ripe, they all fall from the trees --
And frighten away the Kadoaties.

It is the start of month of Running,
But who says we cannot be giving?
Here's a fresh berry for you,
(I do hope you will give me one too!)

Gadgadsbogen, for the Healthy Neopian
By Hiasaki

Oh, how I love the festival of fruits,
it is quite remarkably yummy.
Gadgadsbogen is filled with fruity delight,
and it is very healthy for your tummy.
You see, on so many other holidays,
we are tempted to eat sugary treats,
but during Gadgadsbogen, fruit is in
and all the candy is kicked to the streets.
My favourite thing to nibble on
is a juicy, big, and ripe Bomberry!
And maybe in the evening,
a Juppie will make me quite merry.
My friends and I make fruity smoothies
to celebrate their lovely flavour.
The joy that fresh fruit brings
is a wonderful feeling I love to savour!
So have some berries or squashes
during Gadgadsbogen celebrations.
For if you do, your taste buds will sing,
and your stomach will jump in elation.

Invitation to Gadgadsbogen
By Goodness816

We citizens of Mystery Island
Are proud to present the best day of the year!
There will be lots of fun,
So be sure to bring all of those near.
There will be Banangos, Blobbules, and Chokatos!
Missing this celebration would be a big no-no.

Feel free to bring your lawn chairs and sunblock,
just hurry to beat the clock!
We will need a response soon;
The weather here is always sunny with no chance of a monsoon.

Hula dancing, limbo, and fruit-eating galore...
What more could a Neopian ask for?
Please, send your response to the Tiki Tack Man,
And be ready for beach volleyball and a nice tan!

My only word of warning is to stay away
From the Acnefruit, Fungi Fruit, Greengage Breeze;
These foods will be sure to have you on your knees.

I hate to go, but I must get prepared now, you see.
It's also my job to pick the fruit from the trees.
I bid you farewell, as there is not much else to say;
I can't wait to see you on the fantastic
Gadgadsbogen Day!

The Fruitful Fireworks
By Icesmith

The stars align, a colossal sight,
As the crowds gather on this millennial night,
A celestial showing overhead,
Fireworks through the sky shred,
The booming crackles do as they please,
And fall in a graceful, melodic sleaze,
All do clap on this joyous night,
And all through the town, the festival's flight,
The fruity gifts come to one and all,
And each admire them, shy and tall,
A fruitful throne sits ten feet high,
Sprayed so bright with a colourful dye,
And atop does sit a stack of fruit,
Posing as the fireworks shoot,
The crackling fires, through the sky do snore,
Gadgadsbogen is here once more!

Gadgadsbogen Festivities
By Ennausa

Gadgadsbogen --
Spring is near, the time is here
to celebrate Gadgadsbogen!
Good, good day, we like to say,
Literally translated, Gadgadsbogen.

It's the month of Running again, we've all headed off
to Mystery Island to celebrate Gadgadsbogen.
In honour of the harvest, we take to the streets
for the festival of Gadgadsbogen.

Have you heard the story
of the first Gadgadsbogen?
Tyleine the earth faerie blessed a Juppie's seeds;
out of these, came the fruits of Gadgadsbogen.

We eagerly await the newly emerging fruit
that comes out each Gadgadsbogen.
Lining up outside Tropical Foods, watching
for what will come this Gadgadsbogen.

Cinto Pango proclaims what the new fruit will be
for this year's Gadgadsbogen.
Fruit so amazing it must be wondered just how
such things are created, each Gadgadsbogen.

And when the festival is done, and we must again
wait for another Gadgadsbogen.
Poor Rufus the Kougra is left to clean up the streets
in the aftermath of Gadgadsbogen.

And when it's over for the year, and you must wait
for the festivities of the next Gadgadsbogen,
Why not head on over to Mystery Island
and play a round of the Gadgadsgame?

By Weekenddayz

Gadgadsbogen, good, good day,
Tropical fruit come out and brighten the day!
While others, last year's, are over and done,
New fruits are named in the setting sun.
Cinto Pango, the elder, has this great honour.
When he's gone, who will do it, a son or a daughter?

During Gadgadsbogen, users far and wide
Will rush the shops, not caring to hide
Their excitement for this annual glee.
Tropical fruits as far as the eye can see!
While many go to the Tropical Food Shop
To acquire the new foods so recently dropped,
Some also go to the user-owned places,
To buy up some old and retired faces.

The legend of the day is known everywhere,
From there to here and from here to there!
A Mynci named Llugh and his friend Mizuko
Had a spat, a quarrel, a dissatisfaction, per se
Over Llugh being able to race the day.
"From this end of the Island to the other," said one,
"You must run all that way to defeat the sun!"
Llugh agreed, and as it is told
He ran, and he ran, and he ran sevenfold!
He ran until he thought his legs would give out,
But still that Mynci remained firm and stout
In his goal to race the sun.
It was a race that could not be won.
The earth faerie Tyleine blessed him at the end,
And thus, the month of Gadgadsbogen begins.

Good, Good Day
By Aldurswolf

It's a good, good day
Here on the Island.
There's new fruit rising,
As the old ones are falling.

So let's throw a party!
Time to celebrate!
We'll have concerts and music,
And a really big parade.

A new crop shows up,
With new colours and shapes.
And Cinto Pango will name them,
Which marks the end of the day.

But until then relax,
Enjoy the performers and the fun.
Take a peak at all the booths,
Until the day is done.

It's Gadgadsbogen,
It's a good, good day.
And so until tomorrow,
Let your worries fade away.

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