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Neopets Poems

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Faerie Festival
By Concertogreat_8

in which all is gold
and silver in the lamplight,
where mortal Neopets come to look
to see the faeries dance
and hope for generosity,
cowering at the entrances
where earth eats souls
who wander.

A spread of tablecloths,
banquets from a foreign land
and Neopets drift forward,
pinned by the shimmering glow,
beckoned like moths to a flame
to a place where benevolent beings
slit wide eyes and look
upon a world edged with shameful greed.

The sky is copper filament,
cracking at the edges,
letting through the colours
that bleed across the heavens
to celebrate the Faerie Day.

The Faerie Festival...In Space
By Mamasimios

Each year the Faerie Festival
Rotates its location
To the home of the hosting faerie,
And this year will be at... the Space Station?

For, yes, the Happiness Faerie
Will finally get her turn,
And in the interest of fairness,
The invitation cannot be spurned.

In the past the faeries have gathered
In Illusen's sylvan glade
And braved Jhudora's noxious cloudperch,
Eating the suspect snacks she made.

And so this year the group will travel
To the dark and chill of space,
Each faerie trying hard
To keep a smile upon her face.

For what could be more alien
To these elemental sprites
Than a place devoid of earth and air
And fire and water and light?

But for the sake of unity,
All will join the Happiness Faerie,
Yet the Space Faerie will be forgiven
If she appears particularly wary.

The Earth Faerie Ballet
By Anjie

Dawn hesitant, the feeble light,
On emerald green doth play.
Wings do quiver as they wait
The break of sacred day.
Nay, but once a year they dance,
Finesse, such expertise.
You must be silent, if you watch,
Though boughs of dancing trees.

For others celebrate this time
With feasts and merry fun,
But they who dwell in woodland realm
Rise when day has begun
To greet the festival with song
And dance with leaves that fall.
To keep the rhythm, boughs do part,
And emerald sheaths do sprawl.

The faeries move with sweetest grace
To form a spinning ring,
Radiance, the early light,
Reflected on each wing.
Sublime the glimpse of light ballet,
The dance in woodland green.
The spin of creatures, dainty small,
Lit by the sunlit sheen.

Melody on woven reeds
Provides the teasing tune.
They spin and dip 'til day doth fade,
Then dance by light of moon.
Silvery the scene transforms,
They move in sacred trance.
There where silver touches green,
The woodland creatures dance.

Jhudora's Little Quest
By Dragonstorm_75

Jhudora sat upon her cloud,
Thinking of a scheme,
But before her stood a crowd
In a steady stream.

"What do you want?" asked she
From the foremost pet.
"A quest!" said the assembly
Without breaking a sweat.

Jhudora smirked and did as asked,
But most failed her demand.
Even rich folk who were tasked
From her cloud were banned.

Appalled by their lack of work,
The faerie got the clue.
Instead of waiting with a smirk,
'Twas decided to pursue.

In long lines Jhudora waited,
But shops did not restock;
The Trading Post she sighted,
(Much to others' shock!)

The auctions were too fast,
The Shop Wizard was slow,
And finally -- at last,
Jhudora flew home in woe.

Seeing that her quests were hard,
Jhudora didn't fix them;
For with them came her good reward:
Causing questers mayhem!

Faeries' Festival
By Bluerang1

The Faerie Festival is finally here!
The cloud city's full of cheer.
Flying bands in twos and fours
Celebrate in a parade because
It only comes once every year!

Air faeries decorate the skies above,
Earth faeries rejuvenate every dried clove.
Light faeries light up the caves and woods,
Dark faeries make their deliciously scary foods.
Tooth Faerie's on hand, flying about like a dove.

Fire faeries create dancing flames,
Water faeries start the sea games.
Soup Faerie has soup to go around,
Island Faerie's cooking up something sound?
Snow Faerie makes tasteful the terror mountains.

Negg Faerie at the Neggery is excited,
Grey Faerie has her mood a little lighted.
Space Faerie comes down for a rare vacation,
Battle Faerie also takes a break for the occasion.
All these merriments make the Faerie Queen absolutely delighted!

Swords Revealed
By Ruby_petal

She runs
With lilac
Hair and
Orchid faerie wings through
The dark, muddy Haunted Woods.
We fear, dread, and cringe.
She shivers,
Her emerald
Clothing full of
Dirt stains. The
Wind across her
Face. Cold. Alone
With echoes. She
Searches and seeks
For only you, Valeane.
For security for everyone,
To teach them all to be safe,
She finally discovers your
Weapons, lost many
Moons ago. Pure

Faerie Cheats
By Carrotbreath

Some look forward to all the free stuff,
Others have just had enough!
As all the happiness becomes a peeve,
And I get ready to pack up and leave,
Comes out the Faerie Festival Cake cart,
Definitely the Faerie Festival's best part!

On my way to my Neohome, with speed I ran,
Because I had concocted an incredible plan.
Maybe it was because I had too much cake,
But those two layers I'll attempt to bake!
No longer will it just be an annual treat,
I'll have it everyday and the year cheat.

Their secret they certainly won't tell,
So I'll make my own recipe as well.
One layer, two layers were speedily done,
But toppings and sauce I had none.
I improvised and berry sauce I used
And a Faerie Pasty with sparkle fused.

My creation was beautifully complete
But in looks, reality it didn't beat.
It was extremely repulsive and gross,
Definitely taste didn't even come close!
Then Fyora appeared, which wasn't a treat,
"You should never a faerie try to cheat!"

Even Jhudora Can Give a Little
By Deathkissed_angel

Anticipation settles over Neopia
with the tingle of excitement in the air.
Tasting sweet sugar on your tongue,
the Faerie Festival has begun.

Traipsing through beautifully decorated gardens,
ribbons of silk strung across branches of tress.
Water Faerie Apples floating in rivers in abundance,
smiles alike are thrown from all faeries
to the excited Neopets.

Treats and riches alike are seen handed out --
at just a glance.
Fyora's brush is seen tangled in the mane of a Noil,
Cucumber eye cream generously given.

This is the time of giving,
even Jhudora can spare a moment from her plans.
Water faeries put on shows and
Fire faeries warm the hearts of Neopians,
throughout all of Neopia
on this generous and wonderful day.

A Faerie Festival Song & Dance Item
By Autotune

with the air glittering
from the sunlight, glancing
off one thousand pairs of
fluttering wings;
and from the swirling mists
of faerie dust, of
sugar and spice and spells --

and they started up
a pulsing beat, began
a soaring symphony
and filled the air with
succulent sound.
they carved bold chords,
struck pounding notes;
drew finely wrought lines
of delicate melody
and spun the threads
of a timeless tune.
those faerie voices crooned
the sweetest verse,
speaking soft, soft lines;
and with each note
we held each breath.

and we dance upon
these violet clouds,
we ride the rhythm
that spins us round;
we dance above the sky,
dance past the Hidden Tower;
the music in perfect time,
and us in perfect harmony.

Plight of the Grey Faerie
By Lollypopxz

She was once a pretty faerie,
So bright and full of life.
Now she is but an empty shell
Of devastating sorrow and strife.

She looks at the other faeries
Happily singing and dancing.
Celebration lit the atmosphere
Of a thousand voices singing.

Her weary head lowered
In utter dismay.
No light sparkled
From her eyes of amber grey.

She is close,
Yet she is distant.
They are near,
Yet they are decadent.

The Festival rang from acres far,
In her mind it has long past.
A single flower wilts in her hand,
A lonely storm cloud above is cast.

Blessed she will never be,
The lonely faerie, so you see,
Her heart has long since turned to stone,
She will forever be alone.

The Grand Faerie Festival
By Ang3lgurl72

'Tis the day when all faeries rejoice,
When all faeries, even pets, have a voice.
Pets painted faerie, Petpets too,
Join the Faerie Festival, that much is true!

You can join, too, to celebrate,
To the lovely faerie you dedicate!
Like Illusen, Taelia, or Jhudora,
The Negg Faerie, or Fyora!

The pets painted faerie, have you seen?
Their bodies always seem to gleam!
From their lovely fur to their shining wings,
Why, they're just like kings!

Goodness, I can't describe all of it!
Maybe you should just see it...

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