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Editor's Note: Whew! The Grundo crew has finally cleaned up all the chocolate, but luckily
they left these chocolate-themed poems behind. Enjoy! Apologies for the delay!

The Chocolate Ball Comes
By Silverblossomemerald

A little bit here, just a nibble there,
A bite of the other corner, just to be fair.
Friends of mine, do join us all
And celebrate the Annual Chocolate Ball!

Chocolate, chocolate, cherry on top,
Time to raid the Chocolate Shoppe!
Chocolate candy and chocolate cake,
Chocolate everything for chocolate's sake!

Shelves stocked full with chocolate bars,
Counters topped with candy jars,
Chocolate samplers to indulge all cravings,
Today's the day to spend all your savings!

A cup of hot chocolate, still piping hot --
Marshmallows too, in case you forgot.
Or maybe the heat's given you the sweats?
Choco-flavoured ice cream will have you set.

Chocolate taffy wrapped in plastic,
Beauty Shoppe's even got chocolate chapstick!
Chocolate's not typical runway raiment,
But for us, chocolate is our fashion statement!

Chocolate's not just comfort food,
Chocolate's yours in every mood.
Chocolate's back, yes, chocolate's in,
With chocolate for everyone, everyone wins!

So don't hold back, have some fun!
We're definitely inviting everyone!
We're calling all Neopians, big and small,
To celebrate the Annual Chocolate Ball!

The Greediest Ghost
By Rainbow_daydreamer

Languishing in the hall at the Chocolate Ball,
I bemoan my unfortunate fate.
If you'll lend an ear, then my story you'll hear,
But the moral, for me, is too late.

Many brushes I'd seen, in pink, gold, and green,
But I wanted something more rare.
So I purchased some maps, in the hope that perhaps
They might have some secrets to share.

The Scorchio's grin as he strapped me in
Told me I had nothing to fear.
I might turn to ice -- that would be rather nice!
Or a robot? It could happen here!

A zap from the beam completed my dream --
It was worth every coin of my money.
From my ear-tips down, I was shiny and brown.
I'd turned into a chocolate Cybunny!

Each day I would dote on my lovely new coat,
And show it to friends and to strangers.
At the Beauty Contest everyone was impressed.
I never imagined the dangers.

As the temperature rose, I tried out a new pose
For the summer's BC advertising.
With my chocolate coat, I would win every vote
With a look that was sweet yet surprising.

It took all my willpower to pose hour after hour
Without stopping for water or food.
Then from nowhere, a drip of something on my lip.
I licked it. It tasted so good!

A drip, then a drop. Would it ever stop?
I licked it in luscious delight.
Then a casual inspection of my fair reflection
Showed me a peculiar sight.

Was that my full height? Something was not right!
Oh, can you imagine my fear
When I saw that the taste I had tried with such haste
Had flowed down from the tip of my ear?

A hospital ward could perhaps have restored
The piece of my ear I had savoured.
But I was unsated and quite fascinated.
No-one had told me I was flavoured!

A tiny taste more, and then I was sure
I'd return to my work without fail.
A nibble like this, somewhere no-one would miss,
Like the too-tempting tip of my tail?

From nibble to bite, as my appetite,
Once dainty, turned suddenly vicious.
A tail, then a paw, then a little bit more...
Who knew I could be so delicious?

But tragedy followed, with every bite swallowed.
In the mirror, I saw in my place
A mouth smudged with chocolate and fudge,
Floating on a see-through spectral face!

A transparent Cybunny! It's really not funny;
The Contest struck me off their list.
Despite all my smudges, if you ask the judges,
They'll tell you that I don't exist!

So I'm here with the host as the Ball's only ghost,
And the moral before you I'll set;
Tempting as it appears, please don't eat your ears.
It's a meal that you'll surely regret!

Chocolate Waltz
By Piggy09

The dancers dance,
The fans unfurl,
The music plays,
as we spin and swirl
To the sweet refrains (oh, sweet refrains!)
Of the Chocolate Ball.

The invitations sent this year
Were delicate, sweet, and lush,
Though they were said to melt
At the slightest of lightest of touch.

But the happiness of the guests admitted
Was quite surpassing of the those not permitted
To laugh and drink
And dance and swirl
To the sweet refrains
Of the Chocolate Ball.

The dancers dance,
The fans unfurl,
The music plays,
as we spin and swirl
To the sweet refrains (oh, sweet refrains!)
Of the Chocolate Ball.

And the time for the ball at last arrived.
There were statues of chocolate, quite divine.
They looked like Neopets down to a hair,
And there was one for every guest there.

And the Kiko said, "Welcome! Welcome, my friends!
Welcome to the ball that never ends!
May you drink and dance all night long."
And the dancers danced to the chocolate song.

The dancers dance,
The fans unfurl,
The music plays,
as we spin and swirl
To the sweet refrains (oh, sweet refrains!)
Of the Chocolate Ball.

But the night ends, as all nights must,
The end of the fever, the chocolate lust,
The guests leave with their names of chocolate,
And wonder how any night ever could top it.

The dancers dance,
The fans unfurl,
The echoes ring,
as we spin and swirl,
To the memories (oh, memories!)
Of the Chocolate Ball.

The Chocolate Ball Agenda
By Notonetobequiet

Gumdrops for gloves, white chocolate shoes,
Wrinkle-free hazelnut chocolate suits;
Layered skirts over a gown, if you choose,
Aurora-coloured with an array of candy fruits.
Smarmy belts and satchels, made of fruit leather,
Embellished with buttons, luminescent whites
Resilient through all rain and weather,
Even sustaining the cold's first bites.
A biscuit Kiko, with his crinkled chocolate chip eyes
Offers a fondue-gloved hand to an Aisha maiden.
On the edible floors, they dance so quickly they fly,
Only to take a break at the tables, chocolate-laden.
The light, falling from lamps like melted chocolate,
Lights up the scene of scattered guests below
And the occasional, chocolate-snatching bandit
Exists -- harmonic, uninterrupted flow.

From Desert to Dessert
By Mamasimios

Most gardeners have green thumbs,
But I guess my thumbs are brown,
Because it's chocolate that I like to see
Growing from the ground.

I took the arid wilderness
Behind my Neohome
And turned it from desert to dessert
With chocolate plants and pools and gnomes.

I use a chocolate bridge to span
My dark and dusky chocolate pond.
Chocolate bushes ring around it,
Dangling fine and lacy fronds.

Chias love to sit beneath
My massive chocolate ice cream trees
And catch the drops of melted ice cream
Freed by every balmy breeze.

I savour gazing down on my oasis
From my chocolate tree house in the sky.
The scent of cocoa floods my senses;
The warm brown hues delight the eye.

For others is the Chocolate Ball
And the pleasures therein found,
But for me I'll take my garden
And its satisfaction the year 'round.

Chocolate Treats
By Jayo289

You walk into the stunning room,
An invitation in your hand.
Your eyes are met with yummy treats,
Your ears a singing, dancing band.

A celebration for chocolate foods,
Only the elite are present here.
The Kiko host has outdone himself,
His time to shine, once a year.

You look around at all the sights,
Neopian citizens everywhere.
The kings, queens, and emperors,
Each with their own chocolate eclair.

Queen Fyora with some chocolate cake,
King Kelpbeard holding a chocolate bar.
Lady Jerdana and her chocolate fan,
Chocolate ice cream in the hands of Cylara.

King Altador wears a chocolate top hat,
King Skarl with a chocolate milk moustache.
Jhudora sneaks around the room,
Gathering items for her secret stash.

With all the excitement and joyousness,
You stand in awe at this magnificent hall.
But before you know it, everything's done,
The end of another Chocolate Ball.

Thick and Rich
By Iancinerate

What is the Annual Chocolate Ball?
Don't think I understood...
Candy that is one year old
Can't taste or smell too good.

They tried to explain it to me;
I still didn't understand.
A ball the size of a factory
Won't fit inside your hand!

"A dance! A dance! A dance!"
They yelled like a trumpet blast.
I suppose all of that caffeine
Can make you move real fast.

The next part was surprising:
They said I would need a tux.
To wipe my mouth with when I'm done?
I don't even have the bucks!

They started losing patience;
Their faces turned beet-red.
"All that chocolate is bad for your skin,"
Is something I shouldn't have said.

They stormed out of my house,
Claiming they'd never return.
When I'd get my chocolate ball,
I'd probably never learn!

The moral of this story
Is that eating candy makes you antsy.
I think I'll stick with strawberries;
Chocolate balls are just too fancy!

Those Chocolate Eyes
By Ecobabe

Once I heard a wise pet say,
"Never be quick to think,
For what you want may hit you hard
And make your whole self sink."

I broke it once, I don't deny,
That ever-truthful sigh,
But you can't judge, you didn't see
Those lovely chocolate eyes.

But ooh! But ahh!
Not one can deny
The price you pay, the dreams you lose
To those lovely chocolate eyes!

I met her well, we chatted some,
We seemed not to wonder why,
For I was trapped, forever sunk
Into those lovely chocolate eyes.

It seemed forever, those seconds few,
We locked across the hall.
I gobbled her quick and moved onto
More of the Chocolate Ball.

She was the first, but not the last,
That Milk Chocolate Lupe.
I ate and ate, an alarming rate,
So I could hardly move.

We ate a lot, too much for words,
Burps rang 'round for all.
Our bellies swell, and we bid farewell
To the Annual Chocolate Ball.

The Never-Ending Chocolate Soup
By Dragonstorm_75

Come, good friends, do gather near,
A wondrous story you shall hear!
Come together, form a group!
And hear the tale of Chocolate Soup.

One fine day the Kiko thought:
"I make good things, as I ought,
Tasty candies, chocolate treats,
Fresh-made mints, tender sweets,
Now I shall make a special treat,
Delights unending -- a magical feat!"

Every day he slaved at work,
Not a detail did he shirk.
Through joyfulness and misery,
In his Chocolate Factory.
At last he let a happy 'whoop!'
For he had finished his Chocolate Soup!

Every spoonful was refilled,
Not a drop was left or spilled,
And yet the bowl did overflow,
Taking all within its tow!
A stream of chocolate liquid past,
And now a torrent flooding vast!

The poor Kiko gave a shriek
At the never-ending leak!
Seemingly a joke so cruel,
The floor became a swimming pool!
The Kiko stared at the brew,
What to do, oh, what to do?

At last he hatched upon a plan,
And took a nearby cooking pan,
He threw it on the cauldron's top,
Only then the soup did stop.
Now to clean the chocolate slop,
He sighed and took a tattered mop.

Have you enjoyed this little tale?
Perhaps an ending shall not fail,
For though he made much candy then,
He never made his soup again!

Chocolate Elations
By Coco_amour

Sugary, sweet, and succulent treats,
Wonderful explosions your mouth will meet.
Dripping chocolate, oozing from each bite,
Cookies and brownies, no veg in sight!

The Chocolate Factory reopens to you,
Come gander! Come taste and chew!
Swirling lollipops and lime hard candy,
Fill your pockets, have your bags handy!

Cookie-made walls, icing decorations,
Factory filled, Neopets in such elation.
Marshmallow stands and jelly bean lights,
Gigantic chocolate fountains at such heights.

Array of Gummy Quiggles and fruity Jubpops,
Giving one tooth decay until you decide to stop.
Your fantasies relived in the art of chocolate,
There are very few treats that will ever top it.

By Chax1414

Whoever decided to host it outside,
when there was a huge heat rise?
It's not right, let me say,
for that was one chaotic day.

It all started when chocolate pets
all were ready, looking their best.
The Chocolate Ball was back in town,
and pets were waiting to get in the room.

Then the Kiko announced instead,
the Chocolate Ball was in the garden.
Chocolate pets sighed but agreed,
and they all ran outside in a stampede.

It was all very fun, until the heat wave,
leading us down to our melted graves.
First went a custard Kau,
melted before the sun was down.

Soon following was a chocolate Usul,
a chocolate mess of a delicious pool.
Many sprinted back inside the Main Hall,
where we resumed our Chocolate Ball.

So if anybody suggests today
that you celebrate in a heat wave,
tell them it's a bad idea,
especially for chocolate Chias.

Chocolate Ball Application No.63176
By Carrotbreath

I too often visit the chocolate store,
I eat it too much, and then some more.
Only chocolate touches my pet's lip,
And never a meal is he allowed to skip,
For we never waste this precious treat,
Leaving the plate pristine and neat.

Did I ever tell of the long-ago time,
That to get my fix a mountain I had to climb?
Not impressed, I see by your expression,
Well, here's a fact to leave an impression:
It was Terror Mountain in all its glory.
Yes to get chocolate, I'll stick to my story!

Still question my chocolate devotion?
Well, let's get certainty in motion!
Take a look at my gallery and pets,
And scoff at my undeniable Choco sets!
OK, OK, I rather keep my pride,
Throughout this application I have lied.

But here is my sincere application:
I desire an invitation to the Chocolate Ball,
For one I will trudge through mud and crawl.
To be the only one not at the scene
Surely would make my eyes go green!
Please and thank you.

Welcome to the Annual Chocolate Ball
By Anthrophobic

Be it dark, white, milk or more,
Today we have chocolates galore!
Let's gather together to celebrate,
Yet another Chocolate Day!

Chocolate Usuls, Eyries, and Lennies,
Chocolate-covered strawberries!
You'll find them at this annual invention,
A chocolaty chocolate convention!

If the mysterious host lets you in,
You may dance among your chocolate twins.
Oh, it would truly be a chocolaty blessing
To be invited to this magical evening.

So pull out those ball gowns, straighten your ties,
Tonight, you're in for an enchanting surprise.
Let the bells ring out, come one, come all,
To this year's Annual Chocolate Ball!

The Most Delicious Day
By Anjie

Across the land comes merry call,
The day is here, the Chocolate Ball!
This celebration, once a year,
Does still for some raise special cheer.
For chocolate pets this seems the day,
That recognition sweeps their way.
A day for joy, to once not fret,
That being eaten is a threat!

With idle lumber, chocolate Skeith,
Upon his door hangs festive wreath.
It gives his home that sense of pride,
It's him, not food, that dwells inside.
The message then, is crystal-clear,
That tasty pets can't live in fear.
Upon his day, the Skeith sits back,
As humble pet, not just a snack.

Today the pets take up the call
To celebrate at Chocolate Ball,
Event so grand that none resist,
A try to star on long guest list.
Even the stars seek to be seen,
(Excuse to sample rich cuisine!)
The wildest party, held this day,
The Chocolate Ball, a grand buffet!

The Chocolate Ball
By Amopet4

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball,
I hope you won't be late.
The very best of sweets and treats
Are given on this date.

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball,
Step inside the Factory.
Tonight the owner's gone all out
With his tricks and revelry.

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball;
There's nothing to be said.
If you're worth your weight in cocoa,
Then tonight, don't run to bed.

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball,
If you're smart, you'll never leave --
The world is here to dance and eat,
Just sit back, relax, believe.

Welcome to the Chocolate Ball,
Tonight's the night for all!
Every sweet-toothed pet will be here,
So come and join the ball!

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