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Neopets Poems

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Shadow of a Grarrl
By Concertogreat_8

I used to have a shadow,
ugly and so awesomely large,
and always when I looked round,
there it was, gloating,
a dark and cumbersome charge.

I used to have a shadow,
bulky with a tail that never ends,
fearsome teeth in a cavernous mouth,
and when I smiled, it leered
and frightened off my friends.

I used to have a shadow
that loomed above and blocked the light;
it stood twice the size of me,
so I became two Grarrls,
one with considerably more might.

I used to have a shadow
that scared everyone.
I know it did because
why else would they all run?

Then one day I found a potion
with blue feathers on the lid
to fly away my shadow,
take it back to doom and gloom
whence ever it so rudely came.

Now my shadow's gone,
but a friend has come to take his place;
this shadow is nicer and has wings,
and others smile at me
because they like his grace.

I used to have a shadow,
it frightened even me.
It's a good thing it's gone now,
and life's the way it should be.

Grarrl's Regal Walk
By Tealnova_dragon and Manatea

Her presence is heard from far away --
But certainly not from her melodious song.

The air seems like static, trees shake --
But certainly not from her elegant gaze.

Her Majesty the Grarrl
Walks her way closer...

The ground's a-shaking, her steps so loud --
Her hefty weight, none dare speak of.
Like thunder, she announces her arrival,
Toothy smiles, a flick of a clawed hand.

You think that's scary?
Prepare yourself, the ground's still shaking.
Something else rumbles close.

His stance was threatening,
Stomps causing a loud earthquake.

Was it his violent stride
Or his pointed grin as he noticed Her Majesty
That made him so terrifying?

He continued to take his husky self down the aisle,
As he came closer, eruptions of his steps subsided.
Guards silenced, preparing for his arrival --
King cleared his throat and spoke, voice booming.

Most looked at them as they were no different --
Their treads seen as strides,
The looks of them taken as less ominous,
None dare show they saw through their facade,
His and Her Majesty, the Grarrl.

The Grand Commander
By Dragonstorm_75

See the flash of maractite,
Piercing hearts with terror -- fright!
Pirates flee, the warrior comes:
To the eager beat of a thousand drums.

The all-mighty Grarrl commander,
Swimming from the city yonder,
Eyes aflash with green,
With glossy teeth, sharp and keen.

Cannonmasters fail their aim,
Petty crewmen flee in shame!
Only the champion stays and fights,
Well into the murky nights.

Muscles flexed, firm jaws clenched,
His thirst for battle isn't quenched.
By their comrades he is cheered,
That Cybunny with the flaming beard.

The blue-skinned Grarrl roars with rage,
Behold his might upon the stage!
Knotted muscles strain with power,
For its Maraqua's darkest hour.

The fearsome foe does not relent,
Upon victory he is bent,
See his skill, measured in scars,
Numerous as the numbered stars.

And yet the Grarrl has the edge,
Using wisdom like a wedge,
Employing cunning with sharp blows,
Till the fool deserts his fellows.

Fins aloft in victorious air,
The grand commander seeks new fare,
He cannot stop, he cannot rest,
Until Maraqua is left unstressed.

By Autotune

"That's a fine head of hair
you have over there,"
said the Grarrl to the Usul.
"Why, thank you dearly,"
the Usul replied, her
heart all aflutter,
for she'd never before
been complimented so.
Hastily she made a reply --
"I do adore your hat."
And the Grarrl smiled
a pretty smile
and adjusted her bonnet --
"Thank you, darrrrling,
it's quite the fashion.
And curls are making such a comeback,
believe me, my dear, I know."
A gracious smile,
ruffling of pink lace --
"Say, wouldn't you like a Negg?"
The Usul faltered, then smiled,
politely declined,
bade Rosie the Grarrl farewell --
then hung her wig of luscious curls
on the Money Tree's outstretched branches.

Put a Grarrl in a Dress
By Carrotbreath

Dressing up Neopets, I surely enjoy
I'm also pretty sure my pets I annoy:
After my other pets look fine and fair,
My Grarrl is left looking rather bare.
Some great clothes I buy and prepare,
Because to dress up my Grarrl I dare!

"A nice choice," the shopkeeper said,
It was a fine dress of beautiful thread.
My Grarrl would appreciate it, I thought.
I paid up front and soon my pet sought!
She'd heard of my plan, cunning indeed
And ran away quickly with great speed.

I hunted her down quickly and well,
Remarking, "Get ready to look swell!"
I put it on her with great force,
Barely fit, must be my Training Course.
Soon the stitches were ripped,
And the sides greatly chipped.

Just as quickly as it was put on it broke.
And after cleaning up that mess,
I'll never again try to put my Grarrl in a dress.

Grarrg the Battle Master
By Mamasimios

Grarrg the Battle Master stomps around,
The weight of his duties pushing down
On spiky forehead, forced into frown,
The price of his position.

As commander of the Tyrannian corps,
He keeps his troops prepared for war.
Discipline attends his potent roar,
Intimidating all into submission.

His combat skills are keenly honed
Within the Tyrannian Battledome.
Between those walls of standing stones,
Many a challenger is dispatched.

So too does Grarrg sharpen his brain
With GoGoGo, his favourite game,
As a fearsome cardsharp has he made his name
With manner cool and detached.

He takes his place in the Town Hall
'Mid the Council of Elders, paladins all,
Where once a year they do recall
Tyrannia's victory over invasion.

A lightening occurs on the Grarrl's brow,
Not quite a smile and yet somehow,
The loosened muscles do allow,
That Grarrg is pleased with the occasion.

Tales of Ol'Stripey
By Anjie

I don't know if you've ever been
To Harpoon Harry's place
To see Food Club at its own peak,
A full-on gorging race!

I only go when one pirate
Is there, it's such a sight.
Ol' Stripey puts the rest to shame,
To watch is a delight!

I once saw him, I do confess,
Consume twelve courses straight.
Before I could just take a blink,
He called for one more plate!

Another day last summer gone,
I saw him power through
Fifteen small meals, yet at the end,
He ate the table too!

I've seen him drink a bucket full
Of Piratey Fruit Juice.
(The burp right after, I confess,
Was massive to produce!)

I do admit, as said above,
His manners slightly lack.
But hey, when you can eat like that,
Why bother holding back?

I do advise that you stop by
To watch this massive feat.
Ol' Stripey may be rather old,
But how that Grarrl can eat!

When it comes to massive meals,
This guy can wear the crown.
He might not have good manners, true,
But just watch him chow down!

I Love My Grarrl Hair Goo
By Jayo289

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
It makes my fur shine bright.
Perfect for my hairdo,
Now it's soft and light.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
It sure makes me stand out.
Complete with a greenish hue,
It makes me want to shout.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
It's sticky to no end.
It also doubles up as glue,
On it I can depend.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
For me it's such a treat.
When out of gum, it I can chew,
Its taste is oh-so-sweet.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
I take it everywhere.
I promise never to say adieu,
And no, I will not share.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
I use it every day.
If I can't find it, then I rue,
And curl up in dismay.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
A bottle of pure fun,
If I drop some on my shoe,
I can no longer run.

I love my Grarrl Hair Goo,
You all should put some on.
I think another dose is due,
But wait, my stash is gone!

Grarrl Time
By Handuran

It's the perfect time to be a Grarrl right now,
For we are superior in every single way,
We have sharp teeth and a massive tail,
And we can keep our foes at bay.
We are grand and keep our stance,
We stand tall and proud,
For we are almighty and powerful,
Being a Grarrl, you can never go wrong!

Some might think we are scary,
Others might think we aren't as cuddly,
But really we love companionship,
We'd love for you to be our buddy!

We love being told we're great,
It means everything to be told,
For this is a special day to feel good,
Being a Grarrl is very grand indeed!

We're so happy today, celebrating away,
Joining in with all the cheer
That sadly only happens once a year.
We will never forget such a fateful day,
It's been the best so far, I have to say!
It's the perfect time.

The Truth about Grarrls
By L0vely_u

Rumbling, tumbling -- coming through!
I'm a Grarrl, I clear the room
when I pass by. But certainly I do believe
that Neopians think the worst of my breed.

For did you know? I am a Grarrl, yes, that is true,
but there are other things I like to do!
I like to knit, to draw and sing,
instead of fighting in the Battledome ring!

We are delicate and smart, surely you must know
that there much is more than our exterior shows!
My sister, for example, she writes books!
And my uncle, why, he lives to cook.

Indeed my strength could bring me victory,
I could profit through violence and trickery.
But what is that compared to the jewels of this land:
art, literature, friendship, all in my hands!

Neopia is my homeland, and certainly I am proud
that this strong impression, I have been allowed.
But as a Grarrl I must say that I would more prefer,
a reputation as a smart pet, that is for sure!

Next time you see a Grarrl, please do not run away.
Take time to question him on the events of the day.
Words I've written, I've carefully considered all,
to prove no pet is as misunderstood as a Grarrl.

That Grarrl Fisherman
By Rememberine

Allow me to paint you a portrait
Of the Grarrl fisherman
Who carries a peculiar spirit,
Which inspires his dangerous plan.

Today he will go out to sea,
Although the clouds are jet.
It is in the waves he seeks the glory
That accompanies a voluminous net.

His jaw is locked, his eyes are steel,
As he sails off into the storm,
For he has chosen this ordeal
Over his bed, still warm.

Although the fog now swallows his vessel,
He shows no sign of fear.
In fact he seems to almost revel
In the freedom he finds here.

He may never return to familiar shores,
That Grarrl fisherman,
It's apparent he is contented to roam
Far from his native land.

The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia
By Chernobyl44

While the sun set over rocky plains
And from Tyrannia all light drains,
As little Neopets lay down in bed,
The Grarrl who crushed Tyrannia is up instead.

He greets the night with a terrible roar
And stalks through the plateau where Pteri soar,
He makes his way to the Concert Hall
And swallows Jazzmosis entirely whole.

His ravenous appetite is hard to set
And so next to go is the Giant Omelette
And all those Neopets still awake
Begin to panic at Tyrannia's ground shake.

Thud... thud... thud... the noise is loud,
And four young Chombies huddle in a crowd,
Those footsteps are drawing terrifyingly near,
And not one Neopet doesn't shudder with fear.

But never fret, Neopia, it's all okay,
For in Tyrannia the Grarrl does not stay.
It's nice to think that when you're scared,
To remember that it's only a story you've heard!

A Common Misconception
By Squeak13

On our special day, we Grarrls have your attention,
I'd like a moment, if you don't mind, to mention
That a common misconception is on my mind;
It has caused in our community a lot of tension.

To start, not all Grarrls find Petpets appetising.
Most of us find Gargrall's choice of lunch surprising!
Try picking Greeble from your teeth, beyond belief!
That fellow's menu needs a serious revising.

Furthermore, not every Grarrl wants a fight.
We don't live at the Battledome; many don't bite.
Clubs and claws of doom are nice, but for that price
We'd rather save hard-earned NP for a rainy night.

Looks can be deceiving; we are quite a genial lot;
Tough yet noble, honest more oft than not.
See for yourself; befriend one of us and you will find
When you choose a Grarrl, a pal for life you've got.

Now that I've shared my heartfelt recitation
I invite you all to join in a Grarrl Day celebration!
When you pass us by, keep in mind my simple rhyme,
And raise a glass to Grarrls on day of our creation!

Grarrl Keno
By Scenette

One by one
Those eggs they crack
That Grarrl, he laughs:
'It cannot be won!'

Or so they think
Or so he says
But you try, despite
The Keno eggs, that stink

That rot on the floor
Cracked tops, rolling
Grarrl, laughing,
Tries to show you the door

But you carry on
A bead of sweat
Because you want to be
'The one who won.'

Yellow splatters
Cover that floor
One bet, and another
Another egg in tatters

You're so close,
Yet so far,
But one day you bet
And lose.

Grarrl's takings are high,
But your morale is low
'One more go!'
You breathe a heavy sigh.

On Grarrl's stone table,
You place your bet,
And what you see, you want to scream,
But you are not able!

Grarrl is in tears --
It's never happened before,
But you came along
And true were his fears.

"Ugggga ugg?!" roars Grarrl
For you are
'The one who won'!
Scoop up your winnings from Grarrl
And run!

Happy Grarrl Day!

Tyrants of Neopia
By The_hoshi_pixi

Giant beasts with fangs like saws,
Of teeth and tail and pointy claws,
Piercing gaze that makes you awe,
Gaping mouth and powerful jaws.

Tyrants are what they are called,
Fearsome beasts that rule
With iron fist and head bald.
To say no, you'd be a fool.

Tyrannian kings of the ancient past,
Strong long legs and speed fast,
Tall and ominous shadows cast,
A scene that you'd see last.

From Jungle and Plateau,
Their land on which they roam,
They fight and make a show
Inside the great Battledome.

A massive force made with their bite,
Monstrous muscle adds to their might.
Let's just hope that you were right
To choose them as an opponent to fight.

The tyrants of Neopia
With a dagger-studded mouth for
Spouting out onomatopoeia,
Like their famous bone-chilling roar.

The most fearsome Neopet of all.
Better to have them friends, not foes,
Is the ancient fighter: Grarrl

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