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Neopets Poems

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Even the Evil Need Gifts!
By Anjie

Neopia was all abuzz,
The big day, drawing nigh,
Cookies baked, the presents wrapped,
And snow fell from the sky.
Each little pet wrote out a list
Of gifts, dreams to come true.
But in dark lairs and rotting caves,
Some beasts wrote gift lists, too.

Even villains like to give
And love just to receive.
They wrote their wishes, one by one,
On Day of Giving eve.
Sloth wrote in crayon (green, of course)
'I want an army, bad!
One that can WIN this time,
I'm starting to look bad.'

Vira wrote in scribbling scrawl,
'I want a mirror, please.
To gaze at my reflection first,
Then smash with rapid ease.'
The Pant Devil so quickly wrote,
'My title brings me shame!
The Pant Devil? The pets all laugh,
Please give me a new name!'

Meuka wrote of dire need,
For tissues by the ton.
Balthazar? A faerie net,
What for? Oh... just for fun.
This Day of Giving, give your gifts,
No matter what you do.
Remember, it's for everyone,
And beasts need presents, too.

By Fro

Neopia lay shadowed with darkness
As the faeries' doomed realm sank lower yet,
But an unlikely hero cleaned the mess,
Sacrificing for those he'd never met.

Thanks to him, celebration's in the air;
The Day of Giving comes without dismay,
Without need for a worry or a care.
There will be no mourning on this glad day.

Neopian voices rise up in song
And sing praises of the heart-warming love
That makes Giving so special, ALL year long,
Tranquil and serene as the cooing dove.

So why not try it? Give a gift today,
To someone so very special to you,
Or a stranger you meet on the way.
It's a circle -- you might receive some, too.

Whether it's life and limb or just a hug,
Giving Spirit will always rise above.

The Day of Giving
By Sapphirekira

Hang up the tinsel, straighten the tree,
The Day of Giving's today!
Presents need to be wrapped up,
Hurry, don't delay!

Something for my teacher:
A gift card, letter set, and book.
Waiting inside shining paper,
How wonderful it looks!

Something for my best friend:
A new album from M*YNCI.
It looks unimpressive and thin, wrapped up,
But open it and you'll see!

Something for my mother loved:
A red cardigan with blue beads.
With the cold and falling snow,
This is what she needs!

Something for my father so stern:
Chocolates, so rich and sweet;
Packed up inside a nice box,
What other present could beat?

Something for my baby sister,
Who cries in her crib.
A nice plushie, stuffed and soft,
Blue, matching her bib!

As we sit around the table at night,
My friends and family,
We leave aside our presents, talk and smile.
To give friendship, on the Day of Giving.

The Day of Giving Has Arrived!
By Saqo

Today, oh today, is the day we all have been
waiting for all year round, happy and keen!
Today is the day when Neopians give freely
and young pets wait for presents with glee.

The Day of Giving, it's now finally arrived.
Let's give to others free of worry and pride.
And let's all take a moment to check around;
see snowflakes falling on our Neopian ground.

This Day of Giving comes to us just once a year,
when it fills all Neopian with holiday cheer.
Pets build snowmen and play with their new toys;
what day could possibly bring to us more joy?

This day is about giving, so please do feel free
to forget your past issues, fights, and grievances.
Today is for reconciliation and celebration of some
of the things that make Neopia our special home.

Happy Day of Giving! And Happy Holidays.

By Chocolate_lover67

The Aisha walks down the snow-covered streets,
The passersby she so cordially greets,
With earmuffs and mittens to keep her from cold.
She strides through the town, laughing and bold.
The Advent Calender is not far ahead,
The prints in the snow made from her tread,
Wreathes of holly hang on the posts,
The wind whistling by like an ethereal ghost.
Music is playing from somewhere afar,
The skies alit by millions of stars.
She opens the door and goes on inside,
Those in the building gives her a smile wide,
They give her the presents she receives that day.
The Aisha grins sweetly, just like always.
She thanks them and then she waves them goodbye,
Leaving, she looks up at the sky,
Black as you please, but with speckles so bright,
The world is alit with glowing starlight.

Day of Mirth
By Wicked_summer

Day of mirth! O, Day of Giving!
See the friendly folk forgiving
And the joy they feel in living!

Midnight's struck, and see the quakings
All the Neopets here are making
As they think of soon awaking!

All sad thoughts and fear confounding
Is this music, so astounding --
Hear the song of bells resounding!

With lanterns lit and fires glowing,
Warmth and friends keep us from knowing
The chill outside as it starts snowing.

Sitting down to drinks and dining,
Hands and fingers intertwining,
Smiles bright and eyes a-shining!

Day of mirth! O, Day of Giving!
See the friendly folk forgiving
And the joy they feel in living!

Advent Begins
By Tiptoeboo

Upon a frosty December's eve
Alone the Advent Calendar sleeps,
Surrounded in a blanket of snow
From which cold gently creeps.

His head is wreathed with forgotten tinsel
And holly makes up his nose.
Striped wood creates two eyes,
Glimmering bright through his doze.

At the darkest hour, when all are gone,
On Terror Mountain the Calendar stirs,
Wrapping his gifts in preparation
Beneath the ever-watchful firs.

Gaudy paper with shining bows
And painted toys with no compare,
Many beautiful things he has created
Made of nothing but magic and air.

As the sun creeps around Neopia
And the morning bells start to toll,
The Advent Calendar's doors open up wide,
Welcoming in every soul.

Forgotten are the lonely months,
As now he has his friends.
When every Neopian in the world
Loves him, he will never end.

Winter Starlight Celebration
By Faerieprincess5757

Snowflakes fall in perfect harmony
Vanishing at the slight touch of warmth
Floating quietly, anonymously, forging
A vast snowscape of blue and white.
Tall, stately pines line under a cover
Of peaceful snow, asleep until next spring.
Dark-blue dusk taints the mountains
Inducing a vague, dreamy feeling,
But the garlands of colourful lights
Dangling across brightly lit cabins
Illuminate the cheerful festivity.
Neopets gather around in clumps
Of bright shades and sizes,
Singing carols or giving gifts,
Skating together across the lake,
Holding hands, helping each other.
Smiles dance across each face,
For who can hate this holiday?

The Christmas Tree
By Smileyface1176

'Twas Day of Giving eve, a Xweetok sat
Upon her haunches, beaming
At Christmas toys in the display
From which ribbons of light were streaming.

Her friend, an Eyrie, watched, quite sad,
Seeing this display,
For she knew the toys would not appear
At their house on Giving day.

There was no tree up in their home,
No stockings up this Yule,
For all the Neopoints they had
Went to sending them to school.

They both went home and straight to bed,
And as they fell asleep,
Their owner heard a quiet knock and asked,
"Who could that be?"

A Cybunny stood there outside,
Shivering with cold.
The owner invited her inside, but she said,
"If I may be so bold,
"I've brought a gift here for your pets,
I hope that you don't mind.
I just want them to have some fun
And not get left behind."

Beside the Cybunny stood a tree.
"It's all I could afford."
She smiled, her eyes glistening,
"But you deserve it more."

And with that she turned around,
And as she left, she mused,
"Have a Merry Day of Giving."
The owner was confused.

In the morning, there were few gifts,
But none of them did care,
For they were too busy gazing at
The beautiful tree there.

Though the Cybunny could not give
A toy or book or pet,
The sparkling fir up in their house
Was their favourite present yet.

By Chimp_chicken_fish

In the month of Celebrating
There are many things.
Drinking lots of Neggnog
Whilst Meepit carollers sing.
The Snow Faerie is in her element,
The Advent Calendar is open.
Get your gift every day --
Don't miss it for a moment!
Do you enjoy candy canes
Or drinking hot cocoa?
Come with me,
Sit by the fire and
Help yourselves to mochas.
The days are counting down,
There is no time to frown.
With Advent rolling by this year
Watch your sadness disappear!

The Calendar
By Sheik_30999

The Advent Calendar,
Oh yay! It's here!
Please give me something I'll hold dear!
I'm grinning from ear to ear,
If my prize is lousy, I will not shed a tear.

Full of surprises,
Those thirty-one days,
It's excitement like a thousand Lab Rays,
I hope that all my hope pays,
The Calendar is the new winter craze.

I've been waiting all this time!
Visit the Calendar; it's the best thing to do!
It's like a gift from me to you,
So please, do not feel blue,
To say you don't love it is to say 'Lupes go moo!'

There are many ways to express my joy.
I'll set up my Advent Tree,
It will stand tall and gracefully,
Like a faerie in the big blue sea.

The Advent Calendar,
So now, you must realise,
It's not all about the prize,
It may give your stomach butterflies,
But giving is where the kind heart lies.

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