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The Joyous Ogrin Gnome
By Amethyst_81

Tucked amidst the flowers
In a garden he calls home,
Stoutly stands a creature
Called the Joyous Ogrin Gnome.
Frozen for eternity
In impish playful pose,
He stands forever ready
To be kissed by crimson rose.

Arms outstretched and fingers raised
He makes a charming stand,
For thirsty Weewoos drinking
The rainwater from his hand.
Firmly planted are his feet
Like roots deep in the soil,
Shaggy ears block out the sun
As Petpetpets do toil.

Weary souls who wander through
His garden seeking joy,
Can't help but warmly smile
At this joyous Ogrin toy.
Heavy hearts are lifted,
Simple children to the wise,
With his whimsical expression
And the twinkle in his eyes.

The Ogrin in the Storm
By Dragonstorm_75

Behold the storm a'brewing,
With its shrieking voice in wind!
Angry blusters roiling 'bout,
That leave the sail chagrinned.

Drums of thunder pound the air,
Split by streaks of lightning!
And through the bright and jagged hearts,
A lithe form is flying.

Fur awash with azure blue,
And laced with bright teal claws;
The electric Ogrin speeds about,
Before the skies' applause.

Let the ocean churn below,
Let the thunder scream around,
But now let it break the chains of earth,
To which our friend is bound.

No longer is he on the ground,
Uncharged - lacking speed;
Now he's up and flying high,
Oh angry storm, take heed!

He is one of your kind now,
Reckless, happy, free.
This may only be a dream,
For now let's let him be.

Tyrannian Ogrin
By Pansyparkinson14

The Tyrannian Ogrin is
Quite a fanged, fearsome beast,
Handsome of visage perhaps,
But dangerous to say the least.

Lethal shining teeth protrude
From a jaw that is heavy and set,
And when it comes to fighting predators,
This one is quite the vet.

His handsome ruff is spotted,
Near the chest and on the ears,
And the claws on his feet are sharp;
They don't quite allay your fears.

His hindquarters instead are striped,
Like that of a Kougra -- so fierce!
And his cunning gaze is unavoidable,
Through the soul it seems to pierce.

But while the Tyrannian Ogrin
May seem like quite a deadly enemy,
Get to know one and you will quickly learn,
That he is nothing but kind and friendly!

The Amusing Ogrin
By Mamasimios

Come little Ogrin, it's time to dress
For a holiday celebration.
I have an outfit for you here,
Guaranteed to cause elation

Start with these Amusing Trousers,
Perfect for those who want attention.
No need to worry why that is;
Just trust my fashion senses

Top it with this Amusing Jacket,
Tailor-made for entertaining guests.
You'll have your friends in stitches
Even if you don't get the jest

Now try these Amusing Shoes,
They're polished to a vibrant shine.
I know they pinch your little toes,
But believe me, they'll be fine

It's true that we'll be staying inside
But here's a most Amusing Hat.
It comes attached to an Amusing Wig.
Oh yes (snicker), just like that

And finally, to finish off,
Here's some Amusing Facial Hair.
With fake eyebrows, moustache, and glasses
You look so (ha, ha) debonair

Now you're ready for the party
And everyone will see
That when I bought this outfit
It was for the amusement of me!

The Ogrin Storyteller
By Miyush

Behind the old wooden oak tree
The one in the Haunted Woods, you see,
A green furry tail is poking out,
The one next to the tree trunk, no doubt.

If you go around the silent piece of wood,
You will see a figure in a hood
Don't try to remove the hood, though,
Just admire the dark, velvet bow.

An eerie fog starts to come
You really think there should be none
You look back at where the Ogrin was
He isn't there, don't make a fuss.

You follow the footprints on the ground,
You follow them still, but the Ogrin's not found.
Suddenly you hear music and laughing,
Sounds of joy, eating and dancing

You follow the source of this happy sound,
Straying off the trail,
Of the footprints in the ground.
Soon you see tents and a fire,
The sound of singing gets higher and higher.

You are about to walk into the place,
To ask the people about a hooded face
But to your right you see a narrow path,
Covered in moss, and surrounded with grass.

You follow this path, you think it leads to nowhere,
But you are wrong, it leads to somewhere
You stare up at this abandoned town,
Your feet still standing on the path, which is brown.

You put one foot on a cobblestone,
Your next foot is now prone
Soon you're walking down the streets,
Where tall buildings and towers meet.

Now, you're next to a building made with brick,
Suddenly your nose starts to twitch
You think it's because of the sweet, nice smells,
Which waft into your nose, "Come here," they tell.

You walk dreamily into the shop,
Shelves filled with pastries, right to the top,
A Meerca is making dough behind the counter,
Sweet smells and scents, you must encounter.

You look around the shop for a while,
Looking at tables, lined up between aisles
Suddenly, you see something
In the corner of your eye
It's the hooded Ogrin, eating a pie!

You run to the table, which has two chairs,
You were lucky, or else you'd be in despair
You sit down in the free seat,
Happy to find this figure, at least.

The Ogrin sips his coffee, and puts the mug down
You think you see a smile, in his frown.
He clears his throat, and begins to speak,
"Would you like a story?" he asks. "Tell me please."

You say yes, and the Ogrin begins his tale,
In the place of Neovia, where all was frail
You're focused on his story,
Not even the sounds outside,
Just his story, about his real disguise....

The Ogrin Survivors
By Saqo

The waves almost capsised us
To pray was all that was left.
And then, our boat went down;
I feared we all would drown.

I encouraged us all - swim!
To a near island's sandy rim.
Myself and my fellow Ogrins
Swam fast, as if we had fins.

A little speck of the Mystery
Island was where we revealed
Our love of life and desire
To live, as strong as fire.

We lived off fruit and songs,
To help all our spirits along.
Many long days we all waited
Until at last! We found natives.

These natives rescued us all.
Their gift was not at all small.
They brought us to their home
On Mystery Island, we had won.

Now I write to you, many years
After we all faced our fears.
Capsised in the Neopian Sea,
Friendship helped them and me.

Never forget this story I told.
Instead remember all our souls.
We must be special of our kind,
We were the Ogrins that survived.

The Ogrin Hunter
By Anjie

This guidebook sought by Ogrins all,
(And others, to be blunt!)
Those who wish to go to arms,
Be masters of the hunt.
Through yellowed grass they'll softly stalk,
Such focus in their eyes.
Never glancing overhead,
Fixated on the prize.

The tome doth teach us many things,
Of how to move with grace.
Footsteps that can not be heard,
Footprints you can not trace.
Of how to run like dashing wind,
Directions, or which route.
To best hunt down your fleeing prey,
Engaged in fast pursuit.

How being upwards of the wind,
May gently mask your scent.
How Ogrins seek out fleeing prey,
And track down where they went.
For fleet of foot and brave of heart,
For those of rapid stride.
For Ogrins who fit all these things,
It is the hunter's guide.

The Red Ogrin Plushie
By Pringlz

The Red Ogrin Plushie, alone on the shelf
Sat sad and lonely, all by himself.
Around him his comrades cheerfully sit
Before being snatched after only a bit.

"Why?" cried the Ogrin, bringing tears to his eye
He did not and could not understand why.
Why all other plushies, Ogrin or not
Could within seconds be lovingly bought.

Day and days passed and he sat on the ledge
Thinking and thinking of a quite solemn pledge.
"I promise," he thought, nodding his head,
"I'll have a home soon, or my fur isn't red!"

And one day he saw her: a young girl who wore
Full Ogrin regalia, straight down to the floor.
"That one!" she shrieked, pointing at him.
"I'll love him and hug him and I'll call him Tim!"

Tim at last had a friend and a home and a name
"I've got the best!" each day he'd exclaim
And so it was true, for everyone knows
In worth, love and family just juxtapose.

Uncommon and Adored
By Aldurswolf

I have a plushie Ogrin,
Ebcy is her name,
And though they aren't too common,
I adore her all the same.

She came to me painted Island,
And we saved and saved and saved;
Until a beautiful faerie,
Came to visit us one day.

She asked for a little toy,
And we were happy to oblige her,
For then she let us see her home;
A fountain of rainbow water!

So Ebcy took a dip,
And came all fabric and thread.
With buttons for eyes,
And purple string atop her head.

Now my dear little Ebcy,
Nothing's changed much within her,
She still enjoys to clean,
And she cooks a right fine dinner.

But now when I'm all excited,
And scoop her up to hug,
I can squish her all I want,
Without a single "Ugh!"

That's the story of my Ebcy,
My plushie Ogrin dear.
And to all the other Ogrins;
Here's to another year!

Beautifully Twisted
By Antediluviant

He stands silently in the corner,
Awaiting his moment to shine.
All the other Ogrins giggle and play,
But he is timid,
Afraid to be shunned.

He is different.
His skin is beautifully twisted
In a way that sets him apart from the rest.
His eyes show embarrassment;
He is ashamed of his outside.

He feels a tap on his shoulder;
He thought he was alone.
When he turns his head,
He sees another.
Another Ogrin
With three eyes filled with the ghost of rejection.

Her skin is beautifully twisted
In a way that makes the two of them alike.
They share a moment
Of unspoken understanding.
They now hold their heads high.
They are beautiful,
Beautifully twisted.

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