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Neopets Poems

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To the Snow (and the Elephante)
By _Razcalz_

The year's first step: time can't help
but to balk at the prospect
of twelve new leaps to carve again --
it can't help but
let the cold take over
for just a bit, while it lapses just a
hairsbreadth behind, yet so much noticeable
that grey the air does seem,

and this despite the white of sleet.
Yet I do know one for
whom the winter's grey is the
merriest carol,
and as we talked I came to see why,
and as we talked
that leaf upon her back did flutter,
despite fragility, despite being
the last of last spring.

"In summer you are always
rushing for something, as the bright day
urges you to make use of it;
it is this season, when time lets
cold take over for just a bit, that is when
you lie on a hill and
watch the sparrows fly,
and watch as winter's song
puts colour on leave."

And as we talked, the
Snow Elephante and I,
that leaf upon her back did flutter,
the last of last spring and
not sad to be so.

E Is for Elephante
By Alagfalaswen

In all Neopia, you'll never find
a pet as loving and as kind
(who'll gladly help you in a bind)
As an Elephante.

A sweet (if rather large) creature
who works its most defined feature
a trunk (or tusks? We're not quite sure.)
is the Elephante.

A fearsome foe, a loyal friend,
Who would your flaws at once defend?
To you a willing ear would lend?
Why, the Elephante!

So this new year, just come what may,
We'll waltz through times both gay and grey,
For now, Happy Elephante Day!
My dear Elephante.

Magical Elephante Toys Do Exist
By Autotune

it's sitting rather innocently on the kitchen counter.
it's looking pretty harmless.
it's looking really tempting.

the house is quiet.
looks like the coast is clear.

he ponders an appropriate course of action.
first he shall climb up the table leg.
he shall approach with caution and anticipation.

to risk it or not to risk it?
what's a magical Elephante toy to do?

first, pry open with a plastic butter knife.
then take a deep breath.
then take the plunge.

then seconds, minutes, ages pass.
they pass in a delicious blur.

then the Elephante toy emerges, triumphant.
he has conquered the peanut butter jar.
he is, of course, covered in peanut butter.

he has lived to tell the tale,
and he's never been happier.

Tribute to Salayne
By Beastburnz

The sole Elephante
Of the Altador Cup games
Is the only one we want,
And Salayne Ritad is his name!

This orange fellow
Is truly one of a kind.
There's no one like him,
Not that you'll ever find.

An exceptional goalkeeper,
With a passion for his sport.
One of the best blocks ever,
He's his own castle and fort.

He is a role model,
the Elephante to be.
He's the best of the best,
Really, can't you see?

Enigma of the Elephante
By Calicolupe

Dearest of Elephantes,
I understand you not.
You're adorable as can be,
But an enigma to me.

Your wings carry you in flight
Though I'm not sure how or why;
Your ear size is greater and more round
Than those fragile tufts of down.

Elephante, your size
Is both great and small.
You weigh 130 lbs,
But you're under three feet tall.

Most Neopians have tails,
Their defining feature, for some.
But, though unique, few ever notice
The rabbit's fluff on your rump.

Dear little Elephante,
Why were you born
With a shining metal plate and gem
Fastened on your forehead?

I suppose it doesn't matter,
These queries make no mind.
For despite many anomalies
You're really quite refined.

Friendly as can be,
Your favourite time of all
Is to throw a peanut for your Warf,
His favorite game of "ball."

I smile to you then
As I watch you play
And I wish to you the greatest
And most peaceful Elephante Day.

Elephante Nightmare
By Carrotbreath

Late at night, my eyes close
And quickly off I begin to doze.
With my Mutant Elephante Plushie held tight,
I rest assured no nightmares bite.

Tonight, however, was not the same,
My dreams were anything but tame.
I tossed and turned all night,
And then beheld quite a sight!

My beloved plushie.

Since Year 9, with me you've been;
Chills are running through my skin,
You stand before me, ugly and tall,
No longer cute and snugly small.

With three golden eyes you stare,
While from your trunk I see a snare;
Purple skin with spots of teal,
Is what I'm seeing even real?!

You approach as I scream,
"This must be a dream!"
And under the covers I duck,
Then by reality I'm struck.

Suddenly my eyes open wide
And you stand lifeless by my side,
But just so sleeping won't be hard
Of you tomorrow I'll discard.

Elephante's Dream
By Elizafe42

Cloudy days with sun-streaked skies,
Pale, softest blue.
Gaze above with dreamy eyes,
Worries, far and few.
Stranded to the ground yet free,
Dream within these plains,
Watch the clouds go drifting by,
The bringers of the rains.

Never to be free in flight,
Yet mind goes soaring high.
Gaze that's softer than a cloud,
Rests upon the summer sky.
You need not wings to soar and spin,
Young Elephante of cloud.
Just look above with brightest eyes,
And say your dreams aloud.

Star Guide
By Guddi6

Silent as the sleeping dusk,
She tiptoes up the sky.
Never a sound nor whisper heard,
No gasp or breathless cry.

Her task simple, familiar as well,
Night's shroud she climbs expertly.
Heavy feet seem light as air
And wings flap ever so softly.

Stars upon her crude hide,
They shine like morning light,
Guide the stars that advance to arise
To gleam upon the night.

Her trunk she lifts, she whistles slow
As if calling to a stray,
And they come running, swiftly gather;
They're never far away.

The stars assembled, though scattered forth
Like grains tossed onto ground.
They shine so gentle, yet so bright;
They leave a light profound.

The Starry One, an Elephante proud,
A crease upon her brow.
All but one did heed her call,
All but one was looking down.

She turned on wings as swift as wind,
She looked to open sky,
A star in distant folds of dark
With a light that blinked by.

No slender rays shone from her facade;
Her light was weak and fading.
No hope upon her dusky face,
No beauty in her remaining.

Hastening forth, the Elephante quick,
She whispered words of guidance.
Of comfort, faith, and strength she spoke;
She dismissed all reluctance.

Light was blinking faster now,
Slow, but confident.
The star looked down to Neopia,
She felt the power words had sent.

Grateful, firm, she lifted high,
Silent, slow, and lofty climb.
Thronging air she brushed away,
One step, two steps, rhythmic rhyme.

Finally, she came to stop
Below the moon, she looked below.
A Starry Elephante, as bright as she,
Smiled up, as if to say, 'I told you so!'

Turning 'round, the Elephante descended,
Glancing back she saw the shining star.
Her task was done, leaving bittersweet feelings,
But the next night was never too afar!

An Elephante's Flight
By Hitharlol

These stubborn wings, so small and slight,
Yearn up to sun and cloud.
They twist and turn, beat flat the air,
But fail to leave her proud.

This Elephante, Mahout by name,
Tamed all from land and sea,
But still she strains, with eyes ablaze,
To roam the skies so free.

The trees she's climbed and fallen off,
Her wings too weak for weight.
She's paid the Pteris heaps in gold
And trained until quite late.

But every task, replete with heart,
Did fail until she knew:
The fastest way to brave these parts
Is through belief in you!

That day she climbed the tallest mount,
Named for its fearful heights,
And jumped straight off its highest tip
But failed to fall in flight!

But then she thought a thought so brave:
Her wings weren't small nor weak.
She huffed in air, willed hard and fair,
And flew to greater peaks.

Those Wings Aren't a Decoration!
By Iniuria

Oh, an Elephante is a jolly fellow,
That nobody can deny,
With many wonderful qualities --
But did you know they can fly?

Although their wings are dainty --
Too little, some might say --
An Elephante pays no heed
to how much they might weigh.

For all of the Elephantes,
From the youngest to the old,
Know the secret of their flight
Without having to be told.

They take to the air at every chance,
Flying free and fast and true.
They have such a lovely time...
I only wish I could fly too!

The Elephante of Many Graces
By Lollypopxz

The Elephante triumphs over land.
Marvellous! Magnificent!
His elegant snout so high with might,
Never flailing, always right.

The Elephante paces with majesty.
Grandiose! Glorious!
His brilliant ears wavering in the wind,
Truly a sight one of a kind.

The Elephante rules with dignity.
Exceptional! Extraordinary!
His solid body so powerful, so strong,
The wind may change but he is never wrong.

So is the tale of this notable species,
This description of his mighty feats.
Great and striking and wonderful they are,
Approach one henceforth if you so dare!

Beware the Baby Elephante
By Mamasimios

Beware the baby Elephante,
Though she does look sweet and cute,
Within her lies the potential
To grow to be a fearsome brute.

Her trunk, though small and stunted,
With barely strength enough to grasp
Will one day, likely, wreak pure havoc
On trees that dare stand in her path.

Her feet, seemingly dainty
As she gambols all around,
Will some day thunder as she stampedes
Through some unsuspecting town.

Her eyes, as large as Bluebells,
Now proclaim an innocence,
But when she grows they may well glow
With mischievous malfeasance.

And her wings, like feather dusters,
May yet be far too weak to fly,
But can you imagine the panic when
She's large enough to fill the sky?

Yes, beware the baby Elephante,
Never tease or torment this small pet,
For one day she'll be enormous
And Elephantes never do forget.

Royal Elephantes, King of Them All!
By Saqo

Elephantes come in many colours,
cloud, baby, speckled, and others.
Tyrannian, Maraquan, pink, white,
and also blue, shadow, and striped.

There is something special about
a colour inspired by the desert.
The royal Elephantes -- pair of two.
A boy and girl make a lovely crew.

Gorgeous blue skin adorns the girl
and the boy makes use of purple.
They both look exotic quite a bit,
with the style of their outfits.

Adorned with treasure and flowing
fabrics, skin to be seems glowing.
Quite a pair, indeed this is true --
I couldn't choose between the two!

Elephantes in all colours now roam
Neopia, their and our unique home.
Although each has something special,
the best I think indeed is royal!

Happy Elephante Day!

The Green Eyes of the Island Elephante
By Tealnova_dragon

Mystery Island is aptly named,
For although the natives are friendly,
With sparkling eyes and sparkling drinks,
There's a tribal tone that is tense,
Quiet, and hidden among the smiling fronds.

If you take a walk, into the chirping forests of
Green, green palms,
You might feel as if watched. That if among the
Trees, eyes that are unseen, see.

You pass a field of pink, pink flowers.
Swaying with the wind.
Your ears prick, though, uncomfortable.
As one lone flower sways the other way.

You reach the tan, tan beaches and hear
The crashing waves.
You spin around, but all you see are
Yellow sands, spanning miles and miles.

But a giggle breaks your thoughts,
And you begin to see the shape of an Elephante
Lying still in the sand.

Her eyes blink open; emerald gaze pins you down.
As emerald as the green, green palms.
Her arms lower from over her head --
They covered the pink, pink of her flower bow,
She leaps up, her body as light coffee-coloured
As the tan, tan sand.

An Island Elephante, you realise,
As she simply giggles again.

Did You Ever See an Elephante Fly?
By Tiptoeboo

Once upon an ancient time
When Faerieland was but a dream,
An extraordinary sight was reported,
A miracle that must be seen.

Above the skies of Meridell
Between the Gnorbu wool clouds,
A strange creature was swooping
With fur the hue of a Floud.

She had wings of lilac and baby blue,
Curling at the tips like vines,
Swirling in circles was its trunk,
Forming beautiful purple lines.

The creature was large,
And her sky dance was blissful,
Magical, perfection taken wing
And unbelievably graceful.

Flying down, feet on the earth,
The creature came to stand,
And what was she but an Elephante
With no need for plain land.

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