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Champion, the Gold Tonu
By Mamasimios

Champion, the gold Tonu,
Has a golden Collectable Card, of course;
He is interested in naught but gold,
His skills are an irrepressible force.

An expert player at every game,
He always takes first place.
He daily brings home new gilded cups
To put in his bulging trophy case.

The honeyed mane, the auriferous horn,
On another Tonu they'd be impressive,
But on Champion, amidst his golden hoard,
They simply seem excessive.

His medals, plaques, and trophies
All gleam with an auric lustre,
But although he too shines with golden glow,
Champion is derided for his constant bluster.

This Tonu's incessant bragging
Has swollen his resplendent head,
And instead of accumulating a fan base,
Others cheer against him instead.

Oh, Champion, don't you see
In your obsessive quest for gold,
You have driven everyone away
Leaving you with metal, prized but cold?

The Tonu Who Lost His Horn
By Beagums

While dressing quickly for the day,
A sight stopped Tommy on his way.
A hole upon his Tonu snout
Where once a horn sat, long and stout.
At once he cried, though not with glee,
"I've lost my horn! Where could it be?"

"I'm sure I had it on last night,
When mother dear turned off my light.
That must be it, it's in my bed!"
So quick he ran, he bumped his head.
But soon his bed had brought defeat,
No horn amongst his nighttime sheet.

Perhaps it tumbled in his soup,
Mixed with leek and stewed beetroot.
To the kitchen did he dash,
Where stood his mother, browning hash.
"What has you running past your seat?
Sit down and have a bite to eat!"

"No time for food!" he quickly said,
"My horn has fallen off my head!
I've checked my bed, I've checked my floor;
It's simply walked right out the door!"
And so he slumped back in his chair,
His horn was lost to all despair.

His mother giggled at her son,
"Oh Tommy, you are so much fun!
Your horn is fine, you silly dear;
They all go missing once a year.
All horns fall out in just that way,
That's why we call it Tonu Day."

A Beautiful Stampede
By Uccellina

The call sleeps latent in them all
The gentle Tonu graze
It rests with them throughout the night
Propels them through the days

From glinting gold to shades of grey
The herd is wide and vast
In Tyrannia their path is hewn
The Niptors scurry past

The drop of a pin, the roll of a stone
Are all it takes to start
The thrumming, stomping, raw impulse
That dwells within their hearts

A scuff of a paw and the steam of a snort
Are beacons to the rest
The rising, flaring urge to run
Builds up inside their chests

Their leader raises up his horn
Rears, tosses his mane
Lets out a bellowing warning cry
That echoes o'er the plains

The Airax squawk and flap away
As do the feathered Skrees
Cameliors quit the riverbeds
And retreat into the trees

A dusty chasm lies in wait
The rumbling soon begins
Horizon lines shiver and shake
The sky now seems to spin

The shadows in the distance
Soon take shape, bodies and feet
Individuals yet all as one
Formidable, complete

They charge across the grassland
Uninhibited and freed
United in their instinct
A beautiful stampede

Wila Benne and Team Tyrannia
By Hundredmiles

From a really rough start,
They were all just cast-offs.
But with Wila and the gang,
They're going to win each playoff.

The Forsaken Five,
A legend of the game.
With Wila and friends,
Yooyuball ain't the same.

Wila in particular
Excels when she throws.
She's so very good,
She has the skills of a pro.

Right now, they may not
Be the best of their league.
But one day, they'll become better,
Overcoming sickness and fatigue!

Wila will always be there
When Tyrannia needs her.
She'll represent her home,
And never again will she suffer!

Tonu Transmogrification
By Icesmith

The potion sat on the table above,
"Many joys," the witch foresaw,
"Awaken the beauty of your inner soul,
No pain, no hatred, no flaw."

The Tonu embraced the glowing drink
And sat down upon the chair,
With one foul swoop and a manic gulp,
The potion he did ensnare.

The last drop fell and the Tonu glared,
No more was left in the glass,
And although he felt no different by sight,
One small detail did he surpass.

His hairs slowly began to turn
From a golden to a mucky dirt,
Yet it wasn't until he glanced the horror,
Of his missing mane that he did alert.

His horn was pained and slowly grew,
An inch or two before his eyes,
And from his back, more talons appeared,
The Tonu bathing in his own shallow cries.

And finally his tail did droop,
A hideous spiked bauble attached,
The mutant Tonu cried, but none would hear,
For his former glory had been dispatched.

Beautiful Heart
By Mayfloziarea

No one knew the shadow Tonu,
No one knew his name.
He roams alone in the dark,
Be it sun or rain.
If you do catch a glimpse of him,
In the dead of the night,
All you see is a silhouette
Against the pale moonlight.

The shadow Tonu never speaks,
Nor does he mingle and mix.
Many do wonder what
Will he do if he's in a fix?
Some think that he's a loner,
Who has naught a friend.
Some say that on Tonu Day
To him no cards are sent.

But no one knew the side of him
Where he has a heart of gold.
Silently he helps the pets
Who face trauma from days of old.
Even then he vanishes
After serving his purpose.
And those whom he had helped
Never came to know him.

Well, that was the case for months,
That went on until today.
For now his secret is known;
It is no more concealed at bay.
Now all that he has helped before,
Chipped in to get a brush --
They painted the Tonu faerie,
For the help he gave so freely.

"Faeries are here to help," they say,
"But there are times when we help them too.
You're just like them, faerie Tonu,
That's why we're helping you!"

Create a Tonu!
By Sugarypixiestix2

Hear ye, hear ye, and take listen to my cry,
I just saw this while flying in the sky.
The giant Tyrannian Omelette is gone!
Don't just stand there and yawn.
Go hurry up and make your Tonu,
In yellow, red, green, or cool blue!
This species is quite rare and awful cute,
You don't even have to use any of your loot!
Making them is free and for such limited time,
I know to you this may sound like an iffy crime.
But it is real and you must take full advantage:
Click that Neopet link, I know you can manage.
It'll say 'Create a Neopet,' which is easily done,
After you get to the page it's simple and fun!
Choose the image of the Tonu on the screen,
Then you must choose a neato name like "Bean."
Sorry, that's probably taken what about "Xosi1"?
Yes, it has a number but we must get it done!
Next is the colour of your choice, my fair friend,
I've heard that yellow is a fresh popular trend.
Rush to it and pick Xosi1's stats and do it now,
I can't stand it much longer or I'll have a cow!
Whew, you actually made it to the final pet page,
That means you're SO going to be all the rage!

I Saw a Faerie Tonu in the Night
By Autotune

and I thought it was a shooting star at first,
because the sky was dark, of course,
and I was running circles
round and round,
in my head, of course.

and I thought it was a shooting star at first,
because they're just as beautiful, of course,
and everyone knows they
only come out
in the day, of course.

and I thought it was a shooting star
at first,
because I'd lost my hope, of course,
in my fallen faerie tale,
everything they promised they could
fix, of course,

I saw a faerie Tonu in the night.
thought it was a shooting star at first,
and then I went ahead
and wished, of course,
for my castles in the sky.

The Birthday Tonu
By Tiptoeboo

The birthday Tonu grins with joy;
His face alight with pure delight
As he waltzes across the floor,
Moving almost as if in flight.

At his birthday table he sits
And pulls his cracker with a friend.
Out falls a hat, a toy, a joke,
And a few Neopoints to spend.

In the place of honour by his place
Proudly stands a great big cake,
Chocolate with chips so scrumptious
That it took several hours to make.

Opening the mysteries of his presents,
The Tonu finds gifts carefully chosen:
A new outfit with shining buttons
And a horn ring, gleaming and golden.

But best of all he finds a balloon,
Electric blue and full to bursting with air.
Delighted, the Tonu decides to play catch,
Throwing it, playing with flair.

Confident, he watches the balloon drift
Slowly down, so slow it appears to hang
And bounces it off his horned head.
POP! It explodes with a loud bang.

Constant Vigilance! ... Most of the Time
By Tanikagillam

He stands there every day,
His face never seems to change.
He stands so tall and proud,
He does look a little strange.
He watches everything pass by,
There is nothing that he will miss.
He stands on guard at the Pool,
The big Tonu, regarding us with a hiss.

He never seems to let down his guard,
He has never left his post.
Such an extraordinary guard is he,
That he is so much better than most.
Never will you be able
To sneak past him into the Pool.
Try every day though you might,
But do not take him for a fool.

But should you catch him unawares,
Just one quick time,
Sleeping, snoozing against the statues,
Well, wouldn't that just be fine?
To take a quick dip,
In the fabled Magma Pool,
How lucky would you be,
Wouldn't that just be incredible?!

Happy Tonu Day!

Oh Tonu, You Rule!
By Hiasaki

I love my Tonu,
he always sits and sips tea with me.
I have never asked him for much,
but he gives me such glee.
He played Grarrl Keno one day
and won my dream paint brush.
I patted him on the head
and took him to be painted in a rush.
You should have seen his face
when I gave him faerie wings!
And although he didn't care for them,
he still wears those things.
I couldn't ask for more
than customising him in crazy ways.
There is no better way
to spend all my free days.
He smiles at me whenever he can
and always reaches out to hold my hand.
When I adopted him I never knew,
he is the finest Tonu in all the land.

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