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Neopets Poems

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Bubble Gum Drama
By Aldurswolf

There once was a Wocky named Katie,
Who did love the fur 'round her neck;
For hours she'd brush it
And shriek should one muss it...
In truth Katie was quite the wreck.

Then one fateful day our dear Katie
Was eating some Earth Faerie Gum,
When sadly enough
It fell on her ruff,
And poor Katie became oh so glum.

For Katie knew now what would happen,
Her beautiful fur was a mess!
And try as she might,
The gum was stuck tight,
So Katie was now rather stressed.

Young Katie did head to the barber,
With tears welling up in her eyes;
And just as she feared,
The barber got out his shears
And clipped Katie's neck fur goodbye.

So Katie left the shop unadorned.
Without neck fur she did feel a tad frail,
But rather than cry,
Little Katie did sigh,
For at least she still had her tail!

The Snow Wocky
By Amethyst_81

Silent paws that wayward tread
On freshly fallen snow,
Leave not a trace of passage
Nor a clue to where she'll go.
Deftly up the holly's branch
As though swept by a breeze,
She lightly scurries, branch to branch
With ballerina's ease.

Feel her smouldered gaze of coal
From vantage point unseen,
Quiet curiosity,
Aloof, this snowy queen.
A gentle shake of powder mane
Sends flurries to the ground,
And like a playful winter gale,
She's gone without a sound.

But when the winter sun descends
Behind the snow-capped peaks,
A royal bed to call her own
Is what this Wocky seeks.
Curled up on Taelia's lap
She'll settle for the night
And dream of winter wonderlands
All wrapped in snowy white.

It All Will Tumble Down
By Anjie

Wallace, will you ever learn?
You're still collecting trash!
Since I wandered by last time,
Collection has not shrunk!
Wocky, you can't keep it all,
You can't own each small thing!
Who knows what troubles it may stir,
Or dangers it might bring?

Wallace, trust me on this fact,
You need to clean this mess.
(Though to watch you totter 'round,
Is funny, I confess.)
I see you as I wander by,
With stack placed high in hand.
Why you don't just clear it up,
I'll never understand.

Wallace, I confess I laugh,
When you do stumble by.
Petpets, books, and faerie dolls,
All piled up to the sky.
I wish that you would see some sense,
Books stacked on fruit won't mix.
You'll just create a larger mess,
That no stack made can fix!

Wallace, how long have you tried
To stack up all you own?
And now you've found that strange old tree,
Collection, it has grown!
I see you stumbling round and round,
Your face fixed in a frown.
But Wallace, trust me, in the end,
It all comes tumbling down.

Baby Wocky
By Autotune

let me tell you something:
the world
is your ball of yarn.
come now,
spin it round;
let it unravel
between your paws,
untangle those knots,
make new twists
and turns;
the world
is at your feet.
the world
wobbles with each
flick of your tail,
with every turn
of your whiskers;
come now,
you can unravel
the world.

let me tell you something:
never forget.
never forget
you've got lots of life
to spare,
never forget
you'll always land
right on your feet,
never forget
what I tell you
today --
come now,
curious one;
the world awaits.
pad along now,
softer than a purr;
and keep your bright eyes
open now,
wider than before.

Cloudy Wocky Days
By Carrotbreath

Wish, wish, wish...
Dream, dream, dream...
To one day unravel your wings
Fly up high into the Carrot breath open

Walk with grace:
Poised and delicate each step.
Days filled with laughter.
No frowns or tears, no more

Mind racing, racing, racing,
Paint me, paint me, paint me, you nag:
You ungrateful Wocky!
So many wishes; why can you not be

Faerie is what you want?
Fur as pink as a Jumbleberry,
But as soft as silk?
To soar with gentle wings?
Well, sorry, seems I can't afford you.

The Wocky Gypsy
By Chocolate_lover67

No matter where this gypsy goes,
Her bad luck will follow close.
From rain to hail to storms of snow,
To terrifying winds that blow.
Her bad luck is clearly shown,
To accidents she is quite prone,
Her Neopoints have fallen out,
Where she goes she causes droughts,
(The desert wasn't always so,
She went there a few years ago.)
She's gotten Lumps and Neopox,
And angered the great Hubrid Nox.
The Chia Clowns have thrown pies,
Getting cream in both her eyes.
She's been attacked by clouds of fleas,
And Larnikins and honeybees.
There's no denying she's been cursed,
By bad luck and so much worse.
You know what's good, you'll steer clear,
Stay away and don't go near.

Wocky Pie
By Concertogreat_8

My Wocky Pie
Is ten feet high,
Yes, the one I made for you today.

Most of a mile wide,
Fit for a blushing bride,
Is my magnificent Wocky Pie.

Everyone wonders: mincemeat they've had;
Berries, old news, they make no one glad.
So what is this now, this Wocky Pie?

Tonnes of flour, stones of butter,
Pounds of sugar, salt, tartar,
Is how I made my Wocky Pie.

Inside there lies a special mix,
Of fruit, spices, cinnamon sticks;
That's the filling of my Wocky Pie.

The outside crisps to golden haze,
The heavenly aroma creates a daze,
This is my Wocky Pie.

It sits on the sideboard, ready,
And all who walk by feel heady,
As they see and smell my Wocky Pie.

The celebrations begin now --
Everyone waits, and how!
For my wonderful Wocky Pie.

Now you ask a question, fine --
What? My Wocky Pie: mine?
Have you never heard of "Look, don't touch"?
Of course you may not have a taste!

Someone to Look Up to...
By Hurricanedrunk

In the long and great history of Neopia,
Has there ever been a nobler species,
One so daring and bold,
As our beloved Wocky?
Clara Chatham discovered Moltara
and gifted us the magma pets.
Sailing 'cross the seas,
adventure at every turn.
The girl at the Scratch Card Kiosk
might just help us get rich quick!
Oh, she's helped many Neopians
to reach their goals and live their dream...

Claim to be a rock fanatic?
Not until you've seen 'em live...
The most exhilarating band
to ever to shake Tyrannia: Wock 'Til you Drop!
Then there's MAGAX the Wocky Dark of Heart,
he shamed the Wocky name
With his wicked ways and
evil deeds until
He saw the light
and sought redemption from the good.
Watch him right his wrongs
and battle the life he has left behind.
And so young Wockies of Neopia
take heart and courage,
be bold and strong,
and, one day, may we celebrate YOUR name
On wonderful Wocky Day!

Scratch Card Kiosk Wocky
By Kitokat_mh

If you visit Terror Mountain,
And you find that you are bored,
Come on down to the Scratch Card Kiosk
And you could get a big reward!

Waiting there you'll find a pet
Who offers prizes big and small,
Just buy a card and scratch away
And maybe you will win them all!

He calls out for you to come,
Saying, "It could be your lucky day!
You could win a fabulous prize,
So stop by and don't delay!"

You're hesitant, you find, at first,
And start to simply walk on by,
But he charms you so you cannot go,
And now you find you want to try!

You pay the Wocky for your card,
And excitedly you start to scratch.
Watching which pictures you find
And seeing if you will have a match.

No three pictures are the same,
The Wocky grins and winks his eye,
"Ah, that is an awful shame,
"Oh well, better luck next try!"

A Gnarly Young Wocky
By Mamasimios

Riding his skateboard, soaring through the air,
Is a gnarly young Wocky with spiky pink hair.
With a challenging smile, his teeth are agleam,
Will you count his potatoes, in a manner extreme?

The tubers fly past you from every direction,
And the Wocky distracts you with his interjections.
He makes it quite hard to count all the spuds,
Before they fly off into Meridell mud.

Under your breath, you count twenty-two,
Then make your guess; he shouts out, "Hayooo!"
You try to ignore him by turning your back,
Make your next guess, and he hollers, "Oh snap!"

Does Wocky not know how it gets on your nerves,
When he answers your guess with loud "Tubular!"?
Perhaps you could smile when he says, "Radical!"
But what does he mean by the term "Dudical!"?

When you finally master the counting, extreme,
That's when the Wocky throws in aubergines,
And corn on the cob and even some carrots.
You make your best guess, and when you declare it...

Slapping his forehead, the Wocky says, "Wrong!"
And tells you it's best if you just move along.
This gnarly young Wocky doesn't want to be mean,
That's how it goes when you're counting extreme.

Spoiled Darigan Wocky
By Pansyparkinson14

He sits there, his eyes glittering,
His body hunched and lean;
His ears folded back warily;
His eyes glittering and keen.

His crimson fur is ruffled;
His mane is messy and unclean;
His expression is nothing but sour,
And his demeanour cold and mean.

His horns are long and curved:
Dangerous and lethal too;
His wretched claws make it evident
That offending him is something you'd rue.

He flaps his wings with irritation,
His tail swishes with contempt,
And his temper -- Oh!
It's worse than you could have ever dreamt.

And yet when he purrs, you will find
That he's the sweetest little thing,
For the Darigan Wocky is quite a charmer,
Even when acting like a spoiled king!

Clara Chatham
By Selenial

Clara Chatham
Started small,
But little Wockies
Grow up tall.
When she sought answers
She would dig.
She started small,
But she dreamed big.

In Brightvale
Where a sharp mind
Isn't alone
or one-of-a-kind.
She still stood out
And earned regard
By asking "Why?"
And working HARD.

So her hard work
Was why she rose
To rank in fame
With our heroes.
For when Moltara
Went awry,
It was Clara
Who found out WHY.

But Clara too
Was brave and strong
And insisted
She go along
And save the world.
She knew her part
And her own strength
Of arm... AND heart.

When the skies, trail,
And caves got tough,
Clara Chatham
Laughed it off.
Her brain, her strength,
Her will of steel,
Turned all her dreams
To something real.

Which proves a girl
With no finance
And lots of dreams
Who takes a chance
Can make a difference,
Best the guys,
And change the world
If she just tries.

Dusty Trails From the Desert Wocky
By Tealnova_dragon

When you visit the desert, lost as it is,
For miles and miles, dunes are what you see.
Sandstorms and whirling air,
Sand thrown in your eyes.

But amongst the high dunes, a figure is shadowed
By the storm.
The whipping cloak cracks to and fro,
The dark hair billowing like sails at sea.
Nose and mouth cleverly covered,
Not a grain of sand breathed.
Pink streaks, glittery, span over each eye,
Dark, shadowed eyes, trained on you.

She turns, but keeps her gaze,
The signal to follow.
You do, but she soon disappears,
And all you can see
Are her dusty trails.
Slowly showing you the way --
Though it'll never show you her again.

Wocky Grey
By Tiptoeboo

The Wocky Grey sits alone
Upon a pile of fallen leaves.
Tears fall from her half-closed eyes
As rain drips from the eves.

All around the Wocky Grey,
Stillness pervades the air.
Colour leaches from the burn
Of Wocky Grey's abandoned stare.

"Why are you here?" Aisha Blue asks,
"All alone in this bleak rain?"
Wocky Grey declines to answer
Even to think for her means pain.

Ears drooping under the darkening sky,
Aisha Blue starts to walk away,
While Wocky Grey looks at her feet
On this, the blackest of black day.

Her fur is matted damp and cold
And her tail limp and thin.
Wocky Grey forever sits forgotten
As her true colour lies within.

By Wicked_summer

She walks by the road on a winter day;
The crunch of her steps is a clean clear sound.
Snow crisps and crackles as she makes her way,
And there's jingling, jingling, all around.
Bells on her fingers, bells on her toes,
Bells in her fur and sewn to her clothes!

Her breath frosts the air outside,
Her fur is deep and red.
With every step she shows her pride
As clear as if 'twas said.
There's bells on her fingers, bells on her toes,
Bells in her fur and sewn to her clothes!

Once each step was hushed and small,
As silent as the snow.
Before she found the secrets all
The jingling people know.
There's bells on her fingers, bells on her toes,
Bells in her fur and sewn to her clothes!

There's nothing quite like walking loud,
Making music with each tread.
There's nothing quite like walking proud,
Now soft sure silence's shed.
There's bells on her fingers, bells on her toes,
Bells in her fur and sewn to her clothes!

So if, like this young Wocky proud,
You're walking through the snow,
You should think of secrets loud
That jingling people know.
Put bells on your fingers, bells on your toes,
Bells in your hair and bells on your clothes!

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