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Fruits Galore!
By Pansyparkinson14

I was walking past the Food Shop,
When something strange caught my eye,
A giant orange was strolling along,
Munching on a bit of pie.

I shook my head in amazement:
Was this some sort of funny trick?
But then I saw another: a sniffling pear --
The poor thing must have been a little sick.

Why are all these fruits alive?
When did they escape the Food Shop store?
For everywhere I look now,
I see peaches, pineapples, and limes galore!

They have beady eyes and cute little smiles,
And they can all dance and sing and chat,
Why they can even wear clothes and finery:
I saw an apple wearing a feathered cap!

Flabbergasted, I stared in awe,
But a friend then clarified the sight with glee:
These weren't strange, magical fruits,
They were simply fruit Chia Neopets -- silly me!

Chocolate Chia
By Icesmith

"Don't go out!" the mother warned,
"For the beach is too crowded and scary."
Yet the Chia mocked and continued on,
Delightful, joyous, unwary.

The beach was packed! Oh, what a surprise,
The Chia joined in on the fun.
The sun blared down upon the golden sands,
Yet his amusement was soon overdone.

One drop fell and the Chia squirmed,
Confused by the dismal sight,
Yet as the day continued on,
The Chia soon took flight!

Running home, the Chia squealed,
A melting Chia?! How unheard!
And as he clambered back inside he swore
To always listen to his mother's word!

Kasuki Lu
By Jjquil

The ground shakes beneath his footsteps
From Faerieland down to Shenkuu.
His huge height makes them tremble with fright --
The oversized Kasuki Lu!

This orange is utterly enormous;
His girth is unmatched, it's true!
His waddling walk makes the townsfolk talk --
The gargantuan Kasuki Lu!

The corpulent warrior Chia
Has a mastery of massive kung fu!
His ponderous arms can distribute great harm --
The blimp-like Kasuki Lu!

The bulky Battledome brawler
Has been known to cause hullabaloo!
He jumps in the fray with his fierce karate --
The heavyweight Kasuki Lu!

His expression is ever unchanging;
Just one glare, and his enemies withdrew!
Let's give him a cheer, and -- look, he's right here!
The colossal Kasuki Lu!

A Lupe's Lunch Libretto
By Beagums

Oh, Chias are so tasty
Boiled, baked, or raw.
I'd eat them with spaghetti
Or drink them through a straw.

I'd serve them fried with eggs,
Or stew them in a stew.
They're positively scrumptious
In a tarte tatin for two.

For lunch I like my Chias best
Served with swiss on rye.
And for dessert they're best
When cooked inside a pie.

So on this day for them we cheer:
It's Chia Day, rejoice!
'Tis my favourite day for pigging out
And I have first Chia choice!

But ask me not for seconds;
Ask not for recipes too,
For Chias are my favourite food,
And I won't share with you!

The Master of Laughter
By Iridaceous

Need a good chuckle? A joke or a jest?
Then visit the one who knows laughter best!

Perhaps he will sing you a funny old song
About grumpy Unis with faces too long;
Or maybe he'll strike up a jig to amuse,
Then stumble and trip on his gigantic shoes!

He's a good-natured chap with a rounded red nose,
But a prankster, a trickster, as everyone knows:
That little pink flower he wears on his vest
May look rather pretty, but it squirts water jets!

Wherever he goes, he charms and enchants,
Whether tying balloons or doing a dance.
He even looks funny, with his bright orange hair --
Silliness and merriment are his natural flair.

So once you've had a chuckle and heard a good jest,
You'll no doubt agree that he is the best.
He'll cheer up the town,
Turn frowns upside down:
He is, of course, the Chia Clown!

Ice Cream Dilemma
By Illumiinate

Fumbling through the dessert,
Dodging miraculously through,
A breath is a second too long,
In a game of ice cream scoops.

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla --
Flavours that make your toes curl,
A sweet delight on a level of its own,
Sending Adee's mind into a whirl!

Here comes the Mint Chocolate Chip!
Speedily thrown across the room,
Caught between risking for the heart,
Or being subjected to her doom.

Deliciously frozen goodies,
Cruising carelessly about,
Oh, how Adee wished for nothing --
But the ice cream to land in her mouth!

To Honor Chiazilla
By Saqo

On Mystery Island this long story
beings with an element of mystery.
Every year it happened, a feast
was left out for one certain beast.

You all may be surprised to hear,
but Chiazilla was not always feared.
Indeed he used to protect well
Mystery Island if his belly was full.

But it all changed, this tale
now turns sad and mysterious as well.
A prince of the Island, one day
got lost in the ocean, they say.

The king said, "Chiazilla, find him!"
And surely the beast departed them.
He searched the ocean, he sank in
deep but never did Chiazilla return.

No one knows what happened that day
to Chiazilla, although they say
that he never returned and that is that.
Although they honour him, it's still sad.

Chiazilla went off to do his deed
and sunk into the mysterious sea.
Perhaps now he meets with the prince
in a place from the Island, different.

For you see he was spotted once again,
in Maraqua to fight another foe then,
the Mechachiazilla. Our friend saved
Maraqua; perhaps he's not quite so scary.

That's why the natives of Mystery
Island continue to honour his memory.
They leave gifts but hurry home...
for Chiazilla might not be so "gone."

Thyassa -- Champion!
By Hundredmiles

Wait three seconds,
then throw the ball.
Duck for cover,
as your opponent falls!

This devious Chia
May seem playful and cute.
But everyone knows,
He's the Gormball brute!

Facing Gargarox,
The chances are tough,
But due to Thyassa's skills,
He'll make it through smooth and rough!

The Champion, the master,
Thyassa is Gormball's best.
He keeps on playing and
training without rest.

The Broken Chia Plushie
By Angelachen97

He sat in the corner of the stocked-up store,
Waiting as time ticked slowly away.
Neopians bustled by, shopping and stopping;
It was just another ordinary day.

He had been sitting there for weeks already,
But still nobody came or even cared,
So the poor Chia plushie sat and sighed --
This was more than what he could bear.

The Cybunny stocked up some Hissi Plushies,
And within minutes they were sold.
The poor Chia cried in great despair,
As he watched the tragic scene unfold.

Then a little Aisha came with her owner
And skipped right up to the sad Chia.
He tried his best to give her a smile,
And the joyful little girl grinned back.

He watched with hope as the Aisha begged,
"Please, oh please, can we buy him now?"
His heart gave a leap as the owner nodded;
The happy Chia was overwhelmed.

So the little Aisha hugged him close
And whispered promises of care.
"I'll take you to Donny on Terror Mountain;
He'll get you fixed up and repaired."

The broken Chia plushie was ecstatic;
He had never ever felt this much joy!
Donny was glad to fix him up for free --
Before long, he was a brand-new toy!

The little Aisha skipped out with her Chia,
Stopping along the way to see the shore.
The Chia plushie gave a content sigh,
For he was a broken plushie no more!

For Nox the Chia
By Tealnova_dragon

I attended the service,
It was a funeral.
The grumbles of nearby zombies filled my brain.
Haunted Woods is a great place for Nox.

He takes his place,
Among the great villains of the past.
I stand in the lighter crowd,
But in the darkened corner of the
Gnarled trees,
I see hooded eyes and eerie red glints.

All 'round Neopia, we pay our respects.
I for his stand (albeit unknowing)
Against the evil tyrant Xandra.
Others for his devious ways,
Bemoaning the loss of a kindred spirit.

We mutter a quick prayer,
Took turns to place several black wilted flowers,
The place was real spooky,
But I didn't really feel it,
Until the flowers sunk into the ground,
Caught by blue ectoplasm --
Not a single petal left.

The Lonely Mutant Chia
By Mayfloziarea

The mutant Chia silently roams
In the dank dusty maze.
The stone door is bolted shut;
Trapping him in the cave.
Behind the cracking pillared walls,
The Chia silently waits.
Hoping to befriend someone;
He cannot resign to his fate.

Never did he want to be mutant;
The worst colour of them all --
And here within the solemn cave,
He's chained to stone-cold walls.
For years he served his punishment,
For being painted mutant --
He so yearns to be re-painted,
To be normal again.

Alone he roams in mocking maze,
Longing for a friend.
But all who see him turn away:
They see him as a fiend.
Were he to find a way to flee,
From mocking, disgusted gaze.
He'll either find a lonely peaceful land --
Or remain in dusty cave.

A Chia in Disguise
By Mamasimios

I wrapped myself in my cape with hood
To travel through the Haunted Woods.
My Chia friend was I off to see;
A basket of goodies did I take with me.

The darkness did threaten as I crept.
Roots grasped at my feet where I stepped.
The trees themselves did seem to breathe;
The air around me pulsed and seethed.

Yet onward did I make my way
To see my friend, sick abed she lay,
To comfort with my company
And offer the treats that I brought with me.

Finally I arrived on her doorstep
And gave an anxious little tap.
Her voice sent shivers down my skin,
As she hoarsely bid me to come in.

I entered softly through the door
And tiptoed across the cold wood floor,
Approached the bed, and my friend therein,
With blankets pulled up to her chin.

Peering through the shadows thick,
I could see the Chia was very sick.
I told her that I was surprised
By the jaundice in her yellow eyes.

So too was I predisposed
To comment on her swollen nose,
And wondered what disease might elongate
Her button nostrils out from her face.

No sooner had I taken pause
When my friend snapped shut her massive jaws,
A drip of drool, a flash of tooth,
And I soon saw the awful truth:

This was not my ailing chum,
But a Lupe dressed in Chia costume!
What foul fiend in fair disguise!
That's when I heard the faintest cries.

I hurried to the bedroom closet where
I found the friend the Lupe had stashed in there,
And grabbing her by her Chia arms,
I led her away from the Lupe's harm.

Out we ran through the front door,
Entering the Haunted Woods once more,
Where at least danger may be recognised
And not wearing a friendly Chia disguise.

Peter's Day
By Togepi_forever

He wakes up bright and early,
Eats his omelette as the dawn
Comes breaking into morning,
Sending sunlight o'er his lawn.

His teeth are brushed,
His Petpet fed --
His face fresh-washed,
He's made his bed.

So now he pulls on his uniform,
The outfit freshly pressed.
He ties his whistle 'round his neck --
And now, at last, he's dressed.

He locks his door behind him,
And walks off down the street,
Waving as he goes along
To everyone he meets.

He arrives at the office soon,
Pours some coffee in his cup.
It isn't long at all before
A customer comes up.

"Please help me, sir!" she cries. "Right now!"
"Please make it "2-8-Ranged!"
Peter the Chia smiles and says,
"Your password has been changed!

Chocolate Divinity
By Antediluviant

The chocolate Chia,
Ever pursued by ravenous Lupes,
Waits on the shelf.
There it sits, awaiting to be devoured.

The shopkeeper returns,
Carrying another chocolate Chia in his arms.
Together they are displayed
For all to admire.

A variety of flavours accrues,
Leaving customers' mouths watering.
Everything about the little delights
Is absolutely delicious.

All across Neopia
These Chias are a delicacy,
Served only on a single day.
What day would be more fitting
Than Chia Day?

eat it, don't wear it
By Autotune

no one loves it more than
Adee, which is why she's the one
stuck in an ice cream machine
right now
(she was when I checked
in the games room,

with no way out,
caught between a scoop
and another
(making a mess out of
her favourite blue sweater)
and another
round of garlicky bratwurst
to the face;

breakfast lunch dinner
(and now clothes and hair)
all equally cold,
gooey, sticky, messy, sweet,
(why the other Chias prefer chocolate,
she'll never know)
no one loves it more than
Adee, this wondrous thing we call
ice cream
that she calls
and they say
a scoop a day (keeps the
at bay)

By Guddi6

Haunting strains of lamenting lay
Do echo, breezed forth by forgotten winds
That linger in the empty chapel
Long deserted, with sorrow filled.

Only one remains there, solitary and spurned.
His tale one of haunting despair,
The grief plays out ev'ry monotonous day
The music floats and sings it there...

A Chia glimpsed from afar seems to blur before you.
The floating music sharp and cutting.
Terrifying, it doth turn
The notes to rhythmic beat jumping...

You see him in his cape and ruffled hair,
Seated before the piano, age-old.
The candles, nearly burnt, seem to be renewed --
They burn a fiery gold!

And, all at once, he whips 'round,
A fierce scowl doth greet your eye,
But that's all you see, for the rest is cloaked
Like the breath of an endless lie...

A mask, shockingly pale, does cover the facade
And the beat quickens yet again,
To tell the long forgotten tale;
The music thrums like falling rain...

The story of The Phantom's beloved;
Riyella was her name.
But she feared his face, what lay below the shroud
And from that fear, her flight came.

She couldn't go to what she couldn't comprehend,
Lost her nerve when she needed it most,
Fled from the chapel, perplexed and unthinking,
Afraid she would have to face some kind of ghost.

Abandoned at the crucial time,
Broken, lost, rejected, and scorned,
The Phantom remained in the chapel,
Now old and worn.

He awaited her joyful return,
To see her glide in, smiling, someday,
Till then he would stay, awaiting, awaiting...
The same melody would be replayed every day.

Yet, it no longer is soft and haunting and slow,
As Riyella would remember her favourite tune of all,
No, it is passionate and fervently played,
Shaking the haunted halls.

You watch as emotion fills the room,
Of tireless awaiting and caged fury.
You take a step back, the room's in turmoil,
There's a fierce storm brewing...

You focus again on The Phantom;
The music is flowing once again, to that melody fair,
You long to run, long to flee,
But something seems to root you there.

And then you remember, the Fancy Dress Ball...
You remember you dressed as a certain Chia;
The Phantom, his voice quivering
With emotion, utters the words


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