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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Silent Shadow
By Anjie

Yonder peak the midnight hills,
The skyscape scattered, dim.
In inky onyx moonlight wanes,
And stars in shadows swim.

Silhouette on distant ridge,
A creature formed of night.
Bathed in pallid, sickly gleam,
Born of the faded light.

Silent creature scans the realm,
Deep indigo, her gaze.
Seeking something none can see,
She steps through misted haze.

So tentative, the cloven hoof,
Now dare she make a sound?
The faintest echo, ringing forth,
As contact meets the ground.

A toss of tendrils, silken black,
The wind in envy sighs.
Catching each dark velvet strand,
So in the breeze, it flies.

A sudden noise, the creature rears,
Yet nothing else is shown.
But be aware, in silken eve,
She knows she's not alone.

Time grows rapid, flicking past,
For soon, the dark will fade.
She seeks a haven, forest realm,
A hidden, shadowed glade.

For she created of the dark,
Whose form with shadow gleams,
Will not walk where sunlight glints,
But in the time of dreams.

A canter now, the beat of tread,
Doth form the faintest track.
Illusion now she seems to be,
As creature fades to black.

By Autotune

was ever there a Uni who knew not
what it means to fly?
ah, but it seems
all of us are born
knowing the sky;
but, of course,
some of us will forget.
you see, it has been
a long time
since I have felt beautiful enough
to fly.

you see,
my heart too
was light once,
light like a wingtip's
lightest fluttering feather --
but now it has settled
like an old, old stone,
too heavy
for the wind to lift.
and as my heart fell,
too heavy
to fly,
my feathers faded
day by day.

but I wonder,
would the sky
recognise me now?
does the wind
remember when
these wings,
my wings
eclipsed the sun?
surely the clouds can recall
my rainbows,
if not my song;

but now,
you see,
my heart cares no more
for the sky I once called mine.
now I've faded, forgotten too;
now my days are grey.
now I've forgotten the sky,
and I wonder:
has the sky forgotten me?

Royal Beauty
By Clockworkchildren

Fur the shade of strawberries and cream,
With a purple hat and cloak,
Royal Uni, an object of sweetest dreams,
Her hair softer with every brush stroke.

Her eyes the deep colour of the sea,
Flowers adorn her neck,
Every move she makes so gracefully,
Royal Uni, you will never forget.

A cute pink bow tied round her tail,
After she's brushed her hair,
Gazing into the mirror, daydreams set sail,
At Royal Uni, for eternity you could stare.

Making a Mess of Uni Day
By Filter

Within a merry month sits a particular day,
A dedication to a Neopet so vain.
Though during that month, a celebration occurs,
That causes these poor creatures disdain.

Gadgadsbogen explodes in a festival of fruits,
The very reason that causes the Unis' distress.
With the abundance of fruits on the ground,
It often creates a very sticky mess!

They've tried to join their brethren pets,
Filling their baskets and satchels with fruit.
Don't you realise how hard they are to hold?
With hooves, they just drop all their loot!

Scoop them from the basket, they roll to the ground,
No grasp upon them do the Unis' hold.
Snorting and huffing, frustrated and mad,
They chase the fruits off where they rolled.

Try it again, using their teeth this time,
Their flat broad teeth gripping the skin.
The fragile fruits split so easily, though,
And bite marks protrude from within.

Imagine the fruits still caught in the trees,
The Unis' horns spearing them down.
Though the fruits will fall, pierced by their horns,
It's their hair in juice that will drown.

So now you can see the Unis' frustration,
A celebration too dirty and sticky to withstand.
They'll sit this one out on a faraway beach.
Lying around in the hot sand.

Hey! Who put this fruit in my sand?!

The Model Uni
By Geneames1

She stands serene upon the shelf,
A vision, her form perfection,
a porcelain beauty, crafted with love,
the best piece in this small collection.

Her wings never destined to flutter;
her eyes stare at naught but the wall.
Her painted coat gleams in the sunlight;
proud and aloof she stands tall.

She's never known true joy or sorrow.
She's never been touched by despair.
She's never felt angry or gleeful --
she has no emotions to share.

She's simply a model Uni,
A figure of consummate grace,
but only as real as a statue can be
or the smile painted onto her face.

Confessions of a Fabulous Uni
By Hiasaki

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A beautiful Uni, a Uni who is me.
I love my long, luxurious mane,
is that really very vain?
I can't help that my horn is perfect,
it's more than just an object.
Do I look beautiful in these shades?
My spotlight never fades!
Everywhere I go, my picture is taken,
so my popularity can't be mistaken.
My scarves are fabulously chic,
and I've got perfectly blushed cheeks.
I get my hooves professionally painted
so that my reputation won't be tainted.
I am oh so remarkably pretty,
and I make sure my jokes are witty.
My owner might get annoyed,
but she must be completely overjoyed,
for she lives with the finest Uni,
and she gives all her Neopoints to me!
I've always got to look my very best,
because I am better than all the rest.

Uni Makeover
By Icesmith

"Oh darling, no!" the Uni shrieks,
Each tender curl in place,
"That colour is vile, those stripes disdained!
Hurry in! And with haste!"

"Try this on, and maybe this.
Hurry now, I don't have all day,
You must be sick to wear such clashes,
Your tastes must I slay!

"Oh no, too pink, too yellow, too green...
Are you honestly going mad?!
That gleeful brown is a much better fit,
The best thing you've ever had!

"And, oh no, your eyes! They're far too blue!
It clashes with your tender abode,
But not to fear, I know the cure!
This snazzy specs you must goad!

"And now for decor, try this on for size,
This scarf, these socks, this hat,
Or maybe not, you look too proud,
And this dress simply makes you look fat!

"Oh! Oh! Yes! I've done it again,
You look a wondrous delight!
So do come again, Uni's Clothing is here,
The ugliness we like to fight!"

Green Unis Are Great
By Iniuria

The story is not a new one;
It's all happened before.
Your pet enters the Secret Lab,
And you wonder what's in store.

The machine lights up and as you blink,
Before your very eyes
Your Neopet you hold so dear
Turns to a species you despise.

It could have gone so differently,
But this time it did not --
Your Neopet is horrified,
But this all can be forgot.

There's a little potion,
In a glass bottle with wings.
Your disappointment and regret,
It fixes all these things.

A Green Uni Morphing Potion,
So magical and true,
Transforms your pet from what it was
Into a Uni green in hue.

So when the lab changes your pet,
There's no need to weep.
This potion fixes all your woes,
And best of all, it's cheap!

Your pet can now toss its mane
And hold its head up high,
For a Uni is a lovely pet
That nobody can deny.

Adopt a Uni Today
By Jjquil

She waits for her door to open
With enticing smile and eyes, baby blue.
She painted the entrance floral pink
To make it friendly, to welcome you.

She tries to hold her patient pose,
But excitement, anticipation!
Her feathered wings flutter, like her heart,
Soaring with determination.

There are so many homeless Neopets here,
Old and young, strong and weak, rare and plain...
Which lucky three should she show to you?
Who will be the subject of her campaign?

She tries her best for the pets with poor names,
Those branded with underscores, numbers...
Experience shows her the ones that must linger
Never stand out. Like her.

She is a Uni without a name
Pretty in pink, once unwanted!
She was rescued by Dr_Death,
And her spirit remains undaunted.

Some Neopians now nickname her 'Rose,'
For her colour, her sweetness, her smile.
She cares only for those less fortunate than her.
Won't you adopt? It makes her calling worthwhile!

A Uni's Ode to Herself
By Ktkdk

When I pass by a mirror or a silvery brook,
I cannot control myself; I must stop and look,
For reflected is the most beautiful Neopet of all:
A Uni, perfectly graceful, gorgeous and tall.
For over half an hour I lose my train of thought.
I am so amazed by the reflection whose eye I caught.

What other Neopet has such flowing locks?
Who else's lips move like dancers when she talks?
Why are other species in the Beauty Contest,
When it is so clear that Unis are the very best?
Why don't other Neopets fall down in adoration,
As I do, in front of Neopia's very best creation?

I know that others say that Unis aren't very bright.
But that doesn't matter at all, am I right?
They also claim that we are exceedingly boring,
Our self-centred chatter leaves everyone snoring.
What those critics simply don't understand
Is Unis are the most perfect creatures in the land.

They might call Unis silly and overly vain,
But they don't understand that being pretty is a pain.
It takes thousands of Neopoints to buy the supplies
And hours of practice to create alluring eyes.
We Unis know what causes such negative fuss:
The rest of Neopia is exceedingly jealous of us!

Uni by the Seaside
By Lollypopxz

A lonely Uni by the seaside,
Trudging down the forsaken bay.
What is a Uni doing here
On this site of grey decay?

There should be palm trees
And laughter of children,
But instead all there lies
Is a land stripped barren.

What had once been
Has long since past
And faded away
And disappeared fast.

He looks toward the sky,
Toward the stark dark above.
Over the distant horizon,
By the rocky cove.

Nostalgia struck him,
Deep, cold, and hard.
He had been here once before
With his Petpet Mallard.

By the sea, by the sea
Was the Uni's home.
By the sea, by the sea
The Uni roams.

For Kye the Baby Uni
By Mamasimios

In baby pink is this small Uni,
The first blush of Uni pride,
Her mane and tail the white of innocence;
Baby blue eyes are opened wide.

Her horn has yet to harden
Into the weapon that it will be,
For now it makes her clumsy,
Weighs down her head when she's sleepy.

So too her wings yet lack the strength
To launch her high into the sky.
They flap and flutter uselessly
On this baby Uni they call Kye.

Her teeth have grown too fast
For such a tiny baby mouth,
Making her grin look a little silly
With her front teeth sticking out.

It would be easy to dismiss her
As too frail for the Battledome.
It's true she's never read a book
Or earned a trophy of her own.

But remember within every baby Uni
There beats the heart of a Nightsteed.
One day she'll soar to her potential,
Time is all she really needs.

By Mayfloziarea

It has been a well-known fact
That Unis love to groom.
They preen their fur for hours on end,
In their own pretty little room.
And when they are finally done,
They trot out with heads held high.
They walk and laugh in open streets,
With mane swishing by their side.

Some admire their magnificent mane,
Some love their feathered wings.
Some love the horn upon their head --
A pretty little thing.
It's beauty that defines the Uni;
Oh how it will make Vira angry --
She knows she isn't the only beautiful pet,
It really is quite obvious, you see.

But the Unis are angelic pets,
And though they are quite vain,
They never frown upon other pets,
Nor look upon ugly ones with disdain.
"Everyone is equal," they say,
"And beauty is only skin deep.
True beauty lies deep in your heart;
For its that thing that matters the most,
Especially when it comes to issues of the heart."

The Vain and Glorious Uni
By Nazaneth

I saw her canter through the field;
With each step the flowers gave applause,
And in her passing brilliance kneeled,
So beautiful a sight she was.

Her flowing mane, a milky white,
Streaming softly through the heavy air,
As if it were fashioned of sweet moonlight --
So light and dainty was her hair!

Rosy through the morning mist,
Her pinkish wings dispersed the dew.
Flight could surely her assist
(But could have knocked her clothes askew).

From her golden crown a ribbon flew,
A crimson bow was around her tail tied;
About her neck a wreath of blossoms grew --
She seemed perfect, yet still she sighed.

Slowing, she paused near a crystal lagoon,
Tranquil and still, a patiently waiting mirror.
She bent toward it with a croon
To see her reflection even clearer.

Like sunlit waves, so were her eyes!
A deeper blue cannot be found,
Seek as you might the azure skies
Or search the ocean's bounds.

For a while at herself she smiled
And made faces at the shining spring;
She tried new poses and new styles,
Made small adjustments to her bling.

But then she turned her lovely head aside
And gave an angry huff.
"Ugh! I can't stand to see it," she did cry
"I'm just not beautiful enough!"

Tawnia and the Truth about Unis
By Saqo

My dear Neopians, today I shall make
a proclamation that something fake
has been circling about my breed:
that Unis are VAIN, I have heard!

Today I offer you quite a story
of a Uni not interested in glory
and looks, like the rest of my kind,
so that it may change your mind.

Have you all heard of Tawnia? She,
my friends, is quite a special Uni.
No one understood why she liked
to explore the surf of the Island.

Mystery Island, to say for sure.
Tawnia liked searching for shells
and other things and didn't quite get
why to sunbathe, others were content.

Now Tawnia's story is not just this.
One day while digging on the beach,
she found a wooden mask, kept it close
as she headed for the Trading Post.

At the Trading Post Tawnia put on sale
the curious things she found that day.
A creepy Techo approached her soon...
she sold him the mask and headed home.

This isn't the end of the story, no,
for a hurricane soon came full blown.
Tawnia noticed that the hurricane winds
came from Techo Mountain -- how strange!

She flew toward the Mountain; from there
the masked Techo flung himself at her.
He was chanting strangely, and they both
flew into the winds and plummeted down.

She awoke under the care of Jhuidah;
she was ashamed she sold the mask to the Techo.
But Jhuidah assured her of her bravery,
in correcting the mistake she had made.

So you see, fair Neopians! Not all Unis
are vain. Many are fearless and brave.
Take Tawnia's story as a lesson, please.
For this is indeed the truth about Unis!

A Lesson for a Uni
By Uberdancingdolphin

Oh, my wondrous Uni,
Why must you be so vain?
The polished hooves
And light, permed hair,
You can be such a pain.

Modesty is not a strength
Of which your race can boast
In fact I'd say
When it all comes down,
You tend toward arrogance the most.

Not that your beauty is not appreciated,
Especially on your day,
When Neopets everywhere
Turn toward you
And shout all the praise they can say.

If only your hooves were not so keen,
Your hair more tangled and thin,
Perhaps, my Uni,
Then you would see,
Beauty does not mean you win.

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