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Neopets Poems

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Codename: Green Seven
By Mamasimios

Deadly aim and an evil grin
Are the calling cards of this villain,
A menacing Skeith, codename: Green Seven,
A pilot in the Virtupets Space Corps.

Darting through the dark of space
In his rocket ship at a terrible pace,
A taunting leer upon his face
While passing through the orbit of Kreludor.

As a follower of Dr Sloth,
He has made his pact, sworn a dark troth,
And now Green Seven will never stop
Until he has destroyed the Resistance.

Searching for unarmed shuttle-crafts,
The Skeith's leering smirk becomes a laugh,
Tinged with begrudging respect on behalf
Of his foes' fierce, but futile, persistence.

Finding one such craft in flight,
Green Seven slowly turns his sights,
Savouring the moment with delight
Until the radio breaks his concentration.

"Retreat," it commands. "All is lost,
The Resistance has stymied our plot.
Retreat and meet with Dr Sloth
Back here at the Space Station."

The Skeith falters, his finger on the controls,
His lasers poised to take their toll
To blast the craft, leave a black hole,
But with a sigh, he obeys his orders.

The pilot turns his rocket ship,
A sneer curling on his thin green lips.
With a heavy heart he makes the return trip
To the conquered Virtupets Space Corps.

The Monster of the Depths
By Dragonstorm_75

Swimming, churning, waiting,
A mighty beast, forever plotting,
Flexing muscles, searching eyes,
Locking on to the vibrant prize.

The hunger mourns within his belly,
And the glare grows dark and icy,
Creamy pearls, flashing fire,
Toward the Skeith's heart's desire.

The prey is close, the wait is over!
Blurred bubbles scream with silver,
Clashing loud from turquoise mail,
As turmoiled waters release a wail.

All goes dark from his great girth,
Even sunlight casts a dearth.
The inky coolness chills the bones,
Swift as wind and sharp as stones.

The Skeith claps his mighty jaws,
Bending too his idle claws;
Yet the food is nowhere here,
Lost beyond the shadow's sneer.

Disappointed, he retreats,
Yearning for some tasty treats,
But he must wait, for weeks if need be,
His stomach mourning still.

When Skeiths Fly
By Amethyst_81

It seemed a prank of greatest kind,
A silly contradiction.
To introduce a faerie Skeith would
Doubtless cause some friction.
The faeries take tremendous pride
In elegance and grace,
To grant the gift of flight to Skeiths
Is surely a disgrace!

But one by one the Skeiths lined up
At Rainbow Pool's shore,
Hearts swelling with desire deep
To spread their wings and soar.
Their eyes were closed to faerie faces
Twisted into sneers,
And heedless were they of the sound
Of condescending jeers.

For deep inside the faeries knew
That they could not compete
For Neopia's attention
Over this amazing feat.
What once was awkward on the ground,
Now floated by with ease,
A faerie Skeith could race the clouds
And dance upon a breeze.

Sunlight shimmers lavender
On iridescent wings,
Rotund form loops through the sky
And on a treetop swings.
So when you see a faerie Skeith,
This lesson they can teach:
Never let another tell you
How high you can reach.

The Smiling Maraquan Skeith
By Tealnova_dragon

In the distant waters, a little something shifts...
As waves rise and fall, as sunlight streams --

If you had the underwater gaze --
Seeing the sky from beneath the surface --
Had you seen the filtering beams, the coral reefs,

You'd have also seen the Maraquan Skeith.
Not one to hide, that one.
Big-boned, wide smiles.

Flitting through the coral homes, bubbles in his wake.
Bright green tail, flick, swim, glide --

How different is the species Skeith
When seen below the surface!

On land they are lumbering beasts, heaving, dragging.
Heavy footfalls, sweaty breaths.
Easily tired, inflexible, chained by gravity.
Every step a chore.

But when in blue and green,
In this underwater scene,
They are... light as a feather,
Acrobatic, weightless, pleasant.
Spinning through the water, flexible,
Swish, swish, glide, their bodies move and bend,
Every movement effortless,
Slicing through those waves.
Big smiles, no snarls.

Judge not all Skeiths,
They come in many forms,
Let no judgment ring,
Till you've seen them all.

Dear Skeith
By Carrotbreath

I didn't mind when you ate my stuff,
Although acquiring it was quite tough,
Especially that one expensive paint brush.
No, your happiness just turned me to mush.
I hope this shows I appreciate you.

I didn't mind when you cleaned me out.
When I took you to Kelp I had no doubt
You would overly enjoy eating in style --
Too much, but it was worth your smile.
I hope this shows I appreciate you.

I didn't mind when you whined all day,
How I'm boring and should paint you grey.
I knew it was my fault, and I lament,
I'll always be there if you need to vent.
I hope this shows I appreciate you.

I do mind the fact that you're lazy and ungrateful
And hope Dr. Death appreciates you as I do.

Brother Skeith Rulers
By Lollypopxz

Hagan and Skarl are brothers two,
Kings of Brightvale and Meridell.
With honour and wisdom they do rule;
Love and compassion they possess as well.

King Hagan of Brightvale,
The cleverest of monarchs,
Knowledge will prevail
With nothing left in the dark.

Brilliant he is, though haughty too,
He may be seen as arrogant.
Before you judge, hear me, do,
King Hagan is mentally valiant.

Defender of books of all kind,
He protects the knowledge passed down.
Studious and literate, you will find,
King Hagan takes the wisdom crown.

King Skarl of Meridell
Is quite different from his sibling.
Whilst Hagan enjoys water from the wisdom well,
Skarl prefers elaborate feasts and merry drinking.

The poor blue ruler
Seems ever so grumpy.
Life is good but could be cooler,
Jokes are fine but not very funny.

"Yuck! You smell!"
He is said to have said.
Rotten grapes and cheese and buckets of jell,
King Skarl is never afraid.

Brothers two are Hagan and Skarl,
Ruler of two lands so prosperous and nice.
Keepers of fighter Grarrls
And servant Miamice.

Lullaby for Ravilra
By Togepi_forever

Go to sleep, my darling girl --
I will lead you home.
Though the night seems dark and cold,
you are not alone.

Though this world is harsh and cruel,
in your dreams you'll shine.
Let them taunt, and let them jeer --
I know you'll be fine.

Please don't let their words hurt you;
always keep your cool.
The world will have her justice yet,
for they are simple fools.

You are beautiful and wonderful,
your smile lights up the room.
You are wise and kind, you've faced your fears --
Please don't give up so soon.

So go to sleep, my little Skeith,
and I will bring you home.
Through this night I'll be your light --
You'll never be alone.

Slychi the Skeith Invader
By Anjie

Hark! Upon this humid eve,
A story I know well.
Gather 'round, my eager friends,
For ode I long to tell.

Of plateau at its darkest time,
Of war that wrecked the land.
Tyrannia was chaos-torn,
And yet some took a stand.

There they fought on barren ground,
Against each wicked foe.
There a hero came to light,
In battle, long ago.

When it seemed all may be lost,
The ground did seem to shake.
Rumbling, roaring, shattered earth,
With each step he did take.

There he led the front-line fight,
He had a realm to save.
He battled to the bitter end,
He took a stand so brave.

Skeith warrior, Slychi by name,
His tale, sweeping wide.
It shattered rocks, there was no place,
That foes could seek to hide.

When all was over, battle won,
The sky did tear apart.
As Slychi, standing, tall and proud,
A mighty roar did start.

It told the realm the fight was done,
That good had won the day.
To Slychi we all owe a debt,
That one could not repay.

So on this eve I bid you all
To gather, hear my song.
That credit for that ancient war,
To one Skeith may belong!

Archos's Shadow
By Concertogreat_8

Who was the gypsy who used to be
content to wander forever free
but stopped and stalled,
and embraced the darkness cold?

And who led him here, to living death,
with sweet promises on sugared breath?
From a life of ease and careless joy,
a rambling existence of an innocent Skeith,
in caravans pulled by steady Snicklebeast.

Now to wrap himself in shadows,
a cloak of soft sickness gathers,
shrouding all with darkness feathered,
masked in black cardboard cut-out so,
and tied around with black silk ribbon bow.

The Haunted Woods boasts every foe,
from Spyder small to Meepits that glow,
but still one more who incites fear,
who steals your breath and stills your heart,
where Sophie looks disgruntled, no more,
Edna is but a child's fright;
When Archos's shadow steals the light.

By Percussive

Insatiable, he eats everything in sight,
With an empty stomach and incredible might,
He eats the steak and fish,
Oh! Even the dish,
And with tiny wings, tries to take flight.

A terrible belch, an awful roar,
Nothing can keep him from devouring more,
He'll plunder the snacks,
Eat right off the racks,
Of the nearest grocery store.

But does he really just live to take?
Does he only like you for your Blumaroo Steak?
We reckon he could
Be misunderstood,
A friend, he'd be willing to make.

His scary exterior you must look beneath,
He's quite friendly, and even cleans his teeth!
Your food you won't miss,
You would know all of this,
If you've ever befriended a Skeith.

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