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Neopets Poems

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No Malevolence Here! (I Hope.)
By Cookybananas324

Sweet, shining teal button eyes,
The furthest shade from red,
In a face lit by a brilliant smile.
No wicked thoughts stir in that head.

Yellow-checked fabric, lovingly sewn
And patched up with green and blue.
All softness and squishiness here;
No sharp, cruel teeth in view.

No glare issued from vicious eyes
Mars this plush Poogle's face.
Of any sign of unpleasantness
You'll find nary a trace.

This Poogle is a plushie,
Not malevolent at all
(Unless it's all a clever disguise
While he plots the world's downfall...)

Poogle Races
By Calicolupe

Travel up to Faerieland to see a sight
That has amazed Neopians for many years.
The Poogle Races -- yes, that's right:
Chubby, squat-legged Poogle sprints.

Take bets as they leap over hurdles and cheer
On your favourite Poogle as it dashes to win again.
Feed it the best, and have no fear:
The stouter the pet, the faster he runs.

The Scorchio referee keeps all aligned,
Bemusement reaching his face every quarter hour
When -- off they go! -- to win your hearts and mine,
Or perhaps to simply work off their snack.

Five little Poogles have raced for a decade,
Matching strides and will against the odds.
For, surely, most Poogles must prefer shade
And a nice gentle hammock to nap.

But not our fine heroes, Poogles One through Five;
They show us a truth few can ever see.
Race your heart out, do your best, you come alive,
Doing the unimaginable to win every time.

The Poogle Merchant
By Dragonstorm_75

See it there, a lonesome tent,
At the edge of the marketplace.
From within comes a musky scent,
Of cinnamon and mace.

You step within, lo! Behold!
Shelves choked with desert goods.
Of kingly masks now painted gold,
To finer gourmet foods.

A brownish Poogle in linen clothes,
Steps forward with a smile.
"Greetings, friends, and much hellos,
I'll make your stay worthwhile."

The merchant shows you to his wares,
Quite the things he's got!
Ummagines red and pyramid pears,
To enamelled dish and pot.

Good Luck Ankhs are highly stacked,
Beside old Sutek's Scrolls.
Boxes, baskets, fully packed,
With Osiri's faience bowls.

As you look at the goods with awe,
The Poogle merchant waits,
For held within his gentle paw,
Is a pair of scales and weights.

Kindly though this fellow is,
He seeks to make his profit.
For here's the chance he'll never miss --
Your purse
will come out lighter.

Two Poogles
By Mamasimios

Two Poogles sit in the dusk's last red --
Eppa putting her daughter Kora to bed --
With a hug and a kiss to the young forehead,
Eppa asks, "What story tonight, dear?"

Kora stretches and scratches a pale blue ear
And considers which story she'd like to hear.
Whose narrative, Eithne or Ilere?
(For tales of faeries are her favourite kind).

Eppa begins, "Once upon a time..."
Kora closes her eyes and opens her mind
And enters the fantasy as it unwinds,
Her breath slowing to match her mum's cadence.

Eppa spins a tale of rare brilliance
Telling of Sloth and the Space Faerie's defence,
A myth filled with bravery and valiance
But like every night, she won't get far.

No wonder they call a tale a "yarn":
Eppa's words knit and weave a fabric so strong
Enveloping Kora like a blanket warm
She can't resist sleep's grasping allure.

Then in her dreams she'll be earthbound no more,
But free, like a faerie, to fly and to soar,
To act out the heroic deeds of folklore
On the wings of her mother's story.

Off to the Races
By Aldurswolf

Visiting Faerieland and all is going well;
We're heading up to see what's there to do.
There's a Wheel to spin, a Plushie to see,
And a tower hidden somewhere, too.

But something catches our eye.
Something exhilarating and exciting.
We're going to go see Poogles race,
With some as quick as lightning.

Poogle One is the best around,
The favourite for the win,
But Poogle Two may be the victor --
Or not, as distracted as he's been.

Poogle Three is a tad bit clumsy,
Though he does have bursts of speed.
While Poogle Four was once the best 'round,
But lately not much in the lead.

The last one left is Poogle Five,
And he's rather out of shape.
So armed with all our knowledge,
It's time for us our bets to make.

The race is on and the Poogles line up.
On your mark? Get set? Go!
We cheer and wave our hands around,
Excited by such a show.

Round the track they hustle,
Sprinting and jumping hurdles.
Everyone wants to be in first
And not look like a Turdle.

But there can be but one winner,
And, oh? It's Poogle Five, you say?
Well, wow, that's unexpected.
I guess it's possible on Poogle Day!

Frugal Poogle
By Carrotbreath

There is a Poogle who is quite known,
But not even in the Neopedia is shown.
Notorious for being quite cheap,
A bargain, a deal are just what he seeks,
And in the process many has he enraged.
Who wouldn't love to see him caged?

The Poogle feels hunger and goes for a meal,
But is willing to starve unless he gets steal.
When the shopkeeper states his price,
He gives a haggle that did not entice.
They go back and forth, until there's a shout,
"I've had enough, please get out!"

He goes to do a Snow Faerie Quest.
Taelia doesn't know she'll find him a pest.
When she says a Pear is what she yearns,
And he gives her an Organic Pear in return,
Her potion is ruined; pet's sickness grows deeper.
All because he found Health Foods cheaper.

Not even his own Poogle kind would he help,
A Poogle racer requested a treat from Kelp,
You see, the finer the food, the better the race,
And surely he'll win with just the right taste!
But the Poogle was reluctant indeed,
And runs from the scene with remarkable speed.

Which makes one curious and wonder,
Oh Poogle, oh Poogle, why are thee so frugal?!

Racing in the Clouds
By Ruby_petal

I stroll around Faerieland,
A world so pink and blue.
Rainbows and Magic Springs,
There are plenty of things to do!

But one thing in particular
Seems to catch my eye:
The world of Poogle Racing
Up in the cloudy sky.

I jump across the clouds,
Being careful not to fall.
I come across a Scorchio
Standing proud and tall.

"Step up and place your bets!"
The Scorchio starts to roar.
"Anyone but Poogle Two!
He's tired from the race before!"

I ponder, then take his advice
and decide on Poogle One.
The race is about to start.
Soon the Poogles would run.

The trumpet plays its tune;
They sprint at the speed of light.
I raise my voice and cheer,
"Dash with all your might!"

Poogle One speeds ahead;
I guess he heard my screams!
Over the green hurdle he goes
For the shiny gold, it seems.

As Poogle One finishes first,
I shout and jump for joy.
If you're ever bored in Faerieland,
This is something you'll enjoy!

By Moulinrouge21

Sinister and evil, malevolent is he,
Gleaming red eyes saying don't mess with me.
Creepy grin etched upon his face,
Coming and going, leaving no trace.

Patchwork pattern, do not be fooled,
Speedy and clever, this Poogle shall elude.
Infamous for scaring the younger Neopets,
His wicked demeanour and fiendish threats.

Beware of this Poogle, intentions unknown,
No friends or family, he is always alone.
Maniac laughter comes from far away,
MSP plotting what next will come your way.

Terrors from the Lab Ray sent him mad,
An innocent plushie, so happy and glad.
Mind now twisted, and heart full of greed.
Living off malevolence, he so desperately needs.

Poogle Races
By Cocacola715

Nestled atop a Faerieland cloud,
High and mighty Poogles abound,
Excitement and wonder go hand in hand,
As these races are sure to draw a crowd.

Legs stretched, groomed fur,
Eyes focused on the track,
Waiting for the signal.
They bolt out of the gate in quite a blur,
As dust is kicked up and paw prints litter the track.

Place your wagers, finish your bet,
Give an item for luck, if you choose,
There's nothing one can do yet,
Except watch in awe.

The race begins,
Forgotten bets deserve a pout,
Hoots and hollers come from all directions,
'The finish line is almost there!'
The little Poogles shout.

Lunge forward, don't look back,
Keep staring forward,
You're almost done!
Glance back, no one is close,
You're finally at the front of the pack!

Atop the podium, about to receive your trophy,
Your fans are electric!
Cheering you on,
'You did it! You did it!' they scream!
Your smile beams from ear to ear,
As you plan to race again, without any fear!

Oogles of Poogles
By Felicity437

Oogles of Poogles in all different shades
Come together each year for the Poogle Parade.

This September 19th has the same old display
As Neopets and owners enjoy Poogle Day.

There's baking to do (in all different flavours:
Strawberry, Starberry, and others to savour).

And Poogles will run on the faerie racetrack
With numbers 1 to 5 marked off on their back.

Appropriate, too, would be a great book.
(Poogle Profiles has a nice, thrilling hook).

Why not suit up in battle with strong Poogle sword,
Or enjoy Poogle toys (super blue, if you're bored).

And shockingly there is more Poogle delight,
(But reading it would likely take you all night --
Potions and pencils and planters and gnomes),
So I'll skip all of that and get straight to the bone:

The oogles of Poogles on each Poogle Day,
Have oogles of plans, and oogles of ways,
To celebrate Poogles as species supreme
(and you thought Moehog Day was pretty extreme!).

A Perfect Poogle Prank
By Anjie

A Neofriend was rather fond
Of plushie Poogle pet.
Now Poogle Day would fast approach,
And I had no plans yet.
It came to me, a vision bright,
The perfect trick, I thought!
Replace her Poogle while she slept,
But still remain uncaught!

I snuck through Neohome's back door
And whispered wicked plan
To plushie Poogle, who did grin,
And out the door she ran!
In a cage for safety's sake,
Replacement was brought in.
Snarling, snapping, eyes aglow,
Creating horrid din.

The plushie Poogle pal and I,
Oh, how we both did laugh!
Our friend would never have a clue,
And all on our behalf!
How did the little prank turn out?
I guess I'll wait and see.
What harm could come from bringing in,
A vicious MSP?

Poogle Racers
By Chaenda

Neopians go to Faerieland
In order to place their bet,
And so they start to anticipate
When the race starts, they're all set.

Every 15 minutes, at the strike of the clock,
The Poogles are ready to run!
Who will be the one to win?
Will it be Poogle number 1?

Feeding the Poogle may help it a lot,
Although the odds may not be in one's favour.
Then, when it's time -- ready, set, go!
Sit back, and the race you should savour!

No matter what happens, cheer for your Poogle,
Even if its chances of victory are getting thin,
And don't forget to claim your winnings
If ever you luckily win!

Poogle Day Parade
By Alexmajor9

You hear the chanting down the street
And see streamers cascade,
Confetti falling at your feet --
You know it's the parade!
The joyous time has come around
And Poogles think it's great,
So when you hear the party sounds
It's time to celebrate!
Across Neopia you will find
Happy pets of all species and type,
For no matter what type or kind,
All the pets love a good hype.
Because Poogles are so cheerful every single day,
But today you'll see they're ecstatic.
Today we honour the cute pets
That we all find fantastic!

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