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Neopets Poems

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The Light Buzz
By Guddi6

Dark is the land, swift, the breeze.
Many a thing doth lurk unseen,
Shrouded in shadows; silence is trapped
Within the bonds that hold a fair land.

Neopia's asleep and dreaming deep.
There's solace to be found in gentle sleep.
A few strokes away is sunrise fair --
Dawn's brilliant light will spring upon air.

Look beyond to hazy lines,
The blurred horizon find.
There, frozen in echoes of time,
A fluorescent light doth shine.

Then, arising slow, yet firm and clear,
Steady steps, as if each costs dear.
Climbing the dark curtain of night
An elegant Buzz in distant sight.

Glittering emerald, mien fair,
Wings translucent softly flare
With each beat that lifts her high --
The glowing Buzz doth fly.

Into the night, faster flight,
Gaining speed with easy might.
Light ascends, shining green
Like a jewelled orb, rising free.

A rhythmic plunge into heavy air,
Like a warrior delving into a dangerous lair,
Above the shadowed streets she flits
Like a wandering lamp newly lit.

Weaving in, weaving out,
Labyrinth of roads, she flutters about.
Darkness quelled wherever she dives,
But it creeps back to blind her life.

She halts, she waits,
Her fluorescent facade
Turned to the early dawn --
For soon it will be morn.

The sun doth rise, slow but sure,
Likened to her awakening, so pure.
She floats to the nearest sunken roof
And awaits the beams to caress her, aloof.

And with the rising of the sun,
Her green light, so beautifully spun
Is wiped out with swift intent,
For the Sun her light has sent.

Royal Buzz's Roses
By Calicolupe

Zipping quietly 'midst the roses,
Bright eyes shining and
Fragile iridescent wings beating
With the faintest of hums.

Royalest of Buzz, she rolls up her sleeves,
Ready to do her happy chore,
Spreading pollen while salvaging
Food for her friends.

The regal queen exacts droplets
Of finest nectar from each:
Glass, black, snake, instant, drabby;
Each rose a sweet flavour.

A mishap, a brush of faintest wind,
Lighter than a Pteri's wing,
Knocks the royal Buzz askew
And nicks her arm with red.

With a wry smile and tip of her crown,
She bids the roses well,
Acknowledging their thorns
As equal to her own.

Slowly she rests on a glass petal,
Giving her Buzzer a pat,
It having done its duty too,
To the loveliest of flora.

On the morrow she'll return again
To her most cherished of jobs,
Ready to do battle against the wind
For hive and roses alike.

Foreman Buzz
By Carrotbreath

His hands become worn,
But he serves without scorn.
Quick and obedient without a sound,
Why to this Skeith is he bound?

The most delicious treats
Are only what his master eats.
And no mistake can be made;
I wonder if he gets paid?

Pick up the jelly: the red,
And the green and blue.
Do you smile your work to see?
Foreman Buzz, I pity thee.

Use your wings and fly,
Where no Skeith can spy.
Freedom will be your prize,
And that is what I advise.

Abdomen, Thorax, Wings, and Head
By Mamasimios

What is it about you, Buzz,
That fills me up with dread?
You're just abdomen, thorax,
Wings, and head.
Just one small bug,
I could easily swat,
With the Neopian Times
That I hold, rolled up.
But as you near
In flight, aloft,
My paper defences
Seem... inadequate.
You approach on wings,
Fragile and clear,
Drift past my nose
Like I'm not here.
Drawn to my garden
As though entranced,
You start to loop,
You spin and dance.
I quake with fear
As I recognise
The signal you use
To call your hive.
Far too late
I turn and run
As the air is filled
With a growing hum.
At once my garden
Is torn to shreds
By countless abdomens, thoraxes,
Wings, and heads.
And now I see
What gave me pause,
For you may be small
But you have those jaws!
Oh, gnashing, gnawing
Lay waste to all
That is edible.
With a bitter laugh
I see I have misread
The threat of abdomen, thorax,
Wings, and head.

Buzz in Spring
By Autotune

The Buzz hears when
the flowers whisper
of springtime;
the Buzz sees when
buds spurt upon
once barren branches
and burst into bloom;
the Buzz feels when
the breeze turns tender
and the trees awaken.
The Buzz knows when
the warmth of spring
conquers winter's chill
and tastes when the sun
drenches each petal
with golden honey,
the dew turning sweeter
upon the grass.

A Buzz Faerie Tale
By Chocolate_lover67

"Once upon a time" -- that's how it began,
So started the story of
Frieda, a Buzz,
One so unlike
All the others.
For one thing,
She couldn't fly --
She would stare up at
The other Buzz,
Longing to be with them.
But then one day,
A faerie arrived,
And (obviously)
Blessed the poor Frieda
With a set of beautiful wings.
And so, with that,
The unfortunate Buzz could fly,
Soaring above the clouds
With all the rest of them.

Baby Buzz Celebrate!
By Tealnova_dragon

Oh, hooray! The festival is here!
Where Buzz parents take their little ones
To see the fruiting fields and trees!
With slow inching, the babies are off,
Munching and crunching,
Exploring their playground,
Of juicy lettuce and lush tomato.

They slide through fruits like through
Holey cheese, taking a bite here and there.
What a place to celebrate, what satisfied bellies!
Before they know it
The baby Buzz are tucked in at night,
Dreaming about,
The next year's festival.
And munching and crunching.

The Buzz Foreman
By Tanikagillam

Red, blue, green,
Cake and ice cream.
Up, down, and around,
What's that crunching sound?

The Buzz hovers in the air,
Seen that Skeith anywhere?
Wake him up, it's time for work,
The conveyer belt's gone berserk!

Stop! Don't eat that one!
Those peppers will burn your tongue!
Don't eat that radioactive jelly!
You'll be complaining when it hits your belly.

Good thing he has a hard hat,
Lucky he knows how to avoid falling in a vat.
Will this day ever end?
The clock hitting five will be a godsend!

It's going too fast! He can't keep up!
He's making the Skeith hiccup.
Oh no! He's fallen in!
Once again he cannot win.

Happy Buzz Day!

The Buzz Thief
By Sheynacruz

The air in the jungle is hot and dour;
No breeze doth rustle at this hour.
The natives are gathered within rustic huts.
The sweltering temperature's driving them nuts.
Only one creature dares to steal some reprieve
Of the heat -- and that is the dreaded Buzz thief.
Far swifter than the eye can see,
The Buzz doth scamper up the tree.
He slithers through the prickly leaves
With stealth, as do all master thieves.
And look! The prize is just in sight,
Radiant, lit by golden light.
But just as he extends his hand,
A tribesman hollers from the land.
He nearly topples off the branch --
The native's fury makes him blanch,
But in the space of milliseconds
He snatches at the fruit that beckons,
Wriggling through the crown of green,
Emerges from the top unseen.
And while the tribesman howls in defeat,
Atop a branch, the Buzz takes a seat,
Stroking the Tigersquash that he sniped.
Pleased but now hungry, the thief takes a bite.

By Formeldahyde

That incessant noise in your ear,
You know it's that time of the year
When the Buzz come to celebrate,
and the Collectible Card Buzz gets to take a break.
Tombola had better come up with a Buzz souvenir!

The only pet who can pull off a mohawk,
They look better than your average Krawk.
A dose of Super Strong Hair Gel will do the trick,
A squeeze of it makes Buzz hair smooth and slick.
Get your comb out and do more than just talk!

Buzz aren't the cutest pet out there,
Staring at their (sinister) grins can give a scare.
They aren't for the faint-hearted,
Buzz-owning is a dubious road less ventured.
Are you brave enough to take up this dare?

All in all the Buzz is great,
Maybe this year the species will get its big break.
From low end of the spectrum on the popularity list,
Perhaps an awesome new colour can bring a twist.
Buzz promoted to first will for sure
Make each Shoyru do a double take!

Everybody, let's raise the stakes,
Veer away from the most sought-after Draiks!
Get your Buzz today!
And all the Buzz buzz, "Hip Hip Hooray!"

For Buzz Everywhere
By Fleurly

His wings gently fluttering
In the crisp morning breeze.
Soaring high above everything else,
The proud Buzz smiles to himself.

Swiftly he travels
Through twirling clouds and sparkling skies.
His destination is not known,
But he doesn't care.
He's having too much fun.

Looping and diving,
Dancing with the wind.
If all of his friends could see him now,
They would wave and cheer,
And he would invite them to join him.

And together they would swoop
And laugh and shout
And clap and smile.
For this is Buzz Day,
For him, the best day of the year.

Osielle: the Future Superstar
By Beastburnz

Who's the Buzz
that's all the fuzz
In the Altador Cup Games?
Who's got the skill
And gives a thrill
and is taking a shot for fame?
He's not a very good block,
But it's him you shouldn't mock,
because Osielle Lidel is the name!
He's from Team Terror Mountain,
and with all the scores he's countin'
He's not going back the way he came!
He is definitely nice and kind,
and at peace with his body and mind.
The last thing you'd call him is lame!
The goodness of Osielle
is really inspiring as others tell.
So stay with him, and you won't be the same!
He really is the future superstar,
The model for inspiring stars.
He has the brain, the brawn, and heart,
And he'll keep on going
and he'll make it far.

The Hungry Buzz
By Multiphobic

He swarmed through the air,
Eyes scanning the terrain.
The wind was quite chilly,
And the sky looked like rain.

The brave little Buzz
Searched high and searched low
For some sign of food,
But none seemed to show.

His eyes, though compound,
Could not seem to find
Any fruit to sustain him,
Not so much as a rind.

Dismayed and concerned,
He was ready to desert
His "fruitless" endeavour,
Though his stomach would hurt.

Then, from the corner,
Blue and orange caught his eye!
Down to investigate
The little Buzz did fly.

He found a plump Tigersquash
Hiding under a leaf.
Overjoyed, he latched on
And sank in his teeth.

Bloated and happy,
The Buzz was now free
To bumble on without worrying
What his next meal would be.

Ode to the Foreman Buzz
By Hyper_dude72

O, shall I begin to count all the ways
I am grateful for that green Foreman Buzz?
He always works hard, never taking days
To rest or to play as any Buzz does.

Still sorting the jellies, a ceaseless task
He accepts in stride. "It's not a fun job,
But somebody's got to do it." He's back
At the vats, dropping another jelly blob.

Not even on Buzz Day does he request
Time off to relax or to sleep in late,
For he knows he is his factory's best.
While busily working, he had to state:

"A Buzz's reputation is held high,
Unlike that Skeith, far too fat to fly!"

Benefits of a Buzz
By Saqo

I must say that the Buzz was never among my
favourite pets. But today I will now describe
the attributes and benefits of this insect pet.
Let's start with what just the Buzz does best.

Buzz are known for their eyesight, for sure,
and acrobatic skills. They move fast and more:
Buzz love fruit and are the stars of many
items from plushies to books to Buzz Honey!

Battledome items for Buzz number quite a few,
and a painted Buzz could be perfect for you.
Although you may not like insects or bugs,
there are so many good things about the Buzz!

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