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Neopets Poems

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Green Mynci in the Mist
By Uberdancingdolphin

The jungle mists spring up
Like ghosts
Earthy tendrils reaching
Up toward the sky
Wrapping around the tiny
Paws of the green Mynci
Hanging from a branch
Letting the mist
Flow over him
Like water and whisper at him
As he glides from tree to tree.

A fleeting glimpse
Is all you'd see
A misted being more
Spirit than matter
Swinging through the
Luscious trees in search
Of fruit to eat
And letting out a call
Loud and clean
To the others.

Then they come
Gliding as the first
With sharp, brief
And a vision of green-wrapped mist
Flying through the trees
The misted Mynci

Darigan Mynci
By Reverie_kitsune

Startled jarring from my sleep
A sound from out my window reached
my ears and chilled my blood to ice
one night when shadows seemed to creep

The sound it pains me to relate
Chilling laughter of an evil thing
High-pitched and otherworldly
A sound no creature can create,

Or so I thought until I saw him
When curtains blew from nonexistent wind.
My heart stopped and my eyes grew wide
When I looked upon his features grim.

Glowing eyes of fiercest red
And skin nightmarish purple,
Teeth like tiny daggers sit
in grinning mouth on batlike head.

He cackles still as I begin to rise,
reluctant and dreamlike my steps carry
to the window where this villain
awaits to claim his prize.

'Fearsome Mynci,' I say with trembling voice.
'Why have you come to me to laugh?'
'Not to laugh, my dear,' he says.
'I'm afraid you have no choice!'

'No choice? No choice of what?' I say,
fearful of his answer.
'My dear, I feed on dreams,' he laughs.
'Tonight it's yours, so if I may?'

'You may not! I gasp and turn to run
Away from this malevolence,
But alas I found I was stuck tight.
The Mynci laughed, 'Isn't this fun?'

'When I am done with you, my dear,
You will have no more sweet dreams.
Only nightmares will plague your head
and sleep bring only fear.'

To my horror I saw the Mynci fly
toward me and like a spectre float
through the glass as if none were there.
I let out a piercing cry.

'Help!' I screamed with all my life,
The giggling Mynci closer still,
His red eyes full of malice,
Teeth sharper than the sharpest knife.

At once there is an angry howl,
A dark shape flies across the room,
leaps into the air and grabs
the tail of this Mynci foul!

The purple beast shrieks in pain
From Gelert teeth sunk in fast.
When freed a crack sounds and he is gone,
Lest his tail be bitten again.

'My friend, how can I ever repay you?'
I hug him close and tight,
Glancing at the window through which
so lately my nightmare flew.

So if you read this tale with fright,
I have once piece of advice:
Always trust your Gelert friend
To guard your dreams at night.

Seeing Gold
By _Razcalz_

He sniffed and spotted it,
fifty feet up (and in other words, barely
off the ground) -- or, not
it but rather them, eight as if one
was not a delight enough!

And it was the simplest joy to see --
a Mynci's clever, clever eyes
light up as if gold had
been passed before them,
but what is gold to him?

That glorious fruit
half-shaded by greens bold and
wild; sweet, soft sickles
he knows will
taste of sunshine lazy,
another reminder of his beloved
and with a leap he
shimmies up...

Oh, what he'd do for a
simple banana.

Myncies' Tails
By Mayfloziarea

A curled-up ball upon our tails,
A curious sight to see:
Have you wondered why we all,
Curl up our tails so tightly?

Well, you see,
Everyone loves small pets, no?
If we did let down our tail,
Oh, how long would it flow!

Did you ever know
That our tails are very long?
Why, they simply stretch so far,
It seems as if they don't belong!

Do you know the other reasons?
Do you need a hint?
They'd get caught in drains and crevices,
Whenever we walk or sprint!

We cannot dance like the others,
Without once tripping on our tail.
We may even trip and fall,
When we just run to get our mail.

So you see, by curling up our tails:
All problems will be solved.
And here is a fun fact for you:
Three rounds does it revolve.

And do you know when all Myncies
Curled up their tails this way?
Wonder no more, my furry friends:
The day is Mynci Day!

For Zhunda, One Darigan Mynci
By Mamasimios

One Mynci, by Zhunda is he known,
A trickster from Darigan Citadel,
Now stalks the treetops down below
In the forests surrounding Meridell.

His looping tail is impressive,
Both muscular and elastic;
It allows him to creep from tree to tree
With moves silent and gymnastic.

His skin, as purple as a bruise,
Helps him to hide in the high shadows;
Allowing Zhunda to listen in
On his unsuspecting fellows.

Mischievous little Darigan spy,
With ears as large as dishes,
Gathers material for his Master
For purposes, no doubt, malicious.

Hanging aloft by prehensile tail,
Zhunda's arms are free
For peeling and eating bananas,
His very favourite treat.

Undeniably loyal to Darigan,
Sometimes Zhunda's Mynciness takes over;
Pelting those down below with banana peels,
He can't help but blow his cover.

The Untrustworthy Mynci
By Jjquil

Neopet! You're standing idly by --
You look strong! No, that's a lie.
If you'd like to take a chance --
Care to give my game a try?

Oho, you'd like to take a shot!
Well, grab this mallet on the spot!
I assure you it's not rigged, but --
(I don't expect you'll hit jackpot...)

See that button, round and red!
That's where your hammer strikes, I said!
(Sure, I oiled up the gears, but --
Wimps should Apple Bob instead.)

There's your hit! Ha, that's your best?
You scored a three! I'm not impressed!
Take a t-shirt before you leave --
(But I spent more to buy my vest!)

Test Your Strength and win a prize!
Neopians of any size:
Only costs a bit to try!
(...But winning would be a surprise!)

The Mynci Race
By Icesmith

She clambered the trees, each day and night,
The rain forests drizzle aplenty,
Scampering for fruits or leftover remains,
Deserving no less than twenty!

And then she saw, hanging by her tail,
A mango in the distance of bounty,
And with a spring she dived toward
The habitat of mango county!

Yet from the corner a rustle sounded,
And the Mynci held still in her tracks
And watched silently as another being
Darted toward her snacks!

The Mynci ran, clambering through trees,
Toward this other creature,
Yet on close sight, she soon realised,
Every hair, every colour, every feature!

Another Mynci stood in front,
And they glared at each other, judging,
"I saw it first!" the Mynci cried,
Whilst the other just sat, grudging!

And with a dart they both quickly raced,
Toward the mango so tasty,
As the other leapt, the other climbed,
Each one unbelievably hasty!

Yet as they both reached the landing,
Something unexpected did soon follow,
A Pteri launched down, talons stretched,
And dragged the fruit into his own fruitful hollow!

Volgoth: Massive Yooyuball Force
By Hundredmiles

A force to be reckoned with,
Volgoth is a massive Mynci.
With shots impossible to block,
He's the best in all the seas.

A professional scorer,
With exceptional tackles.
A strong and tough player,
Who cannot be bound by shackles.

Together with his team,
They'll become the best.
They'll win the Cup one day
and beat all the rest.

Volgoth will lead them
all the way to the top.
And with the opponents,
the floor they'll mop.

A Darigan Forest Mynci
By Guddi6

Purplish blur in forest thick
Doth tear through open air,
Whooshing from leafy branch to branch
Never seen quite here or there.

Rapid ball of speeding force
You watch swing, as if hung by a thread.
Flash of mischievous crimson winks
And thumps you on the head!

You clutch your basket of freshly picked berries,
Glare at vague blur above
And hurry forth to reach your abode
While a flash gives you a shove.

You grumble in earnest dismay,
As he springs forth from twisted bark.
Shadowy eyebrows coat blood-red eyes
That glitter in the dark.

Ears twitch as curling tail doth wave
To reveal crude spikes that poke out.
Leathery wings slash up and down
As he gives a triumphant shout.

He sees the berries in your basket,
Tears it from your clutching grasp,
Gives a delighted, eager chuckle
And leaves you to splutter and rasp!

Abide by Mynci Law
By Carrotbreath

From young to old, all Myncies know
The law through which all must grow.
For Myncies, and to them alone
This law remains all too well-known.

The book awaits to be read,
And that it is, by Myncies spread.
Pages filled with their rich mystery,
Guarding the species' sacred history.

From Hubert to Vex; goes unmentioned none,
Followed by rules and laws a ton:
Like "Those who hurt other Myncies are scum"
and "A tail for a tail," to simply name some.

Yes, this brotherhood doth exist
From Mystery Island to the Lost Desert;
But caution a secret never blurt,
For your tongue a Mynci will twist.

Swing, My Mynci
By Betrayer101

Swinging from tree to tree,
The look on his face one of obvious glee.
So swing, Mynci, swing all day and night,
Not a care in the world,
No sorrow or fright.
Swing, Mynci, swing.

You swing in the Mystery Island jungles
And the Terror Mountain cliffs.
You look so elegant and graceful,
You are the star of many myths,
So swing, Mynci, swing.
One day you will become the king,
And in the streets your name others will sing.

Oh, my Mynci, can you teach me,
To swing so elegantly and free?
Oh, Mynci if you could do that,
I'd never again plead and then,
It can just be you and me,
Swinging from tree to tree,
My Mynci, I'll see.

Up the Coconut Tree
By Beagums

Up the coconut tree we go
To harvest fruit aplenty.
It takes a skilful hand to pick
A Mynci team of twenty.

Quick they are to scramble up
And pick the nut that's best.
Once fruit is found, they scramble down
To pass inspection test.

The Elder Mynci spends his days,
Picking gem from common stone.
Great time it takes to scan the fruit,
A job for him alone.

Then off the coconuts skirt along,
Stuffed tight inside a crate.
To where they go, we'll never tell,
But man, that game is great!

By Antediluviant

Vines twirl erratically
As the Myncies swing about.
They smile,
Showing the world their excitement.

Mystery Island is the perfect place
To enjoy such a spectacular day.
Every moment is blissful,
Like pool of liquid air.

They squeal and giggle
In bouts of delight,
As if now is all they need.
The Myncies swing higher,
Grasping for fruits as they go.

Once daylight fades to night,
They will drift into slumber,
Dreaming peacefully
Of wonders yet to come.

A Grey Mynci Laments
By Anjie

The jungle didn't seem as bright,
Each tree had lost its green.
The shimmer soft of dappled pool
Alas could not be seen.
There he sat on weeping bough,
Head firmly in paw held.
Heavy was the heaving sigh,
That Mynci had expelled.

"I lack the will!" he softly spoke,
"To play like others do!
"To make the jungle my own realm,
To jump and then swing through!"
Down with sorrow gaze did drop,
To tail, lifeless, long.
"I lack the will to hang from boughs,
There must be something wrong!"

Each sunlit day he sat and watched
His friends of brilliant hue.
Enjoy the sunshine on their coats,
And wished that he could too!
Alas it's true, grey does not shine,
Ashamed it seems, was he.
For when his friends did call his name,
He would just turn and flee.

It happened then, one evening late,
He tried to hang from bough.
Lamenting greyness of his fate,
When softly, slowly, "Wow..."
For moonlight turned the grey alight,
And silver tones did play.
And there you'll find him, every night,
In starshine shall he play.

An Afternoon Interview with Foltaggio
By Alagfalaswen

He looks surprised to see you
on his doorstep, out of the blue.
But then he smiles, and moves to say,
"Oh well, I'm free today."

(One cup of steaming tea later
and biscuits he insisted you try) the
Right Forward, with a quick gesture,
says, "You have questions, I'm sure."

So you dig out your trusty old notebook,
rifle through it for a quick look.
Let's start with what he thinks of the game?
He shrugs, "My feelings have always been the same
as when I first started; the sheer
passion for Yooyuball I still hold dear."
How about his need to overachieve?
A laugh. Then, a thoughtful pause. "I believe

in striving to be the best I can be.
It's just part of my troublesome nature, you see."
He frowns when you ask about his eye.
"Until today, I don't quite understand why

everyone seems to share this unnecessary curiosity.
Haven't I answered this enough times already?
It doesn't impede the way I play
after all, right?" ("Of course," you say.)

Soon the tea is gone and your list done,
He courteously thanks you. "It's been fun.
Do drop by again. The pleasure's been mine."
No, no, you reply, that's my line.

You say you'll cover Shenkuu's next match.
Maybe you might even catch
them winning? Foltaggio doesn't miss a beat.
"We'll be champions next time we meet."

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