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Neopets Poems

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Lenny Dancer Music Box
By Mamasimios

Dance, Lenny! Dance!
You finally have your chance,
To spin and turn, remain on pointe,
To firmly plant your foot, knee joint,
With wingtips stretched, now arabesque,
As you twirl in your pirouette.

Dance, Lenny! Dance!
Though impressed by your sturdy stance,
Could you not now add a deep plie?
A smooth glissade or grand jete?
No? Stubbornly you hold your pose,
A balletic statue upon your toes.

Dance, Lenny! Dance!
I'll ask you but once more to prance;
To caper, frolic, move around to
The sweet music that surrounds you
Or I may be forced to close the lid --
Why be so stubborn and rigid?

Dance, Lenny! Dance!
How dare you look at me askance?
I talk to you and then I try
To catch your turning, spinning eye,
To say you're free to jive and tap
But in a fit of pique, I reach and... snap

Dance, Lenny, or dance no more!

Hey, Duckie, Hey
By _Razcalz_

hounded the Auctions as pets and
owners do, Duckie and I;
fought wraiths on the
plains of the fires of a land fallen
and seen it in its heyday,
celebrated my first Storytellings and
her first avatar battle-earned;

We've watched the days go
by and grow to years, like a seedling beloved
now full-grown -- times marked
not by events but by
time itself, for it is said that
it is the little things we remember

And it is in this way that
a baby Lenny is a
star of a pet and always will be;
and she needn't be a
Lenny to be my star, but all the same --
she's a reason more than enough,
a reason to write
on a Lenny Day.

The Sand Walkers' March
By Precious_katuch14

They march, wings folded, heads held high,
As the desert winds continue to sigh.
Sharp eyes dart left and dart right,
There are no enemies in sight.

Warm gusts lift feathers of blue,
Fleet feet pound through the dunes.
Rattlecobralls hide in their burrows,
And stay camouflaged in the furrows.

"Beware the swift Sand Walker, beware,
Stronger fighters they have ensnared,"
Say the wayward desert nomads old.
"There is such thing as being too bold!"

"These Lennies' claws are daggers,
You won't be saved by your heroic swagger!
The moment you hear their battle cry,
Just run, run, don't ask when or why!"

The sand is churned under their toes,
Their beaks tell tales of lost travellers' woes.
Golden loops upon their ears catch the sun
As they continue on, another battle done.

Day and night do the Sand Walkers march,
Over the dunes shifting and ground parched.
There is strength in numbers, they stay close,
A formidable feared group wherever they go.

Who then can make these proud renegades fall?
Who will stand against them, like a mighty wall?
Who can make these Lennies finally submit?

A sword, a bow, and a wand vigilantly lit.

Tropical Tango
By Dragonstorm_75

The jungle dance begins again,
The jungle beat in its domain,
Wings a-beating on the drums,
A tempo to the playful hums.

Lennies flock in ones and twos,
Rainbow feathers coming loose!
Forced to fly by dancing feet,
Thumping out a catchy beat.

Swaying sand-palms join the dance,
While Lennies swing and prance;
Clattering gourds and singing waves,
All become the tempo's slaves.

The moon above begins to shake,
By the music made awake;
The stars start swinging in the sky,
While Lennies dart and fly!

The Tropical Tango, a vast sensation,
Mystery Island's great celebration;
It's the Lennies' dancing treat,
So come on in and join the beat!

Lightning the Lenny Legend
By Anjie

When darkness seems to grasp the realm,
When trouble is at hand,
One Lenny brave will step right up,
And boldly shall he stand.

For he alone will face the foe,
Will battle to the end.
Neopia is safe with him,
This world he will defend.

They call him 'Lightning,' and with cause,
For like the bolt, he'll flash.
A rapid gleam in midnight sky,
A glow, a frenzied dash.

No wicked thing could get away,
He'll make it there in time.
For over gusts and gales bold,
He'll swoop and deftly climb.

It's true the world holds many folk
Who bravely save the day,
But only one flies like the wind,
To make the bad guys pay.

A bolt of goodness, slashing down,
Defending all he can,
Beating those who trouble seek,
And ending each dark plan.

"Is that a whirlwind up above?"
The gazing pets may say.
"No, it's Lightning on the move,
He's here to save the day!"

Finneus the Archivist
By Sapphirekira

In the Altadorian Archives there is a Lenny
Whose job is to take care of history and books,
Reading up on the past of the land,
In his messy office of knick-knacks and nooks.

A flat three-inch rock under the table,
The Book of Ages lying over there,
Open each book, and behind each page,
There is a story that you can share.

Finneus's favourite Meepit plushie
Was ruined by his nephew in an accident -- oh, no!
Although he was in despair and sadness,
He forgave his nephew and overcame his woe.

Grinning broadly as you approach,
He often gives you advice.
Helping you with your Altadorian endeavours,
Telling you, but first thinking twice!

Every happening in Altador grand
Is recorded by the archivist Finneus,
So that their history may be preserved indeed,
In books and not forgotten.

Skilled and Selfless
By Hundredmiles

One second, the enemy has the ball.
Two seconds, Vela gets the call.
Three seconds, he steals the ball!
That's just three seconds in all!

Four seconds, head for the goal.
Five seconds, rely on your heart and soul.
Six seconds, you're surrounded.
Do something quick or you're gonna be pounded.

Seven seconds, time ticks away.
Pass to your teammates, it's the only way.
Eight seconds, he throws back to Lor.
Lor throws to Volgoth, and he gets the score!

Nine seconds, that's what it takes.
Scoring a point is a piece of cake.
Especially with selfless Vela Binal,
Pass to the teammates, he shall!

Vela is a true, kind heart.
A complete work of art.
He's not in it for glory,
he's in it for the game.
He's one of a kind,
so remember his name!

Oh Sail, Pirate Lenny
By Tealnova_dragon

I was hunched over the bow of the ship,
Aching with misery, when a sight so piercing
came into my view.

The sea was dark, foreboding.
And from that blackened mist,
The terror of the seas arose.
A pirate ship!
The bane of the seas!

My tiny vessel tried to sneak on by...
Hidden in the mists.
And as we passed I saw
That cruel glint in the eye,
Oh, for it was a Lenny,
And instead of sailing upon
warm draughts of air,
he found instead to sail upon
the raging sea.

He tipped his hat to me, smiled grimly.
And I realised I was seen.

He shouted an order, and then I saw no more.

Captains of the Guard
By Concertogreat_8

we were so very faithful --
starting out as lowly soldiers
where our beaks stuck out
and our knobby knees quivered
clumsy Lennies all in a line
the chosen few, so afraid

mocked, we floundered
shivering in dawn-training
staring into our captain's fathomless eyes
we swallowed our tears and ate our fear
and belted iron round our hearts

slowly we progressed through the ranks
no longer frightened ducklings
who sobbed our souls to bits
and our loyalty did grow in leaps
to our city, our king,
our citizens we strove to protect

when sunrise washed the walls --
we were there
forever protecting our city
when dark crept in with no moon --
we were there
forever protecting our city

the curse laid us to waste in an instant;
we fell in ranks, friend upon friend
toppled with shredded wings
split feet and bony skulls, feathers rent
we drowned in roses and awoke anew:
struggling to our feet with desperation
and no more breath

now we patrol and now we fight
our pulse burnt to ashes from the fire that roars
in our chests and in our ears
and we attack everyone we meet
fight with the burn of a thousand years
as if this might somehow lift the curse
and we could finally sleep.

An Invitation from Wheeler
By Alagfalaswen

Hey there! I don't suppose you would
fancy a wild bike ride
to pick coconuts and send them
to Pango Pango's side?

'No'? Awww, that's such a shame.
You're missing out on fun!
Whoops, nearly forgot: Wheeler's the name.
Now that our intro's done,

it's not
that wild, if you go slow,
and sure, there will be spills,
but nothing beats zooming down slopes
with tricks for added thrills!

Accck, don't go white -- it's not that bad
to tumble down a hill.
Do keep those coconuts safe, though --
don't let them go until

you've landed in a be-dazed heap
or careened to a stop.
After a while, gather your wits
and grin and quickly hop

back on your bike and, with a push,
you're on your way again.
Two 'hundred and eighty spins' next
and you'll be right as rain!

C'mon, what are you dawdling for,
those coconuts won't wait.
I'll meet you by that giant peak,
remember -- don't be late!

Ode to the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Lenny
By Nazaneth

His fluffy feathers, like the sun, are of a vibrant hue.
His orange beak is far from bleak --
cloaked in warm and downy blue.
His hat is as long as his tail plumes
And has a double pom-pom end.
His goggles shield him from the wind
...or at least that's their intent.
You should take a peek and start to greet,
your welcome hand extend!
(He's far from meek, he's just unique!)
our wonderful Lenny friend.

The tiny shop where he lives isn't like yours or mine;
It's buried in snow, but you really should go!
Don't worry, you'll soon see why.
Waffles and snowcones and flavours for pies
line simply all of the walls --
Not one for desserts? You needn't desert,
there are snow puffs of lemon and lime.
Simply spread some snow on this nice piece of toast,
and enjoy it with... Brucicles?

But that's not all, we're not quite through
With all the things that Lenny can do.
He's extremely skilled, he knows it all
(No matter how long it takes him to recall!)
His arms enclose the puffs and pops with strength
But he holds them safe, and at arm's length,
So a delicate grasp and his patience with tasks
ensure that nothing breaks.
His feet are firm and he needn't look down
as the floor he navigates!
His face is filled with grace and light
and a beaming, bubbly smile;
He cleans so well in that place
where he dwells that light glints off the tiles.
Their purple pastels match his bright blue lapels
He's a genius in colour scheme;
He really excels, and when it comes to farewells,
Ask advice for a theme! It's not too extreme!
(But no one follows his suggestions, it seems.)

Lenny is hospitable, friendly, and sweet,
It's worth all the trouble to come in and eat.
Strawberry, sherbet, these flavourful feats --
they're always on sale, their prices unbeat!
So come try his snow-dough, or maybe some fro-yo,
Even if outside it's ten below zero.
Stop by for a snack carved from quality ice,
One trip won't suffice!
(You'll be back more than twice.)
His small jolly store is far from a bore
Its decor shines when you walk through the door,
And its alpine surroundings you're sure to adore.
Just follow the signs -- the sight is divine!
This Lenny's shop and his treats are one of a kind.

The Maddening Conundrum
By Aldurswolf

Shaking my head and stomping my feet,
I can't figure out what this riddle means.
The Lenny just stands there, awaiting my answer,
And the uncertainty fills me with anger.

The numbers are spinning 'round in my head,
Not knowing the outcome does fill me with dread.
Am I right; am I wrong, do I look like I'm daft?
(Who comes up with conundrums has quite a craft.)

With much trepidation I turn in my prediction;
Unknowing if what I stated was fact or was fiction.
In one week's time I will have my reply,
Which means until then I must stand by.

The Lenny will be there in his wizard garb,
To take all the answers from the dull and the sharp.
He never will tell you right then if you're exact;
At least he won't laugh at you (he does have tact).

So dust off your calculators, your paper and pencil.
I'll warn you now, though, it may be quite stressful.
So after you're done, before you turn away,
Remember to wish red Lenny a happy Lenny Day.

Lenny: Licence to Style
By Renegade_kitty

What shall I costume you in today,
A suit, a blouse, or dress?
Without our flair for stylish way,
You'll surely look a mess!

Come in, come in, try on some clothes!
Where shall you go tonight?
Occasion calls for one to know
How not to look a fright.

Go out, stay in, just dress the part!
We tailors can assist.
See, dressing up's a work of art,
The chic, one can't resist.

I'm Prigpants, master of design!
Attire makes the pet.
One's clothes must always catch the eye,
And fashion, I know best!

A little stitching, tucking in,
Accessorise the rest.
You're you but with a dashing spin,
Your wardrobe's full of zest!

Presentable and better clad,
A tailor's worth your while.
Our garments always make you glad;
We Lennies know our style!

Lennies Are Unusually Tall!
By Beagums

I cannot help what I was born
And I was born quite tall,
I tower over everyone
Whilst walking through the Mall.

My legs are long compared to most
With feet as large as boats!
It's hard to find trousers that fit
And harder still to gloat.

A door in standard Neohomes
Is only five feet high.
Should I forget one day to duck,
Wall smacks me in the eye.

Up here the weather is most grand;
I thank you all for asking.
It must be cool down in the shade,
Though in the sun, I'm basking!

And while they all may make their fun,
I get mine in the end,
For when the shelf is out of reach
A Lenny is their best friend.

So though my trousers may be too short,
And doors are not my niche,
Whenever there are cookies high
I never have to reach!

Annoyingly Persistent Lenny Aspirations
By Carrotbreath

My Neopet quite often complains.
He begs and pleas and begs some more;
Himself he just cannot restrain,
As if his mouth never gets sore.
"Make me a Lenny, a Lenny I want to be."

But why I question would one wish to be
Lanky and thin, with stubby wings:
Just one look at Finneus and you can see
Lenny traits are not desired things!

Pick any species, it's my gift.
Fifty-two choices, there are no bounds!
But be sure those Lenny thoughts you shift,
Or I'll direct you toward the Pound.

Persistent I see, I quite admire that.
But still you bother and ask;
Well I have this to say, you brat,
Settle for this Lenny Paper Mask!

Haunted Butlers
By Chocolate_lover67

Inside the dark haunted house,
Somewhere in the rooms,
In the shadows, these Lennies lurk,
As silent as a tomb.

They used to serve the residents,
Before the house grew haunted,
But now they wait and wait some more,
Their freedom sought and wanted.

Those who dare to enter are
In for a big surprise,
For as the Haunted Butlers come,
Shadows on walls arise.

Even when you want to leave
And exit through the door,
Sometimes they'll follow close,
With them, you cannot be sure.

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