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Two Lights
By _Razcalz_

Wrote Sundown to Moonrise:
Today, today
between our comings is
the day whose sole name --
Valentine's --
sets hearts glowing and pink
letters on the wing.
Confessions and joys uncountable
betwixt your morning fade
and my evening extinguishing,
yet what of us?
Two lights so bright
yet destined to
scarcely each other see.
So answered Moonrise:
Today, today
I'll be there -- watch for me
that moment before your final sliver
beneath the horizon sets
and I'll have just
arrived, and in those precious minutes
we'll have Mystery Isle,
Krawk Isle, sands of the Desert,
Meridellian cliffs and the icy shores
lit in skies blushing,
we two lights
on a Valentine's Day.

The Perfect Gift for a Valentine
By Concertogreat_8

For you, first, I chose to make,
my dearest Valentine,
a beautiful pink sugar cake
of vanilla and icing divine.

My eyes grew soft, my heart did sway,
when I looked upon it.
But alas, when I was away,
my Petpet ate every last bit,

and naught was left but crumbs.
Then second, for you,
my sweet answer to all sums,
in a shop-window I saw a muffin, true,

a muffin small and decorated,
with a wave of icing swirled,
looking at it I all but drooled.
But alas, someone by me whirled,

and before I could let out a cry,
a gentleman came along ahead
and snatched that pastry up to buy,
and in his wake my heart was lead.

Then at last, for you,
my priceless treasure,
though I was feeling quite blue,
I abandoned sweets altogether,

and sought instead that gift
which steals all lovers' favour,
and seals any angry rift:
a bouquet of flowers to savour.

Red roses, all else would be remiss,
giving off their heavenly scent,
sweeter than a carefree kiss.
But alas, as I was walking, head bent,

I did trip and tumble,
end-over-end, and thus rent,
with my careless stumble,
those beautiful roses to bits.

Then at last, for you,
my one beyond compare,
I did the only thing I knew,
and came to you in the evening air,

with muddy clothes, the crumble
of your cake on my paws,
with begging eyes so humble,
a crushed rose a symbol of my lost cause,

I bowed at your feet,
stuck my heart on my sleeve in red,
and as you looked in disbelief,
with widening eyes, I said,
"O love of mine,
Will you be my Valentine?"

The Jelly Chia's Valentine
By Dragonstorm_75

The roar of thunder rumbles,
Shards of rain like hailstones,
Shaking, tapping shingles,
On the tattered roof.

Within the ancient mansion,
Cobwebbed to the floor,
There lived the Jelly Chia,
Lonely in the loft.

Fear came in his footsteps,
Terror filled all souls,
Yet he was a gentle thing,
And didn't want to be aloof.

So on Valentine's Day he yielded,
All the courage in his heart,
Took a pen and paper,
And let letters flow aloft.

Gelatinous yet charming,
They flowed across the page,
But before he sent the message,
His heart began to sway.

Would she accept his kind request?
Would he remain alone?
On this auspicious day,
Where only sweet thoughts roam?

Away he sent his letter,
And it came to Vira's claws,
The Acara was lonely too,
She missed St. Valentine's Day.

The Jelly Chia waited so,
Would anxiety burst his heart!
But then a letter floated back,
And on it she said "Yes."

Nobody Cares
By Mamasimios

Nobody is getting out the cardstock,
And nobody is looking for the glitter glue.
Nobody is sharpening up some pencils,
Because nobody is making a Valentine for you.

Nobody went to the chocolate shop,
Because nobody knows what it is you crave.
Nobody picked out the largest box,
And nobody was happy to have had to pay.

Nobody dropped by the jewellery store,
And nobody chose a Silver Valentines Ring,
Since nobody cares if you like heart-shaped rocks;
Nobody knows they are your favourite things.

Nobody is wrapping up a Bottle of Love,
Because nobody likes the way they make you smile.
Nobody remembered the Dr. Sloth Heart Plushie,
Because nobody understands your ironic style.

Nobody picked up a Deluxe Bouquet,
Since nobody thinks they smell as sweet as you,
And nobody will come see you this Valentine's Day,
Because nobody values having a friend like you.

When you hear a knock on your front door,
And you look out and think that nobody's there,
You'll be right; it's that invisible Bruce,
Nobody, dropping by just to show she cares.

Dear Sloth, Happy Valentine's!
By Anjie

Valentine's had come about,
That magic day each year,
The one beasts such as Doctor Sloth
Do come to loathe and fear.

"Nobody loves me!" did he cry,
"I want to ban this day!"
Those who mentioned Valentine's
Were quickly sent away.

It's hard, you know, to be a beast,
When such times roll around.
For when all folk do fear your name,
No love is to be found.

And Sloth, he did lament this fact,
And whined to each dark clone.
"Even you are just machines,
It's true, I'm all alone!"

He banned the day, no mention made,
No gifts would be passed out.
But then things changed, I'll tell you now,
How this did come about.

Sloth found a flower, note attached,
'Dear Sloth, this is for you.'
Someone had sent a Valentine,
The question, though, was who.

He questioned every Grundo slave,
Each clone, each prisoner too.
Who could it be, a stranger? Sure,
Or someone that he knew?

Overjoyed, he stopped the ban,
And all did celebrate.
Valentine's was on again,
Before it was too late!

It must be said Sloth did enjoy
The day, for all his woe.
But who could be his Valentine?
He simply did not know!

When day was done and all were calm,
The note slipped past the door.
'Slothy, dear, you wonder now,
But wonder not, no more!'

'We wanted back our special day,
So there, the joke's on you.
Happy Valentine's, dear Sloth,
Love from the Grundo crew.'

Of Love and a Chocolate Nimmo Dessert
By Tiptoeboo

Your eyes, so bright in your silken smooth skin,
Shining crimson yet bright, tinged with pearl,
Embedded in dark chocolate rich and strong.
Marbled are creases, smile lines and swirls.

Your hair, a wig of whipped cream piled up high,
Falling locks, tumbling, reaching to the ground.
Contours and shine defined by sweet shadow;
Never a more lovely dessert I have found.

Inside your body, made of cake so light,
Spread between two layers, butter cream
Of the nicest kind, melting and dripping
Yet tasting wonderful, like a dream.

Who is the most perfect pudding of all?
It's really quite simple; you'll need no clue:
My beautiful Chocolate Nimmo Dessert, for
I, simply, devotedly, perfectly love you.

My Little Valentine
By Alagfalaswen

I bought a Mysterious Valentine,
With it, I'll ask if you'll be mine
-- a gift to see your whole face shine,
lit up with that smile so divine
(that I love most).

I waited by the shop all night
and rushed in quick at morn's first light,
marched down the aisles till I was right
in front of it -- a welcome sight
(despite the cost).

I wrote a tiny, loving thought
within that Valentine I bought,
to tell you of the heart you caught
and confide in you the love I sought
(still yours the most).

I've sent it in the post today,
it'll reach you soon -- I hope and pray
that, nestled in your heart, it'll stay
and smiling, you'll lean in and say,
'I love you most.'

Spread the Love
By Angelachen97

If you're feeling ready this Valentine's Day,
Be sure to spread the love that's sent your way.
Pick up a pretty card and a flower or two,
Then send it to those who mean Neopia to you.

Happiness and love comes in all shapes and sizes;
The joy of giving is the grandest prize,
So get some Bottles of Love and send them away.
It's a fool-proof method of making their day.

Chocolate hearts are perfect for an edible treat;
With a flower on top they are oh-so-sweet!
A gold Valentine's ring makes a nice gift as well;
Add Valentine's earrings and they will be swell.

If you're out of Neopoints with none to spare,
Stop worrying; this situation is not rare!
Just give them a hug and have a little talk,
Go out and see the sunshine and take a walk.

What matters the most will come from your heart.
True friendship and love cannot be torn apart,
So this Valentine's Day do not push or shove --
Put on a smile instead, and spread the love!

Kanrik's Wish
By Togepi_forever

(whisper to me)

Tell me,
if you please,
of a thousand days
and nights.

Let the wind
blow your hair
into a frenzy --

It's so beautiful.

Give me an
impish smile
as you dash ahead
into the caves.

I don't mind --
and you know,
too --
my ears are sharp.

I'll find you again.
Even if it takes

I laid down
my blade
for your sake.

I don't care
that even thieves
call me
'The Betrayer.'

For you,
I'd endure a thousand
times worse.

All I ask
in return
is this:

let me stay
by your side.

(tell me this is real)

Valentine's Day Tree
By Carrotbreath

If on the ground you draw a heart,
Then for today you've done your part.
For this heart will grow into a tree,
Which all lovers today will see.

Bark white as winter's falling snow,
Innocent love is all it knows,
Fruits of love begin to sprout;
Hearts grown to scatter out.

However, there are never enough,
In fact finding one is quite tough.
Then alongside joy, misery comes,
Hitting those without one like drums.

Why must love only find a select few?
To end some sorrow, if I were you
I wouldn't on the ground draw a heart;
Then for today I've done my part.

Waiting for You on Valentine's Day
By Autotune

3:00 pm and I am waiting.
I am waiting under the tree
with the pink flowers,
right between the fountain
and Faerie City;
the air smells fresh and sweet
while I am waiting for you.

3:03 pm and I am waiting,
with the glass bottle
I'd filled with all my love;
our paper hearts, I'd imagined,
cut from the same paper;
red and pink and carried always
together, side by side --

3:05 pm and I am waiting
still; for I know when you appear
that my heart shall become
your Instant Roses,
blooming at the mere touch
of the warm water of the Springs,
so I wait, just for your smile.

Love Between Villains
By Mayfloziarea

Dear Vira,

I know this may sound strange to you,
But I still hope that you will see --
I really want to be with you,
And I hope you'll agree to be with me.
This poem is dedicated to you,
I hope you'll see that I'm sincere;
I will shower you will love and care,
And I will protect you from harm, my dear.
I adore your smile, your perfectness,
The way you twirl around,
The way you groom yourself in front of mirrors,
As your feet tap lightly on the ground.
Here is a fire faerie for you --
She is fiery, passionate, and strong.
She is musically inclined, my dear,
She will play your favourite song.
I hope you will appreciate this,
And accept my love to you:
I do hope you will realise
Even villains can love too.
We'll take strolls in quiet parks
And sniff the clementine --
So please do reply to my longing heart:
Will you be My Valentine?

With love,

Dr. Sloth's Valentine
By Tanikagillam

I really cannot understand
Everyone's obsession with this day.
Isn't it just the weirdest fad?
I really don't like it, is all I can say.
Why must everyone be so happy?
It's just another day of the year!
It really is just so sappy,
I simply can't help but sneer.

Flowers and presents all 'round!
Here, have some chocolate and some cake!
Because so far all that I have found,
Is that everyone is secretly a fake.
No one really seems to care
About the gifts they 'want' to send.
Because no one really likes to share,
It seems to me the gifts are just a lend.

Am I the only one who sees this?
Am I the only sane one around here?
How can everyone be in a Valentine's bliss?!
It happens every year!
I just have to do something about it all!
This simply cannot go on.
I am just horribly appalled.
Valentine's Day -- begone!

Just you wait and see, minions,
I will ruin your Valentine's.
As sure as my eyes are crimson,
I will no longer suffer your awful rhymes.

This Love Is Just Palpable
By Monokhrome

There're a million colours of the rainbow,
But only a few will do today,
For this new beautiful brush is special,
For this is the beloved Valentine's Day!
Oh yes, believe me!
I can see it now --
JubJubs shaped in hearts,
Kacheeks wearing crimson roses,
The Kougra's red-striped white fur,
And their little pink Kougra noses.

Even the Grarrl has a sweet expression,
Holding in his pink claws a rose.
Even a Jetsam with soft red eyes
And pink swirls would make him kind-hearted
(...I suppose...)

A Krawk with laced ribbons or a tie,
The epitome of passion with the pose!
Let's give all Moehogs heart-shaped glasses,
And a Draik with Cupid's clothes!

Zafaras in their floral attire,
Quills and poems, we should know
For the sweet and smart Lenny,
And wrapped in flowers is the Techo.

The Pteri, if I may explain,
A lovebird more colourful than words can expose!
As true lovebirds, the Pteris are
The glorious symbol of their repose.

The ideas are endless!
But all great poems must soon close,
And so I leave the rest up to you
To give those swollen hearts a go!

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